I want to take you to the movies and i want to pay for your ticket i want to buy a large popcorn for us to share so that i have an excuse to touch your hand and i want to look at you whenever there’s a joke so i can see you laugh and it will warm my heart. i want to stand outside the theatre at midnight while you wait for your dad to come get you and i want to here you talk about the movie i want to see the combined light of the coming soon posters and the moon on your face.

I want to take you to the beach. i want to put up the umbrella while you laugh every time i think it’s in the sand but falls over a few moments later. i want to see you dive headfirst into the water, i want to stand there in awe of your bikini clad confidence while i stand in my oversized t-shirt and shorts. i want to hold your hand as we walk in the surf i want to feel the water hit my ankles, i want to swim out as far as we can go and see who can hold her breath the longest.

i want to rake leaves with you, with our little brothers… i want to listen to you talk about how much you love him, i want to watch your eyes light up, i want to grab your arm and pull us into the giant pile of leaves. i want to collaps laughing beside you as the sun starts to dip below the horizon i want to notice the leaf in your hair and laugh as i brush it away.

I want to take you ice skating, at the rink they set up in the park next to my house. i want to hold your hand because it’s been so long since i’ve worn a pair of skates. i want to fall on my ass and then on my back because i’m laughing so hard, i want you to land next to me. i want to give you my coat and take you home when you get cold. i want to make you hot chocalate and throw marshmallows for you to try and catch in your mouth. i want to cuddle in front of the fire underneath a huge blanket and tell you how cold your hands are.

i want to take you to the fair at the end of summer. i want to win you something at one of those games tables. i want to scream and giggle with you while we ride the zipper i want to swear that i’ll never do that again but know that i’ll be back next year. i want to eat cotton candy while we sit on a bench watching people walk past us. i want to get stuck at the top of the ferris wheel with you, i want to talk about how small everything looks from up here i want to tell you that no matter how high i got i’d still be able to pick you in a crowd.

I want to take you stargazing. I want to climb onto my roof with a blanket and a bottle of wine. I want to listen to the leaves rustling beside us and i want to listen to your wine drunk ramblings about how the stars are so beautiful. i want to show you how even though we are so very small in this universe i couldn’t feel more comfortable and significant lying here with you.

i want to go shopping with you. i  want to find the dress shirt i need in ten minutes but stay in the store for hours because you can’t decide between the hundreds of dresses you see. i want to sit in the chair outside the dressing rooms. i want you to show me every dress, i want to tell you that you look amazing in every single one of them, half because i want to leave this chair but also because you do look amazing in anything you wear.

i want to take you to the school football games. i’ll have to bring my camera i want to end up having just as many photos of you as i do the game. i want to kiss you every time we score, and because that doesn’t happen very often at our school i want to kiss you every time the other team scores. i want to end the night drinking that crappy hot chocolate that’s really just chocolate syrup and boiling water.

i want to meet your parents because they’re so much more accepting than mine who will still think we’re just friends. i want to hold your hand under the dinner table. i want to pretend to be casual and confident when really my heart is racing my stomach is doing backflips and i can’t catch a breath.

i want to hold you in my bed. i’ll be the big spoon because i want to protect you and keep you warm. i want to put my laptopat the foot of my bed so we can watch movies. I want to play with your hair and kiss your neck. i want to feel you breathe against my chest. i want to pile as many blankets as i can find on top of us. i want to let you fall asleep on my chest. i want to stay awake for as long as i can because i want to savour that moment i want to memorize the curve of your body and the smell of your hair and the rythm of your breathing. i want to only sleep when i can no longer hold my eyes open and dream of nothing but you.

i want to take you on cheesy dates and hug you so hard that you forget everything wrong with the world. i want to kiss you so hard you forget to breathe.

but most of all i want you to want me

The Harry IG Like incident and Louis’ Coachella Jogging Pants

Harry’s IG LIke on 14th April now makes so much sense!!! 

So here is Louis at Coachella yesterday.

And here is the pic on his bum.

So he was walking round Coachelle and getting papped in these jogging pants with this model on his bum.

And he was with Elk.

And so we go back to Harry’s odd IG like on 14th April which is hilarious! This was what he was pointing out would happen. What Louis has done.

Harry liked this pic. Sara’s screenshot of her husband’s like on IG where she humorously publicly drags him for liking the pic of models.

And Louis walked round Coachella with Elk with a picture of a bikini clad model on his bum.

And THAT is why you should never ever underestimate how Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson plan and carry out their strategy together.

Because how big a coincidence was that IG Like and Louis’ jogging pants 2 days later?

Tom Holland Imagine (prompt)

prompt: 54. “I think I forgot how to breathe.”

25. "Shut up and kiss me.”

request: Hello! Assuming that request are open- could you maybe do a tom imagine? Where the reader is Harrison’s little sister (by like 2 years?) and she’s always been that really dorky annoying younger sibling, and tom hasn’t seen her in awhile because of his career. But she visits harrison while they’re in Atlanta and she grew up rlly well (yanno what I mean?) and Tom is just ???? How ??? With a fluffy ending? It’s super cheesy but I’ve been thinking about this a lot haha

a/n: i merged two of the requests i had in my ask, so i hope this is okay. i’ve low key been day dreaming about this imagine for the past three days, like this is the dreeeeeam lol, hope you guys enjoy it! (also i hope you don’t mind there’s a tiny bit of smut at the end)

word count: 1483

masterlist: (x)

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Tapping your foot impatiently, you stood outside the house Tom and Harrison were renting in Atlanta while Tom worked. You heard muffled voices behind the other side of the door, feet shuffling along the floor as your older brother made his way to the entrance of the house. The door opened, Harrison stood smiling in the hallway, moving to the side to let you in. He hugged you tightly, then reached for your suitcases outside.

“Jesus Christ, how much did you bring?” Harrison noted your large amount of luggage. You shrugged.
“I need options,” you said simply. He laughed.
“I’ll take these upstairs. Go in the kitchen through the back, the others are in there.” You were nervous, about to enter a room full of strangers. You inhaled deeply, stepping into the kitchen as Harrison lugged your suitcases up the stairs.

“You must be Y/N!” Jacob said. You smiled at his welcome as he introduced you to his friends. “Tom’s actually on set at the moment, but you know him anyway. He’ll be back for dinner tonight. Laura’s gonna cook for us.” You’d known Tom for as long as you could remember, always having a tiny inappropriate crush on your brother’s best friend. You hadn’t seen him for months now he had a successful career under his belt, he was rarely ever home. It was Harrison’s idea that you came out to visit them, he felt guilty he’d been away and missed your birthday.

Jacob was friendly, already making you feel at ease. The others smiled at you, including you in their conversation. You took the kitchen stool in between Zendaya and a vacant one, where Harrison sat once he had finished with your bags.
“So guys,” Harrison piped up. “Obviously my sister is gonna be here for a couple of weeks, so you better treat her like family and make sure she’s happy all the time. She needs a lot of attention or she’ll start to get weird,” Harrison teased, poking your sides.
“A bit like you then,” Zendaya quipped, making everyone laugh.
“Why don’t we chill in the pool?” Laura suggested.

You were never one for dive-bombing and flipping into the water like Harrison was - you were more of a ‘floating on a lilo’ kind of girl. You’d had to buy a whole new wardrobe of bikinis and one pieces for your trip, since you’d filled out a little since your last holiday. You had your eyes shut underneath your sunglasses as you lay floating in the water, basking in the sunshine. The boys were playing with a ball on the other side of the pool, Zendaya was reading on a lounger and Laura was in the kitchen prepping dinner. You heard the faint clink of keys being dropped onto a table, followed by Tom’s voice, deeper since the last time you saw him, calling out as he entered the back garden. 

Woah,” he said quietly to himself, his eyes scanning the pool, pausing as his gaze reached you. You tilted your sunglasses so you could see him better, returning the smile he was giving you. You suddenly became very conscious of your bikini clad body as you noticed he was still staring. 

“Get in the pool!” Harrison shouted, diverting Tom’s eyes away from you. You lay back down, watching him discreetly as he pulled off his shirt, followed by his sweatpants, leaving him in the swim trunks he was already wearing. Your eyes scanned his chiseled abs, toned pecs and strong legs. He dived over your lilo, splashing you as he hit the water, making you squeal. He winked at you as he surfaced, swimming backwards towards your brother and Jacob, his eyes still on you. Jacob threw the ball, hitting the back of Tom’s head. You laughed, closing your eyes, returning back to your sunbathing.

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anonymous asked:

Nurseydex - Nurse is mad someone hit on Dex.

“This is weird.”

“It’s not that weird, bro.”

“No, but Holtz, it’s weird.”

“Rans, I’ve been telling you for years, you’ve been undervaluing his hotness.”

And Nursey cannot believe that this is his life right now: sitting in a steamy bar off of Myrtle Beach watching his Not Boyfriend get chatted up by a hella cute couple at the bar where he was supposed to be ordering the team drinks. Oh, and also listening to Ransom and Holster debate his hotness.

“Slow down there, pal, I’m not saying Dex isn’t hot – but get picked up by couple DTF hot??? I don’t know bro.”

“Well, buddy, the proof’s in front of your eyes,” Holster says gesturing to the tableau before them.

And there’s no denying it. The couple, they’re clearly into Dex. One – bikini-clad, petite, curvaceous – leans forward to place a hand on Dex’s arm. Whatever she says as she does draws one of Dex’s shy laughs. Her partner – chiseled, with a jawline to kill, and lips that draw the eye – smiles and comes in closer, making the bubble around the three of that much smaller.

“You underestimate the appeal of his wholesomeness,” Holster continues.

“And his competence!” Bitty plops down onto Holster’s lap, clearly enjoying his latest margarita. “Watching that boy work with his hands…” Bitty trails off on a hum.

“Do I need to be worried?” 

“Jack Laurent,” and if the ooey gooey heart-eyes that Bitty bats up at Jack don’t clear that up, his tone certainly does. 

And now there’s an echo chamber of love and relational confidence that has Nursey pushing away from the crowded table to go find somewhere he can breathe. 

A hand tugs at the flannel he’d thrown on as they’d left the beach to prowl for food and booze before he can get too far away from the table. 

Let no man ever say that Chris Chow is not the kindest of bros. 

“I’m good, Chow, just – the crowd you know.” 

The complicated tumble of emotions on Chowder’s face tells Nursey that he knows just what a load of bullshit that is and exactly what it really is but is also going to respect Nursey’s decision not to deal with that right now even though he strongly disagrees. And that’s what makes Chowder the best: concern, compassion, respect. 

Nursey pushes his way through the crowd and finally makes it outside. The night air is cool now, the balmy ocean breeze strong along the pier. The stores and restaurants are too bright for all but the brightest stars to shine through. But the moon – the moon is full and low and –

drifted behind wispy clouds in the soft warmth of late May. 

Nursey looked for the Sea of Tranquility, prayed that he’d breath enough of that peace in not to somehow ruin this moment.

Dex had agreed to let Nursey use his truck to move his things from the dorm to the Haus if Nursey agreed to help Dex move his things, too. The answer to that was a no-brainer: if Dex was voluntarily requesting his time, he’d be there. 

So they’d spent the day moving their things. Nursey, much to his own surprise, was the lighter packer. His notebooks, poetry anthologies, essay collections and clothes had nothing on the veritable museum’s worth of technology that they hauled out of Dex’s dorm (“It’s all stuff I had to salvage and repair myself, man.”) 

They’d gotten it all into the Haus, but the atmosphere had been heavy with the seniors’ anxiety and nostalgia as they started packing up for the last time and planning a reunion trip for late July.

Dex had only to look his way before they were both moving, heading out to the truck, and then driving out to their spot (Nursey was still confused about how he’d managed to somehow have a Spot with a guy who he wasn’t even sure considered him a friend, but, well) – the grassy expanse just outside of campus where you could almost forget that there was school and hockey and phone calls and family beyond it.

Without words, they’d unrolled Nursey’s reading quilt (“it’s not for picnics, bro”) in the truck bed and both lain down. They hadn’t done it in a while, but it hadn’t lost its familiarity. Or its ability comfort.

It was something Nursey had come to miss, and so he wasn’t going to blow it. He was going to channel Tranquility and just breathe.

“I don’t hate you, you know?”

That’s interesting because, “Going into an overnight vigil over our toss and then avoiding me for a couple months really gets that point across.”

“Nurse –”

“No, it really makes a guy trust that all the work invested in –”

“Nursey –”

“Into actually communicating with you, and getting to know you, and letting you know me –”

“Derek! I like you.

He stopped, glaring at Derek from where he’d pushed himself against one wall of the truck bed.

“Like, I have this weird crush thing that is totally not your issue to deal with but also not a reason we shouldn’t be friends and I’m sorry for being a jerk about it but – yeah.”

“Really? That’s it?”

“That’s it? What am I saying - you’re probably used to this or some shit.”

“Uh, no. Unless you mean being the one having the weird-crush-thing, in which case, yeah. That happens.”

“Oh. Ok. So what do you usually do about it?”

“Well, to be honest, they’re not usually mutual.”

“Quit bullshitting me.”

“Will –”

“Shit, sorry.” Because they’d laid out ground rules, back when they’d realized they might actually be driving Chowder to ulcers, about how they had to to engage. They weren’t allowed to disbelieve the other based on a faulty preconception.

“I’m serious. So, this is a bit new for me.”

“This is – wait. You’re saying – you mean this weird crush thing in particular is mutual.”


“Derek –”

“Give me your hand. I’ll show you.”

But that had been before they left for the summer. Before Nursey had flown off halfway around the world to spend actual time with his moms. Before Dex had gotten busy with his Google internship.

They’d kept in touch, kind of, if sporadic texts and the group chat counted. Time differences and project deadlines mattered though. Maybe too much time had passed. Maybe what they’d had in May had finally given Dex the confidence to –

“Hey,” the voice is deep and warm. The calloused hand that’s pressed to Nursey’s chest beneath the open panels of his flannel is so very welcome.

Nursey’s heart begins to pound underneath the weight of it. 

He opens his eyes to watch Will’s face. Will’s caramel eyes are watching his hand, seemingly shocked that his touch could make Nursey react like this.


“You okay? You disappeared.”

Nursey attempts a smile but stops when it only makes Will frown and shrugs instead. It jostles Will’s hand, but he just settles it at Nursey’s hip instead.

“You seemed a bit busy is all.”

“The couple at the bar, right? That was weird!” Will’s face goes red about the cheeks. “I didn’t even realize they wanted, um, to, uh, well, what they wanted until a minute ago, and uh.”

“What’d you tell ‘em?” Will is here with his hands on Nursey’s skin. He’s pretty confident about what the gist of Will’s response must have been, but he can’t help wanting to know for sure.

“Well,” Will says, a quiet conviction settling over his shoulders in spite of his earlier embarassment, “that I just got into a relationship and hadn’t really had time to figure out if we were ready for that kind of exploration, and – to be honest – I’m probably too possessive an asshole to ever really want to share like that.”

“You can be an asshole.”

“Derek –”

“Do you call me that because no one else does?”

“Does it bother you?”

“No, I’m just trying to see if I can see it. The heretofore unmentioned possessive streak,” he explains at Will’s raised brow.

Will brings a hand up to cup Nursey’s jaw. He runs a thumb across Nursey’s bottom’s lip, gentle but proprietary. It sends a shiver down Nursey’s spine.

“Come here. I can show you.”

My favorite story of culture shock within the United States comes from a former coworker who moved from NYC to my own, green Washington State (which is a little over 2,000 miles). He was determined to get a job on his first day here, and he set his sights on a little drive-through espresso hut. He walked right up to the door and opened it to find a bikini-clad woman who promptly started screaming. He started screaming as well, and yelled, “I’m just here to get a job! I just want a job!!” She yelled back, “You have to be a GIRL to work here!!” And I think that’s the most dramatic way he could have learned about our bikini espresso huts

Essays in Existentialism: Rivals

Clarke and Lexa are rival cheerleading captains with a little too much sexual tension. They both stay in the same hotel with their teams for a competition.

“I want absolutely no fraternization,” the coach said as he placed his hands on his hips and moved up and down the sidewalk in front of the hotel. “There will be no pranking, no fighting, no yelling, no touching, no post cards, no letters, no hugging, no anything, with the opposing team. Am I understood?”

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Million Dollar View

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Can i request when the reader is insecure about her breast not being full and big like ideal girls but she has a nice butt and seb or Bucky show her breast aren’t all that ;)” - @cute-but-psychoxx

Word Count: 4241

Warning: smut, insecurity

Thank you for the request! I got a little carried away with it because I loved it so much haha! Hope you enjoy!<3

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Going From Bond Girl to ‘a Normal Life’

In 1967, Mie Hama was Hollywood’s newest sex symbol. That year, the 23-year-old Japanese film star appeared alongside Sean Connery in the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice,” playing 007’s bikini-clad bride, Kissy Suzuki. She was also featured in Playboy, which proclaimed her “the Brigitte Bardot of Japan.”

Yet, Ms. Hama never appeared in another Hollywood film… Full Article at NYTimes.com
Mystic Messenger HC where the RFA+Saeran react to MC at the beach in a bikini


  • He blushed at just the thought
  • But he really wanted to see you in one
  • When you stripped down to your bathing suit he turned bright red as expected
  • He stutters to compliment you, “Y-you look really c-cute.”
  • It makes you laugh and his whole body is so hot he suggests going swimming
  • You splash him and he laughs and splashes back 
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  • too damn cute
  • He does get insecure when other better looking guys start staring at you
  • Inside he wants to tell them to get lost but his courage fails him. What if you got mad? If you didn’t like him being possessive?
  • You see that his bright sunshine exterior has faded
  • So you take his hand and smile and those insecurities disappear
  • He kisses your hand without thinking
  • You blush, causing him to blush, and you just stand their holding hands
  • Both of you laugh it off and walk shoulder to shoulder
  •  You two continue to frolic and eat ice cream the rest of your beach day aw youth


  • He jumped at the chance to have a beach date
  • You went to get changed in a public bathroom and he awaited your return eagerly
  • When you come back you blow his mind
  • Is he blushing?
  • He couldn’t be more attracted to you
  • But when he notices the attention you’re getting by other guys, Guard Dog Zen is on high alert
  • He’s glaring down guys left and right practically snarling
  • He covers you up with his button down shirt
  • “What are you doing Zen?”
  • He takes you by the shoulders, “Listen MC, you’re a little lamb in a pack of wolves. As a loyal guard dog I can only resist my own instincts for so long.”
  • Zen, please chill
  • You love this over-protective side of him but if he only worried he couldn’t have any fun
  • You get on your toes and kiss him slowly before saying “I believe in you.”
  • Shocked, he just stares at you
  • Absent minded he lets you pull him by the hand back to the beach
  • All the while counting down the minutes until the two of you could be alone


  • She rejected the idea at first, she had far too much work to do
  • You may or may not have snuck in the idea of field research to Jumin about beaches
  • So there you were, Jaehee was grumpy and refused to change out of shorts and a tank top
  • You returned to her with a bikini on and that grumpy look dropped for just moment
  • “You need to put on sun screen.”
  • You did as she said but, “Can you get my back?”
  • She nodded and started to apply it. You were blushing with as her slick hands moved over your shoulders, neck, down your spine…
  • “Done.” You turned around, “You next.” 
  • You applied the sun screen to the spots she couldn’t reach.  When you were done you gave a light kiss to her shoulder.
  • “We’re here to work,” she stated.
  • You grabbed her hands, “than let’s work” you say and pull her towards the water.
  • You try to show her how to have fun by swimming about and eventually just float on your back and your head pumped into her chest.
  • As you smiled up at her, she leaned down and kissed you on the lips and says “you’re too much sometimes”. You see her smirk and know that you’ve done a good job.  


  • When you said you wanted to go to the beach you thought he replied too quickly
  • You arrive and realize that he owns a private beach with an ocean front house. 
  • As soon as you come out for your big bikini clad reveal you feel like covering up
  • His eyes roamed over your body with no shame there ain’t no shame bell that will work on this boy
  • He’s seated under the shade of a large canopy with comfy pillows, a mini bar, and–was that a bartender?
  • “Come here,” he pats his lap.
  • You walk to him and sit in between his legs
  • His arms wrap around your waist and tug you closer to his bare chest.
  • Hm, looks like Jumin has a case of wanderinghands-itis
  • “J-Jumin… there are people around…”
  • He snaps his fingers and you notice the bartender leave but you know for a fact his body guards didn’t go far
  • He kisses your neck. “You’re so beautiful. I need to touch every inch of you.”
  • You have to wonder if the guards are blushing as much as you are


  • Outside? This boy? No thanks.
  • It takes some serious coaxing and mild threats about hiding all his chips and soda for him to finally agree
  • But with some of his own conditions he lays you on the bed to negotiate
  • The next day you are surprised to wake up without any loud beeping from the alarm.
  • You check the time and its 4 in the afternoon!? You shake the sleeping man next to you
  • As he sits up you tell him the time and he just says, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “oh well, we better just go back to sleep” and lays his head down
  • ಠ╭╮ಠ You take a pillow and smack him with it. “You planned this didn’t you?!” Salty af you decided you were going to the beach one way or another.
  • You changed into a bathing suit and threw normal clothes on over and made him get up to drive.
  • As you thought, the sun was starting to set by the time you arrived. You got out of the car to stretch your legs and mostly ignore Saeyong.
  • He follows you. “Are you salty?”
  • This is not the time for puns, what are you doing
  • “I just wanted to show off my new bathing suit…” you tell him.
  • He hugs you from behind. “I’m sorry. I’m shore you would look sexy in it.”
  • (¬_¬)
  • “Come on, what’s the porpoise of being mad?”
  • His stupid ocean themed puns finally get to you and you crack a smile.
  • He hugs you tighter, “There she is.” He kisses you as the sun sets over the ocean.


  • Only goes to the beach because you seemed so excited
  • Also to escape from his brother’s “bonding day” plans
  • You go to change and when you take too long he comes looking for you
  • Saeran sees that you are being harassed by another guy
  • Saeran  punches the guy without a word and breaks his nose
  • Saeran and MC are forcibly removed from the beach by the police
  • You scold Saeran when you get back to the hotel
  • He apologizes for breaking the guy’s nose, he used too much strength.
  • that’s not the point sweetheart
  • Suddenly he hugs you to his chest. “Next time… I won’t do anything so wear your bathing suit again.”
  • You hug him back and hide your face in the warmth of his chest. “Deal.”
  • “You could just show me now…” he whispered in your ear.
  • *gasp* SAERAN CHOI  
  • It looks like he had plans of his own for the night.

The Vanity Fair cover of Carrie Fisher is beautiful, and also a great reminder of the ageism and sexism that she fought for most of her adult life. In this portrait, she is presented as powerful, regal, and commanding- suited for her role in the reboot as General Leia Organa.

Carrie Fisher spoke often about the pressure she felt to live up to the image of metal bikini-clad Princess Leia, a role she played when she was barely 20 years old, and how male fans and critics often lambasted her for daring to age naturally

Instead of retreating, she continued to live her life boldly, unapologetically, and as a fierce advocate for those who deal with mental illness.

This final image of Carrie Fisher portrays her as the strong, bold, successful adult woman that she was, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

AOS Reader x Spock - Cipher

Happy birthday, @storiesfromstarfleet

Jen, Jen, Jen, I was seriously empty-handed when I went to bed. I was gonna message you tomorrow and tell you that I owed you a birthday fic when my brain was back online, and then I had this dream.

I literally just banged this out, dear. It’s probably riddled with errors. Also, this is my first AOS Spock, and my first reader x Spock, so bear that in mind. I’m not sure how you feel about tattoos, either.

Warnings: extremely vague (super vague) references to mild sexual activity. Not very angsty, either. I don’t think I even curse in this one! 


“You have a tattoo,” Spock says carefully. Dark eyes flicker ever so briefly across your skin, and you shudder despite the heat of the Risan sun.

You shift back, folding your arms into your chest as if to conceal the dark loops of ink that dance gracefully across your ribs. “I do,” you say softly, though it’s hardly an admission - the tattoo has been on display for all to see at the beach. You feel your cheeks burning, which is weird. You’ve never been self-conscious of it; in fact, you hardly think of it anymore.

It’s etched innately into your skin, a familiar, natural part of you. 

“When?” To the uninformed observer, Spock’s voice could be considered sharp.

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Girls Just Wanna Have... (NSFW)

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: So since this one inspired me to do the Jessica Jones one shot I thought it was only appropriate to write it first. I feel like today is going to be a girl love day for me, I have another Wanda request and an idea for a sub!Nat one shot. I’m not saying those are all going to get done today but maybe.

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A Day at the Waterpark

A shitfic by myself and the lovely @2d-imagines

Word count: 2,757

Takes place sometime during Phase 1

“When are we going in the water?” Noodle asked as she shielded her eyes from the sun. Her pink Barbie sunglasses were outstanding in appearance, however in performance, they did nothing to protect her eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Russel, Noodle, 2D, and Murdoc stood behind the large entrance line to their local waterpark, earning a few concerning glances from waiting families due to the fact that they looked completely out of place. Noodle couldn’t decide at the store as to which bathing suit she wanted, so she sported an odd pair of a Little Mermaid bathing suit top and Lilo and Stitch bottoms; her little scuba diving flippers were probably her favorite part of the look. 2D looked pastier than usual because he slathered on too much sun screen. He sported a fine professional speedo along with racing goggles and a white pool cap. The only thing that looked out of place were his SpongeBob armbands; he had to get the kids size because his arms were too thin. Murdoc looked the oddest out of them all. He was decked out in a floral print mankini, his cape did the public a favor because it hid his assne from the large amounts of young impressionable children. He also wore a pair of camo Crocs™. The only person that looked normal was Russel, as he wore a baseball cap and a simple pair of swim trunks; the best dad out of the three.

The line moved faster than expected, Noodle awkwardly hobbling like a penguin in front of them as she made her way to the kiddie pool. Russel sat on a lounge chair under the shade and reminded her to come out every half hour for a new coat of sunscreen. Murdoc sat next to a couple of good looking moms and began striking up a conversation, “Lovely weather we’re having, yeah?”

“We’re in the middle of a heat wave…” One of the mothers says before laughing a bit. They turn to look at their children playing in front of them. 

Noodle’s loud laughter could be heard as she splashed water in another kids face before pushing him down underneath the water. 

“Dear lord,” another mother says as she watches Noodle steal the other child’s armbands before dunking his head underneath the water.

“She’s fantastic, isn’t she?” Murdoc says before he leans forward and shouts, “You’re doing great, sweetie!” 

“Is that your daughter?” 

“Nah, we just found her in a Fedex box on our doorstep a few months ago.” Murdoc says, flashing the woman a shark-like smile before leaning back in the chair and crossing his arms behind his head.

Meanwhile, 2D was sat next to Russel reapplying air into his already deflated SpongeBob arm floaties. One of the single mothers notices as she approaches him, sitting on the unoccupied lounge chair to his right, “Aww, are those for your daughter?” she asks, smiling and nodding towards where Noodle seems to have commandeered a small army of sun cream slathered children.

2D looks at the mother in confusion, “Nah, they’re for me.”

The mother, clearly a little weirded out, gets up and leaves quickly. Noodle spends a decent amount of time in the kiddie pool, 2D eventually joins her once his SpongeBob armbands are overinflated. He earns the attention of the other children in the kiddie pool and they begin to climb his lanky legs and arms, as if he were nothing more than a tree. One of them accidentally pulls down his speedo a bit in the process, exposing himself for the entire pool to see. The children break out into hysterics, screaming and scattering the kiddie pool as 2D tucks himself back in to the skimpy swimwear. The band of four are escorted out of the kiddie pool by a lifeguard and asked to stay at least 50 feet from the area.

Noodle spots an ice cream truck and lets out a piercing scream, the other three barely flinch having gotten well used to her loud noises. 2D seems equally enthusiastic, hoisting Noodle up to look at the selection of ice creams and ice lollies. The two dither and take their time.

“Can I get a 99 with a flake?” 2D asks, just as Murdoc decides he’s had enough.

“For fucks sake, move,” Murdoc shoves 2D to the side, “Is there alcohol in the cider ice lolly?”

“Uh…” the poor man in the truck pauses, “No, sorry mate.“

“False fuckin’ advertising. Fine, I’ll have one anyway.”

Russel orders the biggest ice cream available, and Noodle waves, drawing attention to herself. 

“Me too, me too!”

“Noodle, no, it’s too big, you won’t finish it,” Russel says. 

“Me too!” she screeches insistently, and Russel sighs, “Fine.”

Ice cream in hand and pockets considerably lighter from the cold dairy behemoths that both Russel and Noodle hold, the happy family of four make their way over to an unoccupied table. Once seated, 2D licks his ice cream a little too enthusiastically and it ends up falling onto his thighs. He tries to scoop it up with the cone, but Russel stops him so he doesn’t embarrass them any further.

“Russ, what should I do?” 2D asks as he tries to wipe it off with the few napkins they grabbed.

“Go wash it off in the pool over there,” Russel points to the nearest pool and 2D heads over, squatting awkwardly as he washes the remaining ice cream from his thighs. Murdoc laughs at 2D as he licks his lolly with his abnormally long tongue, it wraps around the treat twice. He sees a few women watching him, and he winks. He laughs harder when 2D gets yelled at by one of the lifeguards for contaminating the water. His laughter is cut short when a seagull swoops down and steals his lolly.

“Oi, give that back you stupid feathery git!” he shouts as he sprints after the bird. Noodle, Russel and 2D sit quietly as they watch Murdoc chase after the bird. 2D sneaks bits of Noodle’s ice cream whenever she looks the other way.

“Those next!” Noodle says, pointing to a collection of face paced water slides. Screams of terror can be heard all the way from their small table down below.

“Are you sure about that one?” Russel asks cautiously. 2D eyes the slides fearfully.

“Please please please please—”

“Alright. Finish your ice cream first,” Russel says before they collect Murdoc and head off. Noodle eagerly climbs the stairs as they approach the line for Pirate’s Drop. 2D holds onto the side railing for dear life as they climb higher and higher above the ground. Murdoc chats up a few girls, making up some random bizarre crap about the ride, even though he’s never actually been on it before. Soon enough, they’re next up to go down the slides. 2D sits awkwardly at the top of one, Noodle on the one to his left. “Tell me when to go,” he says as he looks into down into the pitch black slide skeptically.

“Yeah, alright mate,” Murdoc says, beginning to count down from 10 before he kicks 2D’s back on 6, sending him spiraling wildly down the abyss. His screams fade out the further he travels down. Noodle cautiously stands up again, backing away from the mouth of the slide, clinging onto the railing with white knuckles. “I don’t wanna anymore…”

“Hey, Noodle, look over there!” Murdoc yells insincerely while pointing at the sky to his right. She looks up at nothing before Murdoc lunges forward and shoves her down into the slide. She screams piercingly, fading as she gets further down. Murdoc cackles triumphantly at the top of the slide, hands on his hips, feeling very proud of himself. “A+ parenting, eh Russ?”

Russel glares at the bassist. “Hey, Muds, look over there,” he says in a deadly straight voice.

“Nice try, Russ but—” his scream cuts him off as Russel picks him roughly and throws him into the slide, head first. He smirks to himself as he takes his seat and peacefully makes his way down the slide, as it should be.

When Murdoc, Russel and Noodle reunite in the small pool of water at the end of the slides, Noodle karate chops Murdoc in the dick, his mankini protecting his genitals very little as the pain surges throughout his entire body, his entire soul. Russel, Noodle, and Murdoc all stand outside the pool and wait patiently for 2D to emerge from one of the slides. Russel narrows his eyes as he scans the crowd of people emerging from the slides, “I don’t seem him.”

“Aren’t those his?” Murdoc asks as 2D’s speedos flop into the water from the second nearest slide. Murdoc wades through the water towards it, sticking his head in. “Oi faceache! You stuck or something?” Russel and Noodle watch Murdoc, and then look up to where loud, piercing, high pitched screams leak through the slide. “Three, two, one,” they count down together, and suddenly 2D slams into Murdoc, naked as the day he was born, sending them both sprawling through the pool, almost knocking down a crowd of girls.

“My speedos!” 2D hollers as he surfaces, hair slicked down over his eyes, “I’ve lost my flippin’ speedos!” The girls scatter with shrieks of terror and Murdoc grabs 2D’s speedos gingerly, throwing them in 2D’s face. “Here you go, blue pubes,” he mutters.

“Alright, what next?” Murdoc asks as he and 2D join the rest of the band.

“Those!” Noodle yells, pointing to the various diving boards over to their right. Her finger falls as the person standing from the highest board leaps, falling and landing heavily on the surface.

“I think I’m gonna sit this one out,” Russel says as they approach the attraction. He sits underneath the shade of a beach umbrella below while the rest of the band makes their way over to the stairs leading to the diving boards.

“After this, can we go to the wave pool?” 2D asks as the three of them head up the stairs.

“Yeah, sure whatever,” Murdoc says, distracted by the skimpy bikini clad arses of 3 girls climbing just ahead of them. The line for the boards moved particularly fast and soon enough, they found themselves standing upon the highest board, glancing down at the water with wide eyes. “Uh, why don’t you go first D, old buddy, old pal?” Murdoc steps aside and gestures his hands for the singer to step in front.

“What? Have you got cold feet or something?”

“In your dreams, mate!” Murdoc snaps, almost cutting 2D off as he steps in front, his ego getting the better of him. Noodle stands in front of 2D as they watch the bassist slowly make his way to the edge of the board. Murdoc looks down and swallows the lump in his throat, “It’s just a few meters above the water, that’s all. You’ve got this, Murdoc. You’ve go—”

His pep talk is cut short when a pair of small hands push him forward, over the edge of the board. He screams loudly the entire way down until he lands, belly first, on the water. He floats face down on the surface until a lifeguard grabs a pool hook and tows him to the edge.

Noodle’s jump is much more graceful. She leaps off of the board with confidence and her head high, arms positioned to her sides as she falls into the water with elegance and poise; she puts the competitive divers to shame.

2D’s jump; he just fucking falls. His arms and legs move out of sync with his body, and his screams echo throughout the entire water park. He lands head first and emerges coughing and hacking, his eyes completely covered by his wet hair. One of his armbands had come loose and floated away, and he thrashes the water, yelling hoarsely for help.

“Just stand up, mate!” yells one of the lifeguards.

2D stops yelling just long enough to extend his legs and find that he’s thrashed himself into the shallows before racing out of the water to where Russel sits, looking disappointed in all of them except Noodle. “Now can we go to the wave pool, please?” 2D begs, teeth chattering.

Murdoc hobbles over, his entire front bright red and sore, gnashing his teeth and very pissed off. “Whatever,” he growls, softening only slightly when Noodle takes his hand and sticks her tongue out at him.

They find a nice place to put their belongings underneath a large pool umbrella. 2D looks at his arms and notices that they appear less pasty, “Oi, Murdoc, can you put some more sun cream on me?” 2D asks as he fishes the sunscreen bottle out from Russel’s bag.

“Not on your fucking-,” Murdoc snaps, then stops halfway through, a sinister smile forming upon his already repulsive face, “Yeah, yeah alright, sure thing, buddy,” He squeezes the bottle and pours out a considerable amount onto this hands before he slaps it forcefully onto 2D’s bare back. 2D lets out a yelp of slight pain before Murdoc aggressively paints his back with the sunscreen. “Stop wriggling,” he growls, and 2D mutters under his breath. Murdoc takes one of his grimy fingers and draws a penis into the sun cream, topping it off with a pair of hairy balls. “Bob’s your uncle,” Murdoc says, sniggering and patting 2D’s shoulder with surprising gentleness before trotting off after Russel and Noodle. 2D lumbers after them, grinning unknowingly at the groups of giggling people who get a glimpse of his back.

Noodle sprints into the water until her chin is just above the water and doggy paddles forward, giggling loudly. Russel trails after her and hoists her up on his shoulders and swims further into the waves. Noodle hollers excitedly as she points forward, directing Russel like an ocean faring captain as he swims, digging her heels into his sides like a horse.

2D splashes about as he tries to lopsidedly paddle forward his way through the wave pool. He floats at an angle, due to the fact that one of his arm bands had gone missing as he struggles to catch up to Russel and Noodle. Unknown to him, Murdoc swims a few feet below him, grinning evilly, ascending slowly until he’s level with 2D’s giant duck feet.

In one swift moment, he grabs hold of his ankles and yanks him down. 2D disappears beneath the water, and then bursts up, gasping, arms flailing about as he struggles to hold himself above the water, “Shark! theres a fucking shark in the pool!” he screeches, looking around desperately, “RUS! RUS! SAVE NOODLE! SAVE YOURSELF! DON’T WORRY ABOUT MURDOC, TAKE NOODLE AND RUN!”

Nearby strangers shoot him questioning glances as they slowly swim away from him. He flails his arms like a madman, his remaining armband flying off and hitting a small child in the face. A lifeguard whistle sounds, drawing everyone’s attention and 2D stops struggling all at once.

Murdoc emerges from the water behind him, shaking with laughter, clutching his sides. “You shoulda seen your fucking face!” he splutters, pushing his hair out of his face, “Fucking hell!”

“Sirs, we’re going to have to ask you and your daughter to leave the park,” one of the lifeguards says, gesturing at where Russel has his face buried in his hands and Noodle is laughing loudly and kicking the water.

“My daughter?” 2D questions, and Murdoc sniggers. “Yeah, alright, my daughter and I will leave the park,” Russel apologizes profusely as the lifeguard escorts them to the exit. He turns to Murdoc and 2D, Noodle still on his shoulders, looking equally serious. Russell glares at them both. “Wow, a record, two whole hours!” he exclaims sarcastically.

“It would have be MORE if SOMEONE didn’t try to DROWN me,” 2D complains loudly as the four head towards the exit of the water park.

“Shut your trap, dickback” Murdoc mutters. Murdoc glances at the nice red penis shape burnt onto 2D’s back.


“Oh, nothing, nothing,”

“I had fun,” Noodle pipes up, earning the attention of all three. The faintest trace of a smile appears on Murdoc’s face as Russel and 2D grin fondly at the young guitarist.

“Why don’t we finish the day off with some pizza?” 2D suggests.

“We would, if every pizza place hadn’t put us on a no-serve list,” Russel reminds him.

“Oh yeah…”

“Oh fuck it, let’s just get McDonalds,” Murdoc growls, “I’m too old for this shit.”

anonymous asked:

50. from the prompt list with monty where myb they take a selfie and she's the one saying and they kiss?

combined two requests!!! 

from this prompt post

50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”

Originally posted by chriswoods

“Y/N?!” A loud yell awoke you from your slumber, and you lazily rolled over onto your back, flipping your sunglasses up to your forehead as you opened your eyes. A large shadow covered you, blocking the sun as you raked your eyes over the figure standing in front of you. He was tan, totally ripped, and a bright smile spread across his face, dimples shining brightly. You felt your heart start to pound slightly harder as you recognized the tall boy.

“Monty! What a coincidence, running into you here. It’s nice to finally see you off a Snapchat screen.” His smile grew even wider, if it was possible, and he plopped down onto the sand next to you, showering you with the scratchy substance. You didn’t even notice, you were so enraptured with him.

“Sorry.” Monty took off his Ray Bans, his honey brown eyes eagerly shining as he wrapped a heavy arm around your shoulders. “I’m so glad I saw you here! I was just kind of wandering around aimlessly and then, thank god, I saw you. Whatcha doing here?”

“Nothing, really. Just working on my tan. None of your friends are around?”

“Nah. Dempsey’s working. Bryce is somewhere in Europe. I’m riding solo.”

You laughed. “No girl you dragging around with you?”

Monty smirked, his cheeks flashing slightly red as he looked away. “Nah, there’s this one girl I’ve been sort of talking to, but… I don’t know what she sees us as.”

“Dude…same. Except, like, it’s a guy so….”

“Are you serious? Any guy would be totally lucky to have you. C’mon, you’re funny, athletic, and smart, like so freaking smart…. and I mean….” He motioned up and down your bikini clad body. “Damn.”

You’re making me blush! Besides, Cruz, you’re not too bad yourself.” You poked his stomach, smiling up at him as you casually reclined in the sand, holding yourself up by your hands, making sure to graze the side of his pinkie with yours. He didn’t pulll away.

“Aw, thanks babe.”

You felt your stomach bubble at the nickname, the typical feelings of an angsty, teenage crush. But this time, through the late night Snapchats and the hours of missed sleep, you had fallen harder than usual for this boy, with his wry smirk, and his cocky self confidence attracting you like a magnet. So you gave yourself the small indulgences, the thoughts that you may actually be the only girl receiving the shirtless mirror pics, the only girl getting the “goodnight beautiful” snaps, the only girl he spoke to. But you knew that that just wasn’t the way that Monty worked, and despite his previous words about falling for a girl (who you were certain wasn’t you), you still held on to the tiny flutter, that tiny grasp of faith, the one thing that you kept, like a secret scarf tucked away as a final act for a magician. Except, this time, you didn’t know whether that scarf would fall from your hand before the big finale, or if it would be produced with a flourish, astounding not only the audience, but also yourself.

“Hey, let’s take a selfie for my story! That way I don’t look like a total loner this summer!” Monty laughed, flipping his sunglasses down as he moved closer to you, wrapping his arm around your bare stomach as you grabbed your phone. He took the small screen from you and raised his eyebrows, smiling widely.

In a leap of faith, you turned and placed your lips on his cheek just as he pressed the shutter, and you felt him shift slightly closer to you just before you pulled away.

“How’s it look?”

Monty shielded the top of the screen from the glare.

“Wow. That’s adorable. You’re adorable. Shit, girl. Stop being so cute, Y/N.” You snatched the phone from him and glanced down at the screen. Monty looked blissfully happy, and a small smile was visible on your profile even with your lips on his bronzed cheek.

“Damn, Monty. Your jawline looks amazing here.” You took a breath, pausing for a moment to steel your nerves before continuing. “Y’know, we’d make such a cute couple.”

“We would, wouldn’t we? And thank God you said that, because I was wondering how many more shirtless snapchats I’d have to send before you realized I was really freaking into you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

You smiled, eyes shining as you looked up at him. He wrapped you in a bear hug, pushing you to the ground as he hovered slightly over you.

“I’ve always wanted to make out on a beach.” You whispered, your eyes flashing down to his lips as a coy smile played across them. You reached up and tangled your fingers through his hair, pulling him down to your face. Monty paused just before your lips met, his just brushing yours as he whispered back.

“Good thing I can start this relationship off by making a dream come true.”

Actress Fumika Baba Cosplays One Piece’s Luffy in Japanese Playboy
External image

What’s the difference between America’s Playboy magazine and its Japanese counterpart?

For one, we’re pretty sure the former has never featured One Piece cosplay on its cover.

This week’s edition of Weekly Playboy features just that: actress and model Fumika Baba dressed as a female, bikini-clad version of One Piece’s main character Monkey D. Luffy.

It’s part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of One Piece, which began serialization back in 1997. (Incidentally, that means Baba was two years old when One Piece started.)

Baba commented that the shoot was “more difficult than usual,” because it was hard to get into the male character of Luffy, but that she and the crew managed to pull it off “with some trial and error.”

Fumika Baba may be best known to otaku in the west for her turn as a medic in Kamen Rider.

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Prompto x Fem!Reader: Sun Kissed

This was an accident I swear

*throws self into the Final Fantasy XV fandom*

The sun beats down on you with strokes of heat, a gentle breeze brushing your cheeks and wrapping around the strands of your hair tucked beneath a sun hat. Grinning, you glance around and take in the stunning beach, waves calm enough that guests and visitors alike have headed into the water to cool off while others are playing games and enjoying the festival in it’s full swing.

Oh gosh you can see Chocobos. A line of them waiting by the pier in makeshift stalls for whoever wants to hire them out for the day.

You wriggle your toes inside your sandals, bouncing a little as you try to hold back the excitement swirling inside your stomach. You’ve been on the road with the guys for what feels like forever now, and you can’t even remember the last time you haven’t been reduced to sleeping in a tent or a caravan. Coming to Galdin Quay of all places now feels like going straight from zero to one hundred, but it’s not like you’re going to complain.

“Okay, those extra hunts were definitely worth it.” You turn to see Prompto jogging up to your side, eyes reflecting the same awe you can feel simmering inside yourself. “I think I might just be able to forgive you guys for the impromptu camping trip you forced on us.”

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Ever Since You Left Pt. 2

A Shawn Mendes fanfiction. Part one here

A/N: I hope this isn’t confusing lol enjoy get ready for part 3 and then part 4 and who knows how much more stay tuned

A few days later, while hanging out at Emily’s house, she invited a few other of our friends to come hang out by her pool. The sun was warm, heating up the concrete around the water as we hung out. Brian, Shawn and Lauren were in the pool while Emily and I hung out at the edge, letting our legs hang in the water just up to our calves. We laughed as Brian and Shawn teamed up against Lauren in a spontaneous water fight.

“Leave me alone! Stop it, you guys!” Lauren shrieked, holding up her hands to protect herself from the splashes. The guys just laughed louder, Shawn coming and wrapping his arms around Lauren’s waist to jostle her around. Lauren’s laugh went up in pitch, her arm clinging to Shawn’s bicep as he held her close. Brian rolled his eyes and waded over to stand between my legs, his hands resting against my thighs. I met Shawn’s eye, saw his clenched jaw, before looking down to Brian with a fond smile.

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animeismybestfriend104  asked:

hey dora (°v°)/ do u have ideas for a scenario where todoroki is protective of momo/angrily tells off someone (m*neta or otherwise) for trying to perv on her? ♡

V !! HI! Thanks for your ask my friend :) btw guys i use british english so if you find any ‘weird’ spellings, its prob ‘cas of that. 

-One time class A went to the beach. All the girls were clad in bikinis, laughing and jumping around, splashing the water. The guys were doing the same but some were busy discussing about something suspicious on the sidelines. Todoroki could care less.

-scratch that. He wanted to know.

-So the fire and ice hero strolled out of the water with Midoriya and he slumped down beside Kaminari, fingers brushing the sand that now stuck in between his toes off his damp skin. 

-The grape crying diaper boy (todoroki isn’t that great with names of those he didn’t care about) rested on his elbow, enjoying the warm summer sand and the girls, scantily clad, just metres in front of him.

-At that moment, Todoroki knew this grape was not to be trusted.

-”Ahh…my sweet goddess Yaoyorozu….bouncing like that…..” UGH. Todoroki shot Mineta a glare so cold it’d freeze hell over if he wanted to, but Mineta didn’t notice. Midoriya gave an uneasy smile, hands flapping in the air as if to calm Todoroki down. Did it work? Nope. 

-”So who would you choose as the hottest girl in the class, Todoroki? I’m curious” It was Sero who spoke up. Then Kaminari peeked over his reflective sunglasses and quickly added, “Yeah, the strongest boy in the class, I wanna hear from you”

-Do these guys have no shame discussing this out in the open? Todoroki crossed his arms in silence. 

-”Uraraka has such a nice body….but then there’s Ashido….” A line of drool slowly fell from Mineta’s mouth. Todoroki actually had goosebumps. “No, it has to be Yaoyorozu…her rack is just crazy….” AGAIN WITH YAOYOROZU. The fire and ice hero couldn’t hold his anger any longer. She WAS the VP of the class, could this diaper baby respect that? And she had a lot more to offer than her appearance for christ’s sake. 

-”Hey here’s your ice cream, Mineta,” Kirishima popped outta nowhere and he extended his arm to pass the icy cold treat along, licking his own in another. With lightning reflexes, Todoroki grabbed onto the cone and seemingly acted as if he was just bridging the path between it and its owner. 

-But…..ZINGGGGGGG, the ice cream cone bursted into flames, turning into charcoal within seconds. Mineta gasped in horror while the others jumped back in shock. Todoroki always believed that actions spoke more than words. 

-”Todoroki, what did you do to my ice cream?!” “Ah sorry, I thought you couldn’t reach it with those short ass arms of yours so I tried to pass it to you….but I guess the heat of this sun is really getting to me…couldn’t control my left….you should buy another one.” 

-Kaminari shrugged at the believable excuse that Todo just made up on the spot and watched as Mineta had tears in his eyes. 

-But after that, everyone started to pay attention to Todoroki’s odd expressions whenever some stranger came to ogle at a certain Yaoyorozu Momo.

-”Why is Todoroki standing over there…..like Yaomomo’s body guard,” Kirishima chortled, “dude this is even better than watching a movie….holy, did you just see that? He’s just glaring at everyone! What the fck, he just scared another guy off!” The hardening hero started rolling on the sand, holding his stomach in pain and laughter.

-When a group of guys came to challenge the UA kids to a volleyball match, Todoroki recognized two of them as the hormone-ridden pervs who stared at Momo’s chest for way longer than they should. In fact, Todo would’ve preferred if they hadn’t at all. 

-And so Todo immediately jumped to join the fray. “I’ll play.” Todoroki said, “I like volleyball” Midoriya squinted at him, “I swear, didn’t you tell me before that you’d rather go swimming?” 

-It was Todoroki and Kirishima versus the two pervs.

-5 minutes into the game, UA was already winning 8-1. The 1 point being from Kirishima’s accidental slip-up, earning him a stern, teeth-grinding “don’t mind.” from Todo.

- Yaoyorozu’s cute, happy cheers charged Todo up like no other.

-At the 10th point for UA, Todo spiked the ball so hard it made a loud PHWAACK at one of the other guys’ face and they had to stop ‘cas he was having a massive nosebleed. 

-”Oh my god are you alright?!” Kirishima ran over and Todoroki followed. “I’m sorry,” Todo said, genuinely concerned. Oops, overdid that one. “Eh its fine, we’re gonna take a rest, thanks for the game.” And the two dudes left.

-Kaminari and Kirishima started theorizing why Todo started spiking so hard. And so they concluded: Todoroki is not one to be messed with, esp if their Vice Pres was involved. 

Heated || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1.2k+

A/N: it’s been so hot these past few days that this request was perfect and i had a lot of inspiration for it!! enjoy my lovelies!!xo

“No, nuh-uh, don’t even think about it.” You lightly shove Jack away as he approaches you, narrowing your eyes at him and shaking your head. “It’s too hot for cuddles.”

Jutting out his bottom lip, the freshly bleached blonde huffs and looks down at your bikini-clad body, unable to help the smirk that tugged at the corners of his lips. You’d woken up at seven am, with sweat dripping down your nose and a horrible layer of old sweat all over your body. Turned out, it was due to be one of the hottest days of the year, and seeing as you were clueless that previous night, you decided to sleep in your thickest pajamas.

You had a shower, a lot cooler than you usually had, before going on to spent a good twenty minutes simply sat on your bed in just a towel, dreading the thought of having to get dressed. But after ten more minutes, you finally said ‘fuck it’ and put on one of your skimpiest bikinis before putting your hair up into a messy bun and praying that the heat wouldn’t get any worse.

And now, after drinking a glass of freezing cold lemonade which you determined your breakfast, you were walking around the apartment and trying to get things done, even though all you felt like doing was driving to a beach and spending the day in the sea.

You were never one to deny hugs, and the slight shock on Jack’s face that only lasted a few seconds, proved that. A few months previous, you’d been given the label as 'most cuddly’ in the whole group, and yet here you were, denying any form of physical contact in a bid to stay as cool as possible.

“You were loving the heat when we were in Malaga a few weeks ago!” He laughs, leaning against the breakfast bar as you roll your eyes and take another sip of your icy drink. Putting the glass down, you walk over to him and rest your hands on his cheeks, pulling him down and kissing him softly, rubbing your nose against his once you’d pulled away, before kissing him quickly once more and pulling away.

You smile at him fondly and turn around to grab your phone, a loud squeal falling from your lips as he slaps your ass from behind. You glance over your shoulder and glare at him, though the cocky smirk on his face causes you to crack a smile.

It only took a few minutes, half an hour at most, for you to grow so frustrated with the heat that performing even a menial task became virtually impossible. You groan loudly, shoving your laptop away and standing up, adjusting your bikini top and walking through the apartment and into the bedroom, where Jack was changing his shirt.

“We’re filling the paddling pool up.” You inform him, walking pat him into the walk in closet and pulling out the rubber inflatable children’s paddling pool that you’d bought the year before for your niece to use whilst she visited.

You tug it out of its place scrunched up, and smile happily, though at the thought of having to actually blow the thing up began to dawn on you and you felt your face drop.

Pressing your lips together, you chew on the inside of your cheek and peek out of the door at Jack, who was already looking in your directions with an amused smile and his eyebrows raised.

“Can you blow this up for me?” You ask pleadingly, walking out of the closet and dropping the scrunched up inflatable down onto the floor with a childish pout.

He agrees with a laugh, and you grin widely at him before following him out onto the balcony and trying to pretend like the wintering sun wasn’t bothering you as much as it truly was.

After no time, the mini pool was inflated and sat on the balcony, leaving you and Jack to stare at it dreamily for a while before having a small discussion on how was best to fill it up. You didn’t have many options, it was a choice of either the bucket under the sink or the hose that attached to the tap; which neither of you had ever even attempted to use before.

Deciding that the bucket was bound to be less stressful, you then proceeded to spent the next twenty minutes running through the apartment with buckets of freezing cold water to fill up the pool.

Running back and forth made you feel even more hot and sticky and gross, and so when the pool was finally full, you sighed in relief and silently thanked the spirits for being on your side in that moment.

You get in, and even though the freezing cold water startled you at first, as you sunk further into the water, tingles made their way up your spine and finally, after a whole morning of incessant struggling, you were finally cool.

Even though the sun continued to beam down onto your face, the cold water that submerged your body made the warmth feel so much better.

Jack walked onto the balcony, a smirk on his face as he looked down at your relieved expression, unable to stop the chuckle that fell from between his lips. You rolled your eyes, but held your hand out in invitation nonetheless.

He nudges your hand away and takes off his shoes before glancing over the balcony for a second or so before turning around and stepping into the water, scrunching up his face at the cold water. You laugh up at him, using your hand to shield your face from the sun, watching as he sheepishly sits down in the water, crossing his legs beneath him and looking you in the eyes with a cheeky grin.

After you’d cooled down completely and no longer felt sticky at all, you smirked to yourself as you looked over at Jack, who was leaning his head back and had his eyes closed beneath his sunglasses.

You reach over to grab the plastic water gun that had been discarded with after a video that Jack filmed a few months earlier, praying that there wouldn’t be any cobwebs or spiders attached to it. Luckily there weren’t, and you managed to fill it up with water from the pool without Jack opening his eyes and catching you in the act.

You lean back and spray him in the face, chasing him to jump and loose his sunglasses in the water. He opens his eyes and glares at you, before a smirk grows on his lips and he launches himself at you, splashing water into your face and proceeding to wrestle you in the water.

You didn’t think about what your neighbours would be thinking as you both laugh and scream loudly, rolling around in the water for a good five minutes, until you paused above Jack, your chest resting on his, your heart racing as you stared into his eyes and pushed the wet hair out of his face with your hand.

The moment felt frozen in time, and you leaned forward and pressed your lips together, moaning softly against his mouth as he pulled you flush against his body and fiddled with the stings on the back of your bikini top until it fell free, giving your neighbors yet another thing to wonder about.