I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but yesterday my brother and I went to Destiny’s house and worked out.

I did:
8 Push-ups 
105 Squats (ow)
70 sec. Plank (major ow)
105 Crunches (ow my tummy)
I also worked a bit on my arms!

Lastly, I did my yoga for splits and we biked for about 20-30 minutes.

It got so hot and we were getting super tired so we went to a little kiddie park and cooled down and played in the sprinklers.

I got hit in the face repeatedly by a small child using a water gun. ~_~
But it felt amazing to cool down.

Well that that is all for today.
Have a good day and don’t forget to lol Ü

amileupshitcreek asked:

You look great! You must be so proud of your self :) I love your blog and enjoy reading about your journey. Keep up the great mind set and unleash that inner hulk everyday :D

Thank you so much. I am pretty proud, and so much happier with life. Though things are tough financially, I am surprisingly calm and content with life at the moment.

I really am glad that you enjoy reading my blog, and that you are part of my family on here. I have enjoyed watching your progress. It made me smile to see how happy you were in your recent photo.

Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams, you deserve to be happy, and have a wonderful life.