biking photo of the year


My weekend in photos.
A cruiser ride with the biking club.
A 5k I do every year
A sunflower field I passed on said 5k and returned to with my family
My cousin’s graduation - my sister and mom came to visit.
My crazy swim yesterday.
And I wonder why my right knee hurts. My right foot strike and push off is all jacked up.

My family…. I sat and observed all day Saturday. I saw negativity, criticism, unhappiness. All this I aspire not be.

My mom, my sister and even myself have been accused of being hard to please. When is it enough? I like to say I’m not like that. But I’ve been told. And then, I saw it in my own daughter. It’s genetic. And if it isn’t a reflection of me then who? So it must be me. And I really don’t want to be like that.

emni-emni  asked:

Kazakhstani figure skater Denis Ten has started watching YoI and in his twiiter handle says that Otabek Altin resembles him and that bike scene was from a photo taken last year!

Yeah,there are some similarities between the two of them,so maybe Kubo was inspired by him!! It’s so beautiful to see skaters watching yoi and talking about it! Also its so beautiful that someone got inspired by this beautiful sport and decided to show it to the world!! Personally I always liked ice skating but after yoi i fell in love with it!!

Here is Denis Ten tweets for Yuri!! On Ice for those who are interested to see his tweets!

Tweets: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4