biking dirty

today i sat in the park, freezing, when a super sweet guy came up to me and we started to have a long convo. we talked about childhood trauma LOL??? and then, because I fidgeted with my dirty bike and then but the oil in my face, he kindly told me i should clean my face before i went back to work.
  I slammed up my portable soup from the backpack but couldn’t get it off so he,,,,,, offered to do it for me // and he took his !!!! wonderful hand and smeared soap over my face and cleaned it off!!! what the fuck !!!!! my au life……………

Shed Your Skin

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Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

A/N: I am shamelessly in love with this story line, even though the writing may not be perfect and I’m really nervous about it. There is a part 2 already posted. This was always designed specifically to be multi-part, I’ll explain that more in the note on part 2. No spoilers.

P. S. This isn’t a Bughead fic by any means so I didn’t tag it as such (I’m sorry, guys), but the pairing is included in part

Summary: Being a newly inducted Serpent comes with unforseen benefits for Riverdale’s most poetic soul, like cool jackets and … personal bodyguards???

Word Count: 3,226

Warnings: gang activity, swearing, drug mentions, (Bughead angst, if that counts as a warning.)

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