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Books & Flannels (FP Jones x Female Reader)

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Pairing: FP Jones x Female Reader (She’s legal, don’t worry)

Summary: Reader has had a crush on FP since being a teenager, but doesn’t act on it until she’s legal

Warnings: Basically just sex, nothing new on my blog

Author’s Note: Please leave some feedback, I love getting feedback! 

When she was five, Y/N would always watch her father throwing on a black leather jacket over his shoulder while her mother begged him not to go. She would hide behind her bedroom door to watch them argue for the hundredth time that month. She never understood why her mother was so angry at her dad; he was only going to work.

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Shed Your Skin

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Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

A/N: I am shamelessly in love with this story line, even though the writing may not be perfect and I’m really nervous about it. There is a part 2 already posted. This was always designed specifically to be multi-part, I’ll explain that more in the note on part 2. No spoilers.

P. S. This isn’t a Bughead fic by any means so I didn’t tag it as such (I’m sorry, guys), but the pairing is included in part

Summary: Being a newly inducted Serpent comes with unforseen benefits for Riverdale’s most poetic soul, like cool jackets and … personal bodyguards???

Word Count: 3,226

Warnings: gang activity, swearing, drug mentions, (Bughead angst, if that counts as a warning.)

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Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: I am a sucker for romance/fluff so maybe a Mac imagine where Mac is fixing something maybe his motorcycle and Reader wants to learn as well, but it actually becomes very distracting for both and ends up romantic…

“Is that what you’re going to do all afternoon, stare at me while I fix my bike?”. Mac curious asked, beaming as he turned to check something underneath the motorbike that was situated in the middle of the living room.

Cup of tea in hand, you’d be staring at Mac for roughly 10 minutes after becoming completely disinterested what the TV had to offer. “And what if I am?. I hardly see the problem, I quite like my view from over here on the couch”. Smiling, taking a sip in the process.

Mac wiggled to change his position. “I’m glad, but it’s rather distracting for me”.

Uncrossing your legs, you sat beside Mac on the floorboard playing with a nearby wrench. “Teach me?”.

Tilting his head to see you better. “Teach you what exactly?”.

“How to fix your motorbike, I want to learn”.

Placing a hand on his stomach, watching the way Mac’s hands easily worked in and around the bike to fix all the parts that needed attention. It was something that Mac loved to do whenever he got the spare time, so seeing how content he was made you want to learn a little bit more on how to fix one yourself.

He contemplated for a brief moment, sliding out from under the bike Mac wiped his dirty hands on the cloth near the tools. “Okay”. Picking up another smaller wrench and a few bolts he handed them to you. “Get under the bike and unscrew these bolts right here”, showing you exactly where, “and replace those old ones with the ones I gave you”.

Following his step by step instructions, Mac observed nearby occasionally giving helpful hints. Replacing the second last bolt your mind was beginning to get distracted by Mac’s hand moving along your legs to get a closer look at what you were doing. “Are you all good, need any help?”. Mumbling a quick “I’ve got it”, you finally fastened the last bolt.

Sliding away from the motorbike you ended up unintentionally underneath Mac, both his hands moved to end up either side of you. “Satisfied?”. He asked. Concentration dimming dramatically as your eyes quickly glanced down and then back up to Mac’s eyes, you stumbled over the sentence you were trying to say. “I-yeah-wha…what?”.

“Are you satisfied with how you fixed the bike?”. He once again spoke, slightly amused.

“Oh right, yeah the bike…absolutely”. Truthfully the bike was far from your mind at this point, in fact you didn’t care about fixing it anymore not with Mac looking effortlessly handsome above you.

“Your not thinking about the bike anymore are you?”.

A part of his shirt hung loose, exposing a small section of skin just above his jeans. Playing with the shirt fabric, Mac was looking down upon you, while you glanced up at him. “I’m not thinking about the bike”. Softly responding back.

“So then what are you thinking about?”. Dipping down to leave a trail of kisses along your jawline, he then re-met your gaze brushing away the dirt mark left upon your cheek. Taking your index finger and outlining his prominent jawline, your gaze never broke away. “You, I’m thinking about you”.

Mac jokingly breathed out a sigh of relief. “I was hoping you were going to say that”. Taking charge you didn’t want to wait anymore for Mac to kiss you. After the kiss ended, Mac licked his lips. “Now how am I meant to get back to fixing the motorbike after this romantic distraction?”.

Shoving the tools as far as possibly, you cheekily stated. “You aren’t. The bike can wait, I however can not”.

Mac grabbed the blanket hanging over the couch arm rest and laid it over the floor as you straddled over him. The motorbike having to wait for Mac to use his expert hands to make it all brand new, because as of right now he was using those same skilled hands on you.