St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, July 14, 1895

Don’t be a fright.

Don’t stop at road-houses.

Don’t say “Feel my muscle.”

Don’t cultivate “bicycle face.”

Don’t talk bicycle at the table.

Don’t go out after dark without a male escort.

Don’t chew gum. Exercise your jaws in private.

Don’t wear a garden-party hat with bloomers.

Don’t ask “what do you think of my bloomers?”

Don’t use bicycle slang. Leave that to the boys.

Don’t discuss bloomers with every man you know.

Don’t try to ride in your brother’s clothes to “see how it feels.”

Don’t ride a man’s wheel. The time has not come for that as yet.

Don’t carry a packet of cigarettes in the pocket of your pantalets.

Don’t sneer at the lawn tennis girl, or maybe she will not ask you to be a bridesmaid. 

Don’t scream loudly because you see a strange man in the field  - it may be a scarecrow.

Don’t lift up your skirts suddenly to astonish people by showing them your bloomers.

This is my favorite picture from 2016. I figured you all have suffered enough no-makeup post run pictures from me so here I am with my guy at our most dressed up moment of the year.

It’s been a busy and awesome athletic year. With 5 marathons, a duathlon, and a Trek Travel bike trip, and several other smaller races, it encompassed a lot of miles and a lot of travel. And a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. 

I ran 1,870 miles this year, more than any previous year, but my overall training load was lower than the 4 previous years. Learning to row was time consuming and I only biked 800 miles compared to the 2,000-3,500 miles that I biked in each the previous 5 years. I didn’t track my rowing time- if I included that then my total time might be closer, but I didn’t keep any rowing stats.

I’m not really sure how this year is going to go, as I want to bike more, row more, swim more, lift more, do Pilates which is new for me, and somehow keep running a high volume. I don’t need to run quite as many miles, but I’d like to maintain around 1,500. As the year progresses, some things will undoubtedly get squeezed out, but it’s good to start the year with a lot of enthusiasm.  

Love reading all of your goals and recaps! Happy New Year!