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Boston Post, Massachusetts, May 5, 1895

Fat women on bicycles.
Can you imagine it? You can’t!
Yet it happens here tomorrow.
First race called at 10:30 A.M.
If you can’t stand boisterous fun and heavy comedy, don’t attend the FAT LADIES’ BICYCLE RACES.


Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out: May 27th, 8AM

Two weeks ago we ventured off to the lush state of Massachusetts, and made our way to Babes Ride Out’s first ever East Coast camp. If you’ve never heard of Babes Ride Out, it’s an all-women’s motorcycle riding event that connects ladies from all over the world whom share the love for two wheeled, knees in the breeze adventures. 

Follow our ride all week as we share our stories from the road, the unexpected destinations we stumbled upon, and the ladies we met along the way.

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Más peligroso que tiroteo en ascensor.

Translation: More dangerous than crossfire in an elevator, meaning something is very dangerous.

Example: I thought about commuting by bike in Boston, but riding through Huntington Ave is more dangerous than crossfire in an elevator.