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despite rat knowing how to drive (uh. debatably) i still have a feeling he’s not allowed anywhere near the drivers seat of the chopper, and that hog isn’t quite as reckless a driver as him hanging mostly out of the car implies

it probably mostly has to do with the fact that the car most definitely isn’t theirs so there’s no personal consequences of wrecking it in a joyride. meanwhile hog likely takes care of his bike and is a bit gentler on it bc it’s his custom built baby and he doesn’t want to break it. like he’ll pull a mean donut but he wants to make that bike last

but stuff that he and rat just hotwired? treat it like you entered a wrecking derby and go fuckin wild. speed up and put it in third gear, tuck and roll out of the car, and watch as it crashes into something and hopefully explodes

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Here's a Otayuri hc prompt: Otabek teaching Yuri how to drive his motorcycle

omg Yuri would struggle so much.

So he always admires how Otabek rides his mototcycle and although he wont admit it, he thinks it’s super cool and badass. One of his favourite things is to ride on the back of the bike over hills with amazing views and the wind in his hair, holding onto Otabek in front of him.

So that’s what they’ve been doing all evening and they come to a stop outside a convenience store, Otabek going into to buy some drinks. Yuri waits outside on the bike and shuffles forward a bit to sit where Otabek was. He holds onto the handlebars and closes his eyes momentarily and imagines driving, himself. He doesn’t even realise, but he is grinning widely. Otabek comes out of the store and stares at Yuri who looks so happy and a smiles breaks onto his own face.

They’re back on the road now and Yuri asks where they’re going, when Otabek suddenly pulls into an empty parking lot. He jumps off the front and pushes a confused Yuri forward on the seat. Otabek slides back on the bike, this time behind Yuri and grabs the other’s hands from behind, putting them on the handle bars. “We’re gonna start slow, okay?” is all he says before he starts the bike at a snail’s pace. Yuri finally picks up on what Otabek is doing and is tense at first (as much as he tries to hide it) but after a while of riding in circles he manages to smile, letting out a small proud chuckle every now and then when he does something well.

Otabek is smiling himself, seeing Yuri being so happy that he’s got the hang of it. Though he still fears for his life and refuses to let go of Yuri’s hands on the handle bars, of course.

Day = Made

I’m back from taking my bike out for a bit. While I was on the trail, I encountered a family out hiking; as I passed, the little girl said, “Mommy, did you see!? That biker was a GIRL!!” She said it with so much enthusiasm–it made my day! 😍I know that there are plenty of women who mountain bike, but I’ve only seen maybe one since I’ve started going out on the trails.

I’m definitely not quite the same level of daredevil of the average men I always see out there, but I build my skill and confidence every day. And, I’m happy with my pace, thanks! I’m not in it to race anyone–I like to enjoy the beauty of the trail and I like the extra time to make calculations in my head. There are huge drop offs, tons of loose rock and exposed roots, and tons of close trees. I don’t know that top speed is ever going to be what I shoot for; I’m too cautious of a person. However, I love the confidence I’ve gained in just my short time mountain biking. The things I’ll do and the trails I’ll try now…I wouldn’t have even imagined attempting a month ago. I trust my instincts, my reflexes, my strength, and my judgement so much more since I’ve been doing this. That’s pretty huge for me.

Dear, 🚲, how I love you! ❤


Finally found some time to finish this; here’s a tribute to one of my all time favorite characters : the infamous Greed !

The bike was a bit of a challenge, I hope it came out well :D

Hope you like it !

Third run this week. I logged 2.16 miles. In total for the week, I ran 6.8 miles.

I’m exploring the vicinity from my house and finding more comfortable routes. My main route runs along a busy road most of which has no sidewalk but even with the bike paths, I feel a bit on edge.

On a side note, I learned what side stitches are and I felt it for the first time while running. Can’t say it was a lot of fun jogging with diaphragm pain but a short break and an adjustment in my pace helped take it away.

Second side note, jogging with a partner is so much more fun than running alone.


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i mean i ride motor bikes. so coming up on a bike is always a bit cool. even though i’m not a ‘bad boy’, turning up with a leather jacket and a bike has a ‘bad boy’ type of feel. and i am slightly aware of it, but i try not to act like it.

today was sunny for a minute and i got coffee w my roommate and biked a bit on my trash pile of a bike and made a lil map of goals for the year, worked on art stuff (wasn’t the stuff i should’ve been working on but whatever)
did some really important feeling emotional homework and small ritual magic about getting rid of the fear i have around baggage w people in this city then went to a show right after and saw two bands i really like
which was cool cause i haven’t gone out to a show in a long while
and it’s so much easier than i ever could have imagined to go out to shows and genuinely enjoy bands i want to see when im not drinking and like don’t care about fucking exhausting cool kid punx it’s all so juvenile anyway honestly
then i came home and spent an hour eating chocolate and making fun of a terf w roommates
thx cancer full moon


Little bit of TLC required for the 899. A hard weekend of racing at Thruxton is evident. Three shredded rear tyres, stone chips galore and plenty of racing grime from a very wet second day. 

Good results though and riding at National level has certainly improved my riding. It was good to go and compete at club level again to see the difference. 


I hope everyone who celebrated Easter had a good holiday! I surprised myself by being able to keep myself away from sims2 and instead writing my thesis which has to be done by the end of May. So in the spirit of University life when I got back to sims 2 I decided it was time to redo the university of my early 1900th century neighborhood. 

This is the head house (or what ever you call it) of the campus. The inside is still empty because the landscaping comes much easier for me than decorating. There’s a bike park (it uses a bit too much space considering sims can’t use them but I thought it’d look nice in a realistic sort of way), outdoor desks and tables for eating and writing essays, platform for public announcements or live music, and a basketball court. And of course I had to to use the school figure statue converted by Halfise Azale at the entrance.  I don’t know where the sudden urge to use purple came from but it enlivens the place considerably.

Btw, if you know some good places to download university related custom content like ts3tots2 conversions I’d be so glad if you’d tell me.