Eva and her vintage Gazelle bicycle. Photos by The Bikerist

This Gazelle bike is a good reflection of Eva Peel.

This parisian girl is not only a Dj with a taste for old sounds, but she also owns a blog dedicated to Vintage shops and personalities who are fond of retro fashion in general. Check her link : EvaPeelVintage

Eva is the creative director of Apero Vintage de Bordeaux, and prepares playlists and book artists for this yearly wine tasting operation which takes place in Paris trendiest bars and cafés. Last but not least, Eva is also a singer and plays Keyboard. Along with musician partner Jan Richard, they have an electronic duet called Theremynt. Their debut album is due to come out in 2012 on Neopren record label.

The Bikerist



Claudia rides a vintage red fixed gear called “the pin-up bike

The evening after the photo shoot, she won the first place 
for the Women Goldsprint at the Paris messengers event 
"Le noël des coursiers”. She likes to ride with SURPLACE team too.

She works as a therapist for autistic children and came to Paris to study fashion design and modeling. She graduated Esmod School.

Her power and her energy come from the fact that she used to move with her racing bike in the Swiss mountains, where she comes from. She rode a vintage rare Swiss frame, a bike she had before she arrived in Paris and was stolen from her here. Now she straps a bicycle chain lock from her Brooks’s saddle to the frame. (cf close-up)

Having travelled a lot in Asia, she experienced bicycling in Saigon 6 months for work and she said that cycling there was crazy, with bad roads, crazy scooters, no rules, pollution: it was a big challenge!  So a student she met there gave her a lucky charm to protect her (cf close-up)

Photos by The Bikerist