biker shoes

kanto trainer fashions:

–shorts/skorts, bright colors (particularly primary colors), leg warmers, wristbands, fingerless gloves

johto trainer fashions:

–shorts, jumpers, backwards caps, goggles, capes

hoenn trainer fashions:

–running/biker shorts, bandannas, water shoes, tank tops, headbands

sinnoh trainer fashions:

–scarves, large buttons, pom poms, long coats, insulated rain boots, hair clips   

unova trainer fashions:

–neon colors, frizzy hair, baseball caps, skinny jeans, wristbands, hoodies

kalos trainer fashions:

–sun glasses, boots, roller-blades, high wasted skirts/jeans, hair ribbons

alola trainer fashions:

–floral prints, hair clips, swim trunks, pokemon prints, open shoes, glasses 


Follow My Vans: Anya Violet of Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out co-founder and self-proclaimed star child, Anya Violet has been riding for as long as she can remember. Her childhood memories are laced with moments of riding dirt bikes with her mother, and spending weekends racing motocross in the local circuits. To put it bluntly: Anya is a total bad-ass through-and-through. But don’t let that fool you! Anya is one of the most positive, warm, down-to-earth girls you’ll ever meet, and has the out-of-this world ability to make you feel like you’ve known each other for many many lightyears. We caught up with this ball of positive energy before the roll out to Joshua Tree to learn more about the birthing place of Babes Ride Out, and her helpful advice for any girl looking to get into riding.

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Follow My Vans: Ashmore Ellis of Babes Ride Out

Riding motorcycles is all about having fun, and if you ever get the chance to meet Babes Ride Out co-founder, Ashmore Ellis, we think you’d agree that she is a true testament to that statement. With a smile on her face, and wind in her hair, Ashmore is a beaming light of positivity whose adventurous spirit and quirky sense of humor makes you want to make her your own personal motorcycle tour guide. Not to mention Ashmore and her B.F.F. Anya have been working tirelessly for over a year to organize the largest all-female moto campout, and we were lucky enough to have her share some of her favorite memories from past events as well as the struggles she’s encountered along the way. Here’s a hint: highlights include an epic solo head-bang sesh to Metallica.

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