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Hi! If you guys prefer to respond this one on private, it's ok. Your choice :) I wanted to know if you guys have any kind of information about Carol and Maggie out in the woods and being kidnapped. Because it seems like this might happen, according to some spoilers that are going on out there. Anything on it? Thanks anyways :)

SFX Magazine, which hit shelves February 5th, describes a recent visit to Senoia where they were able to learn some juicy tidbits about our girls Maggie and Carol.

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The two-page spread is the beginning of the article.  It reads:

“It’s a warm October evening in the small town of Senoia, Georgia. The smell of Citronella fills the air as two women - Maggie Greene and Carol Peletier – argue over the fate of a man lying in a forest clearing. Maggie points a gun to his head while Carol tells her to stop. “Not till it’s done,” says Maggie, her teeth clenched.

Suddenly two other women, a red head and a brunette, - run out of the woods. “Stop or she’s dead,” cries the red head, aiming her rifle at Carol. “Guns. Knives. On the ground right now,” she adds.

“Nice shirt,” says the brunette, eyeing Maggie. “You can take it off her when she’s dead,” says the redhead.” [End of page]

Next two pages are an interview with Nicotero and Reedus and a little blurb that states that Maggie and Carol were in the woods, running when “new enemies” throw jackets and them and both are kidnapped.

Here’s what we know:
- From the first line in the article, we know that SFX visited the set in October.
- Episode 13 was filmed almost entirely at the studio the first couple weeks in October. (See Spoiler Journal) That is where the Hilltop set is located, along with about 70 acres of forest.
- The redhead and the brunette. Interestingly enough, thanks to the red headed Alicia Witt and her social media habits, we know she filmed for TWD during episode 13.
- We know from the casting calls released in September that ‘Mary’ and 'Polly’ were cast for that episode.
- I think we can conclude that Alicia plays one of these characters.
Connecting the dots, I think it’s a safe bet to say that Carol & Maggie just met biker mamas 'Mary’ and 'Polly’.
- One might be tempted to conclude now that Daryl was referring to Carol in the episode 15 spoiler when he mentions “her.” Keep in mind, though, that Carol and Daryl filmed together in episode 14. So the dots don’t quite connect there.

SFX has legitimately spoiled in the past, so we’ll use this info to keep on digging!  ~ShinyFirefly