biker jean

imagine magnus and alec taking madzie trick or treating for halloween because unfortunately catarina has to work the late shift at the hospital so therefore can’t do it herself and they let madzie be anything she wants and she just says she wants to be them because of course she absolutely adores her uncle alec and uncle magnus. so magnus adds highlights to her hair to match his current ones and puts golden eyeliner around her eyes and alec draws a deflect rune on her neck with face paint, being careful of her gills and adds other runes to her arms. and there’s a lot of discussion about how to combine their clothing styles but she ends up looking adorable in a leather look jeans, a plain black t-shirt and a suede burgundy biker jacket with studs on the shoulders and some biker boots. she also has a few rings on her fingers and a small ear cuff on her ear while a toy bow and quiver rest in her hands. and madzie has the biggest smile on her face ever like she’s so happy because she looks like two of her favourite people in the world like bless magnus and alec would be close to crying and they’d be taking so many photos because honestly they have never seen someone look more adorable