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Sunglasses Ask Meme

Aviator - What would your friends say you’re best at?
Browline - What is your favorite thing to just… contemplate?
Retro Square - What are you really nostalgic for?
Round - What are you most scared of?
Sport - What activity physically drains you the most?
Cat Eye - What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done?
Oversized - Where do you feel like you don’t fit in?
Clip-On - What’s the weirdest way you’ve solved a problem?
Mountain Style - What is one of your life goals?
Shield - What helps you cope the best?
Biker Goggle - What do you train hard for?
Wayfarer - What’s your guilty pleasure?
Rimless - What is your most unique trait?
Beagle Puss - What’s your favorite joke?
Monocle - What makes you feel the most powerful?
Visor - If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Shutter - What are you best at figuring out?
Novelty - What art style is your favorite?
New Year’s - Tell me something new you want to try.
Heart - Tell me something about your crush.

poevella2  asked:

how do you think adrien would react to seeing marinette cosplay as catwoman ( the one where she has orange(?) goggles and biker boots and a black catsuit) i love catwoman and i think she's a very empowering character that just wants to love herself and i think mari could definitely identify with that. I dunno, maybe i'm just pushing my love of catwoman on one of my favorite characters but ya lmao sorry im rambling

im all about cosplay headcanons hell yeah