biker babes

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Director Sanvers + Maggie and Alex wooing Lucy bc her girlfriends are badass motorcycle chicks

… more like Alex wooing and Lucy blowing Maggie’s mind because Lucy rides too XD

When they agreed to meet in the middle of the desert, halfway between National City and the desert base, Alex may have forgotten to mention something very important to Maggie.

“You gonna tell me why we’re out here, Danvers?”

“We’re meeting Lucy.”

“In the middle of the desert?”

“You’ll see.”

Okay, so maybe she didn’t forget so much as want to see the look on Maggie’s face.

Because it was priceless.

Due to their schedules, Lucy had always met them in the city, had always arrived after Maggie and Alex, and always ridden with one of them back to Alex’s apartment. Most of the time, Lucy caught a ride with Vasquez or borrowed a DEO SUV.

So Maggie? Maggie had never seen Lucy riding solo.

Maggie had never seen the figure that Lucy made, leather-clad and leaning into every turn. And lean she did, taking her ridiculously expensive custom HP4 RACE dangerously low as she did a donut around them.

Lucy quit the theatrics to park in front of them, where she removed her helmet and shook her hair free. The last time Alex had seen that, she was being rescued from CADMUS.

Maggie never had.

Seeing Maggie’s jaw drop was absolutely worth withholding a little information.


Lucy’s smile was as dangerous as her turns, and as wicked as, well, Lucy. “You didn’t think you and Danvers were the only biker chicks in this relationship, didja? I thought you could detect, Detective.”

Maggie shot a defensive look at Alex. “You knew she could ride?”

“Please, I was her knight in shining kevlar.”

“After you sent me to CADMUS.”

“You sent her to CADMUS?”

Lucy winced. “I was following orders?”

Alex snorted. “Relax, Maggie. I mean it would have sucked because CADMUS got its start somewhere– as a scientific black ops agency.”

“So what you’re telling me is that she sent you to be dissected.”

“Thanks for helping, Danvers.” Lucy interrupted. “Lots of help. Alex knew I could ride because Kara and I rescued her and J’onn in transport by motorcycle.”

“You sent J’onn, too? “

“Technically her father sent him.”

“What the fuck, Lane?!”

“Do I have to get naked so we can get back to how hot I look on this thing? Because I’ll do it.”

Alex smirked. “Is that actually an option, Major?”

“Have you been good today, Agent?” Lucy purred.

“Give me a chance and I can be better.”

Maggie revved her engine. “Alright, alright, I get it. We here for a reason? Because Lane can and will get naked anywhere.”

“This is true,” Lucy agreed.

“Since I don’t have the exhibitionist streak you two do,” Alex clearly ignored the looks her girlfriends were giving her, “I brought you out here for a moonlit ride and a late night picnic.”

Lucy tilted her head, “And you think that’s not getting you laid under the moon?”

Alex rolled her eyes and shoved her helmet back over her head, taking off before either of them could make another smart ass comment.

Maggie and Lucy were hot on her heels, their bikes roaring into the night. Off the road and into the desert, tires kicking up dust behind them as they curved around sparse trees and rock formations. They rode for nearly an hour before Alex slowed to a stop near her favorite climbing rocks.

Battery powered candles decorated the base of the rocks, pillows scattered over a series of thick blankets, a cooler and a picnic basket set off to one side.

Sometimes having a superhero for a sister came in handy.

Almost as one, they removed their helmets again, all three shaking dark hair out of their eyes.

Alex dismounted first, hooking her helmet off the handlebars and heading towards it. “You two coming?”

“Not yet,” Maggie murmured.

“Mmmm Alex first,” Lucy agreed.

It turned out Lucy Lane wasn’t the only one willing to get naked under the stars.