biker accessory




So this is the jacket I said I was gonna upload on MTS. I’m sharing it here first, because I still need to take screenshots and figure out the polygon counts and everything before they’ll approve it there. 

“It’s a leather jacket for your Sim gals, because they may want to be a bit cool sometimes. It’s also an accessory, which means that you’ll be able to combine it with any top.
The jacket does not come with any Create-a-Style presets; bring your own. There is one recolorable channel.”

Known Issues: 

- Since this is an accessory, it can be combined with every top. However, some tops will clip through it. 

- The jacket may appear blurry when combined with certain other accessories, since accessories use a smaller texture space than the rest of your Sim’s outfit. 

- There are some “creases” on the mesh where there shouldn’t be any. I don’t know what caused them, or how to solve it.

Anyway, I’m putting it on here early. I may change a few things before I put it up on MTS, but it’s pretty much done for now.


SimFileShare (.package)


Art Comes First - SS17 Preview

By now, creative masterminds Sam Lambert and Shakah Maidoh need no introductions. Founders of Art Comes First, a paramount collective that joins some of the most brilliant alternative creatives in fashion, the London based duo continuously push the boundaries of conventionalism. Their trademark punk tailoring approach to fashion, delivers some of the most exclusive and innovative garments around, reinventing them through extensive customisation. Besides an array of collaborations with renowned designers and brands, their own label materialises the unique vision and style that earned them a place among the most stylish personalities on the planet.

For SS17, the collection delivers a wide range of accessories and personalised garments, from iconic leather biker jackets, to kimonos, distressed tees and deconstructed tailored pieces. If the unique design wasn’t enough to make them that more coveted and exclusive, the limited runs available only at select retailers further contribute to the cult status of ACF.

Miguel Amaral Vieira