National ‘Bicyclist Safety’ report out today gets actual safety trends backwards

@BikePortland News Editor calls out flawed reasoning & lazy reporting in new @GHSAHQ “Bicyclist Safety” report

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By Michael Andersen, News Editor

A report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association Monday is a perfect example of what can go wrong when safety experts get stuck behind their own windshields.

The GHSA, an umbrella organization for state departments of transportation whose claims to fame include popularizing the phrase “aggressive…

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Just announced! We’re allowing the first 100 qualified applicants* to TestDrive the MetroMile service. You’ll get an exclusive look into the data that comes from your car and how paying per-mile could greatly reduce your car insurance bill. 

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Seizures & Epilepsy - Dispelling Myths

Seizures & Epilepsy – Dispelling Myths

NW Quimby & 16th, Twitter tedder42

Last week in the earliest fingers of the falsest of dawns, on what did we decide? Monday, July 7th? There once was a man. This man was equipped with a lovely shade of salmon and mango (you know, to match the dawn, or ironically… my website layout) rattle cans and very emphatically wrote a clear statement on a sharrow and in the bike lane between NW 16th - NW…

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Team JVA is a loose collection of like-minded individuals dedicated to the proposition that cycling should be, above all else, an enjoyable pursuit. If you’ve ever been at a race where someone got mad and threw their bike, we’re the opposite of that. In our view, unless your ability to pay rent and buy groceries depends upon your cycling prowess, you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. We try not to lose sight of the fact that we are lucky enough to have the ability to engage in a recreational endeavor where we can inflict suffering on ourselves and derive reward according to our whims. We want every ride, competitive or otherwise, to feel like the most fun time we’ve ever had on a bike.

Obama, with Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and CEO of locally based Keen Footwear by his side, talked up “insourcing” (as opposed to outsourcing, get it?) and laid out several measures to help make it happen. The new initiative seems tailor-made to give a much-needed bump to Portland’s flourishing bike industry.

Large companies like Keen and Intel (with their large presence in Hillsboro) offer exciting potential to put Oregonians back to work — but I wonder if Kitzhaber knows about Chris King Precision Components, Showers Pass, Zen Bicycle Manufacturing, Portland Design Works, Black Star Bags, Ruckus Components, Metrofiets, Sugar Wheel Works, Vanilla Cycles, Wabi Woolens, and the myriad other bike-related businesses that call Portland home.