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This blog is too golden, I like non angry ex-mormons (I am one myself) and people that are just critical thinkers in general. Thank you for being both of those, keep it up man!

Thanks! It’s nice to have some positive comments.  :D

Let's Clarify Something: My Flaws

1. I can come as arrogant, not because I am so - but because my tone and disdain for perceived inferior arguments makes me sound arrogant. And I guess that does have some elements of arrogance. 

2. I Can Hold Grudges: I have a hard time letting things go when I feel someone is taking advantage of innocent people. I need to get over that. 

3. Poor impulse control and inappropriate language

4. I am. offensive, as hell. 

I apologize, in all seriousness, if I have offended you or anything similar, please message me privately so I can apologize and we can fix it. 


Tectrix Bikemax Recumbent Bike Battery

Tectrix Bikemax Recumbent Bike Battery

This is The Replacement 6 VDC Lead Rechargeable Battery for the Tectrix Bikemax Recumbent Bike


  • 30 Days Warranty

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Category: Treadmills
Brand: StarTrac

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Oh I Don’t know.  Maybe you knew I had plans with this cool guy.  i actually really hate spending time with him.  I lied about it being great.  it was terrible.  in a really great way.