We are a group of designers and craftspeople, as well as skilled laborers. At Tanner Goods, we strive to create modern products that respect the past. Our philosophy combines a design-minded approach with a deep commitment to crafting items by hand. We choose carefully, from the materials we use and the suppliers we select, to the people we hire and the partners we join. This thoughtful approach extends to everything we do and make: we try to think before we act. We go to great lengths not to overdesign our products. We carefully consider an item’s intended use, and we focus on how that can best be served without adding more to it than necessary. This, to us, is the essence of good design and craft.“



1. Tell us about your work it in a few lines

Stolen Goods started with a series of designed roll-top backpacks, focused on comfort and individuality. each bag was hand printed with silkscreen printed patterns and illustrations that we made. The special patterns are the main theme for the brand that has clean and minimalist cuts but with a lot of details in the imagery that we like to draw. Each print is intentionally uneven, and every bag is a unique and original Piece.

2. How did your ideas come up?

We both share a studio together and share a similar artistic line and influence, we wanted to start something that takes our drawing out of the paper and frame and to move it to basic everyday accessories, and make them unique. Every bag is made individually with a lot of work and thought. The main idea is to make new patterns for every new series of bags.  

3. Where are you based and why?  

We are based in Tel -Aviv, because this is where we’re from. But it can
change anytime.

4. You are a girls on wheels?

Yes, since 1990.
That’s why it was important to us to make a  bag that will be
comfortable for riding. It’s very light weight and sit tight in your
back. It has a side zipper so you can easy reach for your stuff in
your bag even while riding.

5. Any future projects?

We are planning to make more bags designs, T-shirts and pajamas. And working on our next exhibition.

Photography by Elad Baranga