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Brush, ink, and gouache on post-it notes.

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I’m putting together a bunch of tiny comics for SPX with my girlfriend. Some autobio, fiction, fan fiction, collage, etc.  I’ll post more information and comics soon. I’m working on some exciting long projects which I hope to announce soon, too.


Scenes from Central Florida

I very much prefer this hidden side of Central Florida as compared to the theme parks which it is known for. Taken from this afternoon’s 14 mile bike ride on the Van Fleet State Trail. All photos taken with my phone and processed with VSCO Cam.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Most people are shackled by the dust of their past, but Peter made a home in it, changed gears and has grown into a living, breathing story of success; a story that reminds us that we don’t have to give up when things get rocky.

Shifting Gears: From the Valleys to the Mountaintop

This is a story about how mountain biking and adventure saved my friend from crippling addiction and a life of pain.


The Trans Canada Trail Awareness Project Needs You!

Summary: The Trans Canada Trail is a multi-use trail that, when completed, will be 23,000 km in length. It will be world’s longest network of trails. It’s goal is to be completed by 2017 which is Canada’s 150th birthday. This project’s plan is to raise awareness for the trail and help Canadian’s realize how important this is in connecting our country. First it was rail, then highway, now trail.

More information on the trail can be seen: HERE and HERE.

What: The plan is to create a short video to help raise awareness for the trail and to encourage donations to be made.

How: The goal here is to get as many people as we can to film themselves on a section of the already completed trail. Whether it is walking, biking, hiking, canoeing or even horseback-riding, we want to show Canada’s diverse landscape and culture! 

Who: Anyone can help! People that live near the trail obviously can submit videos for the video but people around the world can help donate or help spread this idea and eventual video, by word of mouth, or by “reblogging.”

When: We would like people to submit videos starting as soon as possible up until the end of August. The sooner the better though!

Where: 4 out 5 Canadians live within 30 minutes of the trail. Go to to find out where the trail is near you!

Why: Current funding for the trail is not enough to reach our completion date of 2017 and donations are needed as often as possible. Many Canadians have never actually heard of the trail. Hopefully this video will shed some light on this important endeavor.


After the video is uploaded message GO TRAVELING the link and if you would like to password protect it, then be sure to include the password in the message. 

If you have any questions or concerns just ASK!


I have biked around 130 km of the trail from Winnipeg to Grand Beach, Manitoba and cannot wait to travel more of it. In the near future I plan to bike across Canada to raise money for the completion of the trail!

All the photos here are from sections of the Trans Canada trail that I have taken.

Thank You For Your Time,

Ryan Jackman (Creator of GoTraveling)

The 10 Most Iconic Bike Trails in the World

From rolling hills to Roman ruins, these bike trails are well worth adding to your bucket list.

By London Cyclist

Of the many different trails and routes available, there are 10 that top the list when it comes to offering magnificent sights and challenging rides. For vacation seekers who love to ride their bikes, these are the most iconic bicycle rides in the world.

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Photo courtesy of London Cyclist