Explore the desert southwest this week with #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Arizona!

The BLM manages 12.2 million acres of public lands in Arizona.  While association to the iconic Saguaro Cactus is commonplace, BLM Arizona offers so much more in the form of high plateaus, rugged mountains, hidden canyons, and lush riparian habitats!  Join the #mypubliclandsroadtrip in Arizona for the exceptional beauty of its landscape and the fantastic recreational opportunities – with something for everyone.  

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Happy Saturday all! This week has just flown by as per usual, and I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already. It just so happens to be Heritage Day, so that means an extra day off for me to relax and unwind. Pretty much everyone I know is off on vacation, but I’m actually pretty content to stay at home this time around. My brother and I biked some of the trails around Calgary yesterday, and did quite a bit of shopping today, so we’ll probably just be spending tomorrow relaxing at home.

It’s also been really nice having someone around to take my outfit photos! At least you guys get a change of pace for a bit, and don’t have to see my usual
apartment backgrounds. This OOTD was shot last weekend at the patio area in my apartment complex. I’m all about breezy, comfy outfits these days and this one was great for brunch and shopping.

Let me know how your week has been so far!


I finally got out for my Sunday brick. I went with the hybrid today instead of the road bike and did trails. That’s always a little slower going on the bike, particularly where the surface is just loose rocks or sand. The tires just sink into it or start to skid out. I had a slow transition at the house due a bathroom break and shorts change. What can I say, I had bike shorts on instead of Tri shorts, and I just didn’t feel like getting a running wedgie. Then it was back out the door for about 4 miles. The legs felt pretty stiff after the bike and hills contributed to the fatigue. But I got it done and am now looking forward to tomorrow’s rest and yoga day.

Great weather today, one of those summer days you wish you could just bottle and open back up in January when winter gets you down.

“On Trails”

Brush, ink, and gouache on post-it notes.

Hello dear readers,

I’m putting together a bunch of tiny comics for SPX with my girlfriend. Some autobio, fiction, fan fiction, collage, etc.  I’ll post more information and comics soon. I’m working on some exciting long projects which I hope to announce soon, too.


a couple pictures from my bike ride on the trails at my local park. I rode to the park, around the trails, and then back home for a total of about 10.4 miles. I’m kind of bummed because half-way back to my house from the park I realized I had paused my workout and forgotten to turn it back on. (I think that explains the weird mile 7 time)

I’ve never checked out the trails at the park but they were really nice! I’ll definitely be going back soon.