Leonard Nimoy and his bike

Text from Nichelle Nichols’ biography “Beyond Uhura”

[..] Grace Lee [Whitney], George [Takei], Jimmy [Doohan], Dee [Deforest Kelley], and the rest of us trudged across the lot, talking about Leonard like a dog. We were all so jealous of him for having a bike [..] 

One day Bill [William Shatner] got together with us and the crew and decided to string Leonard’s bike up from the soundstage rafters. For several days Leonard stalked the set in a snit of righteous indignation. “Can you imagine?” he’d ask anyone who would listen, “My bike! Somebody stole my bike!" 

What Leonard failed to notice was that every time he mentioned it, we would glance up at the ceiling, scratching our heads, while commiserating with him. 

"Wow, that’s just terrible,” I’d answer, looking up. “Leonard, I just can’t imagine.” [..]

One time we were all standing with Leonard, all looking straight up, when it finally struck him: Why were we all looking up? Slowly, Leonard’s gaze drifted upward. Spotting his beloved bicycle dangling from cables overhead, Leonard spluttered, “I can’t believe this! I really cannot believe this!" 

We all cracked up. I’m not sure Leonard ever truly forgave us. Years later, when we started shooting the first Star Trek movie, Leonard had his new bike outfitted with a metal panel bearing his name and the plea: "Please Do Not Steal My Bike." 

the signs as jeremy jordan tweets
  • aries:FOOTBALL!!!!
  • taurus:Dancing is hard.
  • gemini:@brauhala I'm EVERYWHERE. *ducks into a doorway*
  • cancer:@andymientus u better watch it or I'm.. . gonna... throw coins... at ur... equipment...??
  • leo:What a wonderful day walking around Cambridge totally drunk. #mustbemonday
  • virgo:Even when you have to learn the hard way, at least you're still learning.
  • libra:@JuliaMurney God, I look good
  • scorpio:Hey asshole who stole my bike, I hope u get hit by a fucking bus.
  • sagittarius:@mikeefarroll how dare u! Hahaha. Autocorrect FAIL.
  • capricorn:@Michael_Mott thats real random
  • aquarius:Side note. All of Hollywood Blvd smells like weed.
  • pisces:My god, the internet is a foul and vile place. Let's everyone say something positive today... I'll start: poop fart sandwich!!

Red Hood just stole my bike to go after some muggers #rude #didn'tsaythankyou #onlyingotham

UPDATE: Red Hood came back with my bike with Batgirl. Said he was sorry. Batgirl was glaring #notsobad #onlyingotham

UPDATE: Batgirl smacked him over the head as they left #Ha #girlpower #onlyingotham


The Potter Children and their inheritance. 

James Sirius with the Marauders Map

Al with the Invisibility Cloak

Lily with Harry’s first (and ‘closing’) snitch. 

The Last Five Years


If there was anything that Cloud was saltier about, it was anyone mentioning Zack around him. He never liked talking about the other, his old friend and now ex-boyfriend, but he was slowly getting more used to it as time went by. That didn’t mean he liked it though. A part of him still wanted to be angry about it so that he could show how hurt he was but it was too much on his part.

Opening a garage in Edge had been one of the better things that Cloud had done since he’d stopped seeing Zack. It certainly wasn’t the most profitable but it got shit done during the day. Randomly, soldiers would come by with their broken motorcycles or vehicles and Cloud got the payout from Shinra’s insurance. It was enough to keep food on the table and he often repaired anything that was about to go bad as well. Even then, he still wasn’t too happy with this arrangement.

At twenty-three, he was living alone and fixing vehicles. He sighed at himself and heard someone coming in toward the entrance, rolling something along with them. “I’ll be with you in a moment,” he called. Wiping his hands free of grease and finally standing fully, Cloud shut the hood of the car and pulled his shirt up and off. It was heavily stained with oil and grease, not that it wasn’t before, but he couldn’t stand wearing it much longer.

He stepped around the vehicle and froze, seeing Zack standing there and narrowing his eyes. Cloud’s teeth clenched and he almost denied the soldier service until he remembered the insurance payout. He needed that to keep living under the plate. “…What’s wrong with your motorcylce, sir?”

It was ground out and Cloud clearly wasn’t too happy seeing Zack, especially since it meant his own reputation was on the line. It only took one bad review for someone to ruin a business like this.

Zack had chosen ‘Strife Autobody’ to wheel in his poor motorcycle out of an odd sentiment and a stupid hope that turned out to be well founded.  There was simply no one else in the world those blond spikes could belong to, particular with the name of the place.

“Cloud–my god, it is you!” he said, his face lighting up in delight.  Cloud was looking good, even with a sweat stained t-shirt and grease in his hair.  His muscles had filled out a bit since last Zack had seen him, and his shoulders were maybe wider, though that could have been Zack’s imagination.  Either way, he wasn’t the 18 year old fresh eyed SOLDIER hopeful Zack had left behind all those years ago.

…right. That whole debacle was probably why Cloud’s face had taken a steely expression as he looked at his old friend and his motorcycle.

Zack was too elated to care, honestly.  He put down Odin’s kick rest and left the bike behind to go approach Cloud, practically bouncing on his feet.  “I can’t believe it!  You’ve been in Midgar this whole time, and I’ve just never seen you?  What’s the deal with that?  I’ve been looking for you, but no one knew where you’d headed off for!”

I Want To Ride My Bicycle...

Okay seriously though, can you imagine HBIC!Shaw dashing off to save the day on a freaking bike that they stole from some randomer? And having to stop on the way to adjust the saddle height cause she’s a shortarse and she’s having trouble reaching the pedals?

I mean this is Shaw, so there’s a fair chance that between NY and Jersey she traded up the bike for a car, then traded the car for a tank, and probably arrived at the Decima compound on, like, a fire-breathing T-Rex with a Unicorn in tow, but what if she didn’t? Can you imagine Root’s face when they’re making their escape and she’s left her truck behind, so she’s expecting Shaw to provide the transport - maybe a nice sexy Porsche, or an old-school muscle car - but nope, there’s just that little bike leaning up against the fence Shaw crawled under. And then Root hops on the crossbar and Shaw wraps her arms around her to reach the handlebars and off they go… the world’s greatest hope just pedalling away.

These idiots are killing me.

Kuro Fes Interview - Murasakibara Atsushi

[JUST A QUICK NOTE THAT I HAVE EDITED A SECTION OF NIJIMURA’S INTERVIEW! I have specified that the bike he stole is a MOTORBIKE, sorry to everyone who thought he just stole a bicycle orz Never try to translate after going to a midnight premiere of the Hobbit]

We now go back to your regularly scheduled Murasakibara interview.

Murasakibara Atsushi: If you give me snacks, I wouldn’t mind answering the questions.

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Thieves & Queens

     It has been six long weeks since the situation with Ingrid resolved, Rumple was banished for what he had been up to, and the Hoods had been put in an impossible situation and forced out of Storybrooke. It had taken that long for the Hood’s to make their way to New York City via a charter bus and they had finally arrived.

     The sights, sounds and press of people had proved too much for Roland initially but eventually he was just as in awe of the buildings as his parents. Things did not go well once they had found their way to the Chelsea Market via the map that Regina had given her thief. He had it on him constantly along with her notes but it was difficult to read. What happened next was pure chaos.

     A random person stole Marian’s bag racing away with Robin hot on his heels. The purse snatcher stole a bike. Robin borrowed a horse from one of the carriages. Eventually he caught up to the thief and leapt off his horse colliding with the man and they got into a scuffle. The end result being Robin got the purse back and had to manage finding his way back to his family. He returned the horse to the man he’d borrowed it from and reunited with Roland and Marian.

     Once his family was settled Robin was restless and looked to Regina’s handwritten note thumbing over the cursive scrawl deciding to follow a lead on this author business and that’s how he found his way to the Wizard of Oak furniture store. A store that he easily broke into but hadn’t a clue about modern silent alarms. He’d just found something interesting in the empty shop and tucked it into his interior jacket pocket when the NYPD burst into the room with guns drawn and arrested him for breaking and entering. 

     Thus Robin Hood Prince of Thieves had finally been caught by the law and sat in a jail cell having placed his one phone call to Marian to let her know what’s happened. She was obviously less than thrilled and he told her that he’d call her later when he knew more about his situation. He hung his head burying his face in his hands and hissed when he pulled his fingers away from his brow just now noticing that he’d cut it open. Probably during the fight with the thief.

     Across town Gold knew quite a bit and despite having his own agenda playing out he took the time to put in a call to Regina informing her that he had found Locksley in New York. That he was currently being held by the NYPD and that he was going to work his magic to get the man released. She had six hours to get to him before he lost sight of him again. That of course was a total lie because with the curse down on the town line and his needing both Locksley and Mills for his plans to go off perfectly he wanted her to fetch the thief and head back to Storybrooke.