幸せな〜二人 by Vincent Chen
Via Flickr:
Fujifilm RDPIII Plustek 7600i


125cc Estoril, 2010. 

After a dry start the race was red-flagged due to the rain. Before the re-start, Marc crashed on the formation lap; while the track was drying, due to his dark visor he couldn’t see a wet spot on the track. Entering the corner as he always would while pushing hard, he crashed out. 

At great risk of injury, he didn’t release his bike and held on tight as the sliding bike threw him around. Understanding that the bike was in worse shape than what his crew could fix on the grid, he decided to pull into the pits for repairs.

His entire team, and even mechanics from other teams jumped to help and fix the bike as quickly as possible for him to get to the starting grid. Everyone who was near enough to him and the bike ran over to help.

Starting the last position on the grid, he managed to make a quick getaway and was in fifth position at the end of the pit straight. 

With his team watching on anxiously and trying to signal that he should pace himself, at this point he only had the win in mind.

 And win he did, beating Nico Terol who finished the race in second place. If he hadn’t pushed as hard as he did during the race, he could have one less title today/could have arrived in MotoGP a year later. 

Spread Our Wings

To her credit, Cass prevented a minor panic by calling in to report she was alive and well. Also, that she was taking time off to travel.

She’d gone through the Lazarus Pit and that… that had rattled her, honestly. Everything about what happened with Shiva rattled her.

So, road trip. Stephanie had once said road trips heal all ills and they’d go on one, one day. Together. Before Steph died. Cass hoped the picture she had of Steph, resting in her jacket pocket, was enough.

She didn’t plan on Metropolis. It’s just where the plane landed. So, first stop on the road trip. She rolled her motorcycle out, sneaked through security, and hit the road.

When was the last time she was here? And during the day? The place was so… bright. Yeah. Bright and shining. Shined. Shone.

Where Gotham hid, Metropolis showed.

Cass parked her bike in midtown. Sliding on a backpack with all her gear, she made her way to the top of a high rise and stared out at the city.

“Are you… there?” she asked the wind. “I just… Dick said… if I spoke, you’d hear. I’m… not here… on… business. I, uh. I’m visiting. Is that… okay?”