bike winter art

Mandala is sacred. Sanskrit for “circle” its ancient origins have strong roots in humanities culture. Its geometries have a strong ability to connect the mind to the mysteries of spirit. 

This Friday, please come after 6p, to see the on-site installation of a mandala from old bicycle discards at this years Bike Winter Art Show taking place at C Haus: 1617 N. Drake Avenue. 

Sharing in this creation are friends Daisy & Haddon. 

These sacred shapes have been a growing force in my life for the past 3+ years. As doodles on paper they appeared before me. Not knowing them as anything more than a self-expression during downtime until it was made prevalent by a friendly fellow in the know. 
Making mandala’s eases the me, to say the least. 

Monks are known to make mandala’s from tiny bits of colored sand. Taking days to construct and allowing it to blow away after its been complete.
The bicycle part mandala may not be tiny. It will be temporary as a tip of the hat to its truest form & even life itself. This structure will not last for more than 24 hrs. So, please come see it in living color. 
(And, bring a camera!!) 

** This is also my first public demonstration as a creative. : )

It will reach completion in time for pretty ladies to walk the plank in snazzy outfits! 

Thank you, 

: ) ( :