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The Day After The Election I Did Not Go Outside by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

BUT for a moment, to drive to the soul
food spot on Congress ave. where utensils,
large & made for the hands of no one living among
us, hang on the walls & where the woman behind

the counter yells out my order before my second
foot makes it in the door & where her laugh is like
my sister’s or where her laugh is like my mother’s or
where her laugh is like my grandmother’s or where her laugh

is like the laugh of a black woman who knows where the devil
is hiding & knows how to shake him loose & in the soul food
spot there are no devils but there is plenty sin & where you look
at the sweet tea & your dentist gets a chill from miles away &

where, if the gossip is good enough, the smoke from the kitchen
puffs into black halos & someone ain’t getting the catfish they
ordered & where all is forgiven & where forgiveness is always
dressed in something fried or sweet & where, around a circle

of spent plates, men with their full bellies & thin gold chains slap
cards on a wooden table & where those men ignore the yelling
& the marching on the television & where I imagine those men
have seen this movie before & know its ending & yet are still

here to watch it again & where the plates rattle when one of the men shows
his hand & says his partner ain’t shit & where I laugh because these men
could be my father & around the right table, I am everyone’s child &
where the stereo is from the 90s & so is everything that crawls out of it

& where Lauryn sings how you gon’ win if you ain’t right within & I am
oh, I am right within for this small and shrinking moment. I am right
within for this newborn praise, because the rain stopped & the clouds
gave way earlier & yes, the darkness arrives sooner now & yes,

the streets were still slick, but on this day, the children were in
them, dodging the streetlights on their small bikes & the girls
leapt & whipped their long ponytails through the open mouths
of two jump ropes & this is the only country they know & it is nothing

to get free when your only country is freedom & so I say, then:
make a border around any place you are loved & call it yours.
make a border around those who hold you up & build what
you must to keep the devils out. I say, then: I know, I know

the burning cannot be unseen & on this night I claimed a new
& fleeting empire, governed by soul food & loud black children &
no one telling them to be quiet. governed by men who lose
card games. governed by men who know they ain’t shit & the women

who know it better but have loved them for too long to stop
now. oh country, my new and brief country. how I walk from you
full & into the wreckage. how I wish you everywhere now.
how I try to taste you in the air instead of blood.

me: can i be any softer for joshua?
joshua: :)
me: turns out i can

curse words;

member- jungkook

genre- fluff, au (warning- a bit more cussing than usual)

words- 1,455

summary- “the first words you’ll ever say to your soulmate is tattooed on the inside of your left ring finger” soulmate!au

a/n- hello cuties! i wasn’t planning on posting another soulmate!au scenario, but a lovely follower (it wont let me tag their name for some reason, but it is @ smelllikeleatherandbooks ) gave me this idea when they commented on my yoongi scenario, thanks to you, i will be doing a soulmate series! a different au for each member :’) everybody, PLEASE give me some feedback on this scenario (and the whole idea). im quite nervous about it! 

Yoongi I

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As you grow up, you’re taught which words are “appropriate” to use, like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. On the other hand, also learn which ones you definitely shouldn’t say during a church service, which range from ‘ass’ to the f word.

Well, things were a bit different for you.

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Run Far, But Look Back (TadashixReader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Tadashi Hamada, your best friend, is your partner for a robotics project. During the project, you get into a huge dispute with him, leaving him to say hurtful things. You run off and he chases after you to apologize and confess a few things.


Tadashi Hamada was a relatively levelheaded person; he didn’t yell, he didn’t shout, he didn’t scream or curse or throw things in frustration. Even when he argued, he stayed calm. He was just a relaxed person.

That was, until Michael started to take interest in you.

Michael was a nice guy, sat next to you in your Monday morning class. He was smart, funny, but could be a little cocky. Not many guys had their eyes on you, so when he took interest in you, you couldn’t help but be flattered. You definitely were interested in friendship with him, but you hadn’t decided about a relationship yet. Your affections currently lied with your best friend, Tadashi, and you didn’t think it was fair to start a relationship with someone while you still had feelings for a different person.

When you told Tadashi about Michael, as you told each other everything, he seemed to lose concentration on everything. You two had decided to work together on a partner project for your robotics class. While Tadashi was finishing the sketches, you told him about Michael, and how he’d smile warmly at you, and pass notes, and crack jokes with you when the teacher wasn’t looking. Tadashi’s head shot up.

“Are you… friends?” he had asked. You nodded.

“Yeah, I like to think so. I think he’s interested in me,” you replied.

“And are you…interested…in him?” Tadashi asked, his full attention on you.

“I’m not sure yet,” you answered honestly. Ever since then, Tadashi had seemed on edge. He was agitated more often, slept even less, worked even more. Currently, you were sitting in his lab, shuffling through a jar of nuts and bolts in search of the one that would fit your project. You were hoping that the university had one in the leftover jar you were going through so you wouldn’t have to custom-make anything.

Tadashi was working behind you, leaning over his desk trying to focus on his computer. Normally, work sessions between the two of you were filled with laughter and music and jokes, but not today. Not since Michael showed up in your life.

The silence was weighing heavily on you. You hated this environment. You finally slammed the jar down on the counter and turned to Tadashi. He didn’t even flinch. “Okay, what is your problem?” you asked your crush.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied casually. You felt your blood began to boil.

“You’ve been all upset these past two weeks while we’ve been working on this project! You’re my best friend! We used to be so energetic when we worked together and now look at us! You won’t even talk to me!” you yelled.

“I’m talking to you right now,” Tadashi said, eyes still on the screen.

“Dammit Tadashi! Stop it! You’re being a complete ass!” He stood from his chair at this and started to stomp over to you.

“I’m being an ass? Are you freaking kidding me (Y/N)?” You backed up as he stormed over. Tadashi had never purposefully hurt you, but he was still taller than you and stronger than you. To have him looming over you was rather intimidating. “If you think I’m such an ass, why don’t you go crying to Michael?!” The words hurt you more than you thought they would.

“Is that what this is about?! The fact that you don’t like Michael?” Tadashi fisted his hands into his hair.

“No! This is about you! If you don’t want to work together, fine! Just leave then! I can do this without you! I don’t need you in here talking about useless things all day! I don’t need you!” he yelled and pointed at the door. You flinched back. Your eyes were wide and you were almost shaking. Tadashi had backed you up against a table in his lab as he stared down at you. Tadashi had never scared you before, not until now.

When he noticed the way your form shook and your breaths started to shake, he realized what he’d said. His shoulders slumped and he sighed. Guilt flooded his system. You took the opportunity to duck away from him and run to the door. “(Y/N)! Wait!” You let his voice fade as you kept running. The tears were forming on your cheeks as you ran towards your bike outside of the building. Tadashi grabbed his keys without a second thought and ran in your direction.

You climbed onto your bike, not spending time in putting a helmet on. You sped into traffic without hesitation and down the road. You looked over your shoulder to see Tadashi shouting at you. He was racing his own moped. I don’t need you! The words rang in your head as you kept driving.

You raced your moped to the outskirts of San Fransokyo, near the forest. You looked back over your shoulder to see no one. You gave a sigh of relief.

Your body was suddenly launched from the bike. Your head whipped around to see that you’d hit a tree root while you were looking back. You landed in a tangled mess on the grass before rolling a bit. You groaned before sitting up slowly. You were struggling for breath after you had the wind knocked out of you. Your head was spinning due to the lack of helmet. “(Y/N)!” you heard. No, no, no! “(Y/N)!” Tadashi came running over to you as you tried to scoot back from him.

“You don’t need me,” you wheezed out.

“Forget about the words I didn’t mean for a second. Hands over your head,” Tadashi instructed, trying to fix your breathing. You listened and placed your hands on top of your head to try and regain your breath. “God you scared me,” he said as he kneeled in front of you. “Are you hurt? Does anything hurt? Can you move everything? Are you bleeding? Can you see okay? Can you feel everything?” Despite your lack of breath, you couldn’t help but chuckle at Tadashi. You managed a nod.

“I’m fine,” you finally said as your breath came back. Tadashi leaned forward and pulled you into a hug.

“I am so sorry, princess. I didn’t mean those things I said. I was frustrated and I unfairly took it out on you. I need you, (Y/N). I need you more than you’ll ever know,” he told you as he cradled your head to his chest.

“Tadashi,” you said quietly. “Do you know why I didn’t go out with Michael?” You felt his body tense at the mention of Michael.


“Because I love you,” you confessed. He only squeezed you tighter.

“I yelled because I care so much about you. I love you so much, princess. You mean the world to me and the thought of losing you terrified me.” You felt Tadashi’s warm lips on your head and you closed your eyes. “Please let me call you mine.” You smirked.

“I was always yours, Tadashi.”

Scratches n’ Scribbles (2)

@theresnosafeharbor4myships and I created another one for you guys! This one was her wonderful idea! We were trying to get this out before The Cell aired but my laptop said “lol nah”.  Anyway, we could all use some fluffy and super sweet stuff right now so here we go!

Daryl had left four days ago, and throughout her shifts of cooking and care-taking, in the few precious moments alone granted her each day, while she lie awake at night wondering if he remained unscathed, and in the dreams she sometimes remembered, she imagined him rolling in through the gate on his bike, hair wind-whipped and eyes searching frantically until they alit softly on her, heatedly caressing her from head to toe. 

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