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Car in a block of ice.

(warning: long story)

For various reasons, I went to a boarding school in Pennsylvania for sophomore through senior year of high school. Nothing criminal - mental health issues and learning disabilities that the regular school was not equipped to hadle at the time.

One of the dorm monitor guys was a ROYAL @$$hole. Any day he was on duty was hell. He would stick you with “on campus only” (a.k.a. grounded) for the littlest thing, and complaining about it got you “in sight” (have to be visible, can’t hide in your room even to do homework, etc) until bedtime. Typical “I’m in charge” bullying BS.

One year he got bad news right after we got back from Thanksgiving: A family member on the other side of the country was in bad shape, so he had to go take care of them. (We never got the exact details.) He lived in a crappy neighborhood and didn’t trust his car to be in one piece when he got back, so he asked the school administrators if he could leave his car at the school while he was away for about six weeks. They let him, the only stipulation being that he had to leave the keys with Maintenance so they could move the car if the parking area needed plowing.

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Alphabet Q & A

@sequoiaman1968 tagged me a few days ago…(odd that some letters are missing)

A- Age:  50 which still sounds strange to say/write.  I certainly don’t feel like I’m in my 20′s, but 50?  Geez.
B- Birthplace:  St. Louis, MO
C- Current time:  5:32 central on Saturday.  More importantly, I often think I’m stuck living in the dark age of man.  We’re still like slightly evolved apes, but with rudimentary computers in our pockets.  Sorry if that’s a little dark.
D- Drink you last had:  Caffeine free diet Pepsi (I know, what’s the point?)
E- Easiest person to talk to:  My wife Beth of course and Scout the Beagle (he’s a great listener)
F- Favorite Song:  U2 I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
G- Grossest Memory:  I used to have an even larger nose with a deviated septum.  I had surgery after graduating high school to correct these issues.  I woke up in the middle of the procedure when I felt the back of my head pressing against the table.  I opened my eyes and saw the doc swinging a small hammer to break my nose prior to reshaping.  He offered to sedate me again but I decided just to stay still and awake for the remaining 45 minutes of the procedure.
H- Hogwarts House:  I really like these movies (haven’t read the books) but have no clue what house I would be sorted to.
I- In love?  Yes.  I frequently congratulate myself on the incredibly good choice I made for a spouse.
J- Jealous of people:  No, nothing to be jealous of.
L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again:  Its easy to be infatuated at first sight, love may need to walk by a few times.
O- One Wish:  I’ve thought about this a lot.  Most broadly, I would wish to make people smarter or at least better educated.  More specifically, I wish people were better at math.  Imagine how people would better manage their finances, irrational fears, etc.  Imagine how we would better spend gov’t taxes.
P- Person you last called:  my daughter (she’s doing great.  when she’s happy, I’m happy)
Q- Question you are always asked:  “Have you run Boston?”  It’s an innocuous question asked by well-intentioned acquaintances who know that I run and just want to make conversation but it requires an explanation about how Boston works and that I’m not that fast.  Interestingly, I’m rarely asked about my kidney donation.  Even though I’ve included it in my speaker’s bio, that fact is frequently skipped when I’m introduced on a panel, etc.  I think it makes people uncomfortable.
R- Reason to smile:  Even though I’m not particularly smiley, I’m an optimist about people and the future.
S- Song you last sang:  Happy Birthday for my daughter a few weeks ago (I don’t sing a lot)
T- Time you woke up:  today around 9:00.  That’s later than normal.  During the week I’m up at 6:50.  I need at least 8 hours a night and I don’t compromise on that.
U- Underwear color:  Black Under Armour (that’s all I own)
V- Vacation destination:  Somewhere we can do something fun (running, hiking, biking, rafting, etc.)  Right now we’re fans of Trek Travel bike vacations.  I’m bored after one afternoon on the beach.
W- Worst Habit:  Grazing in the pantry before bed.  Those few hundred calories each night are my downfall and really catch up to me in the winter.
X- X-Rays - I’m pretty sure I’ve had X-Rays and MRIs of every part of my body with the possible exception of my left foot.
Y- Favorite food:  Thin crust pizza, Beth’s chocolate chip cookies, my Mom’s chocolate pie and a perfectly ripe Colorado peach
Z- Zodiac Sign:  Can’t believe this is still a thing (see One Wish above)

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Assume you have seen the picture. In your opinion, how do you go from Lower East Side Meth clinic Sam to beefed up Sam in a week?

I’m just wondering why a self proclaimed solitude craver doesn’t want to chill at home in solitude after being away from home working for going on like 7 months now. Seriously. A hiking and biking vacation through Provence after being borderline incoherent during promo week? I’d go home and sleep for a week. Wouldn’t you guys? Oh, wait, I forgot. Actors aren’t humans. 🙄They don’t suffer human frailties like we mere mortal losers do.

If he’s really with Trashy in France today, he just got there. The red hair tells me he’s been in Scotland prepping for S4 shooting.

And the Gold’s Gym shirt? Come on? Hello? Product placement.