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Car in a block of ice.

(warning: long story)

For various reasons, I went to a boarding school in Pennsylvania for sophomore through senior year of high school. Nothing criminal - mental health issues and learning disabilities that the regular school was not equipped to hadle at the time.

One of the dorm monitor guys was a ROYAL @$$hole. Any day he was on duty was hell. He would stick you with “on campus only” (a.k.a. grounded) for the littlest thing, and complaining about it got you “in sight” (have to be visible, can’t hide in your room even to do homework, etc) until bedtime. Typical “I’m in charge” bullying BS.

One year he got bad news right after we got back from Thanksgiving: A family member on the other side of the country was in bad shape, so he had to go take care of them. (We never got the exact details.) He lived in a crappy neighborhood and didn’t trust his car to be in one piece when he got back, so he asked the school administrators if he could leave his car at the school while he was away for about six weeks. They let him, the only stipulation being that he had to leave the keys with Maintenance so they could move the car if the parking area needed plowing.

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The Luxurious Sonora Resort In British Columbia 

Occupying its own island, Sonora Resort has multiple swimming pools, a full-size indoor tennis court, hiking and biking trails, a basketball court, a putting green and golf simulator, a 12-seat cinema with a 350-title library, a conservatory, a games room with everything from shuffleboard to an Xbox 360, a lavish spa using a posh European beauty line, and a Relais & Châteaux–caliber restaurant whose tasting and a la carte menus change nightly.