bike to the bay

Felt good to be out in nature 🍃 (even if today was wet and cloudy 🌧☁️) due to an injury to the tendons in my ankle I’ve been ordered to stop running 😅😩 and either REST (which I have been doing for 2 days) OR do low impact cardio exercise such as bike riding! 🚴 using this as an opportunity to start riding my bike just in time for summer and the beach! (Which is 2km’s away 🙊)


I did a lot of bike stuff this weekend! We camped on half moon bay state beach. The screenshots are from day 2. Day 1 we rode down from SF proper which was about 30 miles and about 1,200 fewer feet of elevation (way, way easier and I didn’t even appreciate it at the time lmao). I didn’t record day 1 because my app was acting weird but I took lots of pretty pictures yay


En el otoño del 2016 pocos días cayó agua, el invierno del mismo año, está teniendo una historia similar. Los cielos de Dichato están mas románticos que nunca, rosados/morados colores invitan a caminar disfrutando del abrigo de un abrazo y el calor de una mirada.  El cielo nos invita a desconectar nuestra insignificante realidad para contemplar algo que ha estado presente desde la formación de nuestra atmósfera. 

Had the great opportunity to shoot for Performance Bikes last week. They have over 100 locations in the US and they’re probably the authority on pro gear. Here’s a little sequence I did with Anthony. Pretty cool!

“The Water, 2″ by Tannar Crossman

The Dark Knight and a dirt bike,
Dragon kicks finding Nemo and
The Green Bay Packers.
“See you soon”
A five point bull elk and a stag.
“Love you more.”
“God danced the day you were born”

Ocean themes for a fifteen year old boy.

Pacific Northwest Survey

1. Favorite coffee place?

2. Places you’ve hiked?

3. Have you put gum on the Gum Wall?

4. Do you prefer car, bus, train, ferry, bike, or a combo?

5. Favorite tourist trap?

6. Powells, Elliot Bay Book Company, or other?

7. Friend Night Out! Where do you go?

8. Photo op you just can’t pass up?

9. Do you own flannel, birkenstocks, or hiking apparel you’ve never used?

10. Coffee order?

11. Molly Moons, Salt & Straw, Full Tilt, or Snoqualmie Ice Cream?

12. Pub or brew of choice?

13. Favorite downtown district (&city)?

14. Which professional sports team do you root for?

15. Voodoo Donut or Cupcake Royale?

16. Place that always makes you pause?

17. Romantic night out! But where to go?

18. Last concert you went to & where?

19. Have you worked at a PNW based company? (ex. Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, etc.)

20. Have you ever picked your own produce or cut your own christmas tree?

21. Most hipster thing you’ve ever done?

22. Apple cup! Which side do you sit on? (WSU vs UW) 

23. What’s a local artist or band you love?

24. Fall leaves or cherry blossoms?

25. Farthest you’ve been from home?


Morning Covo with a Side of Hot Cakes…

B: “Morning honey. Before you go, the kids wanted to know if they could get a, Voidcritter Battle Station.”

Jordyn: [whines] “Dad, it’s summer,  whadaya have to go to work again, anyway?”

Mr.Simth: “Because if Dad doesn’t go to work, you two don’t get bikes & Voidcritter Battle Stations. Bay, isn’t that thing expensive? About §250 simoleans? I just bought them bikes.” 

B: I found it cheaper on Simazon. I just wanted to run it by you.”

Mr.Simth: “Oh, Really?”