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En el otoño del 2016 pocos días cayó agua, el invierno del mismo año, está teniendo una historia similar. Los cielos de Dichato están mas románticos que nunca, rosados/morados colores invitan a caminar disfrutando del abrigo de un abrazo y el calor de una mirada.  El cielo nos invita a desconectar nuestra insignificante realidad para contemplar algo que ha estado presente desde la formación de nuestra atmósfera. 


We went on a epic 3-4 months journey trough Nepal, India, Thailand and biking trough Vietnam. From trekking in the Himalayas to Halong Bay, what was left were a lot of new friendships and this video.

Felt good to be out in nature 🍃 (even if today was wet and cloudy 🌧☁️) due to an injury to the tendons in my ankle I’ve been ordered to stop running 😅😩 and either REST (which I have been doing for 2 days) OR do low impact cardio exercise such as bike riding! 🚴 using this as an opportunity to start riding my bike just in time for summer and the beach! (Which is 2km’s away 🙊)


“Tell me about it, about a time you remember being happy, carefree.”

“There was this one day back in eighth grade. It wasn’t that long ago, but time felt different back then. Like there was more of it. We spent the morning at Coney island. Afterwards, we rode our bikes through Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge. Then everything changed. Girls, grades, parents, two wars, impending environmental catastrophe, a messed up economy. All these things seemed to come out of nowhere, like on the same day.”

It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?-2

Requested by @homra-the-red-clan

Trigger Warnings: Abandonment, mentions of abortion and miscarriage Language.

Tig x Ava (OFC), Happy X Ava 

Part 1


Two Months and Two Weeks Later

Ava was sixteen weeks along, a small baby bump had started to develop. She placed her hand over it smiling as she left the deli on main street. Carrying a bag of food, she was taking to Happy for lunch.

He had kept his word and been by her side for the last four months. He’d been able to make at least two of the four doctor appointments. even the first ultrasound. Hearing the heartbeat, and seeing the baby for the first time left her in tears. 

He was there, holding her hand, in awe of what he saw. Listening to what the doctor said, so he could take care of her. Ava was starting to fall for him, she knew it was a mistake, that he wouldn’t feel the same. 

He just felt sorry for her, and how Tig had treated her. The only feelings he had for her was pity.

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The Storm Inside (Darkwing Duck fanfiction)

Sooooooo yeah. I wrote me a little story. I had this idea kicking around for a while, and slowly chipped away at it over this past week in fits and starts. Y’all give me so much awesome art and fiction to consume so I thought I’d give you guys something to consume for a change. I hope you like it. (Oh yeah, and bonus points if you know what song I referenced in the flashback.)

I’ve got a preview here, and the rest under the “Keep reading” button or on Enjoy!

               The thunder exploded outside, and Drake Mallard woke with a start. He looked around his bedroom as it was momentarily lit by the flash of lightning that poured in, casting shadows on the walls. As the thunder settled, his heart rate, which was elevated thanks to the thunder startling him into consciousness, started to lower as his senses returned to normal. 

                This night was an especially stormy one, to say the least. The wind howled outside his window and shook all manner of objects outside that were not tied down. The rain rapped at his window like little rocks being fired from an Uzi, and that’s not to mention the hail that actually hit his window like SMG bullets. The tired duck gave a yawn that was quickly drowned out by another thunderclap and scratched the messy feathers on top of his head. He had a feeling that this was going to happen tonight.

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Montebello Rd & Stevens Canyon Rd on my SC3 Adventure dual sport motorcycle


53 years ago today, NASA astronaut and USAF Capt. Theodore “Ted” Cordy Freeman (February 18, 1930 – October 31, 1964) was killed in a T-38 crash in Houston, Texas.

Ted was the first American astronaut to lose his life in service to the space program. He was also a husband, father, son, and baby brother. Raised in “ugly, flat” Delaware, he took to the skies in search of a prettier landscape and achieved his pilot’s license on his 16th birthday. He was an avid reader, a Boy Scout, and president of both the student body and the local chapter of the National Honor Society. Ted attended the U.S. Naval Academy and served as a test pilot and aeronautical engineer in the Air Force before being accepted into the NASA Astronaut Corps in 1963.

He had a quiet, raspy voice and a wry sense of humor. He was shy but unafraid to stand up for himself and others. In high school, he punched out a fellow student who was harassing a new teacher (he and the classmate became friends while serving in the Air Force many years later). He preferred riding his bike to work every morning and insisted on evening rides around Nassau Bay with his wife, Faith, and their daughter, Faithie. They had a dog named Poopsie J. Sputnik III. The only thing he’d watch on TV was The Danny Kaye Show. He loved geese and books and on October 31st, he was preparing for an evening at home, seeing his daughter dressed up in her costume and handing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters.

Ted was a highly-revered pilot and had a promising career ahead of him in the space program before he made the ultimate sacrifice. He is still loved and missed very much by his family and loved ones, and remembered for his contributions to the exploration of the universe. Ad astra per aspera, Ted.

“I think we’re privileged to live in the era when man will do that of which he has dreamed for generations, for centuries even. It will be a privilege to take part in any capacity, particularly as a pilot.” -Capt. Freeman at the press conference introducing the Group 3 astronauts, October 1963

“No eulogy is necessary in this service. Ted Freeman’s life speaks for itself. This is the way it should be with every man. Thanks be to God for the quality of life known in Ted Freeman.” -Reverend Conrad Winborn

“When I come here [to the Space Mirror Memorial], and I see his name, I think, ‘Oh, yes, there you are. I see you.’ And when I look up at the moon, and I know that that was his dream, to get to the moon, I also say, ‘There you are.’” -Faith Freeman Johnson, Ted’s daughter, 2007

Pacific Northwest Survey

1. Favorite coffee place?

2. Places you’ve hiked?

3. Have you put gum on the Gum Wall?

4. Do you prefer car, bus, train, ferry, bike, or a combo?

5. Favorite tourist trap?

6. Powells, Elliot Bay Book Company, or other?

7. Friend Night Out! Where do you go?

8. Photo op you just can’t pass up?

9. Do you own flannel, birkenstocks, or hiking apparel you’ve never used?

10. Coffee order?

11. Molly Moons, Salt & Straw, Full Tilt, or Snoqualmie Ice Cream?

12. Pub or brew of choice?

13. Favorite downtown district (&city)?

14. Which professional sports team do you root for?

15. Voodoo Donut or Cupcake Royale?

16. Place that always makes you pause?

17. Romantic night out! But where to go?

18. Last concert you went to & where?

19. Have you worked at a PNW based company? (ex. Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, etc.)

20. Have you ever picked your own produce or cut your own christmas tree?

21. Most hipster thing you’ve ever done?

22. Apple cup! Which side do you sit on? (WSU vs UW) 

23. What’s a local artist or band you love?

24. Fall leaves or cherry blossoms?

25. Farthest you’ve been from home?