bike to the bay


We went on a epic 3-4 months journey trough Nepal, India, Thailand and biking trough Vietnam. From trekking in the Himalayas to Halong Bay, what was left were a lot of new friendships and this video.


En el otoño del 2016 pocos días cayó agua, el invierno del mismo año, está teniendo una historia similar. Los cielos de Dichato están mas románticos que nunca, rosados/morados colores invitan a caminar disfrutando del abrigo de un abrazo y el calor de una mirada.  El cielo nos invita a desconectar nuestra insignificante realidad para contemplar algo que ha estado presente desde la formación de nuestra atmósfera. 


(via Davidson Bicycle | Elliott Bay Bicycle. | Ryota Kemmochi | Flickr)

Felt good to be out in nature 🍃 (even if today was wet and cloudy 🌧☁️) due to an injury to the tendons in my ankle I’ve been ordered to stop running 😅😩 and either REST (which I have been doing for 2 days) OR do low impact cardio exercise such as bike riding! 🚴 using this as an opportunity to start riding my bike just in time for summer and the beach! (Which is 2km’s away 🙊)

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?-2

Requested by @homra-the-red-clan

Trigger Warnings: Abandonment, mentions of abortion and miscarriage Language.

Tig x Ava (OFC), Happy X Ava 

Part 1


Two Months and Two Weeks Later

Ava was sixteen weeks along, a small baby bump had started to develop. She placed her hand over it smiling as she left the deli on main street. Carrying a bag of food, she was taking to Happy for lunch.

He had kept his word and been by her side for the last four months. He’d been able to make at least two of the four doctor appointments. even the first ultrasound. Hearing the heartbeat, and seeing the baby for the first time left her in tears. 

He was there, holding her hand, in awe of what he saw. Listening to what the doctor said, so he could take care of her. Ava was starting to fall for him, she knew it was a mistake, that he wouldn’t feel the same. 

He just felt sorry for her, and how Tig had treated her. The only feelings he had for her was pity.

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Lunch Time Ride by Franklyn Wu
Via Flickr:
#LunchTimeRide; #BerkeleyHills; up berkeley hills via Shasta and descended down to Wildcat Canyon Road before getting back to the flat.


(via Davidson Bicycle | Elliott Bay Bicycle. | Ryota Kemmochi | Flickr)

We’re those people now

Brian has really been bitten by the biking bug. Last weekend was a holiday in Australia, so we honored the Queen’s Birthday with a 30 mile bike ride around the city.

We started off in Sandringham, a seaside community at the end of the train line and biked the bay trail all the way to St. Kilda, where we stopped for lunch at the beloved seafood dive, Claypots. Their menu consists of a chalkboard and a handwritten piece of paper, pricing out whatever servings of fish are freshest that day. We split an entire grilled calamari, body and tentacles and all, and then hit the trail back through Albert Park, picking up the West Capital City Loop in Southbank.

Having ridden the East Capital City Loop, we knew that the Western side was known for being less scenic and a bit grittier, much like the personality of the Western suburbs themselves. However, we took that a little too much to heart, and accidentally veered way off-course, biking past the Melbourne shipyard and almost into Footscray before realizing we had strayed far from the actual path. Returning to the trail, we found a much more pleasant riding experience that finished in idyllic Parkville and North Fitzroy, allowing us to fully complete the Capital City Loop. 


Montebello Rd & Stevens Canyon Rd on my SC3 Adventure dual sport motorcycle