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Profiles in Choice: Volume 2

School choice is an illusion.  It is not a universal possibility. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take into account far more variables than they are currently considering.

You know what makes it possible for some students to choose schools outside of their immediate districted area and makes it impossible for others? Transportation.

Some students have cars.

Some students have parents who can drop them off and pick them up.

Some students can afford to Uber or Lyft to and from school every day.

And some students do not have money for the bus.

Do you see the difference?

Some cities have free transportation to and from school for students. I salute the excellent people who worked so hard to make this a reality. But far too many still do not. So, students have to pay, walk, or be transported. Spoiler alert: this really limits their choices.

At my school there is a charming brother and sister pair who used to ride to school on matching bikes every day. But one day the brother messed up his tire en route. Without the money to fix the problem, he has had to stop riding for the past couple of months. Now they take turns on one skateboard and one bicycle. She is older, so sometimes he holds onto her shoulder and she pulls him. They are tardy with increased regularity. I called their mother, a caring, hard-working woman. You know what she told me? “Yeah, I worry a lot about them out on the roads, too.”

You know what she doesn’t have? Another choice. She can’t drive them; she has to work instead, in order to be able to continue to feed them. So this is how it is for now.

One girl in my speech class has a protective father. He does not like her getting home by herself after dark. So, this good man picks her up every day. When he gets out of work. Sometimes as late as 7 p.m. At least she can get her homework done.

“Ms. S, can you lend me a dollar for the bus?” is almost as common a question in my room as, “What are we doing today?” or, “What page are we on?”

Many of my students can’t afford even a reduced price bus pass. I imagine for Mrs. DeVos and her friends this doesn’t seem like such a common occurrence. To them it is probably unimaginable. But she probably never had to go without eating so that her children could eat either, as one of my student’s “Personal Hero Speech”  revealed had been the case in her family.

Mrs. DeVos probably never had to spend a chunk of her minimum wage salary on splitting Ubers with her three friends just to get to school in the morning, or walk over a mile in the rain just to get back home. Mrs. DeVos probably does not understand that not everyone can just make a choice and a magic money fairy appears to make that choice a reality.

Ms. DeVos only knows that, “…public schools are not succeeding. In fact, let’s be clear, in many cases, they are failing.”

And she also knows she is just the right choice to ride in and change all that.

Twelve Roses

According to Joyce, Valentine’s Day is a day to show the people you love how much you love them, and that one of the ways to show them is with cards or flowers. So, after seeing the soft, deep-red roses in all the stores around Hawkins, Eleven decides that all the people she loves should get the same.
After school on Valentine’s Day, she bikes straight to the florist’s and buys twelve roses. The next half hour is spent sitting on her bed tying carefully-crafted red paper hearts with messages written in white pencil (“To __ Happy Valentine’s Day Love, El”) to the stems with pink ribbon.
She gives the first one to Joyce, sitting at the table smoking a cigarette while paying bills and looking more than a little stressed, trying to finish before Hopper picks her up for their date. She gathers El into her arms and tenderly strokes her curls before pulling away, wiping a few tears away from her eyes.
The next one is given to Jonathan, in his room getting ready for his date with Nancy, the Clash blaring so loudly that knocking on the door does nothing and El has to tap him on the arm to get his attention. He gives her an awkward hug and touched smile and sets the rose in a place of honor on his nightstand so he can see it when he wakes up.
Next is Will, across the hallway in his room, drawing before Jonathan drives he and El over to Mike’s for a sleepover (since none of the kids ever have plans for Valentine’s Day). He gives her the biggest and sweetest smile and throws his arms around her before running to get a glass of water for the flower.
They make two stops before Mike’s: first, Steve’s house, where his reaction to getting a ROSE from El is a surprised laugh and an “Aww thanks, kid!” before ruffling her curly hair and waving to Will and Jonathan waiting in the car. Second, the station, where El and Will run into Hopper’s office and around his desk to attack him with a hug. He takes El’s rose with a husky thank-you and kiss to her temple before getting up from his desk to grab an empty vase from the top of the file cabinet which he then fills with water and rose, setting it carefully on his desk next to the framed family pictures and last-minute work he’s finishing up before his date with Joyce.
Finally, they arrive at Mike’s house and Jonathan walks them to the door, holding his own bouquet of red roses behind his back. Karen answers and accepts El’s rose with a touched smile, placing a hand over her heart, then pulling El to her so she can plant a kiss on top of her head. Holly gets a Valentine note tied around a lollipop, and even Ted gets a rose (that is still next to the La-Z-Boy two weeks later in a tiny vase). Nancy comes down the stairs, putting on one last earring, and lets out a small “Oh!” when El hands her her rose. El gets another hug and a kiss on the cheek, leaving a faint lipstick stain that Nancy gently wipes away. As Nancy runs to put her thirteen roses in some water, Mike bounds out of the basement (unbeknownst to El and Will, having practically sprinted up the stairs when he heard the front door open) and takes them back down to the basement where Lucas and Dustin and Max are waiting impatiently at the now-much-larger D&D table. Before following Will down, El hands Mike his rose and his face quickly colors to match the crimson petals. He mumbles a shy thank-you and furtively glances down into the basement where he hopes the cheers greeting Will’s arrival are enough to distract them from the quick kiss he places on El’s rosy cheek. He is wrong and the cheers become loud “AWWW"s, and El’s smile is the only thing keeping him from shouting a "Shut up!” down the stairs.
Lucas, Dustin, and Max each get one of the last three roses and envelop El in a group hug that quickly encompasses Mike and Will too.
They spend the rest of the evening finishing the campaign and stay up into the wee hours eating candy from the Valentines they gave each other earlier that day at school, Lucas all the while asking Mike if he’s the one who writes the sappy messages on all the conversation hearts. Once everyone else is asleep, Mike pulls out another larger valentine for El, a crooked heart cut out of pink construction paper with lace glued around the edges and a long message written on the reverse side. El proclaims it very pretty and thanks Mike with a gentle hug, sliding the heart under her pillow so it won’t get lost or swiped by Max or Lucas the next morning to (good-naturedly) tease Mike over. The last thing she sees as she falls asleep is the four roses lying on the D&D table in front of the owners’ respective places, conversation hearts and pink, red, and white candy wrappers scattered around them. She smiles and falls asleep, surrounded by six of the twelve people she loves most in the world.

Rutnam Shore


Dean/Cas, Dean/Cassie
21k words
Chubby!Dean, college au (kind of), mystery, hurt Dean Winchester, chock full o’ plot

Summary:  Dean Winchester has never been past the city limits of the sleepy town of Rutnam Shore. Except in his dreams, where he travels the country in a classic car and fights mythical beings with his little brother. It’s the only time he gets to see his brother, since Sam died in a car crash when they were kids. Dean wants nothing more than to get as far away from Rutnam Shore as he can, but unfortunately he’s afraid of driving and feels like he’s stuck.

“Dean! Dean, don’t go over there!”

Ignoring the distant sound of his father’s voice, Dean continues scaling the wall of rocks separating him from the rest of the beach. He’s lived at Rutnam Shore for his entire life and yet this is the first time his parents have taken him to the actual beach. He’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore to his heart’s content.

But, as it happens, Dean is only 5 and his legs can only take him so far before his dad scoops him up and carries him back down to the crowded beach.

“You could’ve at least put your shoes on before pulling that stunt,” Dad chastises as he sets Dean down beneath the umbrella and cleans off the bottom of his feet. “Don’t do that again. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean mumbles.

His dad doesn’t say anything else, but Dean knows if he tries to get up and join Mom and Sammy down at the shoreline then his dad will fuss at him again.

So he sits quietly, if a little huffy, and watches as Sam smacks at the sand while sitting in Mom’s lap, the tide gently washing back and forth beneath them.

Eventually Dean turns away. He finds an old woman looking his way, but she quickly averts her gaze toward the water. Dean looks at her a moment longer, but she doesn’t look at him again.

He thinks this must be a perfect day, if he could only climb over that rock.

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[TRANS] 170412 Seunghoon Fancafe Update

When I ate dinner at school as a student

I hadn’t applied for school dinner because I didn’t stay for study hall. But whenever I had to take make-up classes I ended up staying at school until late at night so I thought it would be best to eat dinner at school. If one of the kids who left early usually ate school dinner, I put in his number and ate. And if none of my friends left early, I just put in any number and ate school dinner. Back in my day, there were no bar codes on the backs of our school IDs, we had to put in our class grade/level (2nd grade, etc.) and our class number to get into school. I don’t know what it’s like these days but I still clearly remember my school days.

School memories 2

From when I was in my second year of high school, I was really into fixed gear bicycles so I saved all I had and bought a bicycle for beginners that cost 550,000 won. I was so fearless that I would ride my bicycle on car roads, I was like an outlaw.. But I was too scared to ride motorbikes ㅜㅜ I wasn’t an iljin (something like a student gangster).

Only I was insane enough to ride my bike into school grounds and park it next to the teacher’s car… One day, I was riding my bike to school and I crashed into a car that was turning right. I should’ve acted like I was seriously injured and collapsed right then and there but I didn’t ㅜㅜ I was young and innocent so I was scared of being late to school and getting scolded for it so I said “I..I’m okay…!!!” and I rushed to school… Can you guys catch that hit-and-run criminal… ㅜㅜ

Anyways, I love bicycles so much that I even wanted to get tattoos of bicycles on my arm. Nowadays, I don’t ride them often because of my bad back!! Hehe Did you guys ever become obsessed with something when you were a student that it turned into a hobby? Excluding stanning WINNER

trans by chrissy96_

Gentle thought: It’s a bright Friday afternoon in Hawkins with a gentle breeze and the bloom of all the vibrant flowers alongside the road. The kids ride their bikes from school to celebrate Dustin’s birthday a day early at the rollerskating rink. Eleven is absolutely entranced by the colorful lights and sparkly disco balls and cheesy oldies music. Mike shyly helps her get her skates on, while Lucas and Will race each other to the rink to see who can do the most laps in a single song. Dustin shows off the fancy tricks and moves he knows right in the center. El plays fair and doesn’t use her powers for balance, taking baby steps toward Mike as he moves a few feet away from the bench she’s sitting on. She finally makes it over to his open embrace and wraps her arms around his neck excitedly. Dropping her hand to his side and interlacing their fingers, she pulls him out onto the rink, and they skate smoothly beside each other, giggling playfully when one of them falters and always being right there to catch each other when they fall. Throughout the whole afternoon, between friendly competitions and silly skating tricks, Mike and El stay side by side. Right there to pick the other up by the hand, looking into their eyes, and helping them up after they stumble

The Tall Man of Briarbell, Missouri

By reddit user  The_Dalek_Emperor

We had all liked Mr. Winscot. He didn’t mind when we used the sledding hill on his property and he always gave out the best Halloween candy in the neighborhood. So when we heard he’d been taken by the Tall Man everyone was really bummed out.

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Listen up romance writers!

You know that really nice scene you just wrote where Person A gets on the back of Person B’s motorbike and immediately wraps their arms around B’s waist and smooshes against their back?

Yeah, no.

Standard procedure as a passenger on a motorbike is NOT to wrap your arms around their waist - it’s to place your hands on either side of their hips and hold on that way. You do not want to be smooshed against your driver’s back, and unless you’re on a really tiny bike, that shouldn’t happen anyway. If you’re both wearing helmets (which btw you also should be, no more of this ‘here have my helmet I only have one’ crap please), you’re just going to knock into each other’s. Trust me, my dad has a big bike, and I rode with him to school every day for two years. Even with holding on the way you’re supposed to and sitting a comfortable distance behind him, we knocked helmets on occasion, especially when stopping. (You’re also going to want gloves, and probably clothing that covers your knees - definitely if it’s in winter. That shit is cold.)

If Person A is an inexperienced rider, then it is Person B’s duty to explain the basics to them. Motorbikes can be dangerous! You’re a lot more exposed and vulnerable than you are in a car. Have B tell A not to put their feet down at a stop and keep them on the pegs, and to bank with the bike when turning (not more or less). In fact, another reason why you shouldn’t be pressed right up against your driver, is so that you can gauge how to lean with a bike when it’s turning - you should be looking over your driver’s inside shoulder.

Wrapping your arms around your driver’s waist and hugging them, while maybe a sweet gesture, is not practical. A safe motorbike driver will tell you this.

So please please please stop writing it this way.

title Shelter
summary listen here because this song makes me think of space
pairing itasaku

Ending uchisaku week with a little whimsy. Big thanks to @madasakuweek (@beyondthemoor) for organizing everything.

Dust rose in a great cloud as he yanked at the tarp. They both coughed. Deidara waved his hand in front of his face. He staggered back a big step. But Itachi, determined to press on, pulled harder at the plastic sheeting. It snagged. With a little more persuasion, it fluttered off, landing in a quiet heap in the sand.

“Holy shit, Itachi. How old is this thing?” Deidara said, still coughing. He took a step closer, squinting at the machine in the dark.

Itachi flicked on the lights in the shed. The bare bulbs flickered to life, illuminated the dusty thing. He pulled down the cloth covering his mouth and nose. It hung at his throat, a faded strip of blue fabric.

“Not sure. Our old man used to ride this around when he was my age, I think,” replied Itachi. Deidara let out a long whistle. Tapping the side of his glasses, he cycled through the settings so he could zoom in closer. He examined the rusted parts and the dirt-clogged gears.

“Heh. This thing looks like it was built when his old man was your age too,” Deidara remarked. Itachi shoved him a little before he walked past him to the workbench pushed up against the wall.

“So what’s the sudden hurry to fix up this dinosaur? You short on money or something?” Deidara probed. He sat down on an old bucket in the corner, out of the way as Itachi got to work. Itachi wrestled with the hatch on the side of the machine for a moment. But it stuck. He dealt it a sharp kick and it opened with a dull snap.

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wanderingcas replied to your post “wanderingcas replied to your post “Listen okay a destiel femslash…”

how dare you attack me like this.,,,

Attack you? I would never… I just simply made you to think hard about Deanna and Cas making out on a motorcycle in matching leather jackets

Deanna picking Cas up from school every day, just waiting outside on her bike looking like a total badass, and always greeting Cas with a kiss and her helmet

Deanna letting Cas drive the motorcycle because she wants to be the one for once to wrap herself around her girlfriend while the bike vibrates between their legs and it’s simultaneously the hottest and scariest experience of her life because Cas is a horrible driver

Deanna getting in a fight at school because, well, two girls dating…driving a motorcycle… people think they’re funny even if their words are unoriginal and Deanna’s never had a long fuse. The second Alastair spits the slur in Cas’s direction, she’s barreling forward, taking him to the ground in a vicious flurry of limbs. Deanna escapes with a busted lip and a warning from the principle she barely hears a word of because the second she’s released from the office Cas is flying into her arms and kissing her senseless. It would be amazing if it didn’t hurt so fucking bad and Cas apologizes and finds more interesting ways to make it up to Deanna when they get home 

Cas offering to help with bike repairs on the weekend and Deanna is ecstatic to finally share this with the girl she loves but nothing ever gets done because something about seeing Cas with a wrench in her hand gets Deanna revved up beyond control and they always end up her in her bed instead

Cas having to say goodbye to Deanna and the bike when college begins and they attend separate universities. Deanna takes her dad’s car instead of the bike because campus parking is a nightmare and she doesn’t want to risk it getting stolen or damaged. And the Impala is a nice change for a while. It’s nice to have somewhere soft and warm to fool around  in when Deanna comes to visit and they go on their midnight drives and Cas likes that she doesn’t look like wind-swept trash every time they go out. But when Deanna visits for her for her birthday and pulls up in front of the dorm on that Triumph Cas almost cries and they spend like twenty minutes just making out on the bike

The girls tying a “just married” sign to the back of the bike and riding it away from their friends and family on the greatest day of their life

The Triumph sitting respectfully covered in the garage, next to a 1967 Impala and a silver Prius. There’s a baby wailing upstairs and the scurry of little feet. Deanna finally catches her daughter and celebrates her victory with loud kisses that make Claire laugh and squirm as she’s carried to her bedroom. 

“Okay, munchkin, it’s seriously time for bed.”

“But I’m not tired,” Claire argues even as her eyes struggle to stay open.

“Mmhmm, sure,” Deanna says and bends to press one last kiss to her daughter’s forehead. “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

“Mama,” Claire drawls sleepily when Deanna reaches the door. “Can we go on a ride tomorrow?”

Deanna grins. “Sure, sweetie.”

She closes the door till just a sliver of light can come through and keep Claire company through the night. 

“Can I go on a ride too?”

Deanna jumps and spins around. “Dammit, Cas,” she hisses. “You scared the shit out of me!”

“Language, Mrs. Winchester,” Cas admonishes with a playful pout.

Deanna just rolls her eyes even as she takes her wife’s hand and leads her toward their room. “Is Ben okay?”

“He’s down for the night.”

They go about their night routines, meeting in the bed minutes later where Deanna slots one leg through Cas’s and hugs her close.

“You never answered my question,” Cas says suddenly.

“Hmm? What question?”

Cas’s fingers walk up her front to ticking the bared skin of Deanna’s chest. “Do I get to go on a ride tomorrow?”

Deanna laughs and pushes Cas until she’s sprawled over her, gaining the perfect leverage to kiss up and down Cas’s neck, feel her breath hitch against her lips. “I’ll take you anywhere anytime,” she breathes.

Cas sighs. “A generous offer, Mrs. Winchester. But I think I’ll just stick to my usual spot.”

“The lake?”

“The lake,” Cas confirms, tilting her head until she can capture Deanna’s lips with her own.

It makes Deanna smile harder, thinking of that area by the dock where they had their first kiss, where they’ve kissed countless times since.

“Okay, Mrs. Winchester. It’s a date.”

Is that what you mean by attack, Sam????

we had The Hunt (formerly ‘Drunk Hunt,’ but undergoing a rebrand to avoid pressuring under-21 members of the Daily) tonight. my team came in 4th out of 4.

The Hunt is essentially a campus-wide scavenger hunt where you look for clues that lead you to members of the managing board, who ask you trivia questions about the paper and make you do weird tasks like ‘do your best Irish step dance’ or ‘build a bridge out of copies of the newspaper’

I biked all over campus for it, but we still covered in two hours maybe twice the amount of campus travel I do on a typical school day and I had to carry my bike down not only the memorial stairs but also the prez lawn. it was a lot of walking and a lot of hill. my back hurt a LOT by the end of it and I was sweating profusely even though it was cold enough out that you could see everyone’s breath

the last clue led to the afterparty, which was at this guy Yotam’s house. it was, as all Daily parties, are, in a dingy basement with lots of exposed concrete and the hot water heater right there casually in the middle of the room. there were no chairs at all and my back hurt so much I couldn’t really stand up, so I had to sit on the stairs and get out of the way whenever people were coming in or out. it was incredibly depressing and no one was really talking to me, except Miranda who checked in just to be nice, which was almost more depressing somehow, but then this girl Olivia and I wound up talking about which of the people on the Daily are not straight and she said she’s been thinking of starting some kind of thing within the Daily for queer members, so that’s kind of cool

and then the Somerville police came and Yotam was kind of a dick to them so they started asking for people’s IDs so everyone got scared and left, and I wound up with Joe and Gil and some other people at late-night dining where I bought the world’s smallest pizza for way, way too much money

I was the drunkest I have ever been in my life, which is not very much at all considering I had maybe 3-4 units of alcohol total and was relatively comfortable biking home after sitting around a bit and eating the pizza

what a time


A/N : I am on multiple crises at the moment and one of them is Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. I had this idea and thought of putting it out there so let me know if you like it and want a part 2 ?

Summary : (Y/N) and Peter are friends and know each other at school. One does not know the secret life of the other but does the other know who they’re involved with at all ?

Warnings : fluff

Part 2

She seemed normal to most people but deep down she knew she was very far away from ordinary.

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With studyblrheaven :)

~ Wake up in time. You’ll feel less stressed when you have enough time to get everything ready.
~Take a refreshing shower! I personally like taking cold showers to wake me up.
~ Have a good breakfast. We usually eat bread here in The Netherlands, but I find it hard to eat in the morning, so I like cornflakes with pieces fresh banana in it!
~ If possible, go to school on your bike. It really makes your day better if you get some fresh air. If not, just go for a walk later, a run or make homework outside.
~ Be at school on time! I’m always 30 minutes early and it help you to relax and make sure you’re totally ready for the day.

~ When you’re home, eat a cookie, drink some lemonade, 10 minutes of tumblr and then go do your homework! Try to have everything done before dinner, so you have your whole evening for fun things.

~ If you finished your homework, relax!
~ Stop doing homework an hour before you go to bed, and make sure you get enough sleep. So go to bed in time!
~ Try to make as much as possible ready for the morning. Get your outfit ready for the next day, pack your bag etc.
~ Take a relaxing warm bath. It helps you to get sleepy. I personally like the smell of lavender, so use some lavender oil when you’re done.
~ Make sure your room is totally dark. You can’t sleep in a light room.
~ It’s also important to have a cold bedroom. Make sure to close your blinds when the sun shines in your room in the summer. Or put on your AC if you have it.

I hope this was helpful! I was inspired by @quotesedition on Instagram! But she also has tumblr. She has an amazing account and she’s a lovely person! :) Do check her out!
If you still have any questions, don’t hestitate to ask! :)

(i ranted this on twitter to @hxxlxng and now shes making me post it)

Jimin owns a bike and he bikes to school every day. On the day Jungkook tried and fail to get into the regional team, Jimin interrupted his practice and told him to sit on the rack.

and they bike to the park by the Han River and sit under the peach trees. Jungkook is kinda mad and he’s throwing stones into the river and watching them bounce off the concrete. While he does that Jimin shuffles around, going through the peaches on the ground till he finds one to give to the Jungkook, who is so bitter right now that Jimin reckons something sweet will do him good.

And its a mess, it dribbles over their chins, onto their uniforms and leaves their fingers sticky.

But at least the kisses taste really good now.

Jimin pulls his stained sweater off but mostly because suddenly he feels uncomfortably hot and Jungkook traces the tank top he’s wearing underneath with his eyes.

Suddenly, something hits his forehead and he snaps out of his stupor.

Jimin is holding a rock up to his face and Jungkook blinks three times before he opens his mouth and makes as if he were going to eat it. The other giggles (which was Jungkook’s only goal anyway) and he pulls it away, telling him to watch. Jimin throws the rock into the river in such a way that it hops not one or two but three times. Jungkook’s eyes shine and he’s searching like a madman around his feet for stones to throw, while Jimin watches over amused and teaches him how. 

 Jungkook quickly masters it and when he makes more hops than Jimin, the older declares his own defeat, letting himself fall on the grass (he knows winning at something today will make Kookie feel better).

Jimin expects Jungkook to appear in his field of vision as he stares up at the clouds through the branches of the tree above them. But he never comes. So he closes his eyes.


a fluttering.

Jimin feels it on his cheek, on his forehead. Thinking it’s a bug he goes to swat at it, but a bigger hand holds stops his in a gentle grip.

“Don’t move,” Jimin lets Jungkook push his hand back down onto his stomach and stays very still.  

He hears a small laugh. “I said don’t move, not "don’t breathe”,“ Jimin smiles and relaxes at little. He can feel his fingers against his skin now.

He works carefully, calmly.

Jimin can feel his knuckles graze his forehead, his bangs shifting and tickling his skin.

"There,” Jungkook lets out a breath and Jimin wonders if the one holding his breath was him.

Before Jimin can ask Jungkook is shifting, searching his pockets as he shyly speaks.
“Made you a crown of flowers," 

"I bet you used wild weeds and stuff,”

Jungkook shakes his head.
“I’ll show you, hold on,” the younger pulls his phone out and his hand barely shakes. He holds it up to take a picture and Jimin poses a little bit, his lips slightly open, his gaze hooded but playful. 
Jungkook can only stare wide-eyed at the screen. “Jimin, you look–” the use of his name instead of an honorific makes something bubble in the older boy. 

“You look ethereal,” the statement is barely a sigh as Jungkook coughs up the courage to look beyond the device and straight into the other’s eyes when he speaks.

“That’s a Big Word, Kookie, I’m impressed," 

"Listen, dipshit, I was trying to be romantic. I learned it in literature the other day, so you can’t say I don’t pay attention in class,” Jungkook’s mouth hangs open as if he’s forgotten what he was going to say after that unrelated outburst.
He looks down at Jimin who is staring up at him.
And then Jeon Jungkook makes the Meme Face. 

“sTOP THAT” Jimin tries to pinch his nipples. “WE ARE IN PUBLIC AND THERE ARE CHILDREN WHO DONT NEED NIGHTMARES STOP IT” Jimin complains but he’s also laughing so hard he squeaks. Finally, they calm down and he asks. “Hey are you gonna show me what you did to my head or not?”

“Oh right,” Jungkook raises the phone again. He was so distracted before he forgot to take a photo. He makes the face again and takes a couple of Jimin laughing, some blurry but it isnt his fault the kid laughs so vigorously. 


Imagine them going at lunch time to a convenience store and treating each other to snacks and sitting somewhere near to eat the in peace and enjoy each other’s company. Talking about classes and oh my god you wont guess what Taehyung said today in Geography.
Then Jungkook tells Jimin about the basketball game he missed last night and how it was great and how could he miss it
Jimin shrugs with a small smile and Jungkook says they should watch the next one together and Jimin grins around the straw of his banana milk and goes

“Basketball and Chill?”

And the day of the game they’re at Jungkook’s house and eventually Jungkook tries to “chill” and Jimin’s like oh my god doNT give me that look you disgusting rabbit man i was kidding !!!
and Jungkook growls and tickles him until Jimin twists around laughing so hard he falls off the sofa and then they laugh even harder

(((((((( @hxxlxng is The Meme Supreme, pass it on)))))))))

The Loudest Minds

@inlucisabsentiam from This Post

The day passed amiably and in such a way that Alan found himself not wanting it to end.  Hemel Hempstead was a beautiful place, and the love Lilja displayed as she showed him around somehow made it all the more wonderful.  When they finally found themselves looking out over a nearby canal, he took  in a deep breath.  When she sat, he joined her.  Close…but not too close.  While the teacher recognized the hand-holding earlier had been…special…he certainly didn’t want to presume anything or overstep his boundaries.

“Most of my own childhood was spent in London,” he admitted.  “But father had rented out a warehouse nearby.  I’d bike there after school most days.  It looked rather dreary on the outside, but there were lots of windows high up, and inside he’d converted things into a make-shift greenhouse…”  Alan trailed off, looking over at Lilja and offering her a smile.  “I can see why you spent so much time here.  There’s a peacefulness…something that gives off that…well, it’s an almost other-worldly feel.  Like you’ve sat down atop a fairy mound or something.”  He laughed softly and looked back out at the water, trying to imagine a young Lilja sitting out her alone…but happy in her solitude.  Because for some reason it was difficult for him to imagine her ever being sad.  Or perhaps…perhaps he just didn’t like the idea of her sadness.

When in doubt pull it out


I noticed @ze-n-agachika wanted a fic so here ya go

The title may or may not be misleading


     My routine had been about done for today. I attended classes, finished my after school activities and rode my bike home. The same routine every day, does it get old, yes. I reached for the control and switched the TV on to our local news station. The screen’s light illuminated my small room. The volume as low, almost impossible to hear.

    I made my way to the kitchen for a snack until-

    “Shit, wait a minute!” I lunged for the remote as quick as i could and raised the volume. “Now on scene we can see the ghoul known as the “eye-patch” flipping a police truck which held an important prisoner. Along with him was another ghoul who-”. I switched the TV off. 

    I never question what kaneki does, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder why he does it. 

     I grabbed my phone switching it on and head for our “recent” messages. That is if six months could be considered recent. I scrolled past all my messages of me begging him to pick up his phone until I found the one that started it all.

    I read it aloud, “Hide I want you to delete this number. I have no reason to be friends with someone like you, along with this you’ll just get in my way. On the other hand thank you for sticking with me through all of these years.” 

    I could’t help but laugh, he was always one for texting formally. My eyes wonder the screen until I realize I’ve been staring at the ‘send message’ button. “Why not”, I state as i opened it up and began to type. 

     ‘Hey neki it’s been a while since I’ve messaged you. We should meet up some time. We could go to your favorite library or stop by the park. Sounds fun right, ok well I’ll let you go see you later you dork’.

     “Heh…” I couldn’t help but chuckle as read my own message, he must still be out doing his thing and here I am…pathetic. I sent the message and laid down on my bed. I looked in the bathroom’s direction. I’ll just shower tomorrow. As I closed my eyes I could easily feel myself drift into a deep sleep. One in which it’s almost impossible to dream, except I did. 

     I was in complete darkness, I couldn’t see anything nor feel anything. I remember staying like this for several moments until. “Hide….”. No way.

   Of course there he was. My kaneki, with soft white hair and an even softer expression. I went to reach for him, “Kaneki where were you?” I quickly found myself asking. 

    In response he just gave me a soft smile. His response angered me, despite how desperate I was to see him I wanted answers, “Did you hear me, I asked where the hell you’ve been!” Kaneki stiffened a bit. So many questions flooded into my mind and before I knew it they all came flooding out.

   “Why did you leave, where did you go, was I not a good enough friend, did I do something wrong, do you need any help, is there anything I could do to bring you back?” I swear at that moment I saw Kaneki’s bottom lip quiver.

    All of a sudden everything around us began to lighten up, everything seemed to be going transparent. I looked at kaneki and he too seemed to be fading. “Nononono you can’t fucking leave me again, please Kaneki!”

  By this time he was almost completely gone. I could feel myself waking up and panic quickly rose in. I needed more time, I needed HIM. “Please Kaneki”. He closed his eyes and mouthed something to me.

    And just like that he was gone. My whole body sprung off the bed as I awoke in a cold sweat, before I had any time to process what had happened, “The park” I whispered subconsciously. I turned and looked at the clock, ‘3:45am’ perfect. I swung my legs over the edge of my bed, grabbed my jacket, put on my shoes and ran for the door. 

     The park wasn’t too far from my apartment so I could easily make it in less than five minutes.

      It was chilly outside,my cheeks began to sting from the cold air hitting my face as I sprinted. Once I got there I didn’t know what to do. I looked at the benches, saw no one there. I looked at the playground, no one there, I looked at the whale statue we once sat on top of…no one there. 

     It then sank into me, “I’m actually going crazy huh. I leave my house at three in the morning in pursue of something that doesn’t even belong to me.” I began to make my way back to the park’s entrance with a bitter taste in my mouth. I couldn’t  help but feel foolish for expecting something out of this. 

    Just then I felt something crash into me. “Shit, I’m sorr- neki?” just like the one from my dream, there he was. Though he was obviously dressed more appropriately for the weather. Kaneki pushed himself off of me and looked up with terror filled eyes.

    “S-sorry I have to go.” He quickly turned running around a corner. I tried to grab his jacket’s sleeve but he somehow slipped my grasp. “KANEKI”,  I quickly ran after him. As I recall kaneki used to be slow but shit has he gotten fast. It took me a hot minute to catch up to him.

      As messed up as it sounds I may or may not have lunged my whole body at him in attempt of knocking both of us onto the ground. Did it work, yes. I assume that I knocked the wind out of him due to the fact that he struggled to stand. He made his way to the park’s brick wall and leaned against it. I took my chance and quickly stood up and grabbed his wrist, “Where the hell do you think your going?” I questioned

     “Let go of me” He replied with irritation tinting his voice. I took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts. “Look Kaneki, I know you’ve been avoiding me. I just want to know why?” Before I knew it Kaneki had connected his fist to my jaw. I stumbled back making sure not to lose my grip on his wrist. 

      “Hide, like I said before, let me go”, Kaneki stated but this time there was an obvious change in his voice. I knew he was losing confidence. 

     Without hesitation I slammed him back first against the wall and pinned this hands over his head. For extra precaution I placed a leg between his thighs. “HIDE, STOP” kaneki screamed as he squirmed in place. “Now tell me Kaneki, why haven’t you been returning my messages.” 

    “Shut up!” he viciously responded. I choose to ignore him so I continued with a different question. “How about-” “CAN YOU JUST STOP NAGACHIKA”.

 Last name bases, I see…

     “Fine, I will” I simply stated. Kaneki stopped squirming in disbelief, that was until I continued my sentence. “That is if you say you hate me” His eyes widened with shock. “what…” he questioned.

    “You heard me” I said with the most threatening tone I could muster up. I assumed that it worked due to the fact that I felt him shudder with just my voice. “Now say it” I said forcibly as I pushed him a bit harder onto the wall. 

    He quickly avert his eyes and whispered, “I-I hate you…” I faked a confused expression. “What was that?” Kaneki shuffled a bit, “I said I hate you.” That’s right, make me believe it. “Say it louder”, that must have done the trick cause then and there Kaneki snapped.

    “I HATE YOU HIDE, I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN” I could see the tears threatening the corner of his eyes. “YOU’RE A WASTE OF OXYGEN, A MISTAKE, A BOTHER, NO ONE NEEDS YOU, I DON’T NEED YOU, JUST DO US ALL A FAVOR AND JUST DISAPPEAR!!!” kaneki gasped for air.

    His body continued to shake even after his rant. Tears were streaming down his cheeks which were now red from his yelling and the cold. I myself didn’t know how I felt, empty would be a good word, meaningless even. 

    “Ok then” I said to him. With my left hand I moved the hair covering his forehead and placed a kiss. I released the grip I had on his arm and I removed my leg from between his. I backed off and gave him his own space. Kaneki held his hands in an almost praying manner as he tried to control his breathing.

    I turned my back and said loud enough to hear, “Take care Kaneki”. I made my way back home.”Hide w-wait!” I heard him stutter. I ignored his plea and kept true to my word. “Hide please!” I heard him continue. Don’t look, I reminded myself. I then heard a whimper which quickly turned into sobs. This was the best for both of us, I mentally said. 

    A minute later I was far enough not to hear his crying. I placed a hand where he had punched me. “He really has grown up” I said aloud. I continued to walk to my place. Around six minutes later I was in my room. I took off my shoes and jacket and made my way to the bathroom. I opened up the medicine cabinet and took out the painkillers.

    I looked at the bottle and remembered Kaneki’s words. “Just disappear huh?” I opened the bottle and took a deep breath. I opened it up and  popped two pills into my mouth.

 Maybe another day.

 I grabbed my cup of water to help down the pills then headed to bed.

    I looked at my plain ceiling and thought to myself, “I guess no one really needs me” I let out a soft chuckle. “yeah…”

Soooooooooooooooo that’s it. Hope we had some laughs and giggles here. Once again I would like to dedicate this to @ze-n-agachika  thank her and visit her page  (it’s hella cool)

Stay golden pony boy

- Hideyoshi Nagachika

Graduate (Blurb)

Can you do a blurb of your and harry’s daughter going off to college


In Harry’s mind, she was still a little girl.

In Harry’s mind, she was still learning how to ride a bike, still clinging to him on her first day of school, still needing him to tuck her in at night with a story and a kiss.

But she wasn’t a little girl anymore.

He saw it when she went on her first date. He saw it when she got her acceptance letter from the college of her choice and practically threw herself into his arms and screeched with excitement. And he could see it now as she eagerly packed up all of her belongings and shoved them into the back of Harry’s car.

Harry was dreading the moment that he would have to drop her off at her new dorm and turn around to leave her there. She wasn’t going to be extremely far away, but she wasn’t going to be living at home with you anymore. She was still his little girl; how was he supposed to protect her when she was gone?

He knew she had all the intelligence and street smarts to make it on her own. Both you and Harry had taught her well and brought her up to be independent so she wouldn’t have any issues when it came time to move out, but that didn’t make it any easier for Harry to accept.

He was quiet as he helped her pack while she chattered away to you about how excited she was to meet her roommate and how she had gotten all of the courses she wanted. He knew she was ready to go and he was happy that she was going to be experiencing something that he hadn’t done, but Harry was still having a hard time letting her go.

Unpacking all of her stuff into her new room was the easy part. It helped keep Harry’s mind off of the fact that you and he would be leaving shortly. But when the time came to say goodbye, Harry wasn’t sure if he was going to get through it.

He watched as you hugged your daughter, sniffling a bit but giving her a brave, encouraging smile. In all the moments leading up to now, Harry hadn’t once seen his little girl show any sort of anxiety or worry but the moment she turned to look at him, she broke.

Harry had to take a breath as he watched her eyes fill with tears and her lip start to wobble. He pulled her into a tight hug and blinked back a few tears of his own.

“I love you so much,” he whispered.

“I love you too, daddy.”

He could hear the wobble in her voice so he held on to her for a little while longer. When he pulled back, he gave his daughter one more squeeze on the shoulder and then turned to leave with you.

“Call us if you need anything,” you reminded her, “We’ll come up for a visit in a few weeks.”

She nodded, eyes still misty.

Harry knew she would be fine, but she was still his little girl.

But, just as he had needed to leave her by herself on her first day of kindergarten, he knew he needed to turn and leave her now, no matter how much he didn’t want to.