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Chronic - Philkas (1)


AU: Where Philip & Lukas have become newly found friends after Philip’s moving and Philip has a massive crush on Lukas but tries his best to hide it to keep their friendship going. Even though all he hopes for is Lukas liking him back. 


“Alright, go!” Philip shouted as he held his camera up in front of him, waiting for Lukas to ride by him. The rev of the engine on Lukas’ motocross bike sent vibrations through the field as he tried his best to gain as much speed as possible. The beach blonde soon rushed towards the ramp perpendicular to the brunette, riding midair as he pushed his legs off the bike in a handstand styled motion. Philip followed his movements, trying his best to catch everything he could on film.

Once Lukas successfully landed, there were a series of cheers. He parked his bike, throwing off his helmet and rushing towards his friend. When Lukas pulled Philip into a halfhearted hug, the brunette felt a pit of butterflies explode in his stomach. Calm down, he told himself. It was barely a hug.  

“Dude, this looks awesome!” Lukas exclaimed, watching the video Philip had shot of him a few moments ago. “Do you think this is good enough to upload?”

Philip nodded shyly, giving him a warm smile. “I think it looks amazing. You’re–You’re amazing.” Right when this was said, a light pink blush rose on his cheeks and he quickly covered, “Erm, I mean, your jump. Was amazing.”

Lukas clapped the back of Philip’s shirt, rushing over to check that his bike was alright. Philip lagged behind him, grinning fondly at the video playing in his hands. He loved doing this. Coming out far away from everyone and just watching Lukas ride was something Philip could never find boring. Seeing the beach blonde so happy and soaring through the sky was a breath taking experience he would put himself through again and again without hesitation. Being around Lukas in itself was an experience Philip could go through for the rest of his life.

“–maybe even sleepover if you want?”

Philip snapped his head up, his deep brown eyes meeting with a pair of ocean blue ones. Lukas was standing offaly close to him, his body heat almost radiating on to Philip instantly. The brunette kept telling his feet to step back unnoticeably but for some reason they were glued in the position they stood in. Lukas furrowed waved his hand in front of Philip’s face, causing the shorter of the two to jump in surprise.

“I-I’m I was just-I didn’t–What was it that you said?” Lukas rolled his eyes, ruffling Philip’s hair.

“I said, Dad is okay with you coming over for dinner. Even might let you sleep over if you’re cool with that. I need help in biology anyway.”

“Um, I’ll need to ask H-Helen first. Can I just give her a call real quick?”

“Just hop on my bike. You can call her from there and if she says no I’ll give you a ride home? Sound good?”

Philip huffed his breath, taking the helmet that Lukas placed in his hands. Soon he had his arms around Lukas’ stomach and his chin resting on his shoulder. He honestly couldn’t have thought of a better place to be.

The rushing force of the wind on his hands only made him grip to Lukas tighter, which only made him feel more warm. Being close to Lukas made Philip feel warmer than the desperate heats of the Sahara. His heart always beat louder than any drum being plaid for miles. Lukas had this spell Philip was trapped under. Nothing could break this feeling, not that Philip would have wanted it to.

The scenery that surround the two boys was mesmerizing to  Philip. Growing up in the city he wasn’t use to the amount of green space and nature being around him. He loved it all. The burning smell of pine from the trees, the chirping of the birds. He even liked being able to see more bugs, despite how much he hated them. The country life was something different to Philip. Almost like a lucid dream he wasn’t able to wake up from. A dream he didn’t want to wake up from.

Extremely deep in thought, the brunette didn’t noticed they were parked outside go Luka’s house or that Lukas was ready to get off his bike. “Um, Philip? You alright?”

“Huh?” He looked down to see that his arms were still tightly wrapped around Lukas’ middle and that his head was cuddled into his shoulder. “Oh, shit. I’m-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean t–“

When Lukas let out an amused laugh, Philip just blushed, quickly detaching himself from Lukas. Trying to get off the bike too fast, Philip’s shoelace got caught on the bike, causing him to fall over on his bum. Lukas’ laughter didn’t help the blush spreading to his ears.

“Shut up,” he muttered to himself.

Lukas quit his laughing, helping the blushing teen with his caught shoelace as well as helping him up from his spot on the ground. Philip reluctantly took it, feeling helpless in this situation. Way to look cool, Philip, he cursed himself.  

“There you go, Cinderella.” The bleach blonde teased, playfully shoving his shoulder before pulling him inside. Once they were inside and greeted by Lukas’ dad, the two boys raced upstairs and into Lukas’ room. Philip awkward sat crosslegged on his bed, looking around the room he’s been in multiple times – and has imagine being in multiple times.

As he was staring out Lukas’ window he saw out of the corner of his eye that Lukas was changing and couldn’t help but stop himself when looking over in that direction. Lukas’ pale skin looked smooth and soft, almost kissable to Philip. The way it contrasted his blue shaded irises and blended well with his sandy hair. Lukas wasn’t fit or ripped, but his smooth abless stomach was something that Philip found himself loving every time he saw it.

He loved everything about Lukas’ beauty and oh how he yearned to be able to tell him this. It took Lukas so long to find himself a shirt to wear and the whole wait was torture to Philip. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms that boys middle again like on the bike and kiss his shoulder and whisper sweet nothings to him. Right then that’s all he wanted.

The beach blonde finally found himself a t-shirt, turning while putting it on. The brunette quickly looked away, nibbling down on his bottom lip, his chest slightly heaving. Oh god, did he hope Lukas didn’t catch his staring.

But of course he did.

“Liking the view there, sunshine?”

Philip felt a pit drop in his stomach but he did everything he could to stop it from showing in his face. “Wh–What?”

Lukas smirked, walking closer to the boy sitting slightly curled on his bed. He leaned down, resting his hands on either side of him. Philip felt his heart pounding in side his chest like a bass drum when Lukas was inching closer to his face. He was so close to him that their noses were inches apart and he could feel his breathe fanning over his lips. Philip prayed that Lukas didn’t stop inching closer.

“You heard me, Philip.” The brunette shook his head slightly, forcing himself to move back. Lukas only followed his every move until Philip fell back on the bed and the bleach blonde was hovering over him with the must cunning smirk he’s ever seen in his life. “Did you like what you saw?”

“I-um. No I di–“ Lukas inched his face a little closer to Philip’s so that their noses brushed against on another, which caused him to let a small squeak, “Erm, yes.”

Lukas looked a little shocked by his current stance. Philip looked so nervous and overwhelmed, it came off as rather cute. Lukas always found Philip cute. His shyness and awkward personality was something that quirked Lukas’ attention ever since he moved here. And to see him like this; nervously sitting underneath him with a hammering heart and pink cheeks was a gorgeous sight for Lukas.

The two boys looked at each other, Lukas breathing deeply and Philip barely breathing at all. The bleach blonde involuntarily began leaning down, their lips softly brushing against one another. Philip’s heart began pounding at such a rapid pace that he was sure it would rip from his chest. It was happening. This was really happening.

Their lips moved in a rhythm that both boys knew were made just for them. Philip subconsciously placed his arms around Lukas’ neck, Lukas shifting Philip so that he was in his lap. The two kissed and kissed and kissed until they had to pull away from each other so they could breathe. Philip felt his head spinning. None of this felt real.

Suddenly a knock on Lukas’ bedroom door, causing the taller of the two to fall of his bed in a frenzy. “Lukas? Philip? Dinner’s ready.”

“Uh, y-yeah dad, we’ll down in a sec!” The bleach blonde sat on the floor, breathing deeply. What the hell did I just do? he asked himself in his head. Philip saw his regretful expression, feeling a gut wrenching feeling in his stomach. His hands were shaking frantically and his throat tightened. He hoped Lukas didn’t regret that kiss. He really didn’t.


“That didn’t happen.” Philip’s heart dropped. “Wh-What?” Lukas sat up, pointing at Philip aggressively. “That thing that just happened never did, got it?”

Philip felt tears burn in his eyes and his chest felt compressed. The room spun but he sat completely still. This is something he always imagined happening, something he always feared. Lukas would kiss him, tell him he liked him and then take it all back. Philip couldn’t have this. He just couldn’t.

“But-But you kiss–“

“I didn’t do any of that, alright? I’m not–I’m not gay like you ok? I don’t like boys and I don’t like you. At least not like that.”


Lukas looked at Philip confused. “No?” When he saw the tears in the boy’s eyes he instantly felt terrible. “Philip…”

“This–This isn’t how it goes,” the boy wrapped his arms around himself protectively, tears rushing down his cheeks. “You’re not–You’re not supposed to do this. You’re supposed to like me. Y-You’re supposed to like me.”

The bleach blonde quickly got up, rushing back to comfort the friend he just incredibly hurt. At first, Philip tried fighting him off, but soon the tears became too much. The brunette sobbed in his chest muttering “you’re supposed to like me” every so often. When Philip had stopped crying, he ignored Lukas the rest of the night. He was polite during dinner with his father but was more hurt and embarrassed than every before in his life.

During bed, he slept facing away from Lukas, softly crying himself to exhaustion. Although Lukas heard the whole thing. While sleeping, Philip involuntarily shifted his positions to where he ended up in Lukas’ arms. Lukas watched as the brunette slept with his mouth partly open, the moonlight from his window illuminating his face perfectly. His eyes weren’t as puffy as before and he looked peaceful. Lukas thought it was beautiful.

Knowing that he was entirely asleep, he pushed back the hair resting on Philip’s forehead, pressing a soft kiss to it. He then said, five words that were barely breathed above a whisper, as if he was worried someone was hiding and hearing what he uttered,

“I do like you, idiot.”

Guys can you imagine more of Mike teaching Eleven about the real world… like, she can’t even tell time, so she’s probably clueless about everything. Imagine Mike, science fair champ, explaining planets and weather and physics to El. Imagine him introducing her to Star Wars, giving a detailed commentary through out the whole thing, which might be annoying to most, but Eleven loves it. Imagine him teaching her to add and subtract and tell time and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Imagine Mike teaching Eleven the basics of Dungeons and Dragons, along with all of his own tricks and tips so she can play her best with the other kids. Mike reading her the x-men comics, encouraging her to be “mutant and proud,” reminding her that the powers she has make her great, make her like a superhero. Him teaching her to ride a bike, to throw a football, to build a fort. Mike taking El to the AV room to play with the radio, for fun, not on some deadly quest. Eleven is almost a teenager and she has had nothing - no fun, no experiences, no family. And Mike, he would teach her everything he can think of, every piece of history, real and fictional that he knows; he would answer any question she had with enthusiasm and to the best of his ability. Mike Wheeler wants the best for his friends, especially Eleven, who he knows has had nothing.

So I like Harry Potter but I’m not a super huge fan so I don’t know the intricacies but like the whole horcrux thing I don’t understand like why would you make obvious horcruxes? Why not like a grain of sand in the Sahara desert or like a H2O molecule in the ocean? Fuck if you want something bigger just make one a bike and throw it into the Netherlands or a car and put it in the Disney world parking lot ain’t no one finding that shit

Lets talk about Ronan and his love for Adam Parrish right okay:

  • Ronan getting to school just before Adam and leaning against his car so he looks cool when Adam arrives on his bike
  • Ronan throwing screwed up bits of paper at Adam when he sits in front of him in class
  • Ronan hand making gifts for Adam, because he knows Adam hates things with any monetary value
  • Ronan dreaming flowers the exact colour of Adam’s blushing cheeks
  • Ronan watching Adam’s hand move across the page when he writes
  • Ronan moving his arm slightly so it brushes Adam’s when they sit next to each other
  • Ronan texting Adam when he finishes work so he knows he’s safe on the journey home
  • Ronan memorising the exact moment Adam’s face cracks into a smile
  • Ronan drumming his fingers against Adam’s thigh when he’s bored
  • Ronan glancing up at Adam’s window every Sunday just to see if he’s there
  • Ronan keeping Adam’s favourite snacks in his car
  • Ronan driving fast down long roads at night with the windows open just so he can chase the high he gets every time Adam looks at him
  • Ronan doodling Adam on the corner of old napkins
  • Ronan waiting behind walls to scare Adam when he walks past
  • Ronan running his thumb under Adam’s eye socket when he gets a black eye
  • Ronan leaning over the gear stick of the BMW to open the passenger door for Adam before he can do it himself

Sometimes you’re the hammer, cycling down the Atlantic City expressway at 20 mph en route to what seemed to be a monster PR, and then sometimes you’re the nail, or a shard of glass, or something small enough to give me 5 flats after mile 26 on the bike.

Talk about damage control. It took all of my being to not throw my bike into the woods after the 3rd flat. Fuck me.

But I still finished. 10 minutes after my PR, but I finished. On to Chicago.