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New work for Popular Mechanics May issue “..Field Testing” aka having a damn good time smashing around some logging roads in some spanking new @uralmotorcycles They handled the Vibey/Rainy/Snowy ️ roads just fine. Big thanks to the best Photo Editors Ally & Ida for such a fun assignment and to Matt at URAL for trusting us with the bikes.

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          He glanced over at him. “To protect me.” He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
   “Look, I can take care of myself over some things, you know that. I know that. But sometimes there’s too much. I got to have extra backup muscle… Plus it’s nice to know the one guy that can take me out is on me side.

He glanced over at the large bodyguard before he frowned and winced. Oh a headache was building from where he hit his head. Ow. He gave a soft hiss of pain and slumped against their bike in the sidecar, going from confidant to miserable.

      “ Damn hulking brute giving me a headache. Nauseating. ”

lindsue  asked:

What is his bike tho bc I have very specific thoughts about this


So, there’s very little canon in the BOOKS to suggest at all what type of motorbike it is but my biggest pet peeve on this website is people who use quite frankly wrong or inaccurate motorbikes in their Sirius/Marauders edits. ANYWAY, this is going to be long as fuck but I think this site is in need of an in-depth insight into Sirius Black’s motorbike. 

What we know from all the written canon; 

  • the motorbike was fast faster than a normal motorbike (Prequel
  • can fly (Prequel, PS, DH)
  • it could easily handle corners (Prequel)
  • when in Sirius’ possession, had no sidecar (Prequel, PS)
  • seats two (Prequel)(unless riding with a fucking giant)
  • small enough to ride through a narrow side street (Prequel)
  • bike was enlarged ON THE NIGHT Sirius lent it to Hagrid (PS, POA)
  • emphasis on lent (POA)
  • the bike is a kickstart (PS, DH)
  • it has one singular headlight and one singular tail light (Prequel, PS, DH)
  • the bike is modified by arthur weasley (DH)
  • additions include shouting walls & blue dragon fire out of exhaust pipes
  • acrobatic in the air (DH) 
  • already a top class motorbike with a magnificent battery (DH) 
  • unable to handle magical additions (DH)
  • affected by hagrids weight, even though enlarged (DH)
  • had a sidecar as a later edition(DH)
  • lost the sidecar (DH) 
  • (never gained the sidecar back?) 

(I’ve included all the quotes I could find in the read more but warning - some of them are very sad) 

Now there is absolutely no way to know for certain what type of motorbike Sirius had on such little and generalised information. What we DO know is that Sirius “loved that motorbike” (POA) and in his room at 12 Grimmauld Place there are “many different pictures of Muggle motorcycles” (DH) what a teenage boy I love him so much 


Usually, I wouldn’t pay much attention to film credit but for once, I absolutely love the film’s choice for Sirius’ motorbike in the first few films. 

In the Philosopher’s stone, a white/light blue ‘59 Triumph Bonneville T120 is used. I adore this choice and here is why

  • 1959 is the year Sirius was born, making the bike the same age as him and the marauders
  • is a kickstarter bike
  • has a 649cc engine, a good size for the type of bike it is 
  • this would explain how he was able to get it - the Triumph T120s were manufatured in Britain from 1959 to 1975, this is the perfect time period for Sirius to have purchased a bike like this second hand or at the end of it’s tether
  • of course he could have got it brand new, but the idea of the marauders all working together to create this magically flying bike is just wonderful 
  • TRIUMPHS ARE THROUGH AND THROUGH BRITISH BIKES they were popular in England in the 60s and 70s
  • now i know Sirius had gotten away from all of that, but he was the heir to a pureblood dinestry once upon a time, you can bet he’d grown up always expecting the best
  • this bike is no exception 
  • launched in 1959 and heralded as the best motorbike around, though discontinued soon in favour of the larger engined T140, there were many made
  • Triumph Bonnevilles are FAST bikes, they’re built for speed and agility - like Sirius’ seems to be (they’re named after the Bonneville salt flats, an area in Utah where all landspeed world records are created in motor vehicles) 
  • models made later than ‘71 were modified so the fuel flowed through the piping an the frame, instead of a large fuel tank, increasing agility (and in the case of supporting a giant, strengthening the frame.
  • popular with bike enthusiasts, very personal bikes, appaeared in all motorbiking magazone over the years AND Triumph posters were the most popular (aside from BMWs) in promoting that passionate bond between rider and owner and knowing the character of Sirius Black, that is very applicable to him


(Though the colour is never mentioned, I like white but it’s Sirius Black, lets be honest he’d probably have black and also embellish his name onto the seat ) 

Now, there may be some reading this like - but that isn’t the bike in the displays at the various Wizarding worlds, and yes, you’re right! It’s not. In the Deathly Hallows the production team swapped the T120 for a Blue Royal Enfield, for it’s bulkier frame and easier to attach side car, plus much more availablity, meaning they could film the crash scene many times over. 

Here’s a picture - 

Whilst still a BEAUTIFUL bike, also manufactured in Britain, very collectiblle and roughly in fitting with the time period, though a little later than the Triumph, this bike is much bigger, wider, sturdier and more importantly was a lot more expensive and sort after. It’s also a lot more practical, with the sidecar. They we’re as popular with the youth.
I can see the attraction with using it for filming but it’s just not… a Sirius Black bike. 

He loved his bike for the agility, evident in the prequel where he and James are zipping around narrow streets, Sirius never had the intention of attaching a sidecar onto this bike and using it to domestically. He was a teenager, he wanted speed and he wanted looks. It just feels, to me, like Sirius was more of a Triumph rider. 

To conclude, does it really matter? No. You could use either of these bikes! Or others that fit! The Triumph is just my opinion, but PLEASE PLEASE stop using Harley Davidsons, or Yahamas made in 2000 in your Sirius Black edits. 

Basically, just come and talk Sirius Black to me.

Quotes about Sirius’ bike can be found undercut because this got LONG

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