bike shirt

The one thing about the HP universe I need the answer to more than anything is who made the Order of the Phoenix t-shirts James and Sirius were wearing? Did they just make two for themselves or did Dumbledore have a screen printer in his office and give them to everyone? Did Lily Evans have an OotP maternity shirt? Did baby Harry have an Order onesie? Who did the art for these things? Was it, like, a photo-real picture of Fawkes, or was it a cartoon? Did it move? I need answers.

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I thought gif would be more interesting and it’s been a while since I’ve posted a gif of myself so here ya go!
And quality doesn’t suck at much yay! And you even can see smokes from bonfire!

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Shirtless and Cake. What a great combo.

Request: 26. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. 27. Oh, damn. 30. I love you…and cake too. Maybe a little more than cake. With Juice.

A/N: Kinda short

Coming home to Juice working on his bike without his shirt on was a surprise but a pleasant surprise. You didn’t say anything as you stood in the garage opening and just watched your man work.

“Oh, damn.” You said, making him jump. He turned around and gave you a perfect view of his lovely chest. You smirked at him as he looked at you surprised.

“Hey, baby. I didn’t know you were home.” He said as he made is way over to you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled at him. “Well, if I knew what I was coming home to, I would’ve come home a lot sooner.” You told him. He laughed.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, I like the view.” You told him as you then ran your fingertips over his arms and across his collarbones. You felt him shiver.

“Hey. No shoes, no shirt, no problem.” He teased you.

You giggled. You sighed as you let him go. “Well, I’d love to stay but I got a cake in the oven.”

His face lit up at the mention of cake. “Cake? I love cake.” You started walking back into the house.

You turned around and put your hand to your chest as if you were seriously hurt. “What?! I thought you loved me?!”

He laughed but walked up to you and put his hands on your arms. “I love you….and cake too.” He looked in deep thought for a moment. “Maybe a little more than cake.” He chuckled and pecked you on the lips as you giggled.


2017.03.18 🚴 Short Bike Ride

Didn’t feel like doing much of anything, to be honest, but I needed to do something, so I did a short bike ride. It was a bit windy, and I probably would’ve gone longer if not for that. I really dislike riding in the wind.  It’s all fun and games while it’s at your back, but eventually you have to turn around.  Plus, the book I was listening to ended about half-way through. The struggle is real. haha!

This is my old, heavy, too-small bike, also, which I could really feel in my quads vs. my new bike.

I got my 5/5 day workout goal in with this, so that’s also good.

Anyway, got something done, which is more than I felt like doing. Go me.