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LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: courfeyrac & enjolras

squished cheeks and constant cuddling, coordinating rallies, shredding dumb newspaper articles, whipped cream on waffles, huffs of exasperation, lying across laps, lemon sorbet, tagging along on family holidays, commandeering bike rides by hopping on the handlebars, cheesy pop songs, getting dragged on detours and errands and adventures, chuckling at each other, fondly shaking your head. (requested by @eirenical

Reblog and Tag yourself, IT edition

  • What would trick you into reaching towards Pennywise in the sewer?
  • What Pennywise would turn into if you met It?
  • Which Loser member you would want backing you up when fighting It?
  • And which Loser you’d probably be friends with IRL?


me: can i be any softer for joshua?
joshua: :)
me: turns out i can

claralionelfdn: We are thrilled to join forces with @ofobicycle, the world’s leading bike-sharing platform,​ for​ a five-year partnership ​in ​support ​of our Global Scholarship Program and quality education for hundreds of girls in Malawi! We can’t wait to share more about this exciting new initiative in the months ahead. #CLF #GlobalScholarshipProgram

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Hc where Otabek loves it when Yuri gets excited when he talks about the things he likes and he keeps asking him question just so he keeps talking.


Yuri absolutely LOVES talking to Otabek about ANYTHING whether it be skating or his cat or school or his family and Otabek is genuinely interested because people don’t typically open up to him. He asks about Yuri’s favorite subjects, about Puma Tiger Scorpion (”How did you decide on that name?” “Oh that’s a good story I’ll tell you!!”), about learning to cook pirozhki, about everything. And Yuri gives and gives and gives and because he’s still young it takes him a while to realize that he hasn’t asked Otabek any of these questions. 

So the next time they hang out he starts by asking the same questions Otabek asked him but he quickly realizes that he and Otabek have lead really different lives and some of the questions don’t apply. So he scrunches up his nose and thinks about some other things he wants to know. 

Otabek is…. endeared mostly. But he’s also… grateful? He feels really cared for because no one’s ever really cared about what he’s had to say. So he slowly opens up to Yuri, telling him about his family, how he’s never had a pet (”WHAT? That’s an outrage!!”) how he struggled in math at school, and how much he loves DJing and music in general and how he convinced his parents to let him have the bike. 

They share and share and give and take and they learn and it’s so pure. It’s so good and wholesome it makes me want to cry.  

Bike Shares

Bike share programs have revolutionized transportation in some of the country’s largest cities, like Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Miami Beach and Boston. For a daily or annual fee (usually around $7 or $75 respectively), users can check out a bike for about 30 minutes at a stand-alone kiosk, ride it around the city, and then check it in at any other kiosk in the system with no extra charge.

The idea has been popular overseas since 2007 and there are now massive programs in cities like Paris (16,000 bikes), London (8,000), and Hangzhou, China (65,000). New York launched it’s own 10,000-bike version, Citi Bike, earlier this year.

A Tent Under The Stars 🌍✨

After Will was released from hospital, Joyce innocently assumed that gradually, things would go back to normal. She would arise to the sweet smell of pancakes and eggs being made by Jonathan. She would admire Will’s latest drawings, and help him to come up with a backstory for each and every creature he drew. She thought things would go back to normalcy, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Having some intense writer’s block so here’s a ship until I get through these other requests

Hi! Can you ship me w/shameless? My name is Carry and I’m white w/long brown hair & green eyes and I’m short. I’m very very sarcastic/no bullshit and I try to be as confident as possible. I love writing, photography, and my family. I try to be a realist but I’m kinda a hopeless romantic. Luv your writing btw!

I ship you with Lip Gallagher!

That boy needs someone who’s no bullshit and can deal with his family


Lip Gallagher stood outside Patsy’s for what felt like hours to Fiona. He seemed lost in thought as he smoked cigarette after cigarette, never coming inside to greet her. She wanted to get out there and drag him in herself but, with Ian half-assing his work and her mind spinning with ideas to get Debbie to abort her baby and how to get their house back, she couldn’t seem to get a free moment.

“Carry!” Fiona yelled as she glanced out the glass door and still saw her brother on the curb, “Carry!” “Jesus Fiona, I’m right here,” the waitress named Carry replied as she placed an order ticket in one of the cook’s hands as they passed. “Can you do me a favor?” Fiona asked as she followed the girl to the back where she continued to her locker to remove her apron and swap out her uniform shirt for a sweater. Carry groaned as she pulled the sweater over her head and looked at her new assistant manager/ friend, “I’m not peeing in a cup for you.” Fiona laughed out loud at the girls serious expression, it didn’t surprise her that she was probably asked for clean urine often as she was the only non-recovering drug addict in the diner aside from Ian. “No, it’s nothing like that. I know that it’s the end of your shift and everything, but I just have a lot of shit going on right now and I could really use some help. My brother, Lip, is outside and he looks like he’s got a lot of shit going on but we’re slammed today, you think you can keep him occupied till we close?”

Carry raised an eyebrow at the older woman in front of her, “It’s 3 o’clock, Fiona, and we don’t close till like 9. Can’t you ask Ian? He’s just sitting around as it is. And if he’s the one I saw smoking out there, he seems too old for a baby sitter.” Fiona made a pleading face and Carry rolled her eyes at how she couldn’t resist it, “Fine but I’ve got shit to do so if he’s coming than he’s running errands with me.” Fiona hugged the college student tightly before pushing her out the door, barely giving her time to grab her wristlet, and leading her through the diner and out the front door to the oldest of her younger brothers. Lip quickly put out his cigarette at the sight of his sister and gave her a tight hug before she hastily pulled away, “Hey, I wanna here all about the school trip and everything but we’re really busy right now and the employees are giving me a ton of shit now that I’m management so I got you a babysitter.” Lip scrunched up his brows at her words noticing the girl around his age standing at the entrance greeting a regular customer with a bright smile. “You what?” Fiona sighed, “Look Lip, we lost the house and until the auction we’re kind of scattered so it’s not like you can go hang out at home and there’s no space at the diner. God knows where Debbie and Carl are and Ian’s inside working. Carry’s nice and she’s got shit to do and I figured you could tag along so you’re not standing on this curb for the next 6 hours fucking up your lungs.”

Lip ran his hand over his face and nodded for the sake of not arguing with his sister and figured if things went south with the girl, at least he could head to the Alibi. He nodded his head and the corners of his lips twitch up when Fiona’s face lit up with a grateful smile before she took a few steps backwards and grabbed his new babysitter by her arm, dragging her toward him. “Lip this is Carry. I think you guys went to school together actually,” Fiona introduced. “That’s funny, I don’t remember you.” Lip mentioned and Carry took in his features in an attempt to place him in any of her classes. “Probably because I’m one of the few who actually took their own SAT’s and wrote their own essays and took their own tests,” She replied with a laugh when she remembered his reputation. Lip grinned and the two looked back at a smiling Fiona who excused herself and damn near ran back into the full diner.  “So… where to first?” Lip asked when the two were alone. Carry smirked as she turned and began leading Lip toward the L; “First we head to my school where I can turn in my half of an assignment and then find my partner and tell him how worthless he is and kick his ass. Then we go grocery shopping and drop it off at my place, then we visit your sister Debs and make sure she’s okay so I can report back to Fi, then we find Carl and make sure he hasn’t gotten killed, then we pick up Liam from daycare and drop him off at Sean’s, then we head to the park so I can work on my photography assignment.”

Lip looked down at the girl as she maneuvered her way around people on the busy sidewalk. “You know my siblings?” he asked as they approached the station. “Yeah, I mean, Fiona’s always at work and Ian’s been having a tough time and you’re at school so … I don’t know; if I don’t check on them no one will.” They got onto the train and stood in the isle silently, Lip lost in thoughts of Carry taking care of his family. He looked passed her at the older man sitting on the seat behind her and watched as he raised his hand to rest it on her ass. He couldn’t help but think of the Mandy or Karen or even Helene; any of which would have bit the man’s head off, one of the girls would have done so literally if given the chance. He bit his lip to hold back a laugh as he watched her face remain indifferent as she addressed the perv never turning back to look at him, “Sir, if you wanna go home with that hand, get it off my ass.” The man’s hand quickly returned to his side and the train came to a halt at her stop and Lip followed her off and to the local community college. He noticed that the campus didn’t look as shitty as he anticipated when he was thinking about college during his final train wreck of a senior year. The duo walked into the school and down the hall where they stopped at an office, the pretty teacher inside making his heart hurt a little as he thought about Helene again. Carry stepped into the office and sifted through her wristlet for a USB that she then placed on the teacher’s desk, both exchanging some quiet words before she was leaving the office again with a determined look on her face.

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with illegal situations?” Carry asked as they walked a block away from the campus toward a rundown house. “I’m a fucking Gallagher, my comfort level is far beyond that scale,” Lip answered as they walked up the porch steps. “Good so breaking and entering is nothing for you,” the brunette replied as she stepped up to the front door before pausing and turning back to Lip, “Don’t tell Carl I came here without him. I’ve got like 6 years on him but he still doesn’t like me doing shit like this without him and Nick for ‘protection’.” Then she was kicking in the weak front door and entering the shabby house leaving the Gallagher on the porch with raised eyebrows before he slowly entered the house as well almost laughing out loud at Carry ripping a bong away from a completely stoned 18 year old. She was yelling loudly and he looked completely unfazed until she stormed up the stairs to where he assumed the kid’s bedroom was, coming back down with a very expensive looking bong and a large bag of weed before grabbing his bike that was perched by the front door. “Where are you going with my shit?” the stoner asked as he stood up slowly. Carry rolled her eyes and started to wheel the bike out the door yelling a quick, “Consider this collateral. Finish your half of the project, Jeremy, or the next time I come back it’ll be to watch you choke on my failing grade you fucking idiot,” over her shoulder. This time Lip didn’t hold back his laugh as he watched the short girl head down the front path and followed after her. When he caught up, Lip took the bong and tucked the bag of weed into the inner pocket of his jacket as they walked along side each other, “So is this a normal day for you?” Carry ginned as she changed her course and led Lip down the street to a familiar dry cleaner, “Well no not usually.” Lip raised an eyebrow.

“Okay so maybe it is. We can’t all go to fancy schools with geniuses who actually try, right? Some of us have to stoop to other means to pass.” She said motioning towards her stolen items.

“Community college isn’t so bad.”

“Right says the genius on scholarship at Chicago Polytech. Didn’t you get into MIT?”

Before Lip could reply, Carry was pulling open the front door of the dry cleaner where he could see a nervous cashier handing a large amount of money to a young teen with braided hair, making him groan. Carl turned around at the noise but dropped his badass attitude for a second when he saw the girl next to his brother. “Hi, Carl, just checking in,” Carry announced as the boy and his friend exited the business and stopped on the sidewalk. “I’m fine Carry,” Carl replied eyeing the bike she had. “No injuries? No STD’s?” “You and I both know I’m not fucking around with any hoes. I’ve only got one hunny on my mind and her name is Dominique,” Carl answered. Lip still couldn’t understand where the personality change had come from. “What’s with the bike, you went to see that kid without us?” “I thought I was the one checking on you.” “You thought wrong.” Carry laughed as she looked up at Nick and motioned to the bike, sharing a silent interaction with him as he smiled and took hold of it. It was small but he clearly seemed appreciative, as if it meant more to him than she’d ever know. “Don’t worry I took care of it, y’all can have his shit though. I’m gonna go check on Debs,” she continued as she reached over to Lip and took the bong and weed from him, handing it over to his younger brother who nodded. When she was done the two brothers shared a nod of acknowledgment before Carl hopped onto the pegs of Nick’s new bike, and the duo rode off down the street. “That was impressive. He didn’t flash any money at you or call himself the n-word once around you.” Carry scoffed and began leading Lip to her next task, “He’s just going through a phase, give him some time. Your family strikes me as the type to keep doing something until it all goes wrong and your left to pick up the pieces. I don’t want that for him, but he’s stubborn as hell.”

“Is he okay?” Lip asked seriously and Carry nodded as they crossed a street. “He’s fine; his judgment is just a little cloudy right now. But he’s okay.”

The two fell into easy conversation about Carl’s latest antics before they were stopping in front of a nice little house and she was knocking on the door. When it was finally pulled open, and a familiar face appeared, Lip looked up at the sky to curse God for his misfortunes. “Ah, my oldest successor,” Frank greeted Lip cheerfully as he continued to gaze blankly at his father. “Frank.” He greeted; the older man’s grin never faltered as he ushered the two into the home as if it was his own. “Carry you’re here! I’m thinking about having a gender reveal party for my baby! I want you to come,” Debbie squealed as she approached the older girl, stopping when she saw her brother. To be honest, he was feeling a bit conflicted, not sure how to respond to his siblings happily greeting this girl beside him but barely sparing him a few words when all he’d done was go away to school. But it made sense, there he was living his own life away from them, and there was this new girl helping to pick up their pieces while he was gone. “Lip… here to tell me to abort my baby again?” Debbie asked angrily. “No Deb’s I’m just here to visit. The party sounds like a good idea,” Lip replied shortly, not really supportive of the idea of his baby sister having a baby of her own. “I’ll definitely be there Deb. I’ll make sure Carl comes to.” “And Fiona?” Carry gave the hopeful girl a sad smile, “That one I suggest you do on your own. But I was just making sure you were okay and that Frank didn’t fuck up your life any more than he already has.” “I’m hurt by your accusations Carry. I have done nothing but support my youngest daughter and her spawn.” “Shut the fuck up Frank… and Deb’s I have to go but I’ll let Carl know about the party okay? Just text me the date.” Lip watched Carry pull the young red head into a tight hug before putting her middle finger directly in Franks face when he tried to pull her into a hug as well. “Are you coming to the party Lip?” Debbie asked and Lip gave her a sad smile, “Sorry Deb, I’ve gotta be back on campus by tomorrow afternoon. But definitely call me when it’s over.” “Yeah, whatever.” And then he was walking down the side walk again, lost in his thoughts until he realized he was walking through an unfamiliar apartment building and stopping in front of a door that Carry was pushing open.

“I figured we’d skip the grocery shopping and just get straight to my assignment. I just have to grab my camera.” Carry announced as she led him into her small apartment where she threw her stuff onto the kitchen counter before disappearing into what he assumed was her room. As she was searching for her camera, Lip walked around her living room and looked at all the framed pictures of parks and beaches and various other things before he picked up one on her coffee table. The photo was taken in his kitchen. He could see the table behind the counter where they ate their meals and the back door behind that. He saw Carry dead center with Fiona’s arm over her shoulders, he saw Ian looking not so miserable behind them next to Kev & V, he saw Liam standing in front of Carl who was throwing up gang signs with Nick beside him, and he saw Debbie crouched next to Liam. Hell even Frank was in the fucking picture; clearly pushed as far to the side as possible but still present.  What he didn’t see, however, was himself. And that’s when it hit him, and he found himself sitting down on the old couch, picture clutched tight in his hands.

When Carry re-entered the room she immediately noticed the change in his mood, and stood in front of him. “So what, are you like my fucking replacement or something?” Lip asked rudely, glaring up at the girl. A look of confusion worked its way onto her face as she sat on the coffee table in front of him, “Lip, I’m not replacing anyone.” “Right, you just decided to what… pity us? What exactly do you get out of taking care of them? You know, aside from making me look like an asshole.” Carry looked at Lip, really looked at him in a way he wasn’t used to; in a way that made his anger falter for a second. “Lip, if there’s anything I’ve learned about you Gallagher’s during the last few months, it’s that you can all take care of yourselves. I work with Fiona at the diner and your family spends a lot of time there and I’ve formed relationships with them. And I know that you guys have a lot going on so I’m checking up on everyone because I just want to make sure that their safe. I mean, Carl and Debbie are out there living their lives like their grown adults and not only 14 and 15 years old. And that’s really scary. They’re making all these decisions about their futures and I just like to be there to remind them that they’re not limited to just this shitty fucking town. They have so much potential and I keep telling them that if their older brother did it, if their older brother could get out, than so could they. I’m not trying to replace you; I’m just trying to remind them that they have more than just Fiona to come to for help.”

Lip’s annoyance didn’t go away and instead he answered with the classic boy response: hear what she has to say and then reply to only a select portion of her statement, “Just because I got out of the hood doesn’t mean I can’t be there for my family.”

Carry let out the mother of all annoyed sighs, “Why are you here Lip? Ian says you’ve got a good thing going at school with your grades and with that teacher you’re fucking, so I’m surprised you left behind all that well deserved space to come down here and ‘be here for your family’. I’m using air quotes because silently following me around while I check up on your siblings isn’t what I call being there for them.”

“Ian told you that? That’s none of your fucking business.”

“Did that piss you off? Aren’t most guys jumping out of their skin at the chance to brag about their latest cougar fuck?”

“Shut up. You have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s not just a fuck.” Lip started but paused when he remembered Helene’s face that same morning, somberly telling him that her admitting her feeling to him in a drunken stupor the night before, had been nothing but drunk babble and too forget about it, “It’s complicated.”

Carry rolled her eyes, “It’s really not. She does this all the time I’m sure and you fell way harder than she anticipated and now you’re in love and she’s not. So now you’re upset because you wasted all those weekend and breaks following her around like a lost puppy when you could have been home supporting your family. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.”

Carry’s correct assessment pissed Lip off, as she turned on the camera and handed it to him. He looked down at is and went through the pictures, most of them were of his family doing ridiculously stupid shit that she caught at an angle that almost made them look angelic despite them being far from that. “You can have your own life Lip; you’re right when you say you deserve it. But having your own life doesn’t mean ditching your family and sure as hell doesn’t mean attacking someone because you’re jealous that they’re doing what you should have been doing. So how about you stop moping and put on your big boy pants so I can happily retire from my baby sitting job. Speaking of baby’s I feel like I was supposed to – Oh fuck! Liam!”

Lip stood on the corner as he watched Carry run into the building and exit moments later holding Liam tightly in her arms. He was far from a baby now, but he’d always be that little ball of sunshine in Lip’s eyes. Lip watched how Liam giggled and hugged Carry tightly before he grinned happily at the sight of his brother, reaching out for him and laughing loudly when he was pulled into a tight hug. Liam babbled to Lip about what he played with during daycare as they walked him to Sean’s apartment where they dropped him off before heading down to the diner that still had a few hours till close but looked relatively dead now.

Lip went to head inside but stopped. “Can I ask you a question?”

Carry crossed her arms as he shoved his hands into his pockets, “I thought google eliminated the need to ask questions out loud, but fine.”

Lip chuckled as he watched her light up a cigarette, “When I’m here more often… you’re not gonna ditch the kids right? Clearly they like you.”

Carry scoffed, “I wouldn’t leave those kids on their own even if you put a restraining order out against me. You gonna stop fucking old women on the weekends and come home to your family instead?”

“I believe the answer to that question, like the answer to most questions, is ‘fuck you’.”

Carry and Lip both laughed, and when Carry saw Fiona approaching the door, she raised her camera, “I have to go finish my homework. But, I guess I’ll see you soon.” And with that she was heading back down the road, a trail of smoke following her. “Hey how’d it go? She’s really sweet right?” Fiona greeted her brother as she pulled him into the warmth of the diner. “Sweet isn’t the term I’d use, but yeah, she’s something.”

Carry looked over at the entrance of the diner when the bell chimed and rolled her eyes as she placed an order on its respective table before heading back to the kitchen. “You can’t avoid him Carry,” Fiona said with a grin as she passed the younger girl to greet her brother. Ever since Lip had started coming home more, he had forced his way into her heart, sarcastic asshole tendencies and all. “Oh, Carry, didn’t know you’d be here,” Lip stated as she exited the kitchen with another order. “Right, I mean, how would you know that I’m here every weekend. Not like you come in to harass me… every weekend.” She replied as she placed that order on the table as well. “I thought you’d be happier to see me. I’m still kinda new at this but I thought that when a girl is in love with you, they like having you around.”

Carry’s eyes widened as she headed to the counter to fill a coffee mug. “I’m not in love with you, Gallagher. Back off.” She said over her shoulder, trying to ignore the smug look on his face. But he continued to get closer to the counter, loving the sight of her blush that was working its way up her neck.

“So… if I asked that when you’re done doing your weekly checkups on the kids, you go on a date with me, you’d say…”

“I’d ask what you consider a date to be, because I’ve been asked out dozens of times but you can only fuck in the back of a car so many times before you realize that maybe your idea of what a date is, is wrong.”

Lip laughed, “Yeah I’ve never been on a real date either, But I wouldn’t mind figuring it out with you… if you’re down.”

Carry bit her lip and turned to the kitchen opening where she saw Fiona duck quickly as if she hadn’t been watching the scene unfold. “Well I’ve got errands to run first, that you’re welcome to tag along for.”

“I’d like that, a lot actually.”

“Good.” Carry replied before starting to head back to the kitchen, stopping and turning back, “but before you join me… on a scale of 1 to 10 how comfortable are you with assault? I’ve got a failing grade to personally deliver.”

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Svt reaction to their s/o wanting to go on a bike riding date? Thanks!

Jeonghan, Hoshi, Woozi, DK, The8, Vernon & Dino would love the date idea. It’s definitely something they’ve always wanted to try with their s/o, and now they can. They’d have races with you, or just simply be by your side while you both enjoy the breeze and scenery.

S.Coups, Jun, Wonwoo, Mingyu & Seungkwan would agree to it right away. However, instead of riding individual bikes, you’d both share one. You’d be sitting in the back, while they pedal and take you around the park. They find this a lot cuter and romantic.

Joshua would be too hard to catch up to. When it comes to biking, this boy goes wherever he wants without warning. You’re going to be exhausted by the end of the day.

thank you for your request!!

SCAD Tip List

SCAD Tips (aka what we’ve gained from our freshman year - me, imaginativemad, jordannabanana5, theunbloggable, lovelyladylaudanum)

*edit* Since it’s been a few years and I’m currently now a Junior, some things may not be the same and I’ll just cross out things that will be irrelevant considering the new Hive has new buildings and such; sadly I don’t know much about the new freshman and hive dorms. New information is bolded and italicized. 

1) The Hive / Other food

-Usually a hit and miss but it’s better than eating microwave food every night

-Best on SCAD days, minus all the visitors

-Please don’t go during continental time unless you are okay with just cereal, toast and sometimes pizza.

-Dining dollars roll over quarters but not years

-The artisan (located in Turner) is your best friend for late night dinner or =-weekends

-Go to J.O.’s Chop House on the weekends for a really really nice dinner.

-Sometimes random food at Hive is spicy- don’t ask why.

-The Hive conveyer belt where you drop off your plates has a sensor, make sure you don’t have any things hanging over the edge or it will stop and become backed up

-There is midnight breakfast the weekend before finals in Fall and Spring Quarter. Go- it’s worth it.

-Use your dining dollars! It’s money you can’t get back at the end of the year so put it to good use.

2)Busses /Transportation

-Bus system is great on weekdays but never trust the weekend route

-The academic buildings are not conveniently close but it’s still nice to walk back or in between from time to time.

-Invest in a bike – SCAD now has a bike share program, and you get 4 free hours to use a bike per day

-Freshmen can have cars but can’t park at any academic buildings (you’ll get fined) 

-If a friend has a car, ask politely if they can take you to the academic buildings on the weekend.

-Thank the bus drivers

3) Classes / Professors

-Even if you hate 8 am’s- take one or an 11 on Tues/Thurs. and you can start your weekend early.

-Classes only happen Monday - Thursday

-Friday makeup classes suck and throw your schedule off

-Always look at the class syllabus

-Make friends with your teachers

-Time management is your best friend

-Buy your materials as you need them- not all at once. Seriously, all that charcoal you have to get for drawing classes will most likely never be used again.

-Pay attention in class

-Communicate with your professors!

-Use your 4 days to be absent from classes for actually being sick or towards finals when sometimes it’s more efficient to work in your room rather than the studio.

  1. Again, if you are sick, communicate with your professors. But if you choose to skip, skip on a day that nothing is due and you can use your time effectively to work on other projects or homework.

-The professors don’t bite.

-Blackboard is your best friend

-Have fun and enjoy your classes!

-Compare prices and consolidate your textbooks with friends if possible.  

-Share materials and textbooks with friends who are in the same class as you.

-If you’re having trouble writing a paper, go to the writing studio and get some tips from tutors!

4) Entertainment / Activities

-Masquerade ball in October

-Join a club!

-Go to the beach at Tybee

-SCAD has a gym (located next to O-House)

-Go to SCAD events (not all are very advertised or emailed out though)

-Exhibits at SCAD museum

-Watch for SCAD events that might be interesting that can help you in your career path!

-If you like movies, keep an eye on the Lucas theater and the Trustees. They usually play classic films at least once a month. The Trustees is free while the Lucas is only about $6, around a $10 trip in total.

-Have some kind of entertainment system that can be used for groups of people whether it be a blu-ray or a game console. You’ll have a lot of down time the first couple weeks.

-Go to the student center

5) Dorms / Dorm needs

-D at the Hive and Turner Annex both have a pool

-If you don’t live in Tannex (Turner Annex) you can’t get in

-Tannex occasionally floods during heavy rain (aka Titannex)

-Tannex has two sized rooms. Even numbered rooms are smaller.

-Command strips DO NOT stick to the walls!

-Laundry is not hard to learn

-Keep your dorm clean- it’s your space, be proud of it

-Get a storage unit toward the end of the year.

-Get a pasta boat

-Experiment with what you can cook in your microwave

-Learn how to fold clothes effectively

-Get a thick mattress topper

-Get some other kind of seating because art stools are uncomfortable - this stands true for older dorms, but the new freshman dorms should have sorta regular chairs

-Keep a timer for your laundry- don’t be that asshole who leaves it in hours after it’s done. (people will take your laundry out when it’s done if you don’t get to it fast enough)

-SCAD wifi isn’t the greatest - Get your own router! Find one that is cheap but reliable.

-Bring a colored printer (you can print in black and white at the labs but finding a colored printer is hard.) 

-Get a shelving unit that can be broken down

-You can pin things to the wall (just have to cover up the holes at the end of the year)

6) Misc Tips

-Get enough sleep- don’t start pulling all nighters as a freshman

-Get amazon prime student and get your textbooks from there

-Never lose your ID- you can’t get anywhere without it

-Utilize SCAD’s resources!

-Please don’t shop at ExLibris too much- go to Blick

-Get those scholarships

-Call your parents at least once a month

-Don’t throw away any materials you bought for other classes! You or your friends might need them later on!

-ExLibris (student?) appreciation day = lots of art samples

-Look both ways before crossing the streets and watch out for tour trolleys. Even when using the crosswalk drivers do not always pay attention

-Utilize CS3 if you need to! They are great for anxiety and short term depression, etc. They are only short term though but they will recommend long term places.

-The turtles by the hive


-Drink water.

-Take care of yourself

-Hold doors open for people, no one wants to constantly hit their ID to get into buildings.

-Free and For Sale and other SCAD yard sale related facebook pages are awesome for finding and getting rid of supplies, books, and furniture.