bike roadrace


Onoda Sakamichi with Manami-kun, and Manami Sangaku with Sakamichi-kun mini-conversation clips from Yomecolle.
Manami: Ah, Sakamichi-kun, I found you! Long time no see! I heard that Sohoku was holding a culture festival, so I came to visit. And I also wanted to try out the places where you normally practice.
Onoda: Wah, Manami-kun?! Did you come all the way here from Hakone by bike?! That’s amazing… Our roadracing club is doing an okonomiyaki shop. Y-You can try some, if you’d like!
Manami: Then I will! …Protein-filled and honey-filled? There’s a lot of strange okonomiyaki here… Ah, can I have a bite of the normal okonomiyaki that you’re making, Sakamichi-kun? Ahh.
Onoda: Eh, t-this one’s still hot! H-Hold on for a sec! [blows on it] Here, Manami-kun! Ahh! …Is it okay? Not too hot?
Manami: Yeah, it’s delicious! Thanks! …Oh, right, there’s a really steep slope behind the school, isn’t there? There’s nature all around it too, so I really like it. Sakamichi-kun, let’s go ride!
Onoda: U-Um, n-now? B-But I still have to make okonomiyaki… otherwise, Imaizumi-kun and the others will get mad at me… H-Hey, wait, Manami-kun!