bike road trip

The Lams 50s AU that is needed

-Hamilton works a biker bar called Mount Vernon

- Laf works there to

- Hercules is a biker that shows up a lot and flirts with Laf

- Washington owns the place

- The Schuyler’s are badass and lead their own all girl gang

- Maria is there to she sings at the club most nights

- Now John. John hot wired a bike and is road tripping across America

- He acts tough but is really big sweetheart that likes to draw

- So John shows up one night and Alex just dies

- Everyone one makes fun of Alex and tries to get them to talk

- He takes Johns order

- John just straight up hits of him so much

- He calls Alex Sugar

- Everyone’s killing themselves laughing

- So eventually John leaves saying he’ll be back tomorrow

- Cue Alex fretting over everything

- I feel like I should mention Homosexuality was illegal in the 1950s because it was - Okay so after like a week of John coming in everyday Alex says screw it and kisses him - FINALLY - They go on like ‘dates’ but mostly stay at Hamilton’s place - John some how convinces Alex to let him buy him things - Then A N G S T - aka Senator Henry Laurens - Why. Because I can. That’s why - So pain happens - Happy ending? *This is a story I’m writing so enjoy this rough outline*

Norman Reedus x Reader - Road trip [SMUT] (Request)

Anon:Could you do a Norman x Reader where they take a road trip but reader spends all her time teasing him like slowly rubbing to his crotch  and undoing his pants and putting her hand in and palming him, while he’s driving his bike and he pulls over cuz he can’t take it and they get down dirty on the bike in a back road please make this and kinky and smutty as your imagination let you.

Hope you like it♥

Since i got complaining, now all my smutt fictions will have a “read more” so I don’t make anyone uncomfortable

Note: Italic are reader’s thoughts



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