bike road trip

A sky full of stars

Commission for my good friend Kurtt Amarok.
He’s his character Kros.

The similarity with a title song from Coldplay is no coincidence.

Here the feeling I wanted to transmit is the freedom. Because I think it really is an emotional state that allows you to do what you want with your life. Even realize how small we are compared with the universe, creates a very strong emotion, and that is if we have thought about how small we are, is because we have gone out from our little box, we have come to explore, and compare actual distances, not only maps, but in physical spaces.

Do whatever we want with our lives: something very difficult to achieve but not impossible, just we need some initiative to make it happen.

(Don’t make wishes to shooting stars, probably they are already dead)

Digital. Photoshop. The bike was the most difficult to do on this whole scene!!