bike river road


Thanks for following the #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Oregon and Washington! You can view a multimedia journal of the roadtrip here:

Tomorrow, the roadtrip heads to Alaska for unique experiences - from arctic wildlife and reindeer herding to the Iditarod Trail to the “wildest” wild and scenic rivers.


Sheila and I rode a bike path loop through Minneapolis this evening. We started at the lakes, went west on the bike Greenway to West River Road and came back via Minnehaha Parkway.

Near Minnehaha Falls we saw a dozen of the four-passenger rental bike things. The one you see here was blocking our way. We could not pass because of the fence and wall on the path. The dad who was steering apologized. Sheila said no problem. Then she saw the young boy in the back seat wasn’t pedaling. Jokingly she said “Hey, the kid in back isn’t pedaling!” The little boy glared at her.

A most appropriate beer of the night is The Randonneur Summer Saison from Minneapolis brewer Fulton. I just love saying summer saison. I could probably say it over and over, with different accents, until nearby people would slap me.

I bet this one, with it’s unnecessary definite article in front of the name would be popular with alumni of The Ohio State University. The beer is The delicious.

Right now it is pouring rain. Hard. Any of you in the Twin Cities reading this might not believe me. The radar shows this cell is located pretty much only over my neighborhood.