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look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!

I recently rewatched Natsume Yuujinchou and I really want to talk about Natsume

While his acceptance and understanding of the things he sees is one of his biggest character developments…I really want to talk about his communication and social skills.

Ever since Natsume was little, he could see spirits. This, plus the fact he’s an orphan, immediately alienated him from other kids his age. He grew up being a “freak” and a “liar”. His guardians never kept him long because weird things would happen when he’s there and it’s even been stated in canon that he has been abused in the past.

Because of all of this he was never able to talk to people. He couldn’t communicate properly with others because they couldn’t understand each other. Natsume grew up keeping everything to himself and lying to everyone around him. He doesn’t know how to express himself. As a kid, it was his life long dream to be by himself and live all alone, far far from other humans.


When there was a family that finally asked him to come with them, he was overjoyed. Natsume wants to change and he actively tries to change himself. Once the Fujiwara couple come into the picture and he finally feels the warmth and love of an actual family he wants to change himself for the better. “Once you’ve loved and once you have been loved, you can not forget.” (literally a quote from episode 2 lol)

Natsume knows he has issues with talking to people but that doesn’t stop him from trying his best to overcome this.

It’s so amazing to watch Natsume break out of his shell and befriend so many people and youkai. He begins to gain confidence and even starts to be sarcastic and snarky with his friends in later chapters. He even learns to be a little selfish when it comes to the things he wants. Compared the how he was in the beginning of the series–that’s a huge improvement. Honestly, what I really love about him is that his character is nothing new. A boy who was ridiculed because he could do something supernatural is pretty cliche. However, instead of moping and being a lone wolf like most of those characters–Natsume actually makes an effort to get closer to the people he likes. He surrounds himself with people he enjoys being with and is kind towards everyone around him. Natsume finally knows what it’s like to have a place to call home and he wants to continue to live a life full of warmth.

please watch the show

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fic title: right turn

[or: the motocross au i’ve always dreamed of writing] 

alex danvers crashed and burned - literally.

after a terrible accident in the world championships two years ago, both the danvers sisters disappeared from the motocross scene. in the absence, maggie sawyer rose to the top. a true cinderella story - with sawyer speaking honestly and openly about how she was kicked out of the house at fifteen for being gay, how she went to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins and it was her aunt who taught her how to ride. who took her to her first competition.

maggie sawyer is a success story of the greatest kind, but if there’s one thing the people love more than a cinderella story, it’s a comeback.

enter kara danvers.

after two years of near silence from the danver camp, kara shows up unannounced at a local motocross rally. one sawyer happens to be at, and it’s one that sawyer looses.

the motocross world is clamoring for details, but kara danvers is unfailing polite in interviews and speaks nothing of her sister, of the accident, or of the race.

and it’s not that maggie sawyer is angry, she’s curious.

so she visits the danvers’ camp and that’s when she meets alex danvers.

alex danvers who has custom built every bike kara uses. and who barely blinks when maggie knocks on the side of the trailer and goes “holy shit these are sick bikes.”

“i made them.” alex replies “of course they are.”

and cue maggie sawyer definitely not falling in love with her biggest competitors older sister. oh no, not at all.

except she is.

kara and maggie trade off wins across the motocross circuit, always polite, always laughing and good natured in interviews. and maggie ends up with her coach james having drinks with the danvers after rallys. and what’s some harmless flirting. and like, a kiss. just the one. however there’s a storm brewing in the danvers camp, and after kara loses two races in a row in shocking fashion, maggie is concerned.

thrilled, because winning,

but it’s not fun if your biggest competition isn’t racing well. plus, maggie /cares/ or something.

heavy on the something.

turns out kara’s distracted by alex. alex who is trying so hard to be supportive of her sister, and trying so hard to make karas dream come true. but watching kara live alex’s dream? it’s ripping alex apart.

and on the three anniversary of her accident, it’s the biggest rally of the year and kara drops out. says nothing else, but ‘i’m out for this one ’

maggie goes to find her, but only sees winn. resident tech expert for the danvers camp. maggie asks why kara dropped out and winn goes “I know you two are friends, or something, and you get along really well with alex. so, you deserve to know,

alex is missing.”

maggie’s stomach drops out.

she checks her phone and there’s a message from alex,

alex who’s drunk. alex who’s crying. alex who’s saying she’s trying to be a good sister to kara, but watching kara do this is ripping her apart.

maggie has to make a choice.

compete, probably win and secure her legacy as a legend of motocross.

or drop out,

and go find alex danvers.

james tells her the same thing he tells her before every race - trust your gut.

so maggie drops out.

she calls kara, who picks up at once and splutters “but the race,”

and maggie replies “but alex.”

they find alex, eventually. she’s at the track her dad taught her to ride at. she’s sitting there on her back, laid out on the s curve, looking up at the stars and for the first time since the accident, grieving for what she lost.

it isn’t easy after that - alex goes sober, both kara and maggie have to explain to sponsors what happened, why they dropped out.

[it’s ‘personal reasons’ and 'family stuff’]

and basically this is slow burn sanvers, with girls riding bikes and finding a new path after the world ends.

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let's go for a bike ride find somewhere private and fuck like crazy

Ya know. That’s always been a fun thought in my head xD

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For the date me thing. I'm a femme genderfluid person, 20, I have really big chesnut brown curly hair, brown eyes, and 'dress like a fashionable commune grade school teacher'. I enjoy writing, swimming, soccer, and maybe the odd bike ride if I find my helmet in the mess that is my garden shed. I would take you to sliverwood theme park, specifically so we could go on the train ride and see the buffalo and ride So Many Rollarcoasters.

Wow! Yes! Rollercoasters are awesome! :D
And even the cycling sounds great! :D let’s get that helmet and have a peruse!
But I can’t swim :P so I’ll have to stay on the sidelines otherwise I might sink like a brick and you may be relied upon as a lifeguard!

A Mori Girl's List of Places to Go

Just some places I could see a mori girl visiting and loving. :)

1. The library/a hideaway bookshop (bring a mug of tea and comfy cardigan if possible, for chilly hours of reading)

2. A small cafe or bakery (sip tea or cocoa while eating delicious pastries, reading, or journaling)

3. A local farmer’s market (carry a cute canvas tote bag or wicker basket to carry your goodies, and don’t forget free fruit and cheese samples!)

4. The park/gardens (walk around with your camera or spread a picnic blanket on the grass to read or nap)

5. A thrift/vintage curiosity shop (be prepared to come out with your hands full!)

6. An observatory (especially at night, to look up at the twinkling stars)

7. A craft or yarn store (pick up some supplies for your next art project)

8. A florist (especially a small, sweet one)

9. Speaking of sweet, a macaron or chocolate shop! (Both of which I love)

10. The woods, mountains, or beach, to walk, ride a bike, or find a nice place to sit and read

Hope you enjoyed :) please like/follow for more!

EXO Reaction to You Being Their First Girlfriend {Requested}

“EXO reaction to having you as their first girlfriend~~♡♡”

Here you go anon! :)   

Xiumin: Would write you love notes and tell his mom all about you. He’d be kind of quiet at first but then would become a cute little pumpkin as the relationship progressed.

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Luhan: Would want to tell the whole wide world that he was dating you. His friends would have to tell him to stop and talking about something else but he’d tell them that you were his favorite subject. 

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Kris: Would constantly try to impress you, he would do crazy things even to the point of putting himself in danger if it would esteem him in your eyes. 

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Suho: Would be so caring and loyal to you. Phone conversations would last for hours because neither of you would want to leave the other.

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Lay: Holding hands and cuddles would be his favorite. He’d always have his hands on you and your forehead would be his special kissing place.

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Baekhyun: Would let you know how special you were. He’d take the relationship seriously and even get cute couple rings for the both of you. 

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Chen: Would be so happy that he found you. Just seeing you would make his whole face light up and he’d promise you the world. 

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Chanyeol: Would keep things simple with coffee dates and bike rides. He’d always find a way to make you laugh and you’d feel so comfortable around him.

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D.O.: Would want to be the best boy friend ever and try to take good care of you by always listening to whatever you say and bringing you flowers.

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Kai: Would turn into a cuddle bear whenever you were near. Hugs would always be on his mind and you’d melt every time his strong arms embraced you.

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Tao: Cute kisses would be your special thing. He’d be so proud of you and want to show you off to the world.

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Sehun: Would be so shy when he was with you.He would like you so much and just seeing you would be the highlight of his day.

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Road Warriors: James On The Band's Tour Personalities.
  • Adam (The Messy One): Our tour manager calls him the tornado around the tour bus. He leaves stuff everywhere! He's the type of guy who would leave a spoon with peanut butter on it, just like on the counter or in the sink.
  • James (The Lone Wolf): I'm an introvert. I spend a lot of time reading and working out alone. I'll go on bike rides or find tennis to play in cities we're in. I go off on my own.
  • Jesse (The Zen Master): He's very meticulous in setting the right vibe. When we walk into a room, Jesse's going to instantly adjust the temperature, change the lighting to make it more suitable, turn on the music to the right volume - it's almost like he's trying to seduce you.
  • Mickey (The Cinephile): He's always watching films - not movies, but films. Usually some weird Bulgarian new-wave stuff that you've never even heard of.
  • Matt (The Fair-Weather Sports Fan): He's all about watching the game, whatever it is and whatever season it is. He also plays the most video games.
  • PJ (The Calming Force): We can all be flying around a million miles an hour, but PJ is always the voice of reason. And he's the best musician by far!
  • -Taken from Walmart's 'V' ZinePak.

Prompt: I was deep in thought when I was locking my motorbike and I locked your motorbike with mine. You look kind of pissed but you’re hot.

I think I’ve established by now that I suck at titles.

Alec loves motorcycles. He loves how they look, he loves they sound when they are speeding on the road, he loves the way the wind hits his face and makes his hair fly when he’s riding it. He knows how to handle his bike, he knows every inch of it. His bike was a birthday present from his brother, Jace.

It’s Monday and Alec stops his bike in front of the coffee shop. He is running late and he frantically takes his helmet off (safety first, especially on Mondays). Alec hastily locks his bike and enters the coffee shop to start his shift.

‘Sorry, I’m late,’ he says to Hodge, the owner of the little coffee place, and gets a disapproving look in return.

‘Just grab your apron and get in there,’ Hodge points towards the kitchen.


Monday mornings are usually frantic. Alec is cursing under his breath trying to put everything in order. He had a lot going on. His brother Max was sick, Jace seemed to have forgotten he existed, Izzy was always going out with that nerd boyfriend of hers. His parents are out of town and he has to make sure they have food before he goes out for his shift and-


'I’m coming!’ Alec quickly washes his hands, wipes them on his apron and goes out. Hodge is waiting for him outside the kitchen, his one hand resting on the counter and his eyebrows raised.

'You put a lock someone else’s bike.’


 'Go,’ he gestures with his thumb towards the door.

Alec hastily makes his way across the room and out of the shop. He stops dead in his tracks. A man is leaning against his bike. He has black hair spiked up with…was that glitter? He is handsome, Asian, wearing purple pants and a silk black shirt and a shiny silver vest. Alec blinks at the flamboyant display for a moment before making his way towards the man. The man raises his brows when he sees him and grins,

'I didn’t know locking bikes together was a thing.’

Alec is confused for a moment then looks at the two bikes and groans.

'God, I’m so sorry,’ he says stumbling over his words. 'I wasn’t paying attention and I was late-I’ll unlock it-I’m sorry again.’

He hates the way his cheeks are burning and he’s still apologizing and the guy is very very cute. He quickly unlocks the bike and smiles apologetically.

'What’s your name?’ The man asks, cocking his head. Alec swallows. 'Alexandar, Alec. I’m called Alec.’

Shut up, he thinks.

The man grins, amused.

'Well I’m called Magnus and I think I’ll need more than just an apology. You did make me late for my job.’

Alec looks at Magnus with a horrified expression and Magnus laughs. 

'I didn’t ask you to bring me the moon darling, I was thinking ,maybe, coffee? Dinner? Whatever you prefer and you can tell me about bike. I can see you take good care of it.’

Alec’s eyes lit up at the prospect of talking about his motorbike. He was getting asked out in a parking lot by this very attractive man who apparently shared an interest in motorbikes. Alec suddenly grins nervously, feeling himself getting redder, if that’s possible, and nodded.

'Yeah, yes. My shift finishes in 4 hours. I got my bike as a gift. My sister thinks my obsession with my bike is kind of crazy.’

Magnus smiles at him. 'I find it adorable.’ He suddenly leans forwards and Alec feels his lips brush against his ears. He shivers.  'In fact, we could use that lock for different purposes after the coffee. Though I prefer ties, I think.’ He touches his fingertips to the lock in Alec’s hand.

He winks and steps back to climb on the bike. He speeds up his bike and rides away. Alec finds a paper attached to his motorcycle

You should not pay attention more often.


Magnus Bane.

Ezra comes home from an afternoon bike ride and finds Aria in his apartment.
There’s a pile of clothes on his bed and all the drawers are open.
“What are you doing?” he asks.
“Oh,” Aria replies, “I’m just taking your crap out of my drawer.”
Ezra chuckles, walks over to her and places a chaste kiss on her forehead.
She’s back and Ezra would happily give up all his drawers for her.