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(via Jessi - Lexington Bike Polo | Brian & Sara Turner | Flickr)


The POLO&BIKE Williamsburg is THE urban track bike ! 

Named after the iconic New York Williamsburg bridge area where fixed gear culture was booming, bike messengers slayed traffic and creative minds gathered to explore their limits, the POLO&BIKE Williamsburg is one of our favorite urban track bikes out there! 


Bike polo Girls made in Vlc by Grace García

1. How do you see the female bike polo?

Female bikepolo doesn’t have to be jealous of male bikepolo. As we discovered in the last Hell’s Belles competition, the quality of the female teams are very high. Now we want to improve our game, we want to be as good as them! However, competitions are usually mixed, also the training teams. Even though there are more boys than girls, the number of women playing bike polo is increasing. In Valencia, at first, we were just two girls, now the team are equal.

2. Why a boke polo team?

When we train we don’t have a fixed team, we just play. However, to register for the competition a team was necessary. That’s how we got in touch with one of the Hell’s Belles organizers, Filipa, she didn’t have a team. So, we created “Jamón Ibérico” together.

3. When did you start playing bikepolo?

We are very interested in bikes and we learnt about this sport three years ago. However, people in Valencia played very irregularly at this time and it was one year ago when we started playing more regularly, once or twice for a week.

4. What kind of bike do you ride?

We want to use this moment to clarify that, contrary to popular belief, fixies aren’t the most appropriated bikes to play bikepolo. The best choice is to play with a single speed with front or double brake and with a very short gear ratio. The frame is better if it’s compact and resistant because it’s going to be hit for sure. We both began playing with bikes that we had to replace because we appreciated them. Now we use some old MTB frames and we don’t have any problem if we crash or we fall. Anyway, in the future we hope save some money to buy a frame or bike that meets our specific needs. Like in all sports, as you play, you become more demanding but if you are going to begin to play you can use any bike you have.