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What was Olivia's childhood like? She seemed really happy in that family photo. Is her father's death part of what turned her to the life she lives, or would she have still been the same if he hadn't died?

Olivia actually was a very happy kid!! his death was the main reason for her downward spiral, it was a suicide, she found him and it made her feel like she didn’t matter, life definitely would be different. She was their only child. Her parents spoiled her rotten and sheltered her from any bad in their life. She had no Idea her father was in a biker gang or that missing people on TV were because of him till the very end. she thought he and his friends just liked to ride around on their bikes wearing matching vest  for a while haha. She got along with her mom fine but her dad was her favorite! she loved listening to and collecting old records with him and working on his bikes! Pink Floyd was their fav<3. Olly could probably take his motorcycles to his mom to get them fixed
if he only knew more about her lol

“oh there’s my little shadow”