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Biker! Mikey

As you may or may not know, I’m going to be starting male smuts. As there are male fans along with females and most smuts are based around vaginas and boobs. So I’m doing this…this is my first one for Y/N!male I hope you love it as much as I love writing it!

Words: 2.5k

Warning: smut obv

Summary: Seeing greaser Michael Clifford at a gay bar on a Friday night was unusual. The fact he always described himself as a ladies man and yet here he was..


It was strange to say the least, to watch the ‘lady’s man’ of the town just waltz up in. It was strange because the club you were in is a gay bar. I mean straight people do come in here, but usually with a gay friend to support them. But here he was by himself, a black snapback supporting his head and a pair of black shades even know the club was dimly lit. He was wearing a sexy leather jacket and a white shirt. He had a light stubbly beard around his face and his blonde hair was tucked away under his hat. 

Michael was the ‘bad boy’ of the school, he wasn’t the boy would would go round and pick on people. He was actually quite sweet when it came down to talking to other people. I mean he never usually did go out of his way to talk to people, he was more laid back and would be either fiddling with his motorbike or drawing motorbike designs in his book. He was quite talented with bike’s actually, he knew how to fix them and I know he had quite a few as he’d drive in on different bike with different patterns. He was also known as a ladies man, all the girls would swoon over him but now thinking back he never reciprocated the action.

Michael made his way through the crowd and over to the bar. I was sat at the other end of the bar and watched him intently. The way he would gently smile at the gay men and the lesbians grinding against each other. I looked down at my pink cocktail, it was a sex on the beach one of my favourite cocktails. It wasn’t too strong and was just right, plus the bartender knows what I like. 

I looked over to the dance floor to my friend Liam, he was very camp. Wearing leather pants and a sparkly silver jacket and evident glitter in his blonde hair. I defiantly wasn’t like that, Liam was outrageous and I wasn’t. Although I’m proud to be what I am, i’m defiantly not as wild. Liam was dancing with his boyfriend as I took a gulp of my drink. I looked back over to Michael and he was already smiling at me with his warm green eye’s. I quickly looked away not wanting to cause any drama and I drank the last of my drink watching the alcohol go down in the glass. I felt a presence next to me on the chair and I grabbed the melon slice that was perched on the edge of my glass, not looking to see who it was. I brought it to my lips and sucked onto the juice and bit down into the soft texture, the sweetness hitting the back of my cheeks.

“Hey Y/N” I heard a gruff voice besides me. I coughed on the melon and put the skin on the bar and looked next me. Michael was sat on the wooden stool with a grin on his face as I finished off the melon in my mouth. 

“Hi” I mumbled, the barman came over to me and took my glass.

“Would you like anything else?” he asked leaning on the bar.

“Could I have a glass of Sangria?” 

“Make that two” Michael said besides me slipping the bar man the money. I went to protest but Michael smiled at me and winked slightly. 

“Michael what are you doing here?” I asked shyly, wanting to know why he was actually here was he into guys or was this just amusing him. 

“Can I not sit with you?” 

“N-no I meant like here at the bar, it’s a gay bar?” 

“Yeah I know” he laughed. The barman placed our drinks on the bar and I grabbed mine, twirling the straw around and drinking it.  “S-so are you-”

“Gay? Well..I’m Bi sexual” he cut in. I turned toward him looking at him questioningly and at his lips. They were a beautiful shade of pink contrasting against his white skin. Michael leant toward me and nudged his nose against mine. My breath hitched in my throat as he leant back grabbing his glass and chugging it back. 

“Want to dance with me?” he asked.

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t have asked” he smirked. I drank the rest of my drink feeling myself go a bit woosey but not to drunk, just giggly. Michael held his hand out like a gentleman and I took it feeling tingles travel up my body. Michael took me towards the dance floor and pulled me into him. His hands came to my waist and turned me around so my back was against his chest. 

“You’re such a pretty boy you know that” Michael rasped into my ear, I laughed a little grinding my ass slowly into him. 

“Thank you” I blushed, moving my ass to the music. Michael’s hands were securely on my waist as he tucked his head in my neck. He slowly nipped at my neck, feeling them silky lips against me. I exhaled out as I shut my eye’s feeling one of his hand’s stroke down my waist and onto the front of my trousers. Michael licked over the shell of my ear and tugged on my lobe, getting a small mewl escape from my mouth. I looked over at Liam who was looking at me shocked as he danced, he mouthed an ‘oh my god’ at me. I laughed a little whilst blushing and turned my neck towards Michael. He was looking at me with his dark green eye’s yet they were sparkling due to the strobe lights. I nudged my lips against his and watched his lips turn up into a small smile.  I turned my whole body toward’s Michael and wrapped my arms around his neck. 

“You want to get out of here?” Michael whispered, I nodded my head as he held out his hand. I smiled cheekily taking it as he lead me out the club. 

“My apartment is just a few blocks away” 

“Ok, let’s go to yours” I mumbled, I quickly took out my phone and sent Liam a quick text telling him where I was going before actually feeling the cold air. I tucked my phone back into my pocket and held onto Michael close wanting to warm up my now cold arms.  

“You know I wouldn’t have thought you’d be into guys, you’re such a lady’s man” I teased, poking at his side 

“Well look’s can be perceiving” He smiled looking down at me. I fluttered my eyelashes as he smirked and wrapped his arm around my body. We made our way to his apartment and I leant on the door as he unlocked it, the key clicking to the left. He stood there looking at me and leant in close, sending shivers down my body. “You’re also an extremely sexy man and I can’t resist” I let out a gulp as he pushed me back into the apartment. 

We stumbled on in as he grabbed my ass picking me up, his hands squeezing it in his palms. I let out a yelp as he took me to his room, not before smashing his lips against mine. He had the most pure pink lips as the moved against mine. He set me down in his room as I pushed off his leather jacket, it making a loud thump noise. He snickered grabbing my face and kissing me deeply, his tongue invading my mouth. He moved his hands from my face down to the bottom of my t-shirt and he tugged onto it. I pulled back from Mikey and pulled my shirt over my head. 

“Wow” he breathed stroking his hand down my chest, his hand came back on my hip and puled me towards him. He pressed his delicious lips back to my letting out a whine and pushed me back to his bed. I sat back as Michael towarded over me, he detached our lips again as he took off his top, his hat falling off in the process.

“You want to suck my cock pretty boy?” Mike mewled, I instantly felt my dick twitch at his words becoming hard from the statement. He undone his trousers pulling them down his legs and stood still, giving me a smirk. I gasped at his size and grabbed my crotch squeezing it. He teasing stroked the base of his cock as I leant forward on the bed, crawling towards him. I kissed his tip, poking my tongue out of my lips to lick over it slightly. 

“C’mon Y/N” I smirked taking his tip into my mouth and swirling my tongue around. Michael put his hand at the back of my head and pushed me down onto him. I took his long cock down my throat and moaned around him, my nose touching the small hairs on the top of his cock. I pulled back and bobbed my head onto him. He whimpered, his hips slowly thrusting into my mouth. I made sure to wiggle my tongue around and flick it over his balls when I went down deep enough. Michael pulled me by my hair and leant down kissing the side of my lips. I smiled licking over my lips, tasting the pre-cum that was left lingering. 

“Lay back” he moaned, I did as I was told leaning back onto the bed. Michael stroked his hand’s up my jeans, and pulled down the zipper feeling it run against my boner. He un-done the button feeling the pressure of my bulge be released. Michael pulled down my jean’s as I kicked them off my feet. He leant down toward my tummy placing a kiss above the waistband of my boxers before pinging them against my skin. I squealed kicking his thigh lightly, he smiled against my skin licking down my stomach. He pulled them down my legs whilst kissing down the path my underwear took. My cock sprung up and Michael let out a breath kissing the bottom of my balls. 

“It’s so perfect” He adored stroking up it, my tummy clenched as he tore my underwear off my legs. Mike circled his thumb over the tip and around the head. He swiped his thumb over the small bead of pre-cum and ran it down my dick with his fist. I thrusted my hips up into his hand, it moving along my dick. He tucked his head between my thighs sucking onto my balls. I ran my fingers through my hair rolling my hips into his touch. He jerked off my cock as he sucked onto the base of it, licking around it. I ran my hands over my body whilst feeling the pleasure of Michael’s tongue.  He licked down over my hole and prodded my entrance, licking around. My hips juttered upwards as Mike moaned into me. I felt like I was in heaven with the constant pleasure of Michael’s tongue. 

“Michael please” I whined, he smirked kissing my hole before kissing up my thighs and over my dick. He moved his body so he could kiss up my chest, he placed his hands either side of my face and leant down kissing my lips. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck mushing our faces together, Michael giggled into my lips and grinded his cock into mine. 

“Oh fuck” I moaned, my eye’s rolling back. Michael moved my head to the side and kissed down my jaw, sucking onto my neck. He reached for his cock, moving his body back and pushing his tip into me. He kept sucking onto my neck as he pushed his full length into me. I whined, gripping a hold of his hair as he slurped the hickey into my neck. 

“You ok?” He said raising up his head and moving his body slowly, so his dick slid along my wall’s. My hole stretched right out at the feeling of him, he was so big and thick. He slowly rocked into me, my ass clenching around him. He shut his eye’s in pleasure as he picked up the pace. I let out little hisses as he pecked my lips every time he filled me up. I stroked my finger over his lips as he kissed it. I arched my back so he could grind into me. It felt so nice to be filled up, with his balls slapping against the bottom of my back. 

“You like that baby boy?” He groaned, I nodded my head looking up into his green eye’s. He sat up straight slowly thrusting into me as he lifted up both my leg’s up and over his shoulders so my ass was off the bed. He rammed into me at a lower angle hitting a new area within my ass. His hands came to my thighs which were resting on his chest and I squeezed my feet against his neck. He shut his eye’s as I watched his cock disappear into my ass. He quickened his pace back up and I felt his tip graze my prostate. 

“Mikey right there” I whimpered. Michael’s eye’s opened as he watched me come loose below him. I tried to thrust up into Michael’s pace feeling his tip scrape against every right place. I placed my hand over my mouth and moaned into it as I felt my belly crumble and my orgasm start to build up rapidly. Michael reached down for my cock and fisted his hand onto it. I shivered feeling his cold hand wrap around me and tug onto it. I was overwhelmed with pleasure and I knew Michael knew I was close as he sped up his actions squeezing my dick. I clutched onto the bed sheet and came, the spurts of cum spurting all over my tummy. He kept thrusting into me, ravishing my hole. 

“Fuck Y/N” Michael groaned, he flung my legs down taking his cock out from my ass. I whined, feeling the emptiness now and watched him jerk himself off. He pumped himself at an unholy pace, suddenly everything tensed and his cum squirted all over my stomach along with my cum. Michael smiled weakly down at me and let go of his cock. He grabbed a tissue from the box next to the bed and wiped up my stomach, it collected most of the cum but he had to use a second tissue. After he thrown them in the bin he collapsed next to me, tucking his arm under me and resting his head on mine. 

“You know, I’ve always kinda always had a thing for you” Michael stated stroking over my hip. I smiled tilting my chin up towards him, his other hand came towards my jaw as he kissed me sweetly. When we detached our lips, I bit my lip as Michael pecked my forehead and we laid there the rest of the night. 

Animal crossing new content suggestions

I went through the tags and what people on here think should be in the next animal crossing and I’ve decided to make a huge list:

A bakery extension for the coffee shop
Bat villagers
Dolphin/seal villagers
Female lion villagers
Red panda villagers
More types of dog villager
Dino villagers
Humming bird/ bee/ ladybird/ butterfly villagers
Tree houses for bird/bat/insect villagers
Being able to go underwater and visit fish/marine mammal villagers
More public works projects
More custom furniture
More villagers per town
If you have space in your town Isabelle arrives at your door when you turn on and tells you that someone wants to move in, you can choose if you want them to move in or not and you then go and choose the place that the villager has their plot (like when choosing a character’s house)
More storage space
A mini back garden with special garden furniture
A balcony for your house
More rooms in the house
More house exteriors
More types of fruit trees
Vegetable patches where you can grow cabbages, carrots, potatoes etc
Working ovens and fridges where you can make food/bake food and store fruit and food
Recipe book to make food
Cow/goat villagers give you cheese and milk to make food
Chicken/duck villagers give you eggs for food
Hybrids are easier to make
Being able to make more custom clothes/accessories
Bigger towns with more open spaces
Lakes that you can swim in
In the winter the lakes freeze so you can ice skate on then
Larger islands with more tours
Be able to send letters to people in other towns
Shelves that you can place items on
Curtains for windows
Rotatable patterns
More pattern spaces
Bikes, roller skates, ice skates
Online retail
Bigger wallet
More pocket space
Hair accessories
More hair options/ have a hair catalogue
Choose skin tone
Swim suits for characters and villagers
Hills and slopes not just cliffs
Separate storage for tools
Place things on paths
Journals and to-do lists
More special character interactions
Being able to choose what you say to villagers
More town events
Snowball fights
Stacking flowers into a bouquet
Headphones to listen to K.K.songs
More house details eg. Lights and decals
More mini games (like working for Brewster)
Back accessories eg. Wings, backpacks, capes
Shy, nerdy, boy/girl next door villagers
Shop on main street for balloons, pinwheels and ice cream
Harvestable berry bushes
Customisable villagers
Custom animal ears for characters
Custom animal tails for characters
Be able to sell designs to characters in game over wifi
Theme park
Allow editing to QR codes
Can put QR codes in ables display
Villagers pay more to PWP
More ordinances
Create your own events
Custom shoes/socks
Choose night wear at dream suit
Different town terrain eg. Dessert, forest

Tell me your thoughts and any other ideas you may have and I’ll add them to my list