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Here is my contribution for @mores2sl, fall edition :)

Rated M !

Story betaed by the talented and lovely @jazzfic

Why is it so hard to find motivation? Katniss wondered, struggling with the goddam bike. Maybe level 12 was a bit too high, maybe her lungs and thighs weren’t about to give up, begging for a reprieve or a slower pace.

But she really, really didn’t want to slow down. It wasn’t a question of stubbornness (well, just a bit), or pride, it had everything to do with the man on the treadmill next to her. The man running on the treadmill in his shorts, his tee-shirt wet with sweat, his blonde hair a total mess, and his earphones the same color of his eyes. Because, yes, she noticed his eyes when he had hopped onto his machine and nodded at her.

Katniss had never agreed more with the poster saying “Sweat is sexy” than she did when she looked at this stranger running next to her. She usually wasn’t into the American poster boy type, but this one had something appealing about him. She risked another glance at him (not that she was counting), noticing the drops of sweat running along his neck. Yeah, sweat definitely could be sexy.

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Hiplock Bike Lock 

Have a look at Hiplok Dand tell us whether this lock has absolutely everything you need. Developed by company Plus 8 Industries Ltd, Hiplok D is a combination of a high quality chain lock and a mini D-lock (also known as a U lock). This lock is compact, easy and convenient to carry, and strong.


NEW! ABUS Bordo Combo 6100- Folding Bike Lock

We are presenting you with the ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 folding bike lock which will provide you with an excellent degree of safety and which looks pretty cool as well.