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A couple kisses while fallen on the ground during the Vancouver riots in June 2011.

Marlene Dietrich kisses a GI as he arrives home from World War II in 1945.

A soldier hangs out of a train to kiss his girl.

Marissa Gaeta kisses her girlfriend Citlalic Snell for the tradition of “first kiss” in December 2011.

Sgt. Brandon Morgan kissed his partner Dalan Wells upon his return from sea in February 2012.

A couple kisses on a bike.

cold || b.b

Relationship: Biker!Bucky x reader

Summary: You’re in the shop with Bucky as he works on fixing up his bike, getting colder by the minute, until you decide to ask Bucky to warm you up. 

Warnings: smut {18+}, fluff

Word Count: 963

A/N: wow this is a thought I can get behind….

“Bucky I’m freezing,” you whined as you wrapped your arms around yourself, the large sleeves on Bucky’s sweater providing a bit of extra warmth as you watched him work on his bike, something you could never quite understand. 

“Darlin’ I told ya it gets chilly in the shop,” he chuckled as he turned to face you, the white tank top he was wearing was now slightly stained with various stains, “you also said you’d be in here for an hour,” you chid back, “and it’s been two and a half hours,” you whined as Bucky took a few steps closer to you. 

“It’s not like I intended on my bike breaking, now did I, darlin’?” He smirked as you rolled your eyes, turning your head to your right, “no,” you mumbled as his large warm hands went to rest on your hips, “now I promise it’s almost done and then we’ll go straight home,” he said, voice soft as your eyes met his, nodding at his words. 

“And we can climb right into the warm bed and cuddle, how’s that sound?” He asked as you smiled, nodding your head again, “alright you’ve redeemed yourself, Barnes,” you joked as he pressed a kiss to your nose noticing just how cold it was. 

“Come,” he said, leading you towards the bike and placing you on top of it before wrapping his arms around your waist, “there,” he smiled, “now you’ll be sitting on top of leather instead of steel,” he chuckled as you buried your head in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent. 

“Darlin’ you needa let go if ya ever wanna get home,” he said softly, feeling the vibrations of his chuckle against your own chest, “but I’m cold,” you whined again as you he heard him sigh, “I know darlin’ I’m sorry, if I had somethin’ else ta’give ya I would,” he said sweetly as you looked up at him with a slight smirk. 

Bucky cocked his head to the side, “I know that look, what is it?” He asked as you wrapped your arms around his torso, “well there’s something you could give me,” you said quietly, your tone a little suggestive. 

“Well spit it out darlin’,” he smiled as a blush crept onto your face, “you could give me, uh,” you started before dropping your head down, Bucky soft touched reassuring you, “an orgasm?” Your words came out more as a question rather than a statement as a huge grin spread on Bucky’s face. 

“What was that darlin’?” He teased as you pressed your head against Bucky’s warm chest, “you heard me,” you said, your words slightly muffled, “I hate to break it to ya doll, but I’m gonna have t’ask you to repeat yourself,” Bucky teased further as you groaned. 

You took a deep breath before locking eyes with Bucky’s, “I said, you could give me an orgasm,” as Bucky’s eyes clouded with lust, “there’s my girl,” he chuckled deeply before connecting his lips with yours in a rough kiss, pressing his body against your clothed core. 

You whimpered against his lips as his teeth took your bottom lip, tugging and biting it as his hands slipped under the sweater and shirt your were wearing, rubbing the warm skin with his slightly calloused hands. 

You let out a rather loud moan as one of Bucky’s fingers pressed against your clothed clit, making him chuckle against your lips, “is that what you needed, babydoll?” He cooed as you nodded your head, your fingers latching onto his locks. 

His fingers skimmed the waistband of the leggings you were wearing before finally slipping his hand under your leggings, rubbing your clit through the material of your underwear, “I need’ta hear you darlin’,” he whispered, “talk to me sweetheart,” his husky voice made you whimper as you dropped your head against his shoulder. 

“Jus’ like that,” you moaned as his fingers continued their work on your clit, “you want more,” he egged as your hips bucked against his fingers, “m’yes,” you panted out as his fingers stopped before sliding under the waistband of your panties. 

His fingers slowly ran through your folds, collecting your wetness, “fuck you’re always so ready for me, darlin’,” he groaned as his fingers teased your entrance making you mewl, “Buck please, no teasin’,” you panted as his lips connected with yours, swallowing your moans as two fingers slipped inside of you. 

He found a steady pace, his fingers going as deep as they could before almost leaving you completely. You found yourself gripping his biceps as his palm worked against your clit, bringing you to your orgasm faster than you thought possible. 

Oh God,” you moaned, throwing your head back as your walls clenched and pulsated around his fingers, “let go for me, babydoll,” Bucky whispered against your neck, leaving kisses there as your orgasm crashed around you making your toes curl as your head spun. 

Your eyes opened as you began calming down meeting Bucky’s caring ones, “ya okay there, darlin’?” He asked as you nodded, a loopy smile making its way onto your face, “better than okay,” you giggled as he gently removed his fingers making you whimper slightly, still sensitive. 

“Think you can let me work on my bike so we can get home where I can give you a couple more orgasms?” He winked, wrapping his arms around your waist, pressing a kiss to your lips, “better work quick then, I’m getting cold again,” you teased as Bucky knelt down by the bike, kissing your thighs before picking up a wrench. 

“I’ll make sure ta’work quick then, babydoll,” he winked before getting to work on the last couple parts as you watched him from your seat, anticipating the moment you both got home. 

The Marauders Being Fathers Would Include...

A/N: a tad late because i was busy but yesterday was father’s day and i thought this was necessary lol. happy father’s day to all the father’s out there! i hope you guys enjoy this :) some are longer than others oops

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J A M E S  P O T T E R : 

- Does tricks (like the classic dad ‘i can balance my baby on my hand above my head’ trick™) with your baby that scare the hell out of you and everyone around you

- Always gets up in the middle of the night in the first few months so you don’t have to because, “Love, please, you carried her/him for nine months. Get some rest. It’s my turn now.” 

- Piggy back rides 

- Turning your child into a sarcastic little shit that acts just like him

- Makes tons of dad jokes

- Very protective of his family, and maybe sometimes a little over protective of your child 

- Has a handshake with your child 

- Makes sure your child has all the newest toys and games (mostly because he wants to play with them) 

- Freaks out when he/she is sick

- Always apologizes first after fights 

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R E M U S  L U P I N : 

- Definitely dances with your toddler in the living room, her/him standing on Remus’ feet as he waddles around to muggle Christmas music in front of a warm fire while you watch from the couch with your cup of hot cocoa 

- Bedtime stories 

- Making breakfast in bed for mummy every Sunday 

- He’s the one your child goes to for advice

- “Y/N, do you think I’m a good dad?” 

- Thinks chocolate solves everything 

- Making your child think he/she is actual royalty, making for some very difficult teenage years 

- Sharing the same music taste and having jam sessions all the time 

- “You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend/girlfriend until you’re 36.”

- Establishing lots of trust with your child

- Being the favorite parent

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S I R I U S  B L A C K :

- Cool dad™

- “No! Sirius, stop! Our newborn baby is not leaving this hospital in a leather jacket and you’re not attaching his/her car seat to your bike!” 

- Butterfly kisses 

- Sends Howlers to boys/girls that hurt his baby and raises hell 

- He’d never let you forget that your child’s first word was ‘daddy’ and not ‘mummy’ 

- Extreme birthday parties because Sirius is still such a kid at heart

- Getting a tattoo of his/her name 

- Scarring your child for life with all his perverted comments

- Writing your child all the time while they were away at Hogwarts 

- Hella laid back

- Deciding nightlights are too mainstream, and casts patronuses until your child is asleep

- Making sure his child spends lots of time with their uncles 

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Request: Can I get an imagine with Tig where Im his old lady and we’ve been apart for a while for whatever reason, and it gets smutty?

Sexy Tiggy guys! 😉

Warning: Smut, smut, and more smut!


Two months. That is the amount of time you had been away from your old man, and you almost couldn’t bare it any longer. It was a tough time for SAMCRO, and this run had taken longer than expected, with a lot of problems along the way.

You were sitting at the bar in the clubhouse, much like you did most days the past two months since Tig had been on the run. You were swirling your favorite drink around in the cup when Tara set next to you. “What are you doin’ here? You asked her.

“You didn’t hear?” she asked and continued when she noticed your quizzical look, “The guys are coming home today, Y/N. Tig is coming home.”

“Holy shit,” you said, smiling widely, “That’s awesome.”

She laughed, “they should be here soon.”

You were swelling with excitement at the news Tara had just delivered. Your heart jumped over the moon when you heard the sound of bikes pulling into the lot. You walked outside alongside Tara, who was just as excited for Jax to be home.

Tig’s face lit up when he laid eyes on you, and he realized just how much he had missed you while he was gone. You ran straight into his arms as soon as he was off of his bike and kissed him with all of the built up passion from the two months apart. Ending the kiss, you asked, “Why in the hell didn’t you tell me you were coming home?”

He laughed and slung his arm around you, “I wanted to surprise ya, baby, be romantic and shit.”

You rolled your eyes and giggled before whispering, “Why don’t you show me just how romantic you are?”

You screamed as he threw you over his shoulder and ran with you through the crowd of SOA members and their families, earning whistles from all of the guys.

No time was wasted when Tig got you in his apartment. He immediately threw you on the bed and stood back, looking at you. “What are you looking at?” you asked.

He sighed, “Just takin’ it all in. It’s been a while.”

You raised up, grabbing him by his belt buckle and began to undo it, “There’s no time for talking, Mr. Trager.”

He smirked as he watched you pull his pants and underwear down, revealing his already bulging erection. He leaned down to kiss you as you rubbed your hand up and down repeatedly, making Tig growl as you picked up pace. He took your hands and pushed you back onto the bed before slowly sliding your pants off.

“mmm, someone’s already ready for me aren’t ya baby?” he asked, referring to your already wet underwear.

“Mhmm,” you mumbled as he hooked his fingers in your panties and slid them down.

“I missed you so much,” he told you, placing wet kisses up your left leg until he reached your core. You moaned as he slowly rubbed his tongue along your folds. He started out slowly but picked up speed when you bucked your hips and tangled your hands in his curls. You reached your release with a loud groan before pulling Tig’s face up to yours and kissing him hard.

“Oh Tiggy,” you moaned as he positioned himself at your opening before entering you quickly, each thrust with more emotion than the next. Tig groaned as you ran your fingernails down his back, surely leaving marks behind. He reached his release shortly after, continuing to thrust until you reached your as well. Tig kissed you before moving to lay down next to you, pulling you on top of him.

“God I love you Y/N,” he told you, running his nails up and down your arm in a soothing manner.

“I love you too, Alex.”

[keith standing outside his fencing practice, angsting in the heavy rain to set the mood as he stares down at his phone and watches each minute tick by, each minute making lance later and later to pick him up]

lance, huffing and puffing, drenched and sweating, pulling up on his mum’s pedal bike with a basket on the back that he expects Keith to sit in, and that keith will most definitely sit in; he smirks at keith, even as his body shakes from the cold and overuse, giving him a shakey two fingered salute: the hero has arrived – sorry my car broke down so i had to steal my mum’s bike so i could pick you up
keith, not meeting lance’s eyes [mumbles]: i thought you’d skipped out on me
lance: *gasp*
lance: *puts hands on keith’s shoulders*
keith, still stunned every time by lance’s touch even though they’ve been dating for five months: *gasp*
lance, sincerely, hands still on Keith’s shoulders, looking deeply into his eyes: i would never skip you, you’re like leg day
keith, tears in his eyes, pulling lance off the bike so he can kiss him [fondly]: lance, that doesn’t even make sense, you don’t go to the gym, what are you even talking about, i love you so much-