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“Why are you scared?“ 

Why am I scared… like it’s such an easy question to answer. This world we live in is such an absolutely terrifying place. To begin, some babies never even see the light of day. Souls forming and twisting into life, snatched away before they even get a chance to take a breath, to make someone smile when their eyes light up or they drool on their own little tiny baby clothes. Kids die of cancer every day. Before they take their first steps. Before they learn how to make a PB and J. Before they ride a bike. Kiss a boy. Get their heart broken by said boy. Read many books and go to many beaches, feel the sand between their toes and look at blue blue skies. Before they find someone like you, who makes their heart beat fast, makes them feel like they’re flying, marries them and has a family and grows old with said person. And feels the pain of losing them, eventually, after a lifetime together. Instead, they die in a hospital bed, with their Mum’s tears soaking their bed sheets and their Dad trying to hold it together, be the tough guy. That family will leave that hospital, at some point, and try to go out into the world. Live a life with this human shaped hole. It never heals, that kind of loss. Car crashes kill loved ones every day. When will someone I love die in a crash? Who knows. I worry every time you leave the house, or leave work, that you’ll never make it back to me. That your plane will crash. That your mobile phone will blow up in your face. Your bus or train will catch fire. My Mum might trip down the stairs. My Dad might stumble and crack his head on a table in the study at 11am because he couldn’t sleep, the last pages of his book teasing him from his bed. My Mum won’t find him until morning. My little sister might get stabbed on her way home from the clubs. There are kids dying in countries overseas, starving to death or dying of something as simple as a cold. Why? Because unluckily for them, their soul was dumped into a body born there. In a poor world. And I was lucky enough to be born into this body, growing up in a privileged home in a privileged country. With a full education and plenty of money to get by, plenty of food on the table. That was not because I am better than they, it is just a simple luck thing. And it’s miserable. It’s so hard to live with that weight on your shoulder. That I’m sitting here, freaking out about all of this shit that could happen, while that kid is sitting there wanting to cry, but having to carry water for miles and miles to his family. So hungry it hurts. And I’m here crying because I can’t help anybody. I can’t do anything for anyone. I can’t do much. But I feel all of this. And it is all consuming. The weight of the world is too much for one person to carry, and yet we all must carry it alone anyway. All carrying our own world’s worth of pain with us every day. One day, when I am free, I will float. And I will be still, and at peace. Until then, I will carry it best I can.

—  My head // today, 10 p.m. 
Soda becomes vodka. Bikes become cars. Kisses turn into sex. Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a helmet? When the worst things you could get from boys were cooties? Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on earth and mum was your hero? Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest. War was only a card game. And the only drug you knew was cough medicine. When wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? And we couldn’t wait to grow up.

im such a domestic girl, like my soul is.. all i daydream of is a calm loving future w/ my wife and a beautiful home … doing all the chores together and decorating and cooking and biking together, kissing sweetly and leaving notes for each other! my whole heart wants nothing more than a Home