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here’s a masterlist of the spotify stranger things playlists ( enjoy ! ):

Mad Max’s Sk8 Sessions

Hopper’s Nighttime Drive

Will’s Castle Byers Classics

Demogorgon’s Upside Downers

Steve’s Morning Hair Grooves

Mike’s Bassment Beats

Nancy’s Slaylist

Joyce’s Halloween House Party

Dustin’s Curiosity Door Jams

Billy’s Pedal To The Metal

Jonathan’s Outsider Looking In

Lucas’ Bike Around Tracks

Eleven’s Breakfast Jams

Stranger Things Spotify Playlists

I don’t know about you guys but I scouerd the entire internet to find all of the Stranger Things playlists so I’ve decided to just make a list of them for any other fans that would like them!

Mike’s Bassment Beats

Will’s Castle Byers Classics 

Dustin’s Curiosity Door Jams

Lucas’ Bike Around Tracks

Eleven’s Breakfast Jams

Mad Max’s Sk8 Sessions

Billy’s Pedal to the Metal

Steve’s Morning Hair Grooves

Nancy’s Slaylist

Jonathan’s Outsider Looking In

Joyce’s Halloween House Party

Hopper’s Nighttime Drive

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would you guys want a part2


Prologue: in which a girl is injured and sees some boys and a girl gets help from them who knew that an injury a call for help would start a friendship…with the losers club
AN: Hey this is my first ever kind of imagine or fanfiction on tumblr I did one on wattpad but never here so I decided to switch hope you guys enjoy feed back would be really amazing you can send requests and anything messages and everything

I wake up to the sound of my brother and probably my mom dancing to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ I can hear the laughter of my brother. I go downstairs see my mom and my brother in their pajamas dancing. I also join them. At this moment you are probably thinking “what a perfect day” thats what i thought too…well i guess i was wrong

2 hours later

I get out of my dance practice amd cycle home. Listening to Take On Me. Trust me if I wasn’t on a bike I would jam to this song. I come home in 10 minutes I see my brother watching a kid show on his own. My mom usually isnt home thats why I like the mornings she is there. It breaks my heart everytime I see my brother alone by himself

“Hey buddy!” I say and mess up his hair. He jumps and hugs me plays with my hair. “Can we please go to the lake sis?” he gives me a puppy face “Ok we will” he starts jumps off of me and starts jumping around and running.

sometime after them going to the lake and having fun

I get out of the lake put on an oversized tshirt ger the stuff ready to go. “Y/B/N come on it’s time to go now.” no noise. “Y/B/N!”. I wouldn’t normally freak out he is a kid he gets distracted VEry easily. But when there is a kidnapper around you have “Y/B/N come out!” I look around no sign of him. “God please no”

I go down to the lake put on my backpack and start looking for him shouting his name on top of my lungs. Still no voice,no “Hey I found a lizard!”. He was gone. I start to get faster and slip I hit my knee to a starts bleeding. Really bad. I walk a little more and see a girl and five boys.

“Help! Please!”. I see Bev and she looks at me starts running “Oh My God Y/N! What happened?” “My brother he is gone!”
Bev looks at me with pity “Lets get you some medical care ok.”

She helps me go up to the rock. I was too focused on my knee that I didn’t notice the boys were actually the losers club. They were all stating at me and I was staring at them until Bev touched my wound.

Bev looked at me with apologetic eyes understanding the pain I had. Let me give a little information about Stanley Uris also known as my crush who never noticed me or did. The only person who knew this was my best friend Rebekah because she is the only one that I trusted.
“Dude how did you do that!” Richie yelled. Looking down at my wound calming down “I was looking form my brother then I slipped and this happend” showing him the wound well technically everyone “Do something guys stop acting like a four year old that saw blood fort he first time.” Bev says. Eddie looks at her with disbelief “You know that we can get…” and he just starts listing the diseases
Bev covers up the wound “Thank you Bev” I say slightly smiling. After talking they decide to go to their friend Ben’s house they start to get ready when Bev gets dressed she asks “Wanna join?” she asks with hope “I need to tell my mom…if she gets home.” . I wish didn’t say that with such sadness I don’t like when people pity me I know my state and before you knew how I was doing I was doing great. “D-Do you h-have a ride?” Bill says “Well its all the way up there” I say pointing to the place where I left my bicycle
“I can give you a ride.” says Stanley out of the blue everyone looks at him. “She is my neighbor I can make her go home” says looking at me then looks at everyone “You guys wait until I drop her off. Wait me at the library.” Everyone nods at him.
We get on his bicycle “You comfortable?” You have no idea how comfortable I am right now I think “Yeah I’m good” he cycles faster than I do so it’ll be easier to go

Coming to Y/N’s house
He helps me walk to my house.
“Thank you so much.”
“No problem.” He turns his back and starts walking I turn back.
“Hey Y/N!” he  shouts “Hang out with us tomorrow.”
This is how I offically meet the Losers Club and probably the only people that I’ll be spending my summer with…

art by @lelelego who was lovely and amazing and absolute perfection to work with <3

Close Quarters - 13

The inciting incident, the day Virgil broke John’s arm, had been the fact that John didn’t believe it when Virgil said that Scott told him that you could flip a bike over by jamming a stick through the spokes of its front wheel. They’d gone round and round the hypotheticals for a while, a lazy afternoon spent lying in the grass beneath the tree with the treehouse and the tire swing, before they’d eventually (inevitably) come to the conclusion that the only way to be sure was to actually test the theory.

So, after duly apprising Grandpa Grant of their intended destination, if not their intended experiment, it had been out to the long strip of rough dirt road that ran between the fallow field behind the barn, and the neighbouring wheat field, belonging to the neighouring farm. A dried out irrigation ditch ran the whole length of one side of it, and a rickety post and rail fence still existed along about a thirty yard stretch on the opposite side. It had been John’s admission that, given that he’d been the one to insist upon the experiment, it was only fair that he be the one to ride the bike, even if he very easily could’ve compelled Virgil to be the guinea pig. But instead Virgil had dutifully selected a sturdy looking piece of wood from the trailed off end of the fence, and the necessary conditions for the experiment had been met.

What followed was predictable by the standards of common wisdom, and also answered a question that would have been easily and immediately answered if it had been put to their Grandpa Grant. But instead their answer had been John, scraped and bruised and screaming, curled up around a fractured forearm, and Virgil, on his hands and knees at his brother’s side, and almost as frightened and upset, if not even a little bit hurt.

anonymous asked:

Omorashi! \*o*/ God bless you May I request an OtaYuri omorashi where Yurio is riding on the back of Otabek's motorcycle and soon he has to desperately pee. Otabek stops by an alley so that Yurio can relieve himself~

Anonymous: I need some Yurio omo and I haven’t seen much people write about it lately QAQ Do you mind writing one? ; v ;

I don’t usually like combining requests but I’ve got a lot of YOI ones at the moment. I hope this is okay for you! Sorry all these are taking so long. I can imagine Yurio’s fans corner him like this all the time (if he was real I’d totally be one of Yuri’s Angels, haha).

Yurio ducked behind a corner hastily, yanking down his hood to cover his face. He heard his phone buzz with a message - Otabek would be here in five minutes. Only five more minutes to stay hidden from the group of manic fans squealing his name.

Yurio tried to be nice to the Angels, he really did, but they were just utterly relentless in their pursuit of him. He’d been ambushed by a group of eager girls as he was making his way to the toilet after practise. After fifteen minutes of autographs and photos and inappropriate questions about his love life, Yurio had dashed off desperately to hide, calling Otabek to beg for a lift home.

Yurio never had been able to go pee, and now the need was becoming impossible to ignore, bad enough to cause an aching pain in his stomach. He hopped from foot to foot uncomfortably, hoping he’d be able to wait until he got home.

Yurio heard the rasp of a motorbike approaching and sighed with relief, moving out of his hiding spot. Otabek gave him a small smile when he spotted the blond, tossed Yurio a helmet and waited for him to clamber onto the back of the bike.

“Thank you,” Yurio mumbled, wrapping his arms around Otabek’s waist.

“No problem. I wouldn’t leave you to the tender mercies of the Angels. They’d tear you apart,” he chuckled, starting up the bike.

It didn’t take long for Yurio to realise that getting on the motorbike was a bad idea. It was the worst possible position for the blond when he needed to pee so badly, unable to press his thighs together as his legs straddled the bike, unable to jam a hand between his legs without risking toppling off. Yurio held his body tense, praying he could make it back.

Otabek couldn’t help but notice that Yurio was fidgeting a great deal behind him, even though the teenager was trying his best to be subtle about it. Every so often Yurio would squeeze Otabek’s waist a little tighter, as if in pain, and the older boy heard the teenager wince a few times over the roar of the engine. It was clear something was bothering the blond, but since Otabek couldn’t exactly twist round to enquire while driving, the boys continued on in silence.

Yurio was shaking with the effort of keeping control, his eyes squeezed shut as he pressed his face into Otabek’s back. They weren’t even halfway home yet - it was looking less and less likely that Yurio would be able to hold it until then.

Even so, the teenager was far too stubborn and proud to alert Otabek. He suffered in painful silence - until a sudden pothole jolted Yurio in his seat, and the teenager felt himself leak a little.

Yurio gasped in horror and began frantically tapping at Otabek’s stomach, urging him to stop. Otabek pulled over, peering back at Yurio quizzically. Yurio flushed scarlet.

“I have to pee. Like, right now,” he said, his teeth clenched. Otabek saw the desperation in Yurio’s eyes and quickly started up the bike again.

“Hold on,” he said, and drove quickly and rather erratically until they found a dark alleyway, quiet and still. Otabek drove into the gloom and stepped off the bike, leaving Yurio sitting at the back.

As much as he needed to go, Yurio hesitated, perched in his seat. He didn’t think he’d be able to swing his leg up and over to step off the bike without losing control completely - and he couldn’t wet his pants in front of Otabek. He’d die of embarrassment.

Otabek seemed to understand the boy’s problem, gripping Yurio under the armpits and hauling him up off the bike in one swift movement. Yurio was far too humiliated to thank him. He staggered over to a dark corner, yelling at Otabek over his shoulder.

“Don’t you dare watch me! Keep the engine of your bike going, I don’t want you listening!”
Otabek obeyed with an amused grin.

Although Yurio was horribly embarrassed to be peeing in a public place with his best friend a few meters away, it was an unbelievable relief to let go. His knees felt weak as he heaved a contented sigh, the intense pressure in his bladder releasing.

When he’d finished, he returned to Otabek rather sheepishly, his cheeks flushed with humiliation.

“Thanks,” he muttered, as he climbed back onto the bike. Otabek shrugged nonchalantly, trying to ease Yurio’s embarrassment. Yurio huffed angrily as Otabek revved up the bike again.

“Goddamn Angels wouldn’t even let me take a piss in peace.”

What I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses

Hufflepuff: playful laughter, the warm sun beating down on your face as you look to the sky, cloud watching, letting a handful of soft sand sift between your fingers, the smell of bread baking, handfuls of colorful flowers, long and tangled hair, a shy smile, warm woolen mittens, the feeling of a forgotten word slowly coming back to you, daydreaming, chasing butterflies, a basket of clean laundry, tall grass rustling in the breeze, the smack of flip-flops on pavement, cuddling in a nest of blankets, blank paper, chirping birds at sunrise, spinning in circles until you feel dizzy, bright yellow umbrellas, a lullaby, a small footpath wending through the forest, the shine of lip gloss, bendable straws, the creak of old wood, holding hands on the first date, gentle kisses, telling the truth, ripping a piece of gum in half, the clack of marbles, scribbling hearts in a notebook, afternoon tea, sweat cooling on your brow, lit candles, sliding your tongue across the inside of your cheek, popping the last bit of candy into your mouth, mismatched socks, uncomfortably long hugs, little shoes lined up in a row, scuffed sneakers, untying the bow on a present, a partially visible rainbow, a rose-colored blush, and a patchwork quilt sent from home.

Slytherin: life in the big city, the numbness of diving into the ocean, blood-red lipstick, black lace, a half moon at midnight, the tingling scent of pine needles, black and white photographs, nails tapping on the desk, a symphony of crickets, the edge of a blade, ornate mirrors, empty rooms, jewel-toned ballgowns, the flash of lightning during a rainstorm, loose change, seeing your breath on a cold day, a strong hand upon your shoulder, family heirlooms, a bottle of alcohol, brushing the dark velvet stage curtain before the show begins, the fluid stroke of a paintbrush, 3 am, touching cold marble, dancing shadows, a pair of dice, closed doors, effortlessly brushing through silky hair, a thin layer of frost, perfect handwriting, twinkling stars above your head, spilled ink, silence, dark chocolate, hitting the bulls-eye on a dartboard, mahogany tables, a wax seal, the Cheshire Cat’s grin, slippery fish scales, unsolved mysteries, tracing a name with your finger, hooded cloaks, what you hear but cannot see, stiletto heels, the sweet satisfaction of a lie, eyes adjusting to darkness, blackberries, ear piercings, and the dull whisper of secrets.

Ravenclaw: swaying branches of a willow tree, old parchment, cathedrals with stained glass windows, ticking clocks, the slender tip of a pencil, a game of chess, a coffee mug filled to the brim, abandoned buildings, the final math problem of the exam, tightly woven braids, a full calendar, the hum of a computer, steampunk decor, written correspondence, glue dried upon your fingers, a sigh of content, motionless rocking chairs on a porch, fingers caressing bare skin, a mass of sticky notes, rusty springs, putting on a new record, the sound of a doorknob turning, sewing needles, speaking a poem aloud, witty banter, a pile of antiques, elaborately spun cobwebs, waking up before the alarm goes off, eating sushi with chopsticks, unspoken words, undoing the clasp of a necklace, a telescope, bent paperclips, a pair of glasses folded neatly, half-completed crosswords, saying the right thing at the right time, calligraphy, cats scratching at the windowpane, overcoming a rival, shortbread cookies, maple syrup, extra buttons, arms wrapped around a textbook, white chalk, skipping stones across a quiet lake, puzzle pieces fitting into place, incense, and the orchestral vibration of string instruments playing in unison.

Gryffindor: the bustle of a lively marketplace, skydiving, riding a roller coaster, the crackle of a campfire, singing off-key, a gilded throne, finding a lucky penny, swing jazz concerts, the moment before you break into a sprint, the crisp autumn air burning in your lungs, requited love, screaming until your throat hurts, the height of a raging party, making a bet, open windows, crossing the finish line, the climax of a novel, a rush of adrenaline, pricking your finger on a thorn, cherry pie topped with whipped cream, passionate staring contests, stepping inside a new home for the first time, speeding trains, blindfolds, hanging upside down from a tree branch, heat pouring from an oven, brick walls, riding your bike downhill, traffic jams, hot buttered popcorn, carrying a friend on your back, cracking knuckles, saying the first thing that comes to mind, glowing with happiness, static electricity, the feeling of Christmas Eve, horror movie marathons, chasing frogs in the backyard, tattoos, fairy tales, standing on the roof, pulling an all-nighter, the sting of a high-five, a pair of scissors, and the deafening blast of fireworks.

The joys of Prince – on cassette

by Ali Elabbady

Listening to Prince on cassette teaches you a lot of important things. How many of us used to save up to buy a $40 Sony Walkman so we could ride our bikes around the neighborhood jamming to Sign O the Times? How many would save up allowance money to go straight to one of many music retailers to buy a cassette, and then beg mom and dad to play that tape in the car? That was me through and through: a kid who just appreciated knowing the minutiae of my favorite albums, reading every credit on the fold-out inserts, reading the thank-you notes over and over again, knowing every role from songwriter to executive producer.

Listening to Prince on cassette, or vinyl for that matter, teaches you about the importance of how the ending song on the A side transitioned over to the starting song on the B side. Cassettes are more compact and portable than LP, but the musical experience is comparable.

Listening to Prince on tape — where skipping around is more complicated than clicking a track or lifting a needle — encourages you to appreciate Prince’s visions for his albums as split but cohesive experiences. Consider Purple Rain: the lust-laden, dramatic powerhouse ballad stylings of “Darling Nikki,” with its whimsical and haunting conclusion, lead to the primal and cold groove of one of Prince’s most iconic jams, “When Doves Cry.” Listening to Purple Rain as a unit is a lesson in the makings of a classic: how “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Take Me With You” went tit-for-tat in matching the energy and intensity of the one-two combo of “When Doves Cry” and “I Would Die 4 U.”

The A side of 1999, to consider another example, may fare better against the B side as a whole. The powerhouse trio that set off the A side with songs like “1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” and “Delirious,” almost would make that discussion no contest. Still, Prince created 1999 as an entire album, not just an A-side, and when you listen to the album on tape, you appreciate the importance of the transition from the end of side A to the opening of side B: the way the hypnotic and infectious synth line of “D.M.S.R” gives way to the B side’s nine-minute jam on “Automatic” is marvelous. Listening to it on cassette makes you appreciate that lengthy wait, in hopes of a great payoff.

There are plenty of other examples: how the A side of Parade: Under the Cherry Moon closed with the two-minute instrumental coda of “Venus De Milo,” and how that gave way to the B side’s introductory “Mountains.” Then there’s the way Around the World In a Day messes with your mind by closing out with “Tamborine”, making way for the many false vinyl starts of “America” — or how on Sign O The Times, the mid-tempo jam of “Forever In My Life” helped usher in the infectious “U Got the Look.”

The experience of listening to Prince on cassette taught a lot of people patience and the importance of tangibility in music, before digital listening took over.


On September 22, 2014 some Latvians celebrated World Car-Free Day by building car-size cages around their bikes to make the point that cars take up lots more room on the roads, and that each cyclist helps reduce traffic by exactly that much. Space is more of an issue in Europe, and these caged bikes at the first sight looks like a “protection.” It takes several cognitive steps to connect bike+cage=car/replace car with bike = fewer traffic jams. Overall it was a powerful statement about the vulnerability of cyclists on roads, and a statement that bikes are vehicles too.

stick it au (pt. 1)
  • once upon a time sameen shaw was predicted to lead the US women’s senior elite gymnastics team to gold in the world championships
  • it was the final day in the fourth floor, floor exercise
  • sameen had it in the bag
  • “pff everyone knows the floor is nothing but fancy dancing with flips”
  • sameen actually just despises the floor exercise
  • the judges scores are always bogus and people get deducted down huge points for simple mistakes that shouldn’t cost much
  • the judges never look at the difficulty or the technique, it’s all horseshit to sameen
  • but sameen always manages to score the highest on it
  • it’s sameen’s turn and her team is feeling pretty relaxed until
  • sameen doesn’t step on the mat
  • she walks out and loses their chance at gold and instantly becomes gymnastics’ #1 hated person
  • good. she don’t need them anyway
  • no one really knows why she just walked out
  • rumors begin like pregnancy, drugs, blackmail, an affair with the coach, rigging the placing
  • the worst one is…she choked
  • sameen is all fine and dandy with everyone thinking she fucked the coach but /her/ choking??
  • fuck that she never has nerves
  • she walked out because her dad was killed in battle
  • the coach didn’t bother to inform her for 2 days
  • didn’t allow her mother to contact her either
  • coach greer is a prick
  • flash forward 2 years later
  • leotard replaced with band shirts and baggy pants
  • balance beams traded in for skateboards and bikes
  • and 2 idiots are her ‘team’
  • cole records all of shaw and john’s sweet moves and uploads them onto his youtube channel
  • shaw is a true terror since she quit gymnastics
  • tattoos, piercings, vandalism, trespassing, assault, angry music, only responds to shaw not sameen, late nights, running around with boys, her mother is due for a heart attack
  • her and the boys are riding bikes at a new house being built
  • freshly paved swimming pool makes the perfect bowl for them
  • cole is getting good shots of them and then lambert’s crew comes to start shit
  • he tries to outdo shaw and ends up biffing it in the empty swimming pool
  • shaw is too busy laughing to notice she’s flying out of the pool and right into the glass sliding door
  • alarms are going off, glass is everywhere, the guys are yelling, shaw’s bike is jammed in the kitchen cabinets, john’s dragging shaw out and then police sirens are down the street
  • it’s a mad dash, every man for himself type of thing
  • it’s shaw’s luck that the police find her, she tried really hard to run tho
  • is it bad the police know you by name?
  • “miss shaw, juvenile incarnation is not as much fun as you think. We’re gonna give you one last chance, you either attend the texas military academy or a facility called FGA–”
  • “bootcamp”
  • “FGA it is!”
  • shaw is beyond appalled, her mother is thankful
  • her mother planned it with the judge, she’s lost her daughter and maybe gymnastics will bring her back
  • “shaw, you use to be such a good daughter-”
  • “and you use to be such a good mom”
  • FGA also known as Finch’s Gymnastics Academy also known as the depths of hell for shaw
  • FGA is rivals with shaw’s old academy, Control Gymnastics Institution run by hersh
  • hersh and finch have been rivals for years, dating back to the junior elite teams
  • but finch always seemed to outdo hersh in the end
  • finch use to be the best in gymnastics until he basically broke his back
  • he’s criticized for his strict coaching methods now
  • shaw walks in, in cargo shorts, a giant hoodie, piercings and some fuckboy hat
  • finch is not impressed
  • neither is anyone else
  • “who let the trash in?”
  • guess joss carter is still pissed about Worlds
  • joss and shaw were teammates for 10 years
  • they had a respect for each other, now joss sees shaw as a disgrace to the sport
  • so does everyone in there 
  • except for a new girl shaw has never seen
  • well she’s gotta be new if she’s the only one to smile at her
  • “root please have miss shaw start our warm up routines”
  • root’s not new she was an alternate at Worlds when shaw walked out
  • shaw has a shitty memory
  • but it’s not like root ever talked or even went near shaw
  • she was too awkward and clumsy to even think of going near the amazing sameen shaw
  • she’s been at FGA since she was little
  • her and fellow teammates always use to hear about CGI and the young prodigy sameen shaw
  • root never thought shaw was that great until she met her at a meet when they were 14
  • from then on root picked up her game and made sure she went to every single meet to hopefully see shaw
  • it’s how she got called up to the senior elite team and their new coach greer
  • and thus she was an alternate and got to be in the same gym as shaw
  • root knows the real reason why shaw walked out
  • she heard coach greer and shaw’s mom arguing about telling shaw her dad died
  • she was gonna tell shaw but chickened out and lowkey feels guilty about the whole thing
  • “we’re warming up with a buttahara–I mean uh a uh a tsukahara”
  • okay root is still awkward as hell
  • but come on it’s /sameen shaw/
  • it’s obvious no one wants shaw here and it’s obvious shaw doesn’t want to be here
  • shaw doesn’t even make it through the warm-ups without mocking everything they do
  • makes farting noises as she stretches
  • flings her arms around as she runs
  • rolls like an egg on the matts
  • it’s all childish
  • root laughs at her quietly
  • carter is about to shove the whole balance beam up her-
  • “miss shaw! a word please”
  • the usual ‘my house my rules’ kinda speech that shaw disregards and rolls her eyes at finch
  • it ends with a “do be sure to lose those…monstrosities”
  • “you lose the librarian look first”
  • like honestly he’s a coach 
  • what coach wears sweater vests??
  • shaw really wishes she would’ve been locked up


Hi y’all

remember our casting call for this special photo op we plan for Jensen in Dallas this year? (no? then click link above).

What we do: we aim to cosplay Jensen’s characters (as many as possible) and do a group photo op with him

IMPORTANT: DallasCon 2016

RULES?: please check here

now we managed to cast almost all of Jensen’s main characters including variations of Dean, who we still miss (AND THAT’S SO TRAGIC) is Alec McDowell (or Ben). Now someone said it would be difficult to find some clothing for Alec (x5-494, or Simon Lehane), so I thought I’d put together some suggestions.

SPECIAL EXTRA TIDPIT: I brought  an extra Jensen photo op-ticket so you would be on the save side


my No 1 argument why you should really go for Alec: THAT HAIR

1) or how about x5-494, later known as Alec, posing as Simon Lehane

2) or x5-494 in soldier style? (army boots tho)

3) or how about the casual I-just-run-away-from-manticore look

4) jam pony bike messenger Alec

5) orrrrrrr my favorite and I really think it’s a great and easy style:

come on people you know you want to cosplay my most fav Jensen character puhhhhleaaaasee!

Also even if you don’t could you please reblog and cross post

contact: on here or @fissemaddenzchn

any questions? don’t hesitate just ask 

love y’all, stay awesome

PS: If you want CJ that one is still available too

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