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Good wood - another awesome wooden bike, but this time it’s one of the new breed of e-bikes. The ‘Slim Wooden E-Bike’ by German outfit aceteam comes with some cool gear including an Innos handlebar with built-in LED lights, a LightSKIN seat post (again with built-in lights), Shimano crank, Magura brakes and H Plus son wheels. Shame my birthday just passed…

Windy & Wet Nursery Ride
14 March 2017

Poor Michelle! She wanted to work on her bike handling skills and she got it all! It was windy, it rained, traffic was the heaviest I’ve seen on a Tuesday morning, soooo many BIG trucks bumper-to-bumper, and she hit a kerb for a small (bloodless) tumble (her derailleur got scratched though 😞). A steep learning curve. Also, this was the first time we’d met irl! But she did REALLY well and was still smiling at the end, soggy bottom and all. 😁

1.07 Thinky Thoughts

I am feeling personally victimised by Juggie’s heartbreaking backstory! So not only did we see a very sad, vulnerable and frightened Jughead this week what with him being homeless, essentially parenting his father as well as dealing with FP’s alcoholism, his mother and sister’s absence, and being suspected of murder, but we also find out Jughead was in juvie!?!? When he was 10/11!?!? How long was he locked away!? How scared must he have been!? How could anyone look at this pure baby muffin and think he - at 10 years of age - intentionally set fire to his school!? Do Archie and Betty know about this!? How did that affect the Jones family!? And shouldn’t those records be sealed? Christ on a bike, I cannot handle this much heartbreak! On a side note, i am so happy that Jughead was finally given support by Archie, that he was there to route for Jughead and encourage him when everyone else was ok to just let him ‘drown’. Finally there’s a glimpse of why these two are supposed 'best friends’, so I would love for more Jarchie friendship please and thank you (even though Archie is looking a little put out by the bughead development. I want to give Archie the benefit of the doubt right now.) This episode also made me love bughead so much more, i mean I’ve been all for it since episode one, but was disappointed in the editing of last week’s episode. Time constraints, i know, but i think editing out all those bughead scenes kinda muddied their message and started bughead off on the back foot - why were they randomly laughing at a crime scene? What words of support was Juggie giving Betty at the bus stop? And does Betty reciprocate Juggie’s feelings or not? I feel like a lot of confusion and unnecessary hate would’ve been avoided had all or some of those scenes we heard through cast members and promotional stills made the final cut. But this week really fixed those missteps and made it clear just how important they are in each other’s lives, and especially highlighted how far gone Jughead is - he is head over heels for Betty and so eager to be her boyfriend. But he’s considerate enough to realise she has a lot on her plate right now, and mature enough to not feel threatened or emasculated by that. I freakin’ love that! The episode also did a great job of setting up how mutual their relationship is and will continue to be: mutual affection, respect, attraction, understanding, acceptance, and support. That’s not the type of relationship that should falter easily, and I’m hoping the writers work with that and keep these two together through (the inevitable) thick and thin! I have a LOT of bughead and Jughead thoughts and just had to get some of them out, lol!

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Steve McQueen used to love his Rickman Metisse desert racer. He once said, “This rig is the best-handling bike I’ve ever owned.” That inspired João Barranca’s of @redondamotors to build his own Metisse-inspired rig, but with a more up-to-date donor: a Husaberg FE 501 dirt bike.
We reckon it looks killer, and McQueen would have loved it too. Hit the link in our bio for hi-res images and the story behind the build.
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8/12/16 & 8/15/16 of the notebook I “accidentally” bought just because I couldn’t leave the store empty handed. It was some irrational fear of ppl thinking I stole something idk where it came from but when I’m always shopping alone, that happens.

  • Saitama: *takes out his welding equipment to work on a car as Mumen Rider walks in*
  • Mumen Rider: *waves* hello!
  • Saitama: *waves back* Hey, Rider! Your bike handles are all fixed
  • Mumen Rider: thank you! It's probably strange for you to keep working on a bicycle when you fix cars.
  • Saitama: it's a nice change *puts his welding gloves on*
  • Mumen Rider: *watches Genos sweeping at the other side of the garage* Hey Sai, can I ask you kind of a personal question?
  • Saitama: eh? Sure *puts his welding mask on but keeps it flipped up*
  • Mumen Rider: Does Genos know...turned on by regular things? Or is it different because he's a cyborg?
  • Saitama: Hm? Usual stuff gets him going but he does have a few odd ones
  • Mumen Rider: what do you mean?
  • Saitama: *picks up his welding torch* Genos!
  • Genos: *looks over*
  • Saitama: *flips his welding mask down over his face and clicks on the welding torch*
  • Genos: *bites his lip and grips the broom handle*
  • Mumen Rider: ...why did I ask this
Snow in Idaho

This was going to be a story about riding bikes.

I was staying with my sister in Idaho, and started to get a little itchy to ride. There’s a small town 11 miles away, connected by a paved bike trail, with a cafe. Seemed like a good ride – get out, get some fresh air, get some coffee, and head on home. Enough mileage that I should sleep well, too.

The first two miles caught me off guard with a brutal headwind on an unfamiliar bike. I contemplated turning around because it was so unenjoyable. But the wind shifted, I found my groove on the bike, and had a lovely five or six miles of rolling hills, passing a grain elevator and some beautiful horses giving me a very critical side-eye.

Some patchy snow and ice patches started appearing on the trail, and I was excited – let’s see how my mountain bike handling skills translate to riding slicks on ice! Pretty well, sort of, maybe. I didn’t fall, anyway.

Then the snow got deeper. And deeper. And pretty soon it was shin-deep. And then it was knee-deep. And I kept thinking, there’s no way this can go on for very long – there must just be a big drift in this patch of woods. I’ll push on.

And push on I did, for two whole miles, the entire rest of the way to town, where I received notice that I was the season’s first bicyclist to arrive at the cafe. The owner asked me how many miles of snow I had to push through. I guess this was a known condition.

I fueled up, read a while, and chatted with the locals before heading back out. I contemplated taking the main road back, but it gets up to 55mph and I wasn’t keen on sharing the road with fast traffic. I contemplated taking a side road but I’d seen it from the trail and it was covered with just as much snow plus had the added risk of encountering a car on it. I contemplated the trail, with its miles of snow punching, its moose tracks, its possible mountain lion tracks, and decided, you know what, that sounds like the best option. I’ll still get nine beautiful miles to ride after that anyway, so let’s do it!

About a mile in, I get a call from my sister, telling me that a friend she’d really been wanting me to meet had just dropped by her house:

“How far away are you?”

“Uhhhh … pretty far, time-wise. Not that far distance-wise.”

“Let me come pick you up!”

“Ok, the next road crossing is Howell, and I still have to punch through a mile of snow to get there, so … see you in a half hour?”

As I’m approaching the road crossing, I hear my name through the trees: My sister is calling me from the bottom of the hill. Her friend had tried to get closer to the trail than the agreed-upon meeting spot, and the car was stuck in the snow.

I walked/slid with the bike down the hillside to meet them, and we tried to no avail to free the car. But, as this is Idaho, instead of calling Triple A, they called their farmer friends, who came over in a giant tractor and confidently backed down the snowy road.

They chained up the car to the tractor, and pulled it right on back out to dry land.

External image

I guess that’s what you’d call a True Idaho Experience.

Advice for Aspiring Racers

1. Winning is all that matters. No one gives a shit how hard you train, how talented you are, or how good you look on a bike. The numbers on the results sheet are the only ones that count.

2. Fear is debilitating. Get over it.

3. You have no friends in the peloton when the race is on. Everyone is there to fuck you over save for your teammates (usually).

4. You aren’t a specialist. Every great racer can climb, sprint, descend and time-trial with the best.

5. Every race is important. You are there to win.

6. Bike handling trumps raw power. Learn how to ride your bike.

7. Tactics trump raw power. Play your cards right.

8. There are no magic bullets. You need a well-rounded diet not the latest fad. Old racers know more about training than newfangled systems.

9. Rest. Anyone can train hard. Races are won on the couch.

10. You only get so many chances. Seize every one of them.

11. Learn from your mistakes.

12. Don’t dope.

Freddie Spencer on the Honda RS1000RW in the 1982 Daytona 200, he finished second after having to stop several times to change tires that could not handle the bikes power.

ofc is a liability

chapter 2 of fanfiction is now posted

Scanning the area for any sort of food, my eyes immediately stopped on the frozen yogurt shop on the other side of the street. My stomach instantly growled. I know I had ice cream earlier today, but Harry made me lose my ice cream so it wasn’t really like I ate it. Actually, it didn’t matter how I justified eating the frozen yogurt, I was going to do it even if I had already had ice cream for both of my previous meals. Grabbing my bike by the handle bars, I rolled it down the pathway and jogged across the empty street before stopping in front of the shop. I set my bike against the brick wall, so that I could claim the table on the outside. I didn’t like eating inside places.

Frankly, there was no way that my day could actually get worse. It was 5:30, I would be asleep in less than 6 hours and tomorrow would be a new day filled with writing Reading Glasses. But as per usual, I spoke too soon. Far too soon.

Standing by the vanilla, with a bowl was Harry Styles. Two pairs of glasses and all. It felt like second nature to back out of the shop slowly, but my head didn’t exactly think quickly like my feet and I was sprinting backwards, taking out a large burly man who wasn’t ready for a 5’4 girl to come barreling into him. I stumbled, attempting to get around him but Harry turned before I could make my stealthy exit. There was nothing stealthy about that exit though, so I should be less frazzled about his eyes finding mine.

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Rainy Day Blues*

*Other colours may have been included

The journey continues after I snagged my camera strap on the bike handle bars and it slipped from my grasp  and it hit the ground with a crash I knew was terminal. 
After a suitable period of mourning (about 3 hours) i was off out to buy a new one and so begins another chapter as I get to grips with ever more sophisticated hardware and see what stuff I end up producing. The last new camera led to an explosion of new stuff; I wonder what will happen this time?

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“Maybe you should invest in a car,” Temple says in lieu of a greeting when the door was opened, “For a man who has a dog that needs to go to the vet every once in a while, maybe even rig up your bike to handle it,” they tease with a light tone. Their car was normally parked at a safe place in a different part of town, something they only took out for when they needed it, like game nights or whatnot, and typically went around on skates or their scooter. But still, he asked, and they agreed to it.


The new build #meanmrmustard #cb750 #dohc first fire up! Sounds amazing! #seaweedandgravelgarage a little pipe wrap burn off (smoke) First test ride was amazing. The mono shock configuration made the bike handle really well. @imfreakinugly (at Seaweed & Gravel)

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