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Je T’aime, Mon Cher Eddie

For @time-for-tozier who came up with this idea, I hope you like it!!

Eddie watched as the clock’s minute hand moved towards the number 12, making a ticking noise as it wet round. He was so fixated that he jumped when the bell rang, the cue for people around him to pack up and leave the room.

He slammed his yellow note book shut and shoved it, and his pencil, into his backpack, before running out of the classroom to meet up with the other losers.

He sprinted down the hallways, bumping into several people and nearly tripping twice, before he reached the door. He swung the door open and walked to the bike rack around the side of the school.

“Hey Eddie,” Ben called to him as he walked over.

“Hey guys,” Eddie took in the positions of his friends. Mike was sat on the ground, fiddling with his bike, it kept breaking. Ben was sat on a bench about a meter away from the bike rack, a book resting open on his lap. Beverly was sitting on her bike seat, hands already gripping the handlebars as if she was in a hurry to go. Bill and Stan were stood next to each other, however, Eddie noticed, much too close to be considered normal. And Richie, well, he was being his usual self. He was hung upside down on one the metal bannister of a nearby stair case, dark hair brushing the ground.

“Eds! You finally arrived!” Richie near shouted bouncing his way back over to the group. “Can we go now?”

The losers collectively rolled their eyes and grabbed their bikes, climbing on and cycling towards the woods.

Their was a field there that they had claimed as their new hangout. It was completely secluded and surrounded by trees. In the spring, the ground was covered in daisies, Richie loved it, and prided himself on making “the best daisy chains in Derry”. In the Summer and Autumn, the grass was green and soft. And in the Winter, the Loser’s decided to just hand out at each other’s houses instead, with the careful avoidance of the Tozier, Marsh and Kaspbrak residences.

They were all laying on the grass. Beverly had her head resting on Ben’s lap as he sat cross legged playing with her hair. Stan and Bill were laying shoulder to shoulder, Mike was spread out like a starfish, and Richie was resting his head on Eddie’s stomach.

They were peaceful.

“Richie, I couldn’t help but to notice that you were in my French class this morning.” Bev spoke up, breaking the silence.

She knew there had to be a reason behind his sudden appearance in the class. She knew that she took it so that one day, when she was old enough, she could move to France and never look back. She knew that Stan’s parents wanted him to focus more on his religion. She knew that Ben was already fluent in the language and didn’t need to take a class. She knew that Bill found it too hard because of his stutter. She knew that Mike and Eddie simply didn’t want to take the subject, seeing no reason for it.

So what was Richie’s reason?

“You take French?” Eddie chuckled, sitting up. “Since when?”

“Well, obviously since this morning dipshit. I already know how to say some stuff. Such as,” Richie cleared his throat. “Ta mère aime ça dans le cul.”

Bev’s head shot up. “Beep Beep Richie.”

“W-what did he say?” Bill asked.

“Do you really want me to tell you?” Bev whined. The rest of the group, bar Richie and Ben, nodded. She sighed. “He said “your mother likes it up the ass.”

Groans of “Richie”, and “really?” We passed around as Richie smirked.

“Hey Rich? Do you know anything that’s not rude?” Eddie asked.

“Umm yeah,” Richie replied. “Eddie, tu as de beaux yeux.” (You have beautiful eyes)

“What does that mean?”

“Ahh, my dear Eddie Spaghetti, that is a secret.”

“Don’t call me that. Bev? Can you tell me what he said?” Eddie asked Beverly, who was staring at Richie with a strange look on her face. She stared for a few more moments before turning to Eddie.

“Sorry Eddie, I don’t know what he said.”


The next morning Richie bounced into school with too much energy for 7am on a Tuesday.

“Good morning, mes petits choux.” He smiled, leaning his chin on Eddie’s head.

“Richie, if I may ask, why did you just call us ‘your little cabbages’?” Ben questioned.

“I did it because I felt like it.” Just then the bell rang for class.

“Um, Richie? Can I talk you you for a sec? In private?” Beverly asked. Richie nodded, he loved the girl like family, they both dealt with similar issues in their home lives. “Do you like Eddie? You know, as in like him?”

Richie blushed. “No, where did you get that idea?”

“You’re always hugging him, you never stop staring at him, and yesterday you told him, in French, that he had beautiful eyes.”

“You said you didn’t understand what I said!”

“Well I lied, I guessed that you didn’t really want me to tell him, otherwise you would have simply said it in English.” She sighed. “Richie, what’s the real reason you started taking French class? You know I’m not going to judge you.”

Richie sighed. “I’ve been dealing with so much at home and then I come to school and he,” Richie leant back against the wall. “He makes me feel safe, and, I dunno, loved I guess? I just wanted a way to tell him how I feel and explain what’s happening at home. But it was way too painful to say it all in English, so I thought it’d be easier to tell him in another language.”

“Oh, Richie.” Beverly wrapped him in a hug. “That’s so sweet.” Richie gave her a half smile, and they began walking to their first class, which happened to be French.


Eddie was just dozing off when he hears the taps at his window. At first he was scared that it was a leper, or a murderer, but he was assured it wasn’t when someone spoke up from behind the glass and curtains.

“Eddie? You awake?” Eddie pushed he covers off and got out of bed, he walked over to the window and opened the curtains.

The person at his window was Richie.

“C-can I come in?” Eddie could see the tears making their way steadily down Richie’s cheeks. He pushed the window open as quietly as he could and Richie clambered in.

“Rich, are you okay? What happened?” Instead of the answer Eddie knew he wasn’t going to get, Richie clutched him in a hug, openly sobbing.

Eddie guided Richie over to his bed and lates him down so that Richie’s head was resting above his heart. He never got answers, but he knew how to calm his best friend down. He liked listening to Eddie’s heartbeat, to confirm he wasn’t alone, and he like it when Eddie ran his fingers through his hair.

That’s exactly what Eddie was doing when Richie stopped crying and mumbled something.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t catch that.”

“Je t'aime. S’il te plaît, ne me quitte jamais.” (I love you. Please never leave me.)

Richie fell asleep soon after that, Eddie had no idea what the sleeping boy had said to him.

Over the next few months, Richie refused to stop talking in French whilst around Eddie. Beverly noticed he would constantly be blushing whenever Richie spoke the foreign words, in a thick accent. All of the Losers agreed that it was The only good impression Richie Tozier had ever done. During these months, Bev had to put up with Richie’s constant pining for Eddie.

She would always catch him calling Eddie a ‘magnifique petit tournesol’ (gorgeous little sunflower) or telling Eddie that he ‘avait l'air si mignon dans ce pull’ (looked so cute in that sweater’. He even said ‘Mon Amour.’ (My love) a few times

She was fed up of it. She knew without a doubt that Eddie had the same feelings towards Richie. So, during their 5th period geography class, Bev gave Richie a stern talking to.

“You need to tell him.”


“Eddie! You need to tell him how you feel! I’m like 99% sure he reciprocates your feelings.”

“Yes Bev, but what about the 1% hmm?” Beverly rolled her eyes, they spent the rest of the lesson in silence.

A few weeks passed and Richie and Eddie found themselves alone at Loser’s Meadow, as the gang had dubbed it, watching the sun set.

“Eddie, I’m about to ramble in French and you just need to listen, you don’t need to understand.”

Eddie furrowed his brow. “Oh, okay.” He secretly loved it when Richie spoke French, however, he’d never admit it.

“Vous ne comprenez pas un mot que je dis en ce moment, et honnêtement? Je pense que c'est une bonne chose.

(You don’t understand a word im saying right now, and honestly? I think thats a good thing.)

J'avais besoin d'un moyen de pouvoir te dire ce que je ressens sans que tu me détestes.

(I needed a way to be able to tell you how i feel without you hating me.)

Parce que je sais que tu ne m'aimes pas en retour. Qui pourrait m'aimer de retour? Je suis un morceau de merde sans valeur.

(Because I know you don’t love me back. Who could love me back? I’m a worthless piece of shit.)

Vous voyez, vous n'avez absolument aucune idée de ce que je dis. En ce moment, tes joues sont d'un rouge vif avec combien tu rougis, et ton sourire n'a jamais été aussi beau.

(See, you have absolutely no idea what I’m saying. Right now, your cheeks are bright red with how much you’re blushing, and your smile has never been more beautiful.)

Tant que je continue à sourire et à parler, ce regard restera sur votre visage. Je ne veux jamais que tu arrêtes de sourire.

(As long as I keep smiling and talking, that look will stay on your face. I never want you to stop smiling.)

Ok, maintenant pour la vraie merde.

(Okay, now for the real shit.)

Eddie Kaspbrak, je t'aime depuis que nous avons neuf ans. Vous avez toujours été mon refuge, pour les nuits où il n'est pas sûr de rentrer à la maison, ou j'en ai fini avec le monde.

(Eddie Kaspbrak, I have loved you since we were 9 years old. You have always been my safe haven, for nights when it isn’t safe to go home, or I’m just done with the world.)

Vous êtes la seule personne à qui je fais confiance. Sauf ça. C'est la seule chose que vous ne saurez jamais, parce que je sais que vous ne ressentirez jamais la même chose.

(You are the one person I trust everything to. Except this. This is the one thing that you’ll never know, because I know you’ll never feel the same.)

Je t'aime Eddie Kaspbrak, je t'aime.

(I love you Eddie Kaspbrak, I love you.)”

Eddie giggled. “What the hell did you just say?”

“Oh, um, just a very detailed description of your mom’s vagina. I can retell it in English if you’d like?”

“Beep beep Richie.” Eddie said whilst laughing, as Richie sat admiring him, a wistful expression on his face.

A few days later saw Richie climbing into Eddie’s window at 3am with a bust lip and a black eye and tears streaming down his cheeks.

Without having to ask, Eddie pulled him into his bed and wrapped his arms around the crying boy. Richie wouldn’t stop muttering something in French until he fell asleep.

“Je t'aime.” Eddie made himself a promise that he’d look those words up as soon as the library was open tomorrow.

As soon as Richie left the next morning, Eddie pulled on a Red sweatshirt, one of Richie’s that he’d left behind years ago, and some shorts. He ran out of the house, making sure to kiss his mother goodbye before he left, and raced to the library.

He walked in and asked the receptionist to point him towards the ‘languages’ section.

He grabbed himself the first French dictionary he could find and flipped straight to the ‘T’ chapter, he already knew that ‘Je’ mean ‘I’.

Eddie gasped when he read the meaning. He dropped the book, causing a loud thud, and ran straight for the exit. He clambered back onto his bike and sped down the streets. He knew where Richie would be. The out of use highway bridge. He would always go there on a Saturday to smoke, listen to The Smiths and get away from his Parents.

Eddie threw his bike down as soon as he arrived, taking a puff from his asthma inhaler. “Richie?” He called out.

“Eddie?” He looked up to see Richie sat on the bridge’s ledge, feet swinging backwards and forwards. Eddie began to run up the hill towards the dark haired boy, whilst said boy stumbled down towards him. They met halfway.

“Eds, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be babysitting your mother or something.”

“Je t'aime aussi.” Eddie stated, not even bothering to tell Richie off for calling him Eds.

“What?” Richie looked unsure of what he’d just heard.

“Je t’aime aussi.” Eddie took a breath. “I love you too.”

Richie wasted no time in pulling Eddie in by his waist, connecting their lips. Eddie fisted his hands in the collar of Richie’s shirt. They pulled away a few moments later, in need of air, and rested their foreheads together.

This felt right. This felt like home.

Anything for You

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak, Bill Denbrough x Stan Uris, Ben Hanscom x Beverly Marsh

Warnings: heartbreak, literal sadness

Word Count: 1.3 k

Part 1 / ?



Richie Tozier, the boy who’d lived a life full of neglect, finally understood love. He felt love with Bill Denbrough, his childhood best friend. He also felt it with Beverly, Stan, Mike, and Ben - his other best friends. But, with Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie felt a different kind of love.

This type of love made him want to scream out to the Heavens, to thank whatever creator might sit up there. With Eddie, he wanted to see tomorrow and the days following - because everything had meaning and it was beautiful.

Paired with this exhilarating feeling comes the overpowering sense of protectiveness; Richie knew he would do absolutely anything for Eddie, to keep him safe and happy. Sonia Kaspbrak, Eddie’s batshit crazy mother, also knew this - and she used it to her advantage.

Richie held a cigarette between bruised fingers, shakily bringing it up to his lips and inhaling a deep breath of toxic smoke. His head spun, nausea climbing it’s way up his throat. The sun settled on the brink of the horizon, threatening to disappear any minute. His eyes throbbed uncomfortably behind thick-rimmed glasses, as if he hadn’t slept for days. His friends approached quickly, dropping their bikes on the sidewalk.

Richie,” Beverly Marsh spoke first, crouching down next to him and taking his purple hand to examine, “What the fuck happened?”

He sat silently for a moment, dropping what was left of his smoke and pulling another out of his pocket. Bill, Stan, Mike, and Ben all took seats around him, taking in his unusual features. Richie Tozier’s face had lost it’s glow, the quirky grin had been replaced with a heartbreaking grimace, his once bright eyes now dull. His cheeks were sunken in, even more-so than usual, dark bags staining his pale skin.

“I can’t hang out with you guys anymore.” There was no hint of humor in his tone; Richie sounded completely lifeless.

“W-What do you m-mean?” asked Bill half-heartedly, frown etched onto his face.

“Where’s Eddie? Why isn’t he here?” Stan added on, noticing the missing member of their club.

Richie ran his tongue over his chapped lips. His chest felt ached with a sense of emptiness. His breath hitched in his throat as he fought back the tears blurring his vision.

“I’m going to break up with him today.” He croaked, trying not to sound utterly crushed, “And after I do, I want you guys to be there for him. Make sure he’s okay for me.”

They all fell silent, mouths agape, confusion bubbling throughout the circle. Beverly clutched Richie’s hand tightly, staring holes in the side of his head as if trying to read his mind. Stan slipped an arm around Bill, who looked absolutely torn apart.

It was well-known how strongly the boys felt for each other. They were practically attached at the hip since they’d first met. Eddie was Richie’s other half, the sun to his moon.

Mike voiced their thoughts, “Why the fuck would you do that? It’s obviously hurting you.”

“Just make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, okay? Stay with him until he’s alright.”

“If you do this,” Ben said slowly, “Eddie will never be alright. Rich, he needs you.”

“No, he doesn’t!” Richie yelled, startling all of them.

Not even Bill had ever heard Richie so angry and broken. Richie’s skin flushed, heating up in uncontrollable rage. His fists clenched, brows knitting together.

“Eddie doesn’t need me, Ben! I’m just the annoying loudmouth, right? The ‘waste of space’ Tozier who’s always cracking jokes and can’t take anything seriously - Eddie doesn’t need that!”

Richie got up to his feet in a flash, pushing his way out of the group to pace in frustration and toss his cigarette onto the street. The others just watched him as he seemed to be fighting internal panic, only getting up as he let out a desperate scream and threw a punch at a street sign. Beginning to throw another, a hand caught his wrist.

“Richie, calm down.” Mike’s voice seemed to ground him, “We will figure this out together.”

Richie broke down. He collapsed in Mike’s arms with heart-wrenching sobs, bunching up Mike’s shirt in his bloody fists. Mike struggled to keep him up, practically holding Richie up off the ground. Richie’s entire body stung, as if he’d been attacked by bees. No one could bare to look at him as he let out a violent cry, writhing in Mike’s arms as if electrical shocks were running through his body.

Mike turned to the others, “Somebody go get Eddie.”

No!” Richie cried sharply, looking at the boy wide-eyed, “No, I can’t do it! Not yet!”

“Rich, you don’t have to. Whatever’s going through your head, whatever’s bothering you, we’ll work through it.” Beverly spoke sweetly, rubbing the taller boy’s back soothingly.

“E-Eddie l-loves you.” Bill stated, “J-Just as m-muh-much as you l-love him.”

Richie sunk to the pavement, clutching handfuls of his hair and dragging Mike down with him, “You don’t understand, Big Bill.” Tears streamed uncontrollably down his cheeks, “None of you understand.”

Ben grabbed Beverly’s hand, giving it a squeeze as her eyes glossed over.

“So, if you break up with Eddie,” Stan dropped down next to Richie, “And we all stay with him to make sure he’s okay - who’s going to make sure you are?”

Richie grabbed Stan’s shoulders, voice cracking as he spoke, “Promise me you’ll be there for him.”

Stan stayed silent, his eyes wide and sad. Richie’s cheeks were blotchy, lashes dripping with tears. His expression screamed one of worry and apprehension.

“I’m not letting you go until you promise me!”

Stan nodded slowly, “I promise, Rich.”

Richie pulled Stan into him, embracing him tightly and letting his head fall in the crook of Stan’s neck. Mike, Bill, and Beverly all joined the hug - followed by Ben, who’s heart ached for both Richie and Eddie.

“Why are you doing it, Rich?” Beverly’s words were muffled by Mike’s shoulder, “Did someone say something to you?”

Richie pulled away from the group hug with a sad smile, wiping at his wet cheeks with the back of his hands. From his jean pocket, Richie pulled out a folded piece of notebook paper, ‘Eds’ scratched messily on the front.

“Bev, will you give this to him?” He laid the note in her hand, “Wait a few days, though. Don’t upset him.”

“Rich, this isn’t…” Beverly trailed off, biting down on her lip as a sob choked her.

Richie gave a soft laugh, “It’s not a suicide note. It’s a letter. I want him to know why.”

“But, Richie, why?” Ben asked, watching sadly as Richie stood.

“Maybe Eds,” He flinched at the nickname, sucking in a deep breath, “Maybe Eddie will tell you.”

He lifted his bike, throwing a leg over to straddle it. Richie looked back at his friends, offering a glance and a smile at each of them. None of them returned the smile. Beverly was obviously crying now, Bill not far behind. Ben’s eyes watered profusely, and Mike and Stan both looked defeated.

Richie gripped his bike handles with trembling hands, emotions overflowing in his mind. He pressed his lips into a thin line to keep from letting out another sob. Blood continued to run down his knuckles, though he hardly noticed.

“Richie, please,” Beverly pleaded, taking a step towards him, “We won’t be the loser’s club without you.”

“W-We l-love you, t-tru-trashmouth.”

Richie turned away from the group as a fresh round of tears began to escape his

“It’s been fun, losers.”

Richie took off towards Eddie’s house, sobbing and cursing himself the entire ride there. He ached with unbearable pain, his lungs restricted and denied him access to breathe. He knew this would hurt him, he knew this would hurt Eddie even more - but, Richie would do anything for his soon to be ex-boyfriend.

Even if that anything involved breaking his heart to keep him safe.

When Night Comes *Vamp!Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Title: When Night Comes |The Lost Boys (1987) au|
Ratings: Explicit content (18+); Smut later on. Mentions of blood and violent topics. Murder & aggressive behaviour. Vampires and supernatural monsters.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, The lost boys characters (some), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton & Sam Wilson /Alongside/ Sharon Carter, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff & Rumlow
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve (great-great-grandson to Bucky - explained). Sharon Carter x Reader (siblings)

Summary: You had just moved to a small beach town in Santa Carla, California with your sister, Sharon. You spend most nights on the boardwalk as your sister works at a small cinema in town. After an accidental run in with the mysterious, Bucky Barnes, motorcycle gang leader things go a little upside down. Something about you lures him in and something about him gives you apprehension. Like most women though, you’re attracted to him, although most women aren’t seen again.

I’m sorry this part is so long. I wanted to introduce The Lost Boys without actually introducing them, making this over two-thousand words, I am awfully sorry. Everyone blame my best friend @promarvelfangirl​ she never told me not to!

You gaze out of the car’s window, head resting against the glass as you take in the sights. The sun blazing and hot, your new life in sunny California is beginning today. You sigh gently and push yourself off of the window, sitting up against the leather interior of you sisters car, glancing her way. Her golden hair was illuminated by the California sun, her eyes looked tired but hopeful. Sharon needed out of your hometown, not wanting her to go off on her own, you tagged along because it seemed you both needed fresh new starts.

“So, our apartment is right near the beach. Close to the boardwalk,” Sharon breaks the silence. “I have an enough money saved from…”  she trailed off before starting again, “from before, that should be enough to hold us over on rent for a few months.”

You nod slowly. “That’s good, there’s bound to be jobs here for us.” You shrug, Sharon let’s out a little chuckle of an agreement.

“This is gonna be fun,” it sounds like she’s trying to convince herself more than you. “Us, two sisters, leaving our horrible lives behind. Starting anew, it’s gonna be good!”

Sharon pulls up outside the apartment building, it’s a small little complex area, gated and looks nice enough. You both get out of the car; Sharon is smiling widely up at the building making you smile, she needed this and you’re more than willing to make this work. You watch as Sharon gets the keys to the place, her smile never faltering even when you park the car in the lot, and getting the few bags you brought with you both.

The apartment was medium sized, open planned too. Two bedrooms and one bathroom, it had a little balcony that overlooked the beach and the boardwalk. This was now your new home, it would do as a Kickstarter place, eventually you actually wanted a house but leaving with a few clothes and little money meant this was it. You pulled your bags into your room, it was homely; a small double bed up against the window and a wardrobe plus vanity. The walls were an off-white, carpet a light grey, simple and just what you needed.

“Hey, tonight we should go walk along the beach and boardwalk, see if there are any available jobs.” Sharon leans against your doorframe, you give a gentle nod as you sit on the bed. “I just want to say, thanks, for coming with me. I know leaving all your friends and our parents behind were difficult.” She smiles sincerely, you give a little grin back.

“Listen, we’re a team, me and you.” You stand up and walk to your older sister, “I couldn’t let my partner in crime leave without me, that boring old town wouldn’t have been any fun without Shazza,” you hip bump her and she laughs rolling her eyes. “Ice creams are on me,” you call as she turns to leave.

“You bet your ass they’re on you, Y/N.”


The boardwalk in the evening looked beautiful. The sounds of music coming from the arcades plus the few rides, people’s mindless chatter as they walk or sit. The bright lights illuminated the area with red, white and yellow. Sharon walked on ahead a little, not one for stopping and taking in the sights. Your eyes cast over the crowd by the entrance; California was different to what you were used to, the people and places, it would take some time to get used to.

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Your eyes glance over a group of men, all crowded around one, motorcycles all lined up. All clad in leather jackets, ripped jeans and biker gloves. They were parked outside the entrance to the boardwalk, the place you wanted to go into once Sharon had looked around. One was sat on his bike, white hair slicked back and black coat, a smirk as he watched one of his friends talk. His white hair made his pale skin look slightly less ghostly, although his cerulean eyes stood out against his white complexion. A girl clung to the back of him, bright auburn hair that even at night looked fiery, a red leather jacket and ripped jeans. Her hair looked vibrant against her pale skin, her dainty hands stroked through the male’s hair affectionately causing you to look away.

“Y/N?” Your name was called; you turned to Sharon who was stood outside of a small theatre. You stroll over, a male stands beside your sister, kind face and smile as he smoked on the cigarette careful to not blow smoke in your face. “This is Clint, he owes this cinema,” you look and see what movies are playing. Only two; The Fearless Vampire Killers and The Wolf Man.

You glanced at Clint, his sandy blonde hair and kind blue eyes, he had a few tattoos up his arms but most were covered by his rolled-up grey sleeves. “Those look like old horror movies.” You observe and he nods once.

“This movie theatre has been around for years,” Clint smiles. “Plus old horrors are classics, kid. Besides people come here to make out and not watch the movies, it’s here where everyone’s parents got together.” You chuckled with Sharon at that. “Anyway, Sharon we’ve got a job opening, our last ticket rep hasn’t been turning up.” He shrugs gently and stubs the cigarette out on the floor with his boot.

“I’ll take it,” Sharon says almost instantly, you give her a look but she shrugs you off. “It’s a good starting point, listen I’m gonna talk to Clint some more, I’ll text you when I’m done. Go have fun,” she nudges you away, you sigh gently but do as she says, giving a last look to Clint who smiles softly.

You slowly walk back towards the boardwalk entrance, kicking a few stones with your black converse. You peek up through your lashes to the motorcycles, none of the gang was there, you gave a little sigh of relief; it’s not that you thought they’d say anything to you but that little nagging feeling tugged at your stomach, a sign you should have listened to when back at home. You looked at the bikes as you got closer, all black and shiny, big handlebars and a few decorated with stickers. 

As you walked past, you hear someone shout, thinking it was Sharon calling for you, you turn but stumble and bump into someone and lost your footing.

You fall backwards and land on something, whatever it was fell with you and crashed to the floor, you fall on top of it. You groan in pain, your back was pressing into something hard and cold. When you opened your eyes the colour drained from your face, you had knocked over one of their motorcycles. You shot up and begin trying to pull it up, it was too heavy, of course. Nothing looked broken, you hoped; the first day here and you’re already going to get on some gang’s hit list, for sure.

“Did you do this?” A deep voice called, you stopped trying to pull on the handle and your heart rate picked up in speed.

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Slowly you turned around and the air got stuck in your throat. You hadn’t seen this man amongst the crowd of people, you would have remembered him. His eyes were a deep, stormy grey, that stood out against his light skin. Dark stubble littered across his clenched jaw, framing pink lips that were pulled into a frown. The man’s hair was long, tickling against his jaw and he swept a hand to push some behind his ear, both hands covered by black, fingerless, leather gloves.

You debated on lying, he looked menacing and tall, broad shoulders hidden under a black leather jacket. “Uh-yes, I did.” He raised an eyebrow, “but it was by accident, I swear. I heard someone yell, I tripped and fell into it, I really didn’t meant to. God, I am so sorry, I’ll pay any damages.” You rush, holding your hands to him and he continued to stare at you for a few seconds. You gulped when he stepped to you, you held your breath not knowing what he was going to do but instead he stepped around you, gripping the bike and pulling it up with ease. “…I am really sorry.” You mumble.

You watched as he examined his motorcycle, you crossed your arms over your stomach and frowned, praying no damage had been done. Truthfully, you didn’t have any money to give him to pay for damages. You cursed yourself for meeting a handsome guy this way, breaking his motorcycle; not that you think you’d have a chance with him but it would have been nice to meet this sinful guy in different circumstances. Eventually, his eyes drifted up to you, you tried not to look too worried or afraid.

“It’s fine,” you let out a long sigh and started to breathe normally. “You’re not from around here,” it was a statement more than a question, you nodded once. “Yeah, people around here usually put a lot of space between themselves and me or our bikes.” You frowned, turning to see that people kept their distance from you and this guy, giving curious but concerned glances to him. “They’d also blame another person.”

“Well, not gonna lie, I thought about it.” You chuckled nervously and he smirked with a nod. “Again I’m really sorry, I’m just clumsy. I think I hurt myself more than your bike.” You joked lightly.

His eyebrows knit together. “You’re not bleeding!” You frowned back him, how would he know that? “I meant, are you bleeding?” He corrected himself, placing his hands in his pockets.

“No, I don’t think so. Gonna have a gnarly bruise though,”

Did I just really use the word gnarly? You thought to yourself, cringing as his eyebrows raised. “I’m gonna… go, let you go about your evening. Sorry, again.” You turn and leave, cursing yourself for being so idiotic and annoying, he definitely thinks you’re weird. Not that his opinion matters, although, when did these butterflies appear in your stomach? But you couldn’t figure out if they were those anxious, warning you of him butterflies or actual nervous, shy butterflies.

You walked into the boardwalk; still thinking about that awkward and cringey encounter. First day here and already you’re making the wrong impression on people. The arcades music filled your ears, children and teenagers playing the games to win those crappy prizes. Your eyes landed on the guys from earlier with the white hair, he’s without the girl but two others; a curly blonde with a dark jacket that has patches on the arms and back. Plus a brunette with longer hair past his shoulders, an earring dangled out of his left ear, he also looked to be wearing no shirt under his black jacket and a very strange necklace dangled around his neck. The man with white hair turned to the yell of the name, “David”, your eyes drifted to see the broad-shouldered guy who you had run in with.

You slowly walked past but the distance made it difficult to hear what they are talking about. You assume the white haired man is named David, he places his pale hand on the blonde’s shoulder, smirking at something he said. You’re too caught up in staring at them to realise you’re about to walk into an arcade game: you smash into the large metal object, a shriek leaving your lips at the suddenness. The sudden bash from you causes the game’s music to loudly ring out, you cringe back and glance around seeing if anyone saw that.

To your unfortunate luck, the men are all staring, David and the two others don’t seem that bothered but chuckle to themselves… but the other one, the one you looked a fool in front of earlier, has an eyebrow raised and amused smirk; the second time you’ve done something stupid in front of him. You feel the heat rush to your cheeks, turning away quickly and leaving in the opposite direction seemed like the best escape.

“Y/N!” You turn, still in eyeshot of him and his eyes trail to your sister and back to you, his mouth moving but eyes boring into you; you try not to look back at him. “You okay? You look a little flushed.” Sharon frowns, pressing her hand to your forehead.

You push her hand away, chuckling at her motherly personality. “I’m fine, just a little hot from all that walking.” You lie but she buys it; turning her head she looks around the boardwalk and turns back to you with a small frown.

“Why are those guys staring over here?” She nods in the direction you’ve been keen on not looking to, you shrug gently. “Creeps! Come on, let’s go get some food.” You nod, letting Sharon grab your hand and pull you away. Glancing behind yourself, the men aren’t there anymore, you frown slightly but put your attention back to your sister. “So, Clint has given me the job. I start officially tomorrow,” you smile a little and nod, not really paying her too much attention. The nagging feeling, this itch, that feels like someone is watching you makes you feel paranoid and unsettled.

You glance around, narrowing your eyes at the crowds of people but no one really stands out. “That’s nice.” Sharon hums in agreement.

“Apparently, the previous person was his sister but she has been MIA and not turned up.”

Sharon continues to talk about the work she’ll have to do. You try and pay attention, trying not to feed into the paranoia feeling you have. Only it kept growing like someone was closing in on you, your heart picked up in speed but no one stood out in the crowd. You suggest leaving, claiming to be tired from the long journey and walking around. As you leave the Boardwalk the revving of engines pulls you from Sharon’s attention, all the motorcycles starting up.

None wearing helmets, all decked out in leather or denim. A few even have the New Romantics style mixed with the dark vibe that David had going on. The girl was perched on the back of his motorcycle, smirking at another blonde who had long, swept hair and bright blue eyes. The other blonde, with the patch jacket, was the first one to speed off and down the road. The brunette followed, almost racing him and hollering, you frowned at the recklessness they seemed to have.

“Ladies,” a clear, smooth voice calls. You cast your eyes to see David looking directly at you and Sharon, a smirk upturning at the corners of his lips, “Welcome to Santa Carla.” You frowned at his greeting, did his friend tell him about you? Does he just know you’re not from around here?

You nod in thanks, hearing a silent hiss from Sharon to leave. “Thank you?” Your voice making the words sound like a question, he lets out a chuckle. The girl clinging to him looking at you, her green eyes against pale skin making her look outworldly, her eyes narrowed as she glares.

“Don’t mind him, he likes to make people uncomfortable.” Your eyes drift to the person with a deep, soft voice. He now has his hair tied back into a small bun at the nape of his neck, his forearms are resting on the handlebars of his motorcycle. A smirk cast to his friend and then to you, a wink dropping with his right eye. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks, Sharon links her arm through yours and gently pulls you away. He gives a wave as you’re pulled away from them.

You hear the engines roar to life and then the motorcycles speeding off, you glance and watch as they drive off down the road. “They’re trouble, Y/N. Stay away from him,” Sharon mumbles, also watching them drive off. “Clint said there’s a motorcycle gang around, real trouble makers. I don’t want you getting involved!” You nod and walk home in relative silence on your end, your mind thinking back to the man on the motorcycle.

(I appreciate feedback and what you think will happen in this series- I’ve taken ideas from various movies. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see happen. Thank you for the patience, I’ve been having problems with my laptop that I hope will be fixed over the weekend. Fortunately, I have a mum who loves that I’m blogging and writing and has lent me her laptop. So, shout out to my mammy, Michele, what a saint. -  Rosalie)

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Playbook (Reddie)

Based this off a HC about Reddie’s first kiss that I did when I was doing blogrates! Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you liked it! <3

Word count: 1,989

Richie sighed heavily as he stared down at the sheet of paper that was covered in messy handwriting. His eyes scanned over the words before he brought his hands together with the paper in between them. He crumpled the sheet and tossed it over his shoulder toward the bin, missing by a few inches. 

“This has to be perfect” he mumbled to himself under his breath as his pale hand reached to the side of his desk for another blank paper. He set it on the wooden desk in front of him. He tapped his pencil against the wood in a steady beat, his lips pressed together and curved to the side. He leaned forward, causing a low creak to sound from the seat underneath him. He began to write again.

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Safety First

Relationship: Cas X Daughter, Dean X Niece!Reader

Words: 779

Summary: The Reader is just so excited to learn how to ride a bike.

Warnings: Lots of dad!Cas fluff

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @infamati–et–obliterati @deathtonormalcy56 @sis-tafics @winchesters-favorite-girl @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish @alexandriajanae4 @27bmm

A/N: This was written for the lovely @babypieandwhiskey‘s Cam’s Darnedest Things Challenge, and my prompt was “A pretend helmet can’t actually protect your head.” Thank you for being so patient with me, Cam!!

Originally posted by jtmcas

“Come on, daddy!” you whined, tugging on his coat. After weeks of waiting and pleading, the day had finally arrived, and you couldn’t wait any longer.

“Sweetheart, please,” said Castiel, glancing over to Dean. “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a conversation with your uncle?”

Sticking your bottom lip out, you pouted and crossed your arms over your chest. “But you promised we could do it today!”

“Yes, I know, I–” he cut himself off with a sigh. “Fine. Why don’t you go get ready and meet us in the garage in five minutes. How does that sound?”

“Yay! Thank you, daddy!” you exclaimed, wrapping your arms around his waist and squeezing tightly. Cas looked down at you and smiled as he kissed the top of your head.

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Dog Days (2)

summary: Reader finds themselves stuck between two decisions. Stan, or them.

series: IT

taglist: @goawayjules @bieberscheerios @basic-internet-trash

A/N: I feel like this series kinda sucks but I dunno, what do you guys think?


Stanley Uris Takes A Bath

Volume 2 


“So, basically, you’re a bunch of misfits in a group?” You glanced at Stan skeptically while riding beside him, making sure to slow down enough so you were neck and neck. 

“Basically, yeah,” he replied, trying to keep up with your slow speed. You hummed and kept your eyes ahead. If they were all misfits, maybe you’d fit in. You’d always have these weird now-memories about people and it’d scare away everyone, but maybe they’d embrace your weird side. If they would even ever see it that is. “Oh, and uh, we kind of have a thing going on. Normally, we wouldn’t welcome people so we’ll have to see if you’re, you know.”

“I’m what? Cool enough? Dude, you just said you’re all outsiders. Losers, right?” You gave him a side glance and noticed his nervous expression. It wasn’t his fault, you could tell he’d let you join in a heartbeat. Maybe it’s a congress of misfits, one that only lets in people that seem desperate enough, or if they were desperate enough. 

“No, that’s not- that’s not what I meant.”

“Yeah, no. I get what you mean,” You heard him sigh in relief and you stared ahead. The silence was more uncomfortable when you’d first met, but now, it felt more comforting than anything. No talking involved, just him leading you to his friends’ hangout area. Casual, right? At least, that’s what you thought.

After about two minutes of silence, you finally had enough of the thick tension and thought for a second of what to say. You could ask who his friends were, but you’d meet them in a few minutes. Maybe you could ask where the hangout was? Yeah, that’s good.

“So where’s this hangout?” You instantaneously cringed and mentally screamed at your word choice. He’d told you the name of the place, shouldn’t you have guessed by the name? You felt like an idiot but Stanley didn’t seem to mind.

“Oh. Well, it’s just across the bridge. See? The big red one,” He pointed to a long red bridge that went across a probably icy cold river. You nodded and watched as he made a sharp, careful turn toward it. You followed along and made sure not to be left behind. As he got near the bridge, you noticed him suddenly make an abrupt stop. The tires of both your bikes screeched as he stopped. “Shit.”

“What? Why are we stopping?” You tried to look past him and realized what he’d stopped from. There were two tall, older kids. You’d never seen them before, but judging by the way he reacted, they must be some kind of high school assholes. “Holy shit.”

“I uh, we can go next time. I don’t think the others will mind,” Stan began to pull his long legs over his bike to turn it around before you placed your wheel in front of him, making him trip subtly from the stop. You stared him in the eyes and he suddenly knew what you wanted to do. His eyes widened and he shook his head, “No. No, no. No way. I’d never make you a target, even if you make me. I’m not going to do that, you’re a new kid. You don’t-”

“Shut the fuck up, we’re doing this. If something happens, that’s my fault. Get back on your bike, poodle boy,” You flipped his bike back over and faced him toward the two. He gave a defeated sigh and sulked his way back onto his bike. You lead him toward the bridge and things went smoothly, you both passed them and you felt his mood change.

The miniature victory ended a second later as you were pulled off your bike by a strong grip. You felt the sting of the concrete road and noticed the scraped on your palms. Stan immediately stopped his bike and glared at the two, giving you a disappointed yet subtly forgiving frown.

“Let them go, Victor,” Stan knitted his eyebrows and stared the platinum blond down, his hands gripping onto the handlebars in an anxious fidget. Victor held up his hand and mocked the boy in a high pitched voice. You felt a pang in your head and suddenly had a memory, only it wasn’t yours. 

It was Stan, he was younger and looked much more naive and happy. That joyful energy disappeared as you noticed the two older kids, Victor and another boy, walk up to him and rip his kippah off his head. The energy around him became nervous, upset, scared. The feeling made your blood boil, especially seeing that they’d thrown his kippah into the trash bin. The two walked off with a victorious laugh and left Stanley searching in the bin for his kippah worriedly.

“What’d you say, Jew boy?” The taller and much bigger boy with a band shirt stepped up, towering over Stan by half a foot. You could see the fear flash in his eyes before it was replaced with courage. 

Stan took a step even closer to the boy and stood his ground, his nails digging into his palms at how much he was stressing about his next actions, “I said, let them go, Reginald.” 

“Oh, now you’re gonna get it, Stanley,” The boy, Reginald, scowled and grabbed Stan’s collar. You thought as quick as you could and stood up as fast as you could, pushing yourself toward the tall boy to punch him in back of his head. He released Stanley and staggered, his hat flying off his head and falling somewhere below them in the river. Stan was in shock and couldn’t move, not noticing Victor quickly snatch you into a choke-hold.

Stan’s eyes darted over to you and Victor, his jaw tightening as he noticed the army knife being held to your cheek. 

“You wanna play, little boy? C’mon then, let’s play,” Victor stared at Stanley with a sickeningly sinister glare, his blue eyes scanning the boy. He seemed to feed off the fear in both you and Stan, his expressionless lips upturning into a smile. Stan slowly gave in and began to listen. “If you want your petty friend back, then jump.”

“What?” Your eyes widened and you turned to the best of your abilities, staring at Victor in disbelief. 

“Jump into the river, Stanley. Go get Belch’s hat back and I won’t fuck up your little buddy’s face,” He pointed the knife to the rocky river below the red bridge before placing the blade back on your cheek. You saw Stan’s look of fear before he took a deep breath and the fear was only quiet, overpowered by his concern and worry. As Stan took a defeated step toward the bridge, you felt your stomach churn.

“No. Stan, Stan you listen to me. Don’t you dare, don’t jump, Stan. Stan, I swear to fucking God,” You thrashed in Victor’s arms and felt the sting of the knife lightly cut your cheek. You felt sick once Stan stood over the edge of where the bridge started, his eyes staring down with both fear and courage until he looked at you. “Stan, don’t you fucking dare!” You thrashed one last time and got free from Victor after elbowing his nose. 

You ran toward Stan and somehow ran past Belch without him grabbing you. As you neared Stan, you waved your hand to him and he began running through the bridge. The yelling from Victor and the heavy steps from Belch only made your hearts race faster. 

“Get back here, you fuckers!” 

The end of the bridge neared and suddenly, you made it. You felt tired and turned back before tripping over your own feet right before making it to the other side. Stan stopped in front of you and ran to help you, but Belch was already there. He grabbed you by the back of your shirt and pulled you up, holding you over the edge of the bridge.

“Let me… go…,” You choked and felt him push you even closer to the edge. Belch glared at you and you felt fear. For the first time in years, you felt scared. The upset, anxious frowns from Stan made it even worse. After he killed you, he’d go after Stan. The thought of the boy you just met, the new friend you’d just met dying because of you made you want to vomit. You didn’t want him to die, neither did you want to die. You mustered up enough strength to place your feet on the legs of Belch.

“I said… let me… go!” You kicked as hard as you could and his grip on you faltered. Not only did you push yourself back, you brought him with you. You both tumbled down the edge and fell into the water. The last thing you saw was him hitting his head hard on a log before being surrounded by the ice cold water.

You could hear muffled yelling and nothing else. You felt water fill your lungs and you pulled yourself up to the water line, trying hard not to be washed away by the rushing river. You choked over a wave and were stuck from a rock that had covered your leg. 

Water went over your head and you went back under the water, pulling as hard as you could to try and release yourself. Nothing seemed to work and your lungs stung. At least you saved Stan, right? He could take on Victor, that blond was skinnier than a stick. 

As you’d given up hope, you felt the last of your air leave your nose and started choking on the water filling your lungs. You inhaled the water and couldn’t breathe. You struggled and your eyes clouded. You heard a splash and suddenly saw a blurry figure come toward you. 

They pushed the rock off of you and grabbed onto a stick, hoisting both himself and you back up to the surface. You choked out the water and practically threw up only water. You turned to your savior and saw a soaking wet Stanley Uris. His hair was dripping onto his already wet clothes and you could tell that he would most likely get cold.

“Thanks for back there, that was pretty awesome. Though now I have to take a bath, so not so much,” He tried to make the situation light-hearted to get the attention off of your stinging lungs and burning cut. As you choked what was left of the water out, you turned to Stanley with a glare.

“Fuck you.”


Requested by Anon: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 2760

Warnings: Violence, Language, Implication of physical abuse

Anonymous asked: Hi :) can you please do one where: Daryl get help from a quiet (but badass) girl during a run, she don’t want to go with him, telling she prefer be alone, but convince her after seeing her two time around, after a while they get close and he notice she’s always wearing long sleeve clothes and start to guess what she hide, so after she get hurt on a run, he took off her large pull and realise all her scars (same as him) all over her back, arms, shoulders, and he broke down… Thanks! 

Notes: Don’t know if this is really what you had in mind, anon, but here is your request! I hope you enjoy it <3

Originally posted by fuckyeahrickyl

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Rescued by Redwood

“41 with Happy, please”

“91 happy” (a please or thank you goes a long way! Xx)

#41 - “I need your help.”

#91 - “Help me hide!”

Running down the street, panting in fatigue and panic, you look back, checking for your pursuer. Satisfied that the coast is clear, you stop and try to catch your breath, your hands resting on your thighs.

You almost jump out of your skin as you feel a hand on your shoulder, spinning round as quick as lightening. Once you see its not who you were anticipating, you relax slightly, still gasping for air.

“You alright there, love?” The stranger asks, your eyes taking in his leather jacket, noticing the President’s patch on the front. You nod, swallowing deeply to try and salivate your throat. Most people would be terrified to communicate with a member of SAMCRO, but they’ve never done anything to bother you, and right now you had bigger fish to fry.

“Yeah, sorry, just a little jumpy.” you explain, your heart beat slowly dropping back to normal. You peek over the man’s shoulder, still keeping your wits about you. You look back at the man’s face, trying to reassure him with a small smile, the look on his face telling you he’s not buying it.

“Expecting someone?” He pulls out a smoke from his pocket, lighting it up and taking a drag, turning to look behind him. You barely hear what he’s saying as you notice a couple figures right at the top of the street, your heart stopping as you realise you’re not out of the woods yet.

“This is going to sound really weird, but I need your help. Please.” You throw caution into the wind, knowing that the men following you aren’t going to stop until they get to you, whether it be today, tomorrow or even in a week.

“My brother, well, step-brother, ran up a debt with some dealers, and now he’s skipped town. I’m the next best thing. See where I’m going with this?”

“Aye,” the man confirms, seeing the men getting closer and closer. “you want the big, bad bikers to scare off your company.”

“No, god no, it’s my shit to deal with, I know that.” You slip into the path of one of the houses, ducking behind some greenery. “Just help me hide! I’ll repay the favour somehow.”

The man drops his almost finished cig, crushing it with his boot, his eyes softening as he sees how shit scared these guys have made you, the thought of his own daughter invading his mind.

“Alright, lass, get inside.” He gestures to the house behind you, you running up the steps and pushing through the partially opened door. You don’t expect the living room to be occupied as you walk in, a sheepish smile appearing on your face.

“This is, erm,“ Chibs addresses the men, looking at you as he realises he doesn’t know your name.

”(Y/N), hi.“ You fill the gap for him, smiling awkwardly as you flicker your gaze from Chibs to the three men, the eyes on you making you blush.

“There’s a couple fellas been following her, trying to use her to pay for her brothers debt. Told her we’d step in like the chivalrous gentlemen we are.” Chibs informs them, leading you through to meet the residents of the house.

A knock on the door - well, more of a bang - interrupts you all, your head whipping to the door, then looking at Chibs in question. He points at two of the men, “Hap, Tig, why don’t you invite our lovely guests inside?”

Two men nod, walking past you, the one with the shaved head staring at you as he passes. You feel as if the air has been sucked from your lungs, the intensity in his stare making your legs feel weak. You couldn’t deny he was good looking, your eyes following his figure as he passes you, heading to the door with his friend.

“Why don’t you go and get some fresh air, (Y/N)? T.O will keep you company.“ You figure you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Not sure that you want to know what’s going to go down anyway, you nod, smiling at who you assume is T.O, following him outside.

“You know, most people in this town wouldn’t fancy the idea of being in the same space as SAMCRO.” T.O states as the two of you sit on a swinging chair in the back garden, the stars scattered in the moonlit sky.

“People in this town are just too judgemental, too reliant on other people to make their decisions.” You respond, wanting him to know you have no grievance against the Sons, the friendly smile he sends you making you feel more comfortable.

“What about you, hm? What do you think about our MC?” You hear a yell of pain from inside, not sure how to feel about the whole situation. Should you be scared, worried? Because honestly, what you’d seen of SAMCRO so far made you feel safe, welcomed. They could’ve just left you to be chased down, attacked on the street.

“You guys have never harmed me or my family in any way, and you’ve helped me out when you definitely didn’t have to.” you say, gesturing to the inside of the house, hearing a door slam shut. “I think you’re pretty nice guys if you ask me.”

At this, the man in front of you chuckles, grinning at you. “I’m not sure if you could call us nice, but we do what we have to do to stay on top, just like everybody else.”

You nod your head in understanding, resting back in the chair. No matter what other people said, you knew you would’ve been in deep shit tonight if Chibs and the others didn’t take you in. For that, you’ll always be thankful.

“I heard about Jax Teller, it was all over the news. Sorry for your loss.” You’re not sure if you’re overstepping any boundaries, but the gratitude in T.O’s face makes you feel reassured.

“Thank you.”

The back door slides open, your eyes turning to see the mysterious man from earlier, his eyes still holding that powerful stare from earlier. “It’s done.”

T.O nods in response, getting up and gesturing for you to follow him. You get up, walking behind him, a blush covering your cheeks as you slip past the tattooed man, your chest grazing against his. You feel his eyes on you, thanking God that you wore your best ass jeans today.

You walk back into the lounge area, seeing the dark haired man from earlier - your eyes reading the VP badge on his kutte - and Chibs standing in the room, awaiting your arrival.

“I’m sure they’ll leave you be from now on, sweetheart.” the VP says, as he extends his hand towards you. “I’m Tig, by the way.”

You place your hand in his, “Thank you, Tig. Thank you to all of you.” You feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, knowing that you should be left alone from now on. “I can’t thank you enough.”

“Don’t mention it, lass, happy to help.” Chibs responds, sending a warm smile your way. “Where you heading? We’ll give you a lift, make sure you get there safe.”

You shake your head, not being able to understand how the men you’re in a room with can be so badly judged, when all they’ve shown you is kindness. “I’ll be fine honestly, you’ve done more than enough for me already-”

“Don’t be daft, love. Happy, you alright to take (Y/N) home?” Chibs directs his gaze to the man over your shoulder, you turning on the spot, thankful you’ve got a name to go with the man. Though, Happy was probably the last thing you’d call him.

“Sure.” You try to keep your eyes from bulging as you hear Happy’s deep voice, the husk in his tone sending a chill up your spine. His eyes stay set on you as he responds to his Prez, his eyes too piercing for you to turn away.

“Alright, see you back at the clubhouse.” Chibs, T.O and Tig stand up, the Tig and T.O wishing you goodbye, Chibs lingering in the door way. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N), feel free to pop by if you need our assistance again.”

“Thank you, Chibs.” He nods farewell, closing the door behind him. You turn to the man behind you, his eyes on yours as you two remain the only ones in the house.

“Wait here.” He says simply, as he disappears, his footsteps climbing the stairs. You take a look around the lounge, taking in the pictures on the mantlepiece. Picking up a gold bordered frame, you look at the photo inside, a younger version of Happy standing in between two women. You find yourself smiling, the grin on the boys face so infectious you can’t help it.

“Ready to go?” You jump in surprise, placing the photo back on the fireplace, embarrassment slipping in as you realise you’ve been caught being nosey. You clear your throat, nodding.

“This your place?” You ask as you follow Happy outside, him locking the door behind him before shoving the keys in his pocket. You follow him down the white steps, taking note of the helmet in his hand, your heart falting as you realise you’ve somehow forgotten that bikers ride motorbikes.

“It’s my mom’s house.“ That'a the only information he offers, his steps pausing in front of a beautiful bike, holding out the helmet for you to take. “Hope you’re not scared of riding.”

Your fingers skim his as you take the helmet from his grasp, his hands feeling rough and worn. “It’s my favourite position.“

You know he’s caught on to the double meaning of your words, one corner of his lips lifting up into a smirk, before it disappears again. His dark brown eyes assess you quietly, leaving you feeling vulnerable. “Where am I taking you?”

You tell him your address, putting the safety hat on, clipping it under your chin as Happy straddles his bike, the engine revving to life under his touch. Getting on behind him, you hesitantly wrap your arms around his waist, not knowing what else to do.

You jolt forward slightly as the bike moves, your grip getting tighter around the biker, your head resting against his back. Once you’ve got past the fear of almost flying off on every corner, you start to sort of enjoy the thrill that the motorbike brings. The wind rushing through your hair, the sound of the engine as it travels along.

You find yourself feeling slightly sad when you pull onto your street, Happy pulling into a spot near your house. You step off, him turning off the engine, resting the heavy machine on the kickstand. He pulls off his helmet, the street lamp casting a golden glow over the two of you.

“Thanks for the ride. Drive careful.” You smile at the intoxicating man once more, your body turning as you walk up your path, knowing you might not run into him again. You pause in your tracks, deciding to seize the day or whatever it is you’re supposed to do.

“Wait.” You spin around, walking back to Happy, swallowing down your nerves and hesitation. “Can I buy you a drink sometime? You know, to say thank you and all that.”

His expression falters, a smirk appearing on your lips as you realise you’ve caught him off guard. He looks at you, trying to figure you out, trying to understand why a beautiful, innocent girl like yourself would want to go out with a monster like him.

“I think I’m supposed to be the one asking you out.” he eventually responds, watching you curiously. You laugh, handing him your phone, rocking backwards and forwards on your feet as he types in his number.

“I like to keep it interesting.” you tease, accepting your phone back from him. You lean down, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek, before stepping back. “See you soon.”

He watches as you turn around, retreating up your path and disappearing inside of your house. He shakes his head, smirking to himself at your spunky nature.

Once he reaches the clubhouse, he feels his phone vibrate, a text from an unsaved number lighting up his phone. He opens it, a hearty chuckle leaving his lips as he reads the message, knowing he’s found a special kind of woman.

‘So, what’s your favourite position? ;) x’

Originally posted by sikanapanele

A/N - I hope you guys liked this!!! I wanted to switch the gender roles up a bit and have the man get asked out for once😂 thanks for requesting and reading!!! Xxx


Boos & Booze next | previous

Luna’s (Jade’s) Story (Number 1):  …Once I had to run out to the store real late. I was with a friend and I waited for her while she went inside. The parking lot was completely empty, except our car, and on the other side I saw this old man, he looked… maybe 60? Even older, could have been. He was just riding a bike. 

I thought it was odd to see someone out that late. But I just shrugged it off. I watched him loop around the parking lot once, and then all of a sudden, he just starts riding towards the car. I couldn’t see his face, he was just hunched and sort of odd looking. He got really close and I wasn’t sure what to do. I checked to make sure the car doors were locked and he stopped a few feet away. 

I was freaking out, I was too scared to yell at him to scram, I was just frozen in my seat. And then, the weirdest thing. He got off his bike and gripped it by the handlebars, propped it on the back wheel and put it to the car window. And just stared at me. He must have stood there maybe two minutes, tire treads pressed to the glass, giving me the creepiest of smiles, before he just turned around, bike and all, got back on…. And rode off. Crazy, right?

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more of that nyx going crazy abt the mystery girl this time nyx sees her in social parties in elegant dress and he's questioning if crowe is really friends with this glamorous person (you can decide the rest i just want more of it +_+)

Bwaa, I saw a bunch of request for a follow up, but I was like, idk how, yet this! This is something that I can work with. Thank you!


Nyx could never understand why Royal’s needed so many balls and parties. Half of these people looked ready to kill over, and King Regis had already attempted to escape twice, yet had been caught by that large hair duchess who had been trying to get into the royal jewels for years. Even the King’s Shield was no match for this woman.

“You look bored.” Crowe stated, standing beside him in a rather elegant if not plain black dress.

“And you look like a girl.”

That earned him a swift punch to the arm, and one thing he could not lie about was that Crowe’s punches hurt. Alot.

“Here I was about to brighten up your night.” Crowe replied.

Nyx, nursing his sore arm, where he knew a bruise would be tomorrow, turned towards the woman, “I’m off in an hour, so that’s a big plus.” He never understood why he volunteered for these things, should have noped out like Libertus did.

Crowe scoffed, plucking a glass of champagne from a nearby server, “Why don’t you just shut up and enjoy the music.”

Nyx was tempted to walk away, when he noticed that Crowe was staring at where the pianist was set up for the evening. He wasn’t one for classical music, and the orchestra, while amazing, wasn’t his cup of tea. Yet the pianist this evening, was his type, Black Label.

He almost dropped his own glass of overly sweet champagne, he hadn’t seen you since weeks ago when you had disappeared that night after the bar. You both had exchanged phone numbers but each time you tried to set up a schedule, Nyx had to work, or you had prior engagements. Finally, eventually you both stopped trying. Yet no matter what, Nyx could not get you out of his head, and it resulted in quite a dry spell for the man, on the “One Night Stand” circuit. 

“She’s pretty good, the reason she hasn’t been at the bar.” Crowe replied, looking to Nyx staring ahead in shock.

Nyx couldn’t pull his eyes away, you were in a beautiful dark grey, almost silver dress, fingers moving elegantly across the keys, modest jewelry. Absolutely different from when he ran into you at the bar, what was it a month, almost two months ago? Yet you still haunted his dreams, and to  see you now, so beautiful!

He still hadn’t learn much about you, yet he did know that you were a woman he wanted to know everything about. Down to your childhood pet rock’s name in 2nd grade.

So he stood in spot for 45 minutes, he still performed his job, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t multitask and listen to the beauty that was your song. You stood, finishing your set with a bow, and then move behind the curtain behind your stage for the evening, as the full orchestra begun their final set for the evening.

“Yo, Crowe, I’m knocking out early, you mind covering.” Nyx didn’t even wait for a reply, as he all but sprinted after you. Using his status as a Glavie member to get further behind the scenes, only to see you disappear in a “changing room” of sorts. So he waited.

10 minutes later, as woman walked out in too tight of jeans that hugged her legs and ass perfectly, and a leather jacket.

“It’s been awhile.”

You jumped, turning around only to smirk, “Well, well, Nyx. It has.”

Nyx chuckled, approaching you, his height looming over you, in a way very predatorial, “Haven’t see you at the bar, was worried you were trying to hide from me.”

“Oh now why would I do that?” You cooed back, obviously not taking his bait, pressing yourself against him.

“You tell me.” Nyx chuckled, getting a whiff of your perfume. Gods! did you always smell that good?

You fluttered your eyelashes, before turning around presenting you back to the man, glancing over your shoulder. “Why don’t you join me for a drink, I have some Silver Label at my place. That is if you have the time.”

“What do you know, I just got off.”

Nyx followed you through the servants corridors to the parking lot guest were to park. Yet when you approached a motorcycle, let alone a crotch rocket, the man had to admit he was pleasantly surprised.

“Hope you don’t mind.” You joked, tossing him a helmet, before donning your own.

Nyx watched as you swung a leg over the seat, before climbing behind you, his hands resting on your shoulders. Only to stare in confusing as you reached back, moving the hands to your waist, to wrap around you tightly.

“It will be easier this way, lean against me, Big boy.” You called as you started the bike.

Nyx didn’t need to be told twice, as he leaned forward, almost spooning you on your bike. Only for his grip to tighten as you rocketed out the parking lot. He watched as you dodged through traffic left and right, speeding quickly through the city, before pulling into a parking garage.

The apartment was more grand than what he expected, a single bedroom, rather than a studio like his own. Yet everything about it screamed you, including the poster of the musical bands you followed, and he like a lot of them. Eventually you two settled on collapsing on the couch, having ordered late night takeout, as the hor d'oeuvres and finger foods where to ‘Royal’ for your tastes, finding something to put on Netflix in the background as you sipped at the Silver Labels, and getting rather acquainted.

Somewhere between episode six and Black Label  number four, you had found yourself within that strong lap of the man, his dress shirt for the ball unbutton, your hands running over the strong torso, as your shirt gone and top button of your jeans undone, so those strong hands could reach into your jeans, groping and kneading a handful of your ass. Both of your mouths locked togethers, as you both panted against one another’s lips, as you softly grinded against the lap beneath you.

“You know…” You panted against Nyx’s lips, once you got his attention from the high both of you were giving each other.  “I may have invited you over for some Black Label, but what do you say about staying for lunch tomorrow.”

A smirk broke across Nyx’s face, “I was hoping for breakfast, but lunch is better.”

You gave your on smirk back, only to toss your head back at the hips moving beneath you, “Keep doing that big guy, and I’ll be bring you lunch and be cooking you dinner and breakfast all next week.”


“Make it worth my while.”

“Oh you bet I am.” Nyx chuckled, slamming his lips against your own giving you a kiss that was more tongue than lips, but neither of you seemed to mind as you both worked to remove the final pieces of clothing to get to the good part.

Nyx had realized Jackpot didn’t even describe it anymore.

Fool Series - Seunghoon


*inspired by WINNER’s Fool MV.

Seungyoon  Jinwoo

Characters: Lee Seunghoon (WINNER), You (Reader/OC)

Length: 1,390 words

Rating/Genre: Angst, Mentions of Death

His actions were uncalculated, unplanned, and hurried. He wants to go back in time, but he knows it is too late.  He was a fool, and will always be.

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Love of My Life

My first Tig fic.  We’re going back awhile for Tig so he’s a little out of character maybe.  I hope you like it.

Warning: character death

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You were 18 when you first met Tig.  Alex, as you liked to call him, somehow stumbled into one of your ballet performances.  You were the understudy for Cinderella and the original Cinderella was hurt from yesterday’s performance so you took over.  He approached you after and told you how beautiful you were.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of his ocean blue eyes to see the leather and general bad boy vibes practically radiating off of his 21 year old body.  He asked you on a date and three nights later, you found yourself waiting outside of your house.  You could feel your body shaking as you had made sure your parents were asleep.  You wouldn’t be leaving with him if your dad saw him.  Your converse toe swiped back and forth across the dirt in the driveway.  He told you to wear a jacket and jeans and you quickly figure out why as one headlight flashed at the end of your driveway.
“Alex, is that a motorcycle?”  Your eyes widened, taking him in on his bike.  He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and blew the smoke away from you.
“Yeah, doll.  That ok?”  The smirk on his face showed that he knew it was ok.  You were excited and he could tell.
“I’ve never ridden one before.”
“Hop on.  Let’s pop that cherry, huh?”  He winked and held out his hand.  He tossed his cigarette on the ground as you slid your hand into his and hopped on behind him, gripping his waist tightly and smiling against his back as he took off down the road.

Three years later, Tig was taking you out for your first drink.  You were excited but anxious.  Tig was leaving for training tomorrow morning and tonight was the finale of your first performance as the lead.  The main lead for the nutcracker.  Your hair was so tight on the top of your head and your toes had bruised and swollen but it was worth it.  Tig wanted to celebrate your birthday and your role.  You wanted to drink away your worry.
As you laid in his arms that night, he whispered that he would make it home fine.
“I’ll be back before you know it.  We can go on a road trip together.  Finally go out to California like you always wanted.”  His lips moved against your forehead as he whispered into the dark.  The tips of his fingers moved up and down your naked arm.
“I’ll meet you at the airport.”  You kiss his chest and run your nails back and forth lightly on his chest.
“You better.”  He pulled you tighter to him.
“I love you, Alex.”
“I love you too, (Y/N).  Don’t forget that, ok?”  He nudged his head against yours.

You jump on your tippy toes, looking over the heads of all the other wives or girlfriends waiting for their men to get off the plane.  You see your man walking over to you, his usually wild curls were trimmed so short you almost didn’t recognize him but his blue eyes locked on you and you broke into a run.
“Alex!”  You feel your eyes tingle as you see his smile widen.
“Shit, (Y/N).”  His arms fly open to catch you as you jump up and wrap your arms around his neck.  
“God, I missed you so damn much.”  Your head is tucked into his neck as he twirls you in a circle.
“I missed you too, Doll.”  He sets you down and steps back to hold your face, “did you bring my bike?”
“Of course.”  You smile as you kiss his cheek.
“Let’s go for a ride, huh?”  He picks up his bag and grips your hand in his, the smile never leaving his face.
“I had mom and dad bring my car down while I drove your bike, so we can put your bag in my car.”
“Sounds great.”  Tig wraps his arm around you to pull you closer.  You both find your car and stuff his bag and his hat in the car and lock it.  He slides onto the bike as you sit on the back, wrapping yourself around him.  He starts the bike and drives out of the parking lot and down the highway.  After a half hour on the highway, Alex starts to lose control of the bike.  You grip him tighter as you feel the bike tilt.  You slide on the ground to the other side of the highway.

Tig screams from his place on the highway.  People stop around him and start to call 911 but he knows it’s no use.


Springtime "Frolicking" (Chanyeol x Reader)

Happy Valentines Day lovelies~ I don’t have much to say about this one, other than the fact that I love it. It’s cute, yet at the same time it’s full of good ol’ sexy Chanyeol. All of us only dream of having a sweet, loving boyfriend like Yeollie lol Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this one a lot because I had a blast writing it!

P.S. Thank you for over a 100 followers and Yeolocanda FTW

“Yah, jagiya~ Are you almost ready to go?”

You grinned to yourself, giddy with excitement when your boyfriend, slipped his arms around you from behind, pulling you close into his broad chest. His hands snaking up your stomach and caressing your sides with his warm hands, squeezing slightly sensually from time to time. He leaned down to your small height and kissed the soft spot behind your ear with a contented sigh.

You spun around and faced your beloved Chanyeol, taking in his attractively messy bedhead, brown whining puppy eyes, and the small half smile he gave when he wanted something from you. You stood on tip toe and kissed his exposed collarbone lightly, savoring the sharp intake of breath that sucked past his slightly open lips, “Almost ready, I promise,” you drew away and softly battered his arm playfully with your fists, “We’d be able to leave sooner if someone would stop distracting me.”

Chanyeol grinned sheepishly, running a calloused hand through his tousled brown locks, “Sorry, ____-ah,” he captured one of your hands and pressed a kiss to each knuckle, winking lazily, “I just want you to have the best day today.”

Being a person that was easily touched when someone was looking out for your needs, especially when that someone was your boyfriend, you were prone to letting the little things slide. Well, you didn’t really think Chanyeol trying to jump your bones then was little; in fact for you, whenever his large hands fell upon your body, you couldn’t help but let everything slide.

Chanyeol leaned against the counter carefully watching you work, occasionally retrieving things you needed or couldn’t reach with an adorable excitement. You finished packing the picnic basket, tucked the soft, red flannel blanket into your arms, and looked up at him expectantly, a sweet smile on your petal lips.

Not being able to help himself in that moment, he swooped down and pecked your lips delicately, letting his hand stroke your hair before grinning, “Alright let’s go jagiya!”

You giggled at his giddiness as the two of you retrieved Chanyeol’s shiny red bike you’d gotten him for his last birthday. He placed the blanket and food into the front basket, before easily lifting you up and placing you gently on the handlebars of the bike, “Ready, ____-ah?”

You gripped the handles excitedly, feeling his own hands slip over your own protectively before nodding eagerly, “Let’s go Channie!”

You heard him rumble with laughter from behind you as he pushed off, filling your ears and heart with one of the most beautiful sounds you’d ever heard. You savored his laugh, tilting your head back to bask in the early spring sky, clouds cheerfully racing across it and the wind whipping happily through your hair. As the two of you peddled to the nearby park, you couldn’t help but realize how lucky you were to have a boyfriend as giving and kind as Chanyeol. You’d heard many of your close friends complain about how their boyfriends wouldn’t do this or wouldn’t do that because it wasn’t cool or manly. You knew Chanyeol didn’t care if he had to dress like a woman and do girly aegyo, if it made you happy then he would do it in a heartbeat and gladly sacrifice his masculinity.

You peeked over your shoulder at Chanyeol when you felt his head nudge your back playfully, grinning as you saw the human version of a puppy before your smiling eyes. He beamed up at you, before making a turn into the park, coasting along the sidewalk until he reached a rather secluded area. He helped you down from your perch, grabbing the basket and blanket as he watched you walk into the miniature glade with wonderment in your clear eyes.

It was blissfully silent, the only other sounds being the occasional chirp of a bird and the slight rustle of leaves. Trees of various types almost completely surrounded the small clearing, but the most stunning one sat gracefully in the middle. A gorgeous cherry blossom that had just reached full bloom, its delicate pink flowers cascading silky petals to the mossy ground.

You spun around to Chanyeol, who had been nervously gauging your reaction from afar. With a jubilant whirl of your dress, you were in his arms, tears of pure rapture leaking down your rosy cheeks, “Oh, Chanyeol, it’s so perfect.”

He embraced you with the same amount of cheer, nuzzling down into your neck as he breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m glad you like it, ____-ah.”

Excitement coursed through you as you left his arms to explore the clearing, your curiosity getting the better of you. He just shook his head with another one of his quirky half smiles, as he went to work spreading out the flannel blanket underneath the cherry blossom, letting you frolic to your hearts content. He stretched out on the blanket like a cat, slipping his shoes off, contentedly watching you gallivant through the clearing before closing his eyes with a happy sigh.

Smiling mischievously when you saw Chanyeol’s eyes close, you crept around the base of the cherry blossom before pouncing on him gleefully. He let out a surprised cry as you rolled on top of his slender body, effectively trapping him with a grin. You peppered his face with kisses to which he responded with laughter, reaching up to tickle your sides teasingly, which caused you to fall down to his side. Burying you face into his side like a child, you snuggled down into him listening to the beat of his heart, peeking up at him to find his brown eyes looking at you intensely with an unreadable expression

Concerned, you sat up, leaning on his chest as you poked his nose with a slender finger, “Chanyeol-ah?…”

With the same look on his handsome face, he tucked a strand of your fine hair behind you ear, letting his thumb brush tenderly across your bottom lip as he whispered your name softly, “_____…”

He reached up to your face suddenly, pulling you to him as his lips found your own passionately. At the same time, he managed to flip you over so that it was you who were spread out on the red flannel blanket, his hands grasping your hips sensually as his tongue pushed into your mouth.

Completely distracted by his kiss, you failed to notice his knee slip in between your legs and deliciously push against your suddenly aroused core. You gasped remembering where you were, “Chanyeol!…”

He ignored your outburst and instead slipped his hand up your thigh, knowing you loved the way his callouses would roughly brush against your skin. His words were short, but his deep voice was heavy with lust as he assured you, “It’s okay babe. No one can see us from here.”

Both of you groaned loudly when his hand finally reached your now dripping heat, stroking you through your panties, while his other hand hitched your leg up to his side as he smirked, “Oh, ____. You’re already so wet for me.”

You blushed and attempted to close your thighs out of embarrassment, but he suddenly inched down until you felt his warm breath on your inner thigh, keeping your legs apart with his strong hands. He leaned down and kissed you through you panties, causing you to mewl and grasp his soft hair in pleasure, “Ah, Chanyeol!” He licked at your clothed heat repeatedly, stroking your clit teasingly. “Please,” you whined loudly, needing him to take you fully.

He drew away chuckling, half smile in place, “Uh-uh, jagiya. I want you to fully enjoy this and to let us savor it together. After all,” he pulled his white t-shirt slowly over his head, letting you get a full view of his toned chest, abs, and broad shoulders, “it is Valentine’s Day.”

You gulped, nodding dumbly as he bit his bottom lip, wanting nothing more than to bite it yourself. He crawled back over to you, settling between your legs once more as he slowly pulled your pink panties down your creamy thighs. Without a word and only a smirk, he dipped his tongue into your soaked folds, making you yell out in pleasure instantly. You looked down at him and grew even more aroused as he eye fucked you, his dark brown, half lidded eyes staring deeply into your own. He hummed in his deep voice, stimulating your clit, before one of his long fingers joined his tongue. Knowing that you liked it when he fingered you roughly and with plenty of dirty talk, he shoved two other fingers into you knuckle deep. His tongue left your heat, but his fingers continued to work you as his husky voice reached your ears, “That’s right, ____, tell me how much you love this. How much you want me to fuck you senseless here and now where someone could see us. Does that get you off? Knowing people might be watching us and we could get caught?”

You nodded frantically at his words, unable to speak from the unbelievable amount of pleasure coursing through you. He pulled back sucking your arousal from his fingers, making you groan in frustration as he went to work on his pants, and making sure to maintain full eye contact as he pulled out his throbbing member and gave it a few test pumps. You quickly sat up and pushed him back down, taking him by surprise as you pinned him, taking his large member into your hands. He squeezed his dark eyes shut and clenched his teeth, propping himself up on his elbows as you licked the tip of his erection slowly, making his groan, “Ah!…”

Taking as much of him as you could into your mouth, you began to suck, hollowing your cheeks, and pumping his base. You hummed and he grasped your hair, feeling your tongue swirl around his tip and tasting the pre-cum leaking from his slit. You looked up at him, gazing with half-lidded eyes as you began to rub yourself up and down his leg lustily, feeling the way his half pulled down jeans rubbed roughly against your heat.

Soon you felt his release coming and he pulled you from his member breathing heavily, his eyebrows furrowed in a dazed sort of expression. He laid you back down unexpectedly gentle, pulling your dress off slowly and kissing up and down your body, dipping his tongue into your naval and across your collar bone, worshipping your body with his mouth.

You felt the tip of his member tease your folds and you looked up at him pleadingly, “Chanyeol please!”

He didn’t smirk this time. Instead, he smiled sexily and pushed into your aching heat, instantly moaning out in his low voice. You cried out, never ready for his size and girth, but finding deep pleasure in the way he began to pump into you. With each thrust he breathed out heavily, occasionally growling at the way you would flick your hips up into him.

Chanyeol took your legs and hooked them over his shoulders, folding you and allowing for him to reach a deep place within you, hitting your g-spot. You reached up and clung to his neck, licking and biting, tasting the salt on his skin and yourself on his lips. You sucked him in tightly each time by clenching the muscles of your core, causing him to groan out your name from clenched teeth, “_____!”

You gasped as you felt one of his free hands grasp your hair and pull your head back, exposing your throat to his eager lips. He sucked and sucked, licking at your slender neck to sooth the blooming love bites he was leaving. Being extremely vocal, his deep voice alone, his gasps, and growls, were getting you off and making you approach your end. He knew exactly how his voice effected you and he was making sure you got the full experience.

The coils in the pit of your stomach tightened as your impending climax suddenly swept over you. You clenched around Chanyeol, making him swear as the two of you moaned out, his release shooting into you hot and strong. He continued to pump into you slowly as you both road out your releases, pressing kisses to your face lovingly and whispering, “Yes, _____-ah. You were so good.”

When the two of you finally settled down, he pulled out of you carefully, so as to not bump against the forming bruises on your hips. Chanyeol laid down next to you, bringing your body into the curve of his own as he pressed kiss after kiss to your already sore body. You went to return his kisses when a sharp pain hit your pelvis, “Oh god Chanyeol!”

He chuckled, failing to contain his proud smile, “You’re not going to be able to walk, are you jagiya?”

You pouted, “No I’m not, thank you very much. You’re lucky I love you Park Chanyeol, or you’d be in trouble.”

He sobered up and kissed your forehead, nose, and finally your lips. Looking down at you in his arms tenderly he murmured, “I love you, ____. Happy Valentines Day.”

You blushed happily at him, pulling yourself closer, “I love you too Channie.”

My Boys

Fandom- The Outsiders. (Johnny and Ponyboy)

Warnings- None. It’s supposed to be cute.

Note- It’s a Kid!Johnny and Kid!Ponyboy fic. Pony is five and Johnny is seven. Not supposed to be Johnny X Pony. You can read it with whatever intentions though.


  Ponyboy and Johnny were in the lot with Soda’s old bike. Pony had seen Johnny looking at it one day, so he decided to surprise his best friend by letting him ride it. Johnny’s black eyes were wide and he was smiling, revealing his missing front teeth. He’d lost them a few weeks ago and he had a cute little slur with his words now. Mrs. Curtis adored it.

  “C'mon, Johnny! You can go first.” Pony walked it over to the older boy. Pony was only a few inches shorter than Johnny, but he was catching up to him. Johnny insisted Pony was going to be the taller of the two. Pony didn’t believe him.

  “I, uh, I don’t know how to ride a bike.” Johnny’s tan face had little pink tints to the cheeks. Pony grinned broadly at his friend.

  “I’ll teach you. Get on!” Pony helped his friend onto the bike and gripped the back of the seat. He tried to balance it. He knew Johnny was pretty clumsy. He always had bruises on his body. He had a black eye at least once a month. Pony wondered how anyone could be so clumsy, but the funny thing was he couldn’t ever remember seeing Johnny fall.

  Johnny took his feet and started to pedal. The bike was wobbling a lot, but Pony made sure the bike stayed up. He could still see Johnny’s smile in his head and he didn’t smile often. Maybe he was shy and didn’t like his missing teeth.

  The lot had a bunch of grass, but was relatively flat. Pony was walking beside Johnny, still gripping the back of his seat and a handle bar, and keeping him up. Johnny had begun to control how much the bike was wobbling. It was pretty even now. Pony remembered what Darry had done for him when he was teaching Pony to ride.

  Pony removed his hand from the handle bar but kept it on the seat. Johnny licked his bottom lip but kept pedaling.

  “Try to go faster.” Pony said. Johnny nodded and pedaled faster. After a couple more feet, Pony let go of the back of the bike. Johnny pedaled for a few more feet before he noticed Pony wasn’t there. Johnny fell off the bike and landed in the only place, in the lot, without grass. Ponyboy rushed forward.

  “Are you okay?” The younger boy grabbed his friend’s hands and looked at them. They were scrapped a little bit and the knee of his right pant leg had torn open. His knee was bleeding, too. Pony grinned and pulled a band-aid out of his pocket. He’d crashed his first try and Darry had band-aids on him, too. Johnny wasn’t crying he just watched as Pony peeled the paper of the band-aid and smoothed it along his knee.

  “Yeah. Thanks, Pony.” Johnny stood up and got back on the bike. They repeated the action again. Johnny was gripping the handlebars so hard, his fingers were white. Pony patted him on the back and kept running along side of him. Johnny was getting way better with the wobbling of the bike.

  “Let go. I think I’ve got it.” Johnny bit his bottom lip and Pony let go. Pony was waiting for him to fall off or quit pedaling. He didn’t. Johnny did an entire lap around the lot. Pony was laughing and jumping up and down. He was proud of the black-eyed boy. He was glad he’d learned something new. Johnny rode up to Pony, who was standing in the middle of the lot.

  “You did it!” Pony exclaimed. He was a very energetic little guy and Johnny loved that. Johnny laughed and nodded happily. Johnny motioned to the space between both handle bars. Pony sat down in the spot and held his legs away from the wheel. Johnny began to peddle and try for another lap around the lot. The two boys laughed and giggled with each other. They crashed a couple times, but never really saw an issue.

  Before long the sun was starting to set and the boys were worn out. Johnny walked Pony to the Curtis house and they sat on the front steps. Johnny yawned and stretched his arms above his head. Pony grabbed him around his waist and hugged him tightly. Johnny was surprised at the sudden contact but held his friend close.

  “Thanks for teaching me how to ride a bike.” Johnny ruffled the younger boy’s hair. Pony, who was nearly asleep, mumbled out a ‘you’re welcome’ and passed out. Johnny yawned once more before he fell asleep too.

  A few hours later Mrs. Curtis walked out onto the porch and smiled down at them. She’d been wondering where they’d been. She motioned for Mr. Curtis to come out onto the porch and help her. She picked up Johnny and he grabbed Ponyboy. They carried them to the couch and laid them down next to a sleeping Steve and Soda, who were wrapped around each other. All of the boys were so scrawny and small they could all fit on one couch. A young Kieth Mathews was asleep in the floor next to a dozing Darry.

  Mrs. Curtis moved Johnny’s bangs out of his face and kissed his forehead. She knew what kind of home he had and what shitty drunks his parents were. She felt horribly guilty every time he left her house. She kept him over as much as possible. Same went for Steve, who’s father was an arrogant prick. She’d steal those two boys if she could. She glanced down at Keith and was reminded of how much he was like his mother. She was a sweet women.

  “My boys.” Mrs. Curtis smiled and walked into the kitchen. She was going to be fixing another big supper. She couldn’t complain, though. She’d do anything for her boys.

The Deep - Chapter Ten

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“Work,” Max blurted, grasping at the only straw he had left. “I - I spent the weekend here, catching up with work.”

“I’ll just need some proof of that.”

Max must have looked nervous, his fingers pulling idly at a loose thread in his t-shirt. “I - yeah, I mean, that’s fine.”

Carl gave him a patient smile. “You know you aren’t being targeted here, Max. We’re talking to everyone that played a prominent role in Andrew’s life, not just yourself.”

Max nodded. “Yeah, no it’s….My laptop - I sent emails.”

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Urban Motor BMW R 100 GS „Six Nights“.

The holy grale of the BMW custom scene. Apart from hours and hours of handwork (six nights?), the exclusive selection of components used is most remarkable about this 1991 GS-based bike. They include: K&N filters and relocated Lithium-ion battery behind the swingarm, BMW „toaster“ tank, hand-crafted  stainless steel exhaust system with twin silencers (EUR 3500!), Motogadget turn signals and motoscope, Tommaselli dirt-bike bars, Ariette grips, Domino throttle and Magura levers. 

They all make up for a stunning „after work urban dirt bike“ (Urban Motor quote). At a price of EUR 27 500 one that you have to work hard for.

Vanilla Daydreams

A/N: just a little something I thought of while on the bus. ice cream dates are the best :D hope y’all enjoy! Also on ao3 !

It was the warmest day of the last five years in Hawkins, Indiana, and, somehow, Mike Wheeler managed to convince Hopper of a date with El. (He whined non stop until chief let them go just to get rid of him.)

“Where are we going?” El asked, a big smile on her face, as she wrapped her arms around Mike.
“You’ll see,” he gripped his bike handles tighter and brought them to the center of the town as fast as he could.
There was a new great ice cream parlour in town and he was excited to treat her to some sweet cold goodness, so needed in this heat.

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Mac and Judas Imagine PT.2 😎🔥💋

18+  NSFW

part 2 of @purpleswan ‘s request






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So we are heading back to Mac’s place on the bikes. Judas is in front of me, and Mac is on my bike gripping my waist. He is pressed up against me, I can feel his rough hands on my exposed skin. The wind flows through my hair, as I speed up revving the bike. My heart is beating so fast. I moan slightly every time he grazes my waist.
We arrive at a run down house, more of a shack. Mac pulls me off my bike and roughly throws me over his shoulder, an evil grin on his face - his meth mouth smirking at me. I feel him graze my ass and bring his palm down hard on my leather trousers, and I moan out loudly grabbing at him. Judas climbs off his bike, his eyes fixed on me as he lights up, exhaling smoke rings. He pulls up my chin as I am over Mac’s shoulder and smirks as his palm grazes my cheek, slapping me.
“That’s for bein such a damn tease girl” He snarls. I gasp out in anticipation, as Mac drags me inside. He takes me down some stairs into a dark basement. He throws me down on a bed and as I scramble up, he drags me back down. e grabs cable ties and shackles me to the bed by my ankles, as Judas holds me down, slipping the joint into mouth. I inhale deeply, he crashes his lips into mine and I exhale into his mouth. Mac restrains my hands and immediately pulls out his knife expertly cutting my underwear away, ripping open my top, revealing I’m bra-less
“Mac’s gonna give you what ya want girlie” He hisses into my ear as he pulls open his overalls, pulling out his hard length and ramming into me to the hilt, not allowing me to adjust. He thrusts hard and fast, grunting, as I scream out in pleasure. Judas is kissing me roughly, as my body arches upwards. Judas smirks when he sees my nipple piercings and starts to pull and suck them roughly massaging my breasts. Mac rubs my clit harshly as he continues grinding into me roughly. I throw my head back and Mac grabs onto my hair pulling it hard, as he thrusts deeper. Mac’s hand comes down harshly on ass cheek, making my walls contract around him. Mac continues to spank me harder, I know I will have marks and bruises on my hips; I just don’t care. I can feel him hard against my cervix, he is throbbing. He grabs my throat and holds me in place firmly. I groan out as I feel myself gripping him like a vice as I explode reaching my climax. Mac grunts out as my walls devour him and he groans out obscenities as he shoots deep inside me. Mac is pulled swiftly off me by an extremely horny Judas. I pant, trying to get my breath back as I feel his buckle against me, clinking and a zip opening. Mac takes his knife and slices through the cable ties, and Judas grabs me flipping me over onto my back. He towers over me a glint in his eye.
“My turn now” he winks, his strong arms grab my waist as his ploughs into me with no hesitation. He groans out as he fills me up, my walls clenching round him. He grabs the whiskey bottle on the table by my head and pours it onto me, leaning down and licking every drop from me, sending me wild. Mac is palming his crotch with one hand and swigging whiskey from the same bottle as he watches, never taking his eyes off me. Judas pounds into me, grabbing my thighs, he is stiffening inside me, and his pace quickens. Judas thrusts hard, forcefully as he explodes suddenly. He grips onto me thrusting a few more times before pulling out and tucking himself away. As I lay naked and spent Mac pulls me to my knees on the bed. He pushes my head down and pulls himself out of his overalls once more. He swigs the whiskey before kissing me roughly, his hand pushing on my throat and chin, I swallow the whiskey in his mouth before taking him in hand slipping him into my mouth. I take him deep, kissing and licking him as he pushes my head down and grabs my hair, Judas is behind me attached to my neck, licking, biting and sucking down to my shoulders, holding me in place. He thrusts into my mouth hard, almost gagging me, as he begins to stiffen I moan onto him. Mac throws his head back and as I suck him deeper. He grunts, and throbs inside me. He pulls out and blows his load onto my chest, before pushing me backwards on the bed. As I lay down, Judas grabs the whiskey, before lighting up. Mac stares me down, throwing a me something to clean myself up with. He grabs the whiskey from Judas. He then grabs his tin, and rubs on his gums. He beckons me to him, before grabbing my cheek and opening my mouth. His fingers rub drugs onto my own gums, as Judas pulls out some pills. He pushes one into mouth with his tongue, he tastes delicious. Macs hand grabs me, he roughly kisses me as well, I’m being devoured by them both.
Judas pushes me back smirking and Mac is grabbing my throat.
“Ça c'est une bonne fille. Elle est à nous maintenant.” Judas says eyeing me feircely. I lick my lips, as I feel Mac’s breath on my neck.
“You here that girl! You are ours now” Mac laughs, before pushing me back onto the bed, I slip into a haze of alcohol and drugs; melting at his words.