bike dec


Wasn’t feeling motivated for an intense workout but I couldn’t stop myself once I was in there which explains the 2 hour workout ha 😅👌🏼🔥💯

😅25km on the bike
😅3x10 pec dec fly at 120lb
😅3x10 shoulder press at 80lb
😅3x10 chest press at 120lb
😅3x10 shoulder shrugs at 20kg
😅3x10 chest extensions at 10kg
😅3x10 triceps extensions at 75lb
😅3x10 triceps dips with 10kg kettlebell

Im pretty happy with all of that for a Saturday workout! Check out Instagram for videos from the workout, username is Jonpunshon90 ✌🏼💕💛🌻 #weekendworkoutwarrior