bike dec


Last Friday I (finally) had surgery to remove the hardware from my knee (from bike vs. truck accident Dec. 2012). Medically, I could have had this done a year after the initial accident, but I didn’t have insurance. I have insurance now, with an outrageous deductible, but I also took out a last-minute student loan this year so I could, uh, consolidate some debts and pay for another unrelated medical procedure which got me up to my deductible, and then be able to make my copay for this because after $2,000 I’m still in the 80/20 coinsurance phase ಠ_ಠ Just another doomy tale of a person in the US existing in a state of constant pain for years because they couldn’t afford to do anything about it, lol!!! Anyway, my official prognosis is “GOOD.” They can’t, like, ~100% guarantee~ that hardware removal will reduce pain, but I’ve heard a lot of positive anecdotal evidence for this from some friends and people on knee injury message boards and I’m p excited about the possibility. I mean, at the very least, it can’t hurt.