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Pre-T Trans* Guys: Nutrition Tips

To naturally decrease your estrogen levels, you can eat/drink:

  • VEGETABLES: Cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, carrots and anything really green!
  • Citrusy things like oranges, lemons, etc. 
  • Nuts (no pun intended)
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Olives/Olive Oil
  • Avocados
  • Flax Seeds
  • Blueberries
  • Fish


  • Swimming
  • Boxing
  • Biking
  • Cardio

Protein Info:

  • 45-70 g of protein a day is normal for males
  • Protein shakes!! (Soy increases estrogen levels, so if you are vegan and you are using protein shakes, I recommend rice shakes) Remember that with protein shakes, if you do not exercise as much as you’re meant to while you’re drinking them, then the muscle will turn right intofat and for most trans* guys, the fat will distribute itself into your thighs, butt, hips, etc. If you’re looking to lose weight, make sure the protein shake you decide to use is high in protein, but low in carbs and calories.
  • It’s recommended that you take your shake 30 minutes AFTER you work out, if you’re not going to work out one day, take it first thing in the morning

A lot of trans* guys are looking to gain weight, and the best way to do that is to obviously eat a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. They not only boost your energy, but help you achieve the weight you’re hoping for. Remember, decreasing your estrogen levels will help you with muscle mass. Decreasing your stress level will decrease your estrogen levels, thus increasing your testosterone levels and making it easier for you to achieve the body you’re working towards.

Also: Alcohol converts your testosterone back into estrogen, so if you’re a trans* guy who likes to drink, it’s probably not going to help out much!

I got most of the information for this post from this video.

Mary Mohin:  A lovely photograph. My mum- the one on the right- outside Walton Hospital, where she was a nurse and where Paul and I were born. Being the first son, he got a private ward, but I didn’t.
 this was taken before the war and before Mum married Dad. After the war she became a commuinty midwife. I remember her going off to bring babies into the world on her little bike with a box on the back and a wicker basket on the front….
Mike McCartney

Sleepy Head [Dante x Reader]
Request: Dante 12 please and, thank you for always having your blog up and posting as often as possible I know it can be hard Vank you. from mendmind

Words: 631

Warnings: Slight Sweating, like one word. Very slight sexual themes.

Notes: I’ve entirely used this to give my brain a rest for am the dark and intense themes I’ve been using lately. It’s just kind of silly, cliche, fluffy, and kind of unoriginal. I hope you don’t mind, I just needed a break. I’m always happy to write something else if this doesn’t work for you.

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Day 239 Astoria to Cannon Beach 51K

It was great to be in Sydney and spend some time with Siobhan. She took me around her old haunts along the bay. Such a lovely city. Thanks to Clare for putting us up and looking after us, it was really nice and relaxing.

The relaxation didn’t last very long sadly, Siobhan went back to HK Saturday and the next morning I left for Portland. I know as soon as I walk into an airport with a bike box someone will throw a curve ball. I wasn’t disappointed. Walked up to the check in, big smile with that faint hope and I might get an upgrade. It’s the same faint hope that I have at the start of every season that West Ham will win the league, but of course it’s a foolhardy dream. In the end I am happy West Ham stay up, in this case happy to just get on the plane.

Firstly, the check in lady tells me that no bike has been booked and they are full with oversized pieces. I tell her that my travel agent booked and told me that I had two luggage pieces at 26K, yes, but not a bike! She wandered off, my big smile started to wane a tad. She came back, good news we can get it on, but it will cost AUS 150. Never have I been so glad to give away 150 dollars. Big smile back. We move to the check in procedures. Oh we have another problem. What now!!?? You don’t have a ticket out of the US, so I can’t issue a ticket. She then said if you are “fluent"with with internet, you could book a ticket out. Fluent with the internet, it’s not a bloody language! So I fluently booked a ticket from NY to Lisbon. Another USD950. So I am 1100 bucks down and not moved past the bloody check in! Smile gone!

Thankfully I got onto the plane without spending anymore money. Sat down and got chatting to the chap next door. A religious type from Kuwait, going off to marry a lady from the US who has never met. What a strange world we live in. He has however met his future father in law who he apparently took him to a strip joint. I had to ask twice to make sure I had understood. I assume it was some ice breaking ritual, but surely a cup of coffee in Starbucks is much more appropriate?

Arrived in Los Angeles after a 14 hour flight and no sleep. Waiting nervously for Pat, sure enough the box came around the corner with the side ripped off! How does that even happen? As I looked inside and expected the worse, one the operation staff came with my helmet! Great, so my helmet came out, what else between Sydney and LA? I complained to the ground staff, to be fair the guy did put the ohh’s and ahh’s in the right place to make me feel he gave a shit! I tapped up the box, took a photo and checked it in to the 3 hour to Portland.

Waiting for the box in Portland and out comes Pat, this time the top is open. It’s obviously been checked by customs and clearly the tape has been cut, but the imbecile didn’t re tape. I am standing looking at the box when a guy pops his head out of the oversize pick up with my front carrier. If that has fallen out what else has? I haven’t slept and now very pissed off. A ground staff person comes over and again gives a good impression that she actually gave a shit, must of gone to the same University of looking and sounding like you give a shit, as the guy from LA. She suggests I build the bike and see what missing. What’s the point, if it’s missing it’s probably spread over the states of California and Oregon. I then hear the oversize guy shout, are these yours? Holding up two bolts. Yes, just a small thing of holding my handlebars on the freaking bike. I need to go before I lose my shit.

I get to the hotel and with dread start going through the box. Piece by piece I start to put Pat together and realise the only thing missing is a bolt to hold the handlebars on! Very relieved, I pop to the local shop to buy a bolt and we are set. No thanks to Delta Airlines and their handling crews.

The US trip is the first route I really struggled with. I had always had it in my mind to do what they call the transam, Astoria to Yorktown, Virginia. I am early and snow is still falling in the Rockies, it’s going to be nasty for the first month in high grounds and cold, very cold. I thought of going south and down to Florida, but that would mean 30 plus over the desert. In the end I am staying with my original route and take each day as it comes.

Today I got a bus from Portland to the start of the transam in Astoria. By the time I arrived it was 1pm and pouring down. I pushed off and got totally soaked. I have been lucky and ridden for the last 6 months and 20 something temps, today was 7. I really just wanted to get out of Astoria and down the road, so I called it a day and pulled into Cannon Beach, a nice seaside town with its own brewery, which I will try out later. Now drying my stuff out and hope for a better day tomorrow, or less rain.

X-men : The Power of Retention (m)

Jungkook X reader
Genre : Sssssssmut
Word count: 6577 

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Relationship with the oh so popular Mr. Ex boy Jeon Jungkook:
1. Endless war on who can act like they care less
2. Spitting hurtful comments competition just to get to each other’s nerve
3. Hella confusing-like-maze quiz on trying to figure out the many different constantly changing emotions.

Good luck.

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anonymous asked:

to the person who said "I want to start sleeping on the floor. Is there a thin floor mattress I could buy at kmart you know of?" I assume ur sleeping inside your bedroom?? Fuck cardboard boxes EW only poorpers do that shit. Mate I do the same but I just get 1 thick warm blanket, lay it down, use 2 comfy ass pillows and one medium thick blanket that also comfy

The person who can’t sleep on cardboard boxes (bike boxes work great) because they fear being labelled a poorper SHOULD sleep on cardboard boxes.


Keith Haring photographed by Janette Beckman, 1985.

“In 1985 I was working for the New York Daily News magazine when they asked me to shoot Keith Haring for a cover  story – I was already a big fan, I knew Keith’s work from the subway and my friend Kim (Paper mag) who’s home phone was decorated by Keith. So one afternoon I went to his studio on LaGuardia place. It was  was packed with paintings, and things Keith had covered in his signature style. There were tags from friends all over the walls, art from the likes of Warhol, paint pots, a Mickey Mouse phone, his bike, a decorated boom box, stuff everywhere.  He was a lovely man, he posed for me and we chatted all afternoon. He gave me a massive ‘Free South Africa’ signed poster which I treasure, it hangs over my desk today.”

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Would do you do about bike boxes when flying to and from Thailand? I'm flying into Bangkok and getting the train to Chiang Mai. Should I bring the box with me on the train? Because I'll need one when I fly out of Bangkok.

You can get bike boxes any bike shop in Thailand. Do what you want👌

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FOR THE PROMPTS THINGY: Crosshares plays mario kart with Bumbleby. Coco and Yang get too competitive. hilarity ensues.. (cue blake and velv egging them on to see how far their angery gf's will go as they secretively laugh in the background)



“30 lien on Yang.” Blake bet, pulling out her purse. “She’s been practicing for years!”

Velvet grinned, counting 30 lien and slamming it down on the table.

“You’re on kitty! Coco has this in the bag!” Velvet laughed, yelling a little “whoop” of encouragement to her girlfriend.

Both Yang and Coco were sat cross legged on the floor, controllers gripped tightly in their hands as they leaned from side to side in an attempt to change the course of their bike and car, respectively, on the screen.

Blake noticed Yang’s eyes switch momentarily from the top of the screen to the bottom. Blake smirked, already knowing Yang’s next move.

The green box in the corner of Yang’s screen changed as she drove her bike through a “?” Marked box, and secured herself one red shell. Blake sent a knowing smirk at Yang, who simply winked in reply.

The red shell flew towards Coco’s car, collision was inevitable when suddenly-!

“FOUL PLAY!” Yelled a small voice from the sofa, followed by a rabbit Faunus throwing herself into Yang’s large shoulders. “SCREEN WATCHER!”

Yang fake gasped, throwing her controller on the floor and standing up to spin around, Velvet still clinging to her shoulders.

“Blasphemy! I would never!” She cackled, throwing Velvet back onto the sofa so she could place her hand on her heart, mocking offence. “I would never cheat! Right babe?” She directed to Blake.

Blake, after stifling her laughter, went to stand next to Yang, wrapping her arm round her girlfriends waist.

“Never doll!” She confirmed, placing a quick peck on Yang’s grinning cheek.

Coco, having been silent this whole time, simply stood up, brushed the popcorn from her jeans, and nodded at Velvet.

“Crosshares?” She asked.

“Crosshares.” Velvet replied, causing the other pair to stare as each other in confusion.

Without skipping a beat, the pair from team CVFY had leapt upon the two from RWBY, causing them to fall unceremoniously to the ground.

Coco took on Blake, knowing she could overpower the Faunus. And Velvet took on Yang, knowing the blonde brawler wouldn’t fight back.

Within a few seconds of fighting, crosshares had bumbleby pinned.

“We’ll take that 30 lien now.”

Funny how intense a game of Marino kart an turn out.