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It’s a good thing that my processing times at work aren’t as slow as my tumblr updating times; I’d definitely be looking for another job.

First of all, fuck triathlon pool swims. The whole premise of “let’s let grown adults predict their 250 yard swim time, give them a race number according to their pace, and let them self seed themselves outside of the pool ACCORDING TO THE FUCKING NUMBER ON THEIR LEG AND ARM” seems very straightforward, but Jesus Fucking Christ was the swim a clusterfuck! Granted, my brilliant idea of launching under/across the lane lines after I tapped the wall didn’t help my cause, it was just ridiculous. Lesson learned.

While that was a pain in the ass, the bike course fell right in my wheelhouse and I rocked the shit out of that. The run was meh, but considering it was the first time I ran coming off of the bike this season, I’m happy about it. I debated putting myself in the fat kid category, since I currently qualify, but decided to enter my actual age group and that backfired in my face; 9th in my AG, but I would’ve placed 3rd, and won an award, in the Clydesdale division.

Womp Womp.

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Thighs riding jeongguk and reader


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You sighed to yourself, another party, another drink, another night gone to waste. You had so many better things to do, hell you would prefer sitting on the couch all night watching paint dry to being surrounded by sweaty teenagers who can’t dance. 

It was fun at first, the first few parties were exciting, the drinking, grinding up on random people, the games but it soon got tiring and repetitive. Now you just went to keep with the reputation.

 You were seated next to a couple, they were ferociously making out. In fact it looked like the boy was trying to eat her instead of kiss her and to be quite honest you were disgusted, there was a boy with blonde hair sitting on the other side of the couch as well. His head was knocked back onto the top of the couch and seemed like he was sleeping. You snorted, sure he had drank too much and was passed out.

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Request: Speak now

Request: hello =) can you write an imagine in which you broke up with juice like 5 years ago and now you are getting married and he finds out when you go to TM to give Gemma her invitation for the wedding and he tries to cancel the wedding?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: angst and drama, a lot of drama

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“I can’t do this anymore Juice”, you cried, finally giving up, “It’s like you don’t trust me and I can’t live with your jealousy anymore, your punches on the walls and silence”

“Baby…”, Juice begged, a tear running down his face.

“I’m sorry Juice”, you whispered and grabbed your bag. You didn’t look back as you walked out the door.


Juice woke up feeling his heart pounding inside his chest and sweat covering his skin. He always woke up like that after a nightmare, but he hand’t had one, it had been very real memory from five years ago. He lived with that memory hunting him and though he always felt bad after it, at least he could see you again, even if it was only in his mind, in a dream. You weren’t living that far but for you two that meant worlds apart.

Five years ago, Juice wasn’t in a good place. Club was going through a tough time, problems and lockdowns. It took a toll on him and there were things going on in his life he couldn’t tell anyone. Juice was distant, trying to understand what was happening and it affected your relationship. He couldn’t open up to you though he was afraid you would leave him if he didn’t. His jealousy was worst and everyone was a threat in his eyes. He knew you would leave him, it was just a matter of time, and one day you really did. Juice lost his mind one night, punching a tree because he was too jealous of your friends and you going out with them to, finally, have some good time. You packed and left the next morning. You stayed in Charming for a while and he tried to talk to you, but you wouldn’t talk to anyone but Gemma. Soon, you found a job in Stockton and moved out. Juice haven’t seen you since then.


“I’m glad we finished this early lad”, Chibs sighed as they hopped on their bikes. Jax had sent them to do some errands and it was supposed to take them all day. Chibs was looking forward for a movie night with his new girlfriends and decided they should split up to finish it earlier. Juice agreed with his brother and they rode together back to the clubhouse. They were walking toward the garage when Juice saw Gemma leave her office and freeze on the door.

“Are you okay Gemma?”, he asked as Chibs narrowed his eyes, also noticing the queen’s odd behavior. Gemma was about to answer him when another person walked out the room, bumped into Gemma. The woman froze too as Juice felt his heart skip a beat, “Y/N?”

“What are you doing here lass?”, Chibs asked. No, he didn’t hate Y/N, but he had seen how bad Juice got after their breakup and only meant to protect the boy who was almost like a son to him.

“She came to talk to me”, Gemma hissed and wrapped an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, escorting her back to the car.

Juice just stood there, speechless, as he watched Y/N walk away. He loved her. He still loved her so much it hurt. Y/N glanced at him over her shoulder, but Gemma just kept pulling her toward the car. Y/N left TM and Juice felt Chibs patting his back.

“You should forget her boy”, the Scotsman sighed.

“I can’t”, Juice whispered.

“Listen to him”, Gemma said as she passed by them on her way back to the office,”She came to bring me her wedding invitation. She moved on. You should do it too”


“Go away!”, Juice yelled when someone knocked on his door for what seemed to be the tenth time.

“It’s Chuck. Gemma told me to bring you some food”, Chucky said in a scared, barely audible voice.

“I’m not hungry Chucky, thanks”, Juice sighed.

“Let me talk to him Chucky”, someone who sounded like Tig said, “Hey Juice I heard what happened. Come on boy! Come outside, let’s drink and let a crow give you a lap dance. You’re gonna feel better”

“You’re an idiot”, Kozik joined the group outside Juice’s door, “The love of his life is getting married and you just told him to get a lap dance!?”

“Nobody asked your dumb blond ass’ opinion”, Tig grunted, “Love of his life? God you sound like a schoolgirl”

“Shut up!”, Juice yelled, opening his door, “I’m not hungry Chucky, thank you. And you two… Stop whining like two schoolgirls outside my door! That doesn’t help!”

“Actually, I was coming here to offer help”, Kozik said, making all eyes turn to him, “Sounds crazy, but we could go to Stockton if you’re up for a ride”

“For what?”, Tig creased his brow.

“Talk to Y/N”, Juice mumbled, still looking at Kozik, “I-I don’t think that would work Kozik”

“Well, if you change your mind…”, his brother handed him a piece of paper and Juice saw it was a copy of Y/N’s wedding invitation. “I sneaked into her office while she was having lunch”, Kozik shrugged.

“I hope she notices it and you get your ass whipped”, Tig said as Juice closed the door behind him, looking down at the paper. Should he try again? Or should he move on like Gemma had said?


Juice tried to call Y/N a million times, but he hadn’t had the courage to speak when she answered the phone. On the last call, Y/N had talked to him though.

“I know it’s you Juice”, he could hear Y/N taking a deep breath, “Stop calling, please. You must know I’m going to get married and I beg you to stop calling and don’t try anything. We lost our chance years ago. Please, don’t call me again”

Juice cried after she hang up and spent the whole week feeling miserable. It was Y/N’s wedding day and there was nothing he could do. Juice woke up and walked to the garage. Gemma was there and handed him Y/N’s wedding invitation and his keys.

“I’m not going to that wedding”, Gemma said as Juice stared at her, “But you should go”

“But…”, he started.

“Forget what I said”, Gemma cut him off, “Just go”

She didn’t have to say it again. Juice hopped on his bike and drove as fast as he could, heading to Stockton. He parked across the street and looked at the church. Everybody was inside, but he still had a few minutes. He knew Y/N was somewhere inside that church and he had to find her. Juice looked around and finally found an open door. Silently, he walked in and opened every door on his way, trying to find Y/N. Suddenly, he heard voices and a door being closed. A bridesmaid was walking away and Y/N should be in that room. Juice took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Kelly is…”, Y/N turned around and froze when she saw him, “Juice? What are you doing here?”

“You look beautiful”, he couldn’t help but admire her on that wedding dress. She looked absolutely stunning.

“I was fearing it, I knew you would try something stupid”, Y/N sighed, “Please go away Juice”

“I can’t”, he sadly smiled, “I need you to listen to me okay? Please don’t marry him”

“Juice…”, she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Juice got closer and took her hands in his. Y/N opened her eyes again and stared at their hands together. “I still love you Y/N”, Juice whispered.

“Please Juan”, Y/N looked up at him, tearing up, “I’m gonna get married”

“Do you love him?”, Juice squeeze desperately her hands, “Look in my eyes and tell me you love him. Tell me you don’t feel anything when I’m close to you. What we have is epic baby”

“It is not”, Y/N walked backwards, “It ended”

“I know and I’m so sorry”, Juice grimaced, “It was my fault”

“Yes it was”, she cried, breaking his heart again, “You wouldn’t open up and talk to me. It was suffocating! I was trying to understand, but I desperately needed a break and you exploded when I just went to the movies with my friends! Damn I knew you were jealous, but you lost your mind Juice! I couldn’t take it, I had to leave”

“I know baby”, Juice was crying too, “And I’m so sorry, I regret it every single day. I hurt you and you were right to leave, but I dreamed you would come back to me someday. I know it’s probably too late but I have to try. I beg you. Do not get married”

“He’s good to me”, she said.

“I will be better”, he stepped closed again, “I won’t let anything get between us again. Club is in a better place…”

“Oh God, you club!”, Y/N hissed, “I tried to come back, but the club got between us as always”. Juice just stared at Y/N as she spoke, “I came back but Clay told me to forget you, said you didn’t need me and I was a distraction. I stayed away, I worked hard to build a new life Juice and I found a good man. I had to at least try to leave that life behind”

“Clay is dead”, Juice clenched his jaw hard, angry for what he had let happen to them, “He thought he could use me as his puppet, but you, only you baby, gave me strength to keep fighting. That living hell was finally over but you were in Stockton and you had a new boyfriend. I should have talked to you sooner”

“Juice…”, Y/N’s whispered.

“Please baby”, Juice got closer, holding her hands again. He was about to kiss Y/N when the bridesmaid came back.

“Y/N we are…” the girl stopped and stared at Juice, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“He is leaving Kelly. Please, he’s leaving”, Y/N gently pushed him away, “Please Juice, please leave”

“Y/N”, Juice begged again.

“Go”, she mouthed as the bridesmaid hovered over her to fix her makeup.

“I will be outside if you change your mind”, he said before the bridesmaid close the door. Juice clenched his fists as he walked out the church. He sat on his bike, heart beating fast as he waited for Y/N to come running back to his arms. However, what he noticed next were the bells ringing and a distance song. She was walking down the aisle to get married to another man. Juice cried. He had lost the woman he loved.

First, he thought it was his imagination, but through the tears he could see someone running across the grass. He wiped the tears and saw her, Y/N, holding her dress as she ran. Juice hopped off his bike and met her in the middle of the street, wrapping his arms around her.

“Take me home”, Y/N whispered before he kiss her.

“Where is it?”, he asked, thinking she meant her place in Stockton.

“Charming”, she smiled and kissed him again. Juice held her hand tight in his and helped her hop on his bike. Y/N took off her veil and let it go on the wind as Juice sped up his bike, heading home.

Note of the author: Sorry, I had to include Tig and Kozik as a comic relief. I always try to give Juice a happy ending, unless you request otherwise. I hope you liked it.


The Ellen Show Master List

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“Mom?” You called out after leaning away a little more, she called back right away. You looked up at Shawn with a look of complete disappointment and rolled your eyes in annoyance.

Shawn looked just slightly disappointed but he quickly then shrugged and kissed you on the forehead before detangling from you. Both of you stood away from one another and you reached up and quickly smoothed out your hair and shirt. Shawn didn’t appear to realise his hair was a bit of mess too, so you reached up and gently smoothed it out. His hair was much curlier and full, having not been cut in a while. You liked how it looked.

He smiled as you fixed him before he placed his hand your back as you left the room. You noticed how his hand expanded over almost your entire backside,

You called out to your mother once more as you came out into the living room.

Your Mom was at the front door bringing in bags of groceries. “Hey.” She answered. “What time is your frien..?” He stopped as she looked up and noticed Shawn standing just behind me.

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Could you possibly give some advice as to good dual sport motorcycles that are also affordable?

Affordability is subjective so I’m going to set the bar between $1000 and $2000.  Unless you are buying from a trusted friend or a god damn wrench slinging genius I’d recommend not spending less than 1000 buckeroos.  Ripping around on a $400 dualsport is fun but you will begin encountering problems -  carb, electrical, gasket problems on old bikes can be a nightmare.  There is a reason it is THAT cheap - hell the tires on that cheap bike are probably 25 years old and crazy dangerous so you’ll need to invest $200 bucks right away in new tubes and tires.  So, watch the classifieds close.  Look for older bikes from 1980 to 2000 with single owners - and the bike should be visibly well taken care of - engine is not covered in oil and grease, tank and frame aren’t scratched and dented.  You are buying old, so the cleaner the bike the better - this indicates how well the owner took care of it.  There is nothing wrong with beating the shit out of an old bike - it is fun - but just don’t buy THAT beat up bike.  Personally, I’d recommend common and long standing production bikes - Yamaha XT, Honda XL or XR, suzuki DRZ, as parts will be easier to get.  Just be patient and watch the classified for clean bikes with 1 or 2 owners.  Make sure the bike has good compression and also make sure the electrical works (check all lights and horn) b/c it might be a pain for you to fix the electrical to get it registered and on the road.  For reference, I paid between $1400 and $1600 for each of the bikes I own in these pictures. Cheers!


Hey guys! Please send me prompts! I love these! Also please forgive me if I made billy seem unlike his character. I dont want to offend anyone so if anyone has any tips please send em my way privately so i can fix them!

GRANOLA (Cranscott fanfic)

It had been a long day. It was just Jason and Billy in the pit for these last few hours. Zack needed to get home to his mom, Trini had to watch her brothers while her parents went out and Kimberly got into it with her parents earlier so they gave her a curfew. Billy’s mom was renting a new van and Billy didn’t really drive so much so Jason was his ride home and would probably stay the night or just bike home. It beats biking all the way to the mines and then back.

Jason smirked as he barely dodged a punch.

“Woah! You’re killing it Billy!” Jason said in between breaths. Billy stopped and clapped a few times. Jason laughed and rested his hands on his knees. He hunched over in exhaustion. Both boys were drenched in sweat, Jason in his tank and red jogging pants and Billy in his blue sweat suit and head band. All of the rangers had started to wear more of their colors, unbeknownst to each other. It had just become a little thing for all of them, their own signature touch. It was actually Billy who mentioned it to all the rangers at lunch. They all pretended like they didn’t even notice but it was quite apparent what they had all begun to do.

“Can we take a break? I can barely stand up!” Billy exclaimed. Jason chuckled and nodded. Billy was just so… cute? Jason couldn’t explain it right. Whenever he was with him, he just couldn’t be anything but happy. It’s like the blue ranger’s joy and carefree energy was infectious. Honestly, Jason didn’t mind the feeling one bit. It was much better than being at home. His mom barely talked to him anymore because she was so busy taking care of his sister Pearl, and his dad was just being… well, dad. Being with Billy was almost like an escape for the leader, but not in a using and manipulating way. Billy was much more to him than that, and frankly, it was very scary.

Ever since they defeated Rita, the two had been spending much more time together. Trini and Kimberly totally snicker whenever Jason saves Billy a seat right next to him at lunch. Zack prides himself in being the best wingman ever, so whenever Billy runs from the lunch line to snag that seat, Zack just says obnoxious shit like “Oh Billy, doesn’t Jason look sooooooooo hot today?” Jason just kicks him under the table and Billy smiles and nods.

“Yeah. He looks nice all the time.” Jason groans and rubs his face to hide his blush and then Billy goes on to talk about other things.

So yeah, it’s gotten a little out of hand.

Jason and Billy grab their water bottles and sit down on the flat rock near the entrance of the pit. Jason starts chugging his water and Billy tries to slow down his breathing to a steady pace. “Being a power ranger is a lot of work you know? Like when me and my dad would come to the mines, we didn’t really do anything, well I didn’t. My dad would do all the work and I would help out a lot more when I got older, but other than that I would sit and watch, I never thought that there would be all this stuff here.”

“Well it’s honestly because of you that we’re here.” Jason said. Billy nodded.

“All I did was blow up the wall. We wouldn’t be rangers if it wasn’t for you, and Trini, and Kimberly… and Zack too.” Jason laughed and finished the last of his water. Billy pulled out a granola bar and opened it, offering it to Jason. “You want some? I’m not super hungry.” Jason nodded and took a piece.

“Thanks.” Jason said as he tossed the small piece into his mouth. The chocolate chips tasted so good after that work out. Billy bit into the granola bar and scarfed it down in about 30 seconds. However, the silence that followed felt like it lasted for hours.


“Yeah Billy?”

“Do you know Amanda?” Jason kinda sighed, thinking no, hoping that Billy was gonna ask him something else. But he never thought he’d ask about his ex girlfriend. She was one of the head cheerleaders and after he messed up his leg after the whole beef cake incident, they just started distancing themselves from one another. It was obvious that they were together because of the social statuses and hierarchies of Angel Grove High.

“Uh… yeah. We talked to each other for a while. Why?”

“Oh. Her and her friends just laugh sometimes when they see me or us. And at lunch when we all sit together. They whisper and say things but I don’t really know why. It makes me feel weird or just bad. I heard Kimberly saying that they cut her out of a picture or something and they aren’t friends anymore. At least she has us because if I didn’t have you guys I probably wouldn’t have anyone to talk to either.” Jason only heard about Amanda and started to heat up. He knows that Billy can handle himself but he feels extremely protective of him, and these new feelings that he’s having are not helping.

“She laughs at you? What does she say? Does she do anything else? Has she said anything to you?” Jason tensed up a bit as he sort of spat out each question. He truly doesn’t understand how someone could bother Billy. He’s kind and considerate and truly a good person. He even morphed before everyone else because he cared so much.

“I don’t know what she says exactly. And she hasn’t talked to me. Are you ok Jason? I didn’t mean to upset you at all. It doesn’t bother me a lot.” Jason looked away.

“No I’m fine. As long as she doesn’t say anything to you. If she does let me know.” Billy nodded.

“Okay. You said you talked to her before?”

“More like dated.”

“She was your girlfriend?”


“So you liked her then?”

“Not really. We were just together because we felt like we had to be. Like, if we weren’t then the school wasn’t in balance or some shit like that.” Billy frowned a bit at the swear and tone in Jason’s voice. “Sorry Billy.”

“No it’s okay. I just can’t say that word, but you can say what you want.” They both laughed a bit. “Is that how you feel with me?” Jason was completely thrown off by the question.

“Wait what?”

“Do you feel like you have to be with me because we’re a team?”

“No! Of course not Billy, not at all. You are nothing like those stuck up kids that go there, and trust me, I would know because I was one of them. You’re a good person, someone who actually cares about others and would do anything to protect them. I enjoy being around you.” Billy smiled and fiddled his fingers together.

“I enjoy being around you too Jason.” Billy could feel the heat radiating off of Jason’s body. They were so close. Billy started to heat up a bit too. His cheeks flushed. He became confused. He didn’t normally like touching and all of that but Jason was different. He was nice. The closest thing to a friend he has ever had at Angel Grove. But he knows what friendship feels like.

Friendship is how he feels with the other rangers.

This isn’t the same thing.

But he doesn’t really know what it is then and how to act on the feelings. If it’s not friendship, then what exactly is he feeling and why?

“You know Jason, you’re my friend, and whenever I see you I just want to go to you and talk with you, and walk with you, and just be near you all the time. I hope it doesn’t get annoying because I know that I can be that sometimes or boring even…” Jason shook his head at that, “but when I’m with you, I get all weird inside, like my face heats up and my stomach feels funny, not like I’m going to throw up or anything but well, I guess you felt the same with Amanda… or probably not… well maybe you felt the throwing up part because you didn’t like her but I even talked with Kimberly about it. She told me that it’s a good thing, and that I like you, and I do like you obviously but Kimberly corrected me and told me not in the way that she feels about you or Zack, but that I like you the same way that she feels about Trini. Does that make sense?” Jason was just dumbfounded. Was Billy really explaining how he felt himself? Everything was the same down to a tee, his feelings, the weird sensation in his stomach.

“Is that all true Billy? You feel that way? With me?”

“Well of course. She said that I probably want to be with you but I’m with you right now like I am all the time but it doesn’t fix the feelings I get. It only makes them worse…” Jason bit his lip. He was never good with words but he was a leader, that was his job. To encourage his team or to speak for them as Zordon put it, which he completely disagreed with. They were their own people and could speak up for themselves but how was he to lead a team if he could barely talk himself?

“Jason?” Jason snapped back to reality at the sound of Billy’s voice.”

“Sorry I was just…” he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“You’re mad at me aren’t you? I was hoping that wouldn’t happen Jason I’m sorry. I don’t want to weird you out.”

“No Billy listen-” Jason grabbed Billy’s hand. Billy flinched a bit from surprise but Jason forced himself to ignore it and not pull away out of instinct. He had to get these words out. If he didn’t, then he knew he’d regret it. “Billy I feel the same. I do I really do. You’re so smart and just… yourself. You don’t pretend to be anyone that you’re not and I wish that I had done that years ago. When I see you, no matter what’s happened at home or at school, I’m happy, and that’s a feeling I haven’t felt in so long.” Billy smiled and looked down at their hands. It was all so strange. Neither boy could understand it really but as strange as it was, it felt right. And that’s all that mattered now.

They’ve seen stranger things than this anyway, like the whole teen super hero zero crystal dino car stuff.

Billy laughed and Jason smiled at him. “What’s so funny? Did I sound stupid?”

“No it’s just, you know how Trini and Kimberly are?” Jason rolled his eyes.

“You mean like making out all the time?” Billy laughed.

“Sure…” Jason smiled and looked away, his cheeks flushed. He leaned into Billy a bit and turned. He looked at him, he actually looked at Billy. He was perfect. The moonlight framed his face in the most fascinating way. Jason kissed Billy on the cheek. Billy smiled and faced him. He leaned in a bit and caught Jason’s lips in his own. They broke apart after a few seconds. Jason laughed with excitement and put his head on Billy’s shoulder.

“Why are you laughing at me now?” Billy said breaking into short laughs between the words.

“Nothing it’s just… you taste like granola.”

“Yeah? Well so do you!”

They both laughed against each other until their sides ached.

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I'm curious now, what happens when the RFA find MC crying?

Yoosung probably starts crying too. Then he gets somewhat convinced that you’re crying because of him and the flailing begins. ‘Did I do something to upset you, MC? I CAN CHANGE!’ He will have promised to cut his hair, study harder, wash the dishes, cook dinner and a bunch of other things until you actually explain what’s wrong and then he responds with the biggest of hugs and makes you a cup of herbal tea. He’ll listen to whatever is upsetting you and becomes a sounding board for your emotions, where possible. If you’re angry because of what someone said to you, he becomes angry about it too. If something really sad happened, he becomes sad too. It becomes easier to accept and work through your feelings when you’re looking at them in someone else, which he learned when coping with grief.

Zen is a wildcard, honestly. I guess it depends on if he knows why you’re crying or not. If he doesn’t know the reason, 9 times out of 10 he’ll assume someone upset you and will ask who before getting on his bike to beat the crap out of them or otherwise give them a piece of his mind. If he has some idea of why, like you’ve mentioned an issue with friends or a hard time at work, he’ll squeeze you until you’re calmer and help you work through the problem. You’ll have a ten point plan within the hour, honestly.

Jumin + emotions = oil + water. He will not know what to do. He’ll try to calm you down and ask what the problem is but if that doesn’t work like y’know when you’re crying so hard that you can barely breathe, he’ll pretty much just be like ‘…would you like some new shoes?’, ‘how about dinner at [x]?’ ‘How about we go on vacation tonight? You choose?’ In the end he’d put Elizabeth on your lap and call V like  H E L P  M E

Seven freaks out, but does his best to comfort you. It’s canon. (This phone call isn’t spoilery, but it is my favorite one)

Jaehee knows exactly what to do. Did you expect anything else? She’ll be ready with a cup of your favorite hot beverage and the thickest slice of cake you’ve ever seen. She probably knows what’s wrong without having to be told, having paid close attention to everything you’ve told her over recent weeks and some things you haven’t. She noticed when you were on the phone to a friend and raised your voice that little bit higher than usual or when you returned home from work and went straight in the bath without any dinner. She was prepared for this and lets you cry it out.

Someplace Nice

Summary: Every time Emma wanted to escape her life for somewhere better, she only had to call and he would be there. | ao3

He picked up on the second ring as he always did and she couldn’t help the slight release of breath when she heard the click of the line, then his voice as he said, without hesitation, “Where to, love?”

“Anywhere,” she said, eyes drifting shut. “Someplace nice.”

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Take a Vacation (Part 1)

Steve x Reader

Word Count: ~2200

Warnings: None that I can think of at this part. Boner mention? Yeah… Next part is NSFW.

A/N: For my darling @theoneandonlysaucymo since she was having a bad day. I hope this makes up for it!!!! Sorry it took me so long, its been a long week with only one day off from work. I had to break this into two parts, but they’ll be back to back so don’t you worry!! <3

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  To say you were surprised when Steve called you to the conference room was an understatement. You took a moment to prepare yourself for another mission, straightening out your shoulders after rolling them slightly. You couldn’t let him know how tired you were, that wasn’t going to happen.

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Erica would also be the kind of fighter that took Derek’s “be unpredictable” advice really seriously…. so she’s the first of werewolves to learn how to use a Glock and bring a gun to the fistfight. Braeden loves her. She’s also the first to, like, go for weapons in literally every fight. If she’d lived to fight the twins, she would have picked up one of their stupid sports bikes and beat them with it while Isaac is like “well, okay, I guess… that works too?”

Erica is also the kind of wolf who will shoot you in the face in the middle of your evil monologue. Derek just baits bad guys into monologuing at him and then Erica drops a piano on them. Team work.