bike animal

So you know how everyone is saying how Professor Willow kind of just gave us a starter Pokemon and kinda told us to just fuck off with no explanation or reasoning?

Well, is that so different from the other Pokemon professors?

Think about it. How much info did Oak really give us? “Here’s a Charmander, have fun being rivals with Asshat, also don’t ride your fucking bikes indoors you goddamn animal, bye”. That’s about it.

He didn’t tell us the mechanics of the game, he just sent us on our way. Same as Willow.

So how did we learn the mechanics of the game?

NPCs, of course. Talking to the people in the world. They shared information. Really oddly specific HELPFUL information, at that.

Every other person who I’ve met who’s been playing Pokemon Go has been eager to share tips and tricks they’ve learned, information they’ve learned from other players. And I’ve done the same! If I meet a player, I tell them any information I think will be helpful.

Just like a goddamn NPC.

Professor Willow did his job. He gave us a Pokemon and sent us off, and here we are. Now who’s going to help us?

Why, we are.

It’s our job to be the NPCs and help each other learn how this world works. If you see a struggling player, you can talk to them and tell them about a cool trick to get more pokeballs. Show them how a gym works. YOU TOO, CAN BE THAT GYM GUY.

We may not be stationary and repeat the same phrases over and over, but we have a similar (and similarly *important*) role to those little NPCs. And we should be happy about that. Because we’re helping each other as well as ourselves.


Posting all the character sheets I’ve drawn so far, plus the brand new “Bellwether Family Portrait”

Meet the Bellwethers. Aster, son of the infamous shamed Mayor Ash Bellwether does his best to keep up the families professional appearance. But behind the veneer of class and prestige is the stink of booze and cigars. His father’s life and death ruined him, and he takes it out on those around him, most notably his wife Clover. Clover runs an antique shop, and is even more quiet and soft spoken than Dawn, which makes it even easier for Aster to walk all over her. If it weren’t for his death during the “Zootopia’s Last Night” Terrorist plot, Clover most likely would have been the one in the ground first.

Gustav is a goat with a lot of heart, but in pretty bad physical shape. He was born with a deformity that causes one of his horns to grown in frail and crumbling, leading it to breaking apart easily and bugs nesting in the open horn. In addition to that he also also one of the few goats in the modern day born with the genetic marker for a fainting disorder, which Val finds hilarious. Gus’ closest friend is Vernon Hunter, a wolf he met in high school. Since then the two have always been in each others lives in one way or another, most recently with Vernon working under Gus at Bug Burga. Gus is kind, and generally friendly, but a little absent minded at times, and he loves traditional role playing games.

Also, yes Maze controller is a reference to that terrible Mazes and Monsters movie with young tom hanks, it’s hilariously bad. Also Asriel shirt.

At first blush Val seems like your typical troubled teen. She’s snarky, inappropriate,and has a dark sense of humor. She’ll also swear up and down that ‘Old Red’ is the only thing she loves, and that the bike is her spirit animal. Needless to say a lot of mammals don’t put up with her long enough to really get to know her. Val is deeply loyal to her friends and family, and knows when to drop the sass and lend an ear to her loved ones. She even reluctantly puts her friend Vernon before the possible destruction of 'Old Red’ in the 'Rehabilitation of Dawn Bellwether" story. A lot of Val’s personal life is murky and unknown, and she likes it that way. But much to her chagrin Vernon and Gus are aware that her Dad is just a hard working office mammal, and not some hard as nails ex-con.

Then we got Nick and Judy, on vacation in Bunnyburrow at least for the drawing. Kinda have their personalities down. They were pretty well explained during the film. But now having four years on the force and a few near death experiences under their belts the developed an penchant for being terrified for the other ones safety at nearly all times. In the events of the story they reconcile these fears and confess their love for one another.

Finally we have Dawn Bellwether, newly paroled and out of prison through the course of the story she is desperately trying to make a new life for herself. Unfortunately most mammals won’t give her the chance aside from Vernon Hunter. Vernon is a large wolf, who’s slow to anger and has a habit of acting before fully thinking things through. He was the first to give Dawn a chance right out of the gate, and later they end up saving eachother’s lives and eventually falling for one another. I drew them apple picking because at the time it was picking season where I lived.

So that’s all the character sheets so far. I think I’ve only got one more for this story featuring Don Polaraski and Dr. Gnu. Enjoy.