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Friendly reminder that Matthew Daddario...
  • Thinks cows deserve showers
  • Likes to press buttons
  • Would like to hike with a bike
  • Checks if his eyes colour matches his jumpers
  • Has fun with fish eye effect messing his head proportions
  • Explains that comments going so fast on life isn’t his doing
  • Would like to have a mediocre fantastic pho stand 
  • Assures us Dominic Sherwood is from Texas Kentucky
  • And the same for Will Tudor
  • Has a super secret messenger with “Shadowhunters Kids”
  • Thought people were making fun of him by complementing his moustache 
  • Talks with his hands
  • Ruined the scene where Magnus says “Think of me when you shoot your arrows” because he kept bursting in laughter
  • Is great with kids
  • Doesn’t want us to call ourselves trash cause we are lovely
  • Googles things a lot
  • Names the cow at NY zoo
  • Can sing
  • Cannot live without his phone and finds it sad
  • Is the sassiest guy on Twitter
  • Sometimes turns off and turns back on a few minutes later
  • Always does a dramatic pause before saying Malec
  • Overuses the word smooch
  • Likes science fiction books
  • Can play the piano
  • Is an awesome photographer
  • Couldn’t breathe because he was laughing too hard after pranking his girlfriend
  • Is a reallife Snowwhite
  • Knows history and everything but is clueless at life



Figured since I’m off the bike for a while I’d throw a bike check up with some recent pictures. So stoked on how my bike is feeling lately!!

Mankind Justice 21" with TLC Rainbow Ti Seat Clamp Bolt

Front End
Suelo Tubo Grips
Stranger Thrash Bars 8.7" High (cut to 27" wide)
Primo Strand V2 Forks
Eclat Boxer Stem with TLC Rainbow Ti Bolts
Black Label Integrated Headset
George the ladybug sat on my Stem

Savage Slim Jim PC Pedals
Total Hangover Cranks 170mm
Eclat Vent Oil Slick 25t Sprocket
Eclat Diesel Chain
Mankind Mid BB with Stolen Revolver Cones

Mutant Owl V2 120point Wedge Drive Rear
Mutant Owl V2 Front with Mutant Hub guard on the Right
Alienation Runaway Rear and Skylark Front
Hobsons Cycles Rainbow Titanium Spokes with Alloy Nipples
United Swerve 2.25 Tyres Front and Rear with DUO Tubes

Odyssey Mono Lever 1 Finger
Vocal Upper “Y” Cable
Vocal GYRO Plate
SNAFU Jet Fuel Mobeus Detangler
Blank Dual Lower Cables with Vocal Frame Mounts
Odyssey EVO 2 Brake Caliper

Cardinal Seat
Stolen Thermalite Seatpost
WeThePeople Cable Tidy

something along the lines of :
chikara - ‘how come your bike keeps breaking down?’
tanaka - ‘i dunno, the dude must’ve sold me a crappy one’
chikara - ‘uh huh’
chikara ain’t no fool

my thingy for the @hqrarepairexchange, my person was Ria (@rainbowbarfeverywhere) !!! you asked for anything ennotana and something small business AU, well i went with garage bc i am a total sucker for these 2 and motorbikes. hope you like it! <3


*SURLY* cross-check by BLUE LUG
Via Flickr:
*SURLY*cross check complete bike BLUE LUG custom SPEC Frame:*SURLY*cross check BLUE LUG CUSTOM PAINT by COOK PAINT WORKS Headset:*CHRIS KING* Tire:*PANARACER* gravel king tire Brake & shift lever:*SHIMANO* ultegra Crankset:*SHIMANO* 105 FD:*SHIMANO* 105 RD:*SHIMANO* ultegra Brake:*SHIMANO* Rack:*SURLY * 8-pack front rack Fender:*SIM WORKS by HONJO* Basket:*WALD*

Under The Bridge


You waited under the bridge where you first met Sehun.

It was a hot summer day and you were taking a bike ride along the river when your shoelace got tangled in the chain and you lost control of the bike, falling off under the bridge. Out of all the people walking along the river that day, Sehun was only one who stopped. He immediately hung up who he was talking to on the phone and hurried over to your side, untangling you from your bike and checking you for injuries.

You were so thankful that he stopped for you that you insisted on buying him a drink. He only agreed if you gave him your number in exchange. That was the day of your first date with Sehun and the day you were introduced to bubble tea. The pair of you had been dating ever since.

And now you were waiting under the bridge, wrapped up in a big coat to shield yourself from the spring wind, staring at the spot where you fell flat on your face. It was Sehun’s idea to meet there because it was close to where he was filming his movie, but you didn’t think he could be this late.

It was his birthday for heaven’s sake – surely he wouldn’t stand you up.

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Ok weather app, you better be right. If you are, it will be 60 in 2 hours and I will be so out in the world riding my bike. It’s overcast, so it probably wont be warm as a sunny 60 but its something and as long as its not raining, this man’s training.

I have a week and a few days till my surgery so I got to get in as much riding as possible before sofa time again. Well, hospital bed, then sofa. And I have NO idea how long before I can bike or ride my Harley after that.

Patiently watching the temp slowly rise, I have my riding gear ready. Just waiting, watching and hoping.

If the forecast is right it’s going to be 60f or higher for the next 10 days. Which covers my freetime nicely.

Should check my bike out while Im thinking about it, make sure the tires re good etc.

Im like a dog about to be let out, jumpin around for 2 hours all excited.

What can I say, I like to ride my bike. It’s the one time in my day when I am free, my mind is free, and I just people watch and get exercise at the same time.


Check out Shadow rider Simone Barraco’s (@simobarraco) video bike check on the @thecomeupbmx website now featuring his brand new @subrosabrand ride with a sneak peak of his new split signature stem with @treyjonesucks. Vid: @francisgcastro #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #simonebarraco

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#mypubliclandsroadtrip Bikes Under Big Skies at Beck Lake Mountain Biking Area!

Check out the eight miles of new mountain biking trail at the Beck Lake Mountain Biking Area in Cody, Wyoming. Enjoy climbing and downhill, including jumps and banked turns. The trail was built for beginners to advanced riders so everyone can enjoy sweet single track mountain biking. Trails are located on BLM-managed public land and City of Cody property. Park County Pedalers, the local mountain biking club, was integral in working with the BLM and city to establish this riding area. Great trails = great riding and fun for all!

Photos by Nancy Patterson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM Wyoming

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