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Dramione post hogwarts please! I love your writing by the way!

  • within a month after the war draco turns himself in, and convinces his father to do so also
  • their sole condition is that narcissa doesn’t step foot in azkaban
  • draco gets two years
  • lucius gets life
  • within a year after the war hermione has, on top of her work at the ministry, started a small advocacy group 
  • (as well as split with ron because, in the end, they just want two fundamentally different things out of life)
  • in the following year her group triples in size and workload and, although she loves it, it’s getting to be quite stressful
  • which is not made any easier by malfoy turning up at her ministry office just as she’s locking up
  • “malfoy? what - i thought -” she is beyond confused
  • “i was. i’ve served my time and now i’m out and would i like to help.”
  • “help? with what?” she’s aggravated and tired and the books in her hands are getting heavy
  • “you know,” he says, gesturing vaguely at the air around her. she looks at her office door then back to him
  • “you want a job at the ministry?” she asks, as if its the most ridiculous thing she’s heard all year. 
  • and he laughs the same way. “merlin, no. are you daft? no, no. at your little -” he says, gesturing again, “group…thing.”
  • hermione’s mouth drops open a little and she huffs. “little group thing? yeah, call me daft and then insult my work, that’ll get you what you want.” she tucks her chin and pushes passed him, fuming at his gall. 
  • draco sighs, “the creevey foundation” he calls, giving up his aloof facade and she stops, but doesn’t turn around. “you’re over eighteen hundred galleons short in the werewolf rights fundraiser, you’re no where close to getting that muggle building for your proposed orphanage, you need actual offices if you’re going to grow any more at all, and do you even have any idea what really goes on in getting a bill passed? because if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes then you can kiss your house elf reformation good bye.” 
  • hermione grips at her books and grinds her teeth. so what if he did his research? she’s done just fine on her own for two hers, and she hadn’t even spoken with harry about the lycanthropy fundraiser yet. okay, sure she couldn’t continue to work out of her ministry office (or her home) for much longer, not if she kept amassing employees and volunteers like she had been, but she could figure something out, couldn’t she?
  • “face it granger, you need me”
  • she whips around, ready to throw a scolding at him, but nearly stumbles when he’s right there, looking down at her with a defeated look in his face. 
  • “and i… kind of need this” he finally admits. “please.”
  • she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “fine” she says through her teeth. “my office, seven am sharp. if you are even one -”
  • “granger i’m never late.” 
  • “one second late, you can find somewhere else absolve your  conscience.” she turns on her heels and hurries away, hoping to god she isn’t making a mistake. 

Before I Knew | Chapter Nine

It was nearly time to head to Hogsmeade, but he had one more stop.

The bright and ostentatious building towered over him and he tried to hold back his sneer. Granger had told him that George would be a big donor, as well as a favorite among the children, so he really had no choice.

A horn sounded when he walked through the door as opposed to a bell, followed by a nasally alarm that cried out “Sourpuss! Sourpuss!” He cringed and covered his ears.

“Someone’s a bit cranky!” Came a call from the other side of the shop. There was a pop and smoke rose from a back corner as the smell of sulfur drifted his way. “Don’t worry, we can fix tha— oh ho ho, well, well, well.” From around a shelf came the unmistakable visage of a Weasley. He was shorter and stockier than the one Draco was more acquainted with, but a Weasley nonetheless. George walked behind the bright orange and blue clerk’s counter, resting his chin in his palms and his elbows on the counter.

“To what do we owe this charming visit?” he asked in an affected tone, his head bobbing in his hands.

In which George is unabashedly George and Draco grudgingly gets to work.


Before I Knew | Chapter Eleven

Draco’s body was so tense his muscles were starting to burn. “That article is—”

“Rubbish, yes I know. But the fact that you are working for Hermione Granger, that was the interesting part. And, of course knowing you, I had to wonder at your motives.”

He spoke through his teeth. “My motives are—”

“Terribly transparent, and all too easy to leverage against you.”

Draco’s fingers twitched, itching to reach for his wand and be done with this whole conversation. Just as he was about to reach for it he heard one of the kids in the Great Hall laugh and knew that he couldn’t. He saw in Adrian’s smile that he knew that as well.

In which we meet Adrian Pucey, the dance gets set up, and the children are still bickering over every little thing.


Before I Knew | Chapter Eight

He worked on the legislation until the Greengrasses’ left, and then until his mother went to bed. He worked on them again the following day, and spent most of that night with his hands covered in ink and parchment dust.

Friday morning he dropped them onto Granger’s desk, a flat expression on his face. “Edited and transcribed,” he drawled, turning to return to his desk. “I also took the liberty of changing a few words around,” he added, still not pausing, “to your advantage, of course.”

He felt the tension pull from the room and into Granger’s body, heard her inhale sharply, hold it for a few seconds, and exhale slowly. “Malfoy,” she said, her words a warning.

Affixing what he thought was a neutral look to his features, he finally sat down looked up at her. “Your words were too hostile, Granger,” he said before she could say anything else.

In which we meet everything that is good in world, Dennis Creevey, and Draco eats with his hands. 

My favourite fun fact to use as mystery pin trivia is that Donald claims his nephews on his taxes as dependents - that’s right, sometime between their introduction in 1937 and “The New Spirit” (released in 1942), Donald adopted Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

Also that there’s a cartoon from the early 40s where Donald does his taxes. That’s the whole thing. 

Anyway, since the new Ducktales is a thing that’s happening I thought I’d share this because assuming it’s still true in the show it’s rather telling about the whole Della situation…


Before I Knew | Chapter Six

The Ministry was just as empty as it had been the previous morning, and he was not surprised to see the light on behind her door. He wondered if he should knock, but only for a moment before he just reached for the handle and pushed. She was behind her desk, scribbling away on a slip of parchment, and hardly noticed his entrance.

She jumped when he set her coffee down on the corner of her desk. “Oh!” she gasped, hand to her chest. Draco almost smiled. “Oh,” she repeated, only softer and with the realization that he’d brought her coffee. “Thank you,” she said, and he could detect nothing but sincerity in her voice. No anger or resentment, just a genuine thank you as she reached for the cup and took a whiff.

She was good.

In which we see the new Malfoy home, Draco is super extra, Theo is introduced, and two lunches are had to two very different conclusions. 


Before I Knew | A Dramione Fic

Draco let out an exhale and slouched, leaning forward on her desk, finally breaking away from her gaze and lowering his eyes. “Look, Granger,” he says, his voice low and disgustingly defeated, “we both know why I’ve come to you.”

A small huff of a laugh left her lips as she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. “Because working for Muggleborn War Hero Hermione Granger will clear your name the fastest?”

That was it. If he ever thought he could work like this he’d been wrong. He stood, the chair screeching against the hardwood floor behind him. “I don’t need this,” he muttered, reaching into his waistcoat to pull out his last resort. “Gee, Granger, I wonder why I ever thought you would be the one to give me a fair chance,” he spat, dropping a worn, folded piece of parchment on her desk. He took a quick moment to register the shock and dejected look on her face before turning to leave.

He’d nearly reached the door when he heard her stand. She sighed and he smiled.

“You’ll have to start at an entry position,” she began, and he stopped but didn’t turn around, “seeing as how you have no references or tangible experience, you understand.” Despite the tension he felt in the air, her tone was casual, almost as if she were speaking to herself while working on something else. “I supposed, though, with enough time and effort you’ll have no problems rising through the ranks. Whatever the pay is won’t be nearly what you’re used to but I’m sure you’ll manage.”

Turning his head, he saw that she’d resumed sitting and was shuffling through the papers on her desk. “Also, keep in mind that you will have someone to answer to as well as a code of conduct to abide by, both in and out of the office.”

Out of the office? Was she to tell him what to do with his own time? He opened his mouth to speak but she kept going.

“I will not tolerate insubordination, please be sure of that.”

He couldn’t stop the small chuckle that formed in his throat, and at the sound of it her head snapped up, her gaze boring right into him.

“You were correct in one thing, Malfoy. I will give you a fair chance, but it would behoove you to know that I am surely the only one who would do so. Now, either you can throw this opportunity into the garbage along with your reputation and never darken my doorstep again—” Her words had turned to venom in the air, but when she continued, after taking a deep breath, they turned pleasant if not contrived. “—or, turn around and express your sincere gratitude and then return Monday morning at exactly eight a.m.”

He was sure he would never forgive himself for what he was about to do, but he swallowed anyway, drew himself up to his full height, and turned on his heels. He took some small amount of pleasure in her surprise at how genuine his smile appeared, and took even more so as her face faltered at the softening of his eyes. “Thank you for this opportunity, Ms. Granger,” he said, even bowing a little for effect. “I greatly anticipate our work together and look forward to seeing you bright and early Monday morning. Best wishes for the rest of your day.” He bowed again and then swiftly left her office.

Outside of her door his face dropped back into its resting scowl and his fists clenched in on themselves. If he had to put on that ridiculous farce—and, in return, suffer through her’s—for the remainder of their working relationship, he was sure one of them wouldn’t make it out alive.

A young witch shuffled by, glancing at him from the side of her eye. He returned a much colder stare and she quickened her pace. He stole a look back at the door behind him and took it as a small victory that the window now read:

Office hours closed for the day.
Please return Monday, 8am

Chapter One posting on Jan 18th!