I got myself a little something on Etsy to remember Tucker.
BijouLimon has an amazing shop full of beautiful, delicate jewelry. I sent her a request for a custom necklace, she responded less than 5 minutes later with picture examples and within the hour, we designed the necklace I wanted, she made me a custom order, and I clicked purchase.
I received the necklace 4 days later.

There are some amazing people/artists out there that love your business and genuinely want to help you.
Sometimes you just have to search a little bit to find them.

•▫️@bijoulimon ▫️•

Magical Mother of Pearl #Laughing #Buddha #Pendant adorned with pavé diamonds. Hanging from a lovely labradorite & silver mixed chain. .

Designer Kristina Nelson, infuses each piece with positive Reiki energy. She shares “…my intentions are that each wearer receives healing, loving and peaceful energy. Namaste.”
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