bijou poulain

Je suis un enfant, comme un adolescent

Je suis un adulte, comme un adolescent

Faut-il vraiment choisir son camp?

Le faut-il vraiment, comme un adolescent?


It’s a french pop song about never wanting to grow up, also apparently teeth? What else do you want

Have a transparent dancy Bijou 4 your dash



Aghh, Bijou is adorable *u* If you don’t know what Bakemono Tono is, you should check it out! It’s a monster boy dating sim, and, there are a bunch of different boys, and people are currently voting for which 6 will be chosen to actually be in the game. Bijou isn’t doing that good with votes right now, so, if you check it out, I’d really appreciate if you’d vote for Bijou!

Also, my 1000th post!

Link to the Bakemono Tono blog so you can check it out:

really short list of Bijou headcanons

-Bijou will tell you exactly what BURANDO he’s wearing, even if you didn’t ask. Don’t even ask if anything he owns is offbrand.

-When Alex strikes up an affinity with him, he’ll start giving Alex hairclips and accessories that he thinks would look totally cute/stylish on them

-Bijou likes to annoy Benjamin by showing up at his workplace and reading his pieces to filth, or by buttering up Taj for discounts on fabric.

-He and Nemo totally bonded over decora and have matching cell phone cases