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i totally thought that daryl would lie and say he's okay but rick would know it was horseshit and then i had to lie down

But that’s what Daryl does. He takes care of other people and in this moment Rick needs to believe that Daryl is ok so it doesn’t hurt Rick even more to watch him leave again.

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someone had a theory about that scene where they said there was a morse code sign in rick and michonne's house, and that daryl's blinks were morse code. i don't think it's true but the idea, oh my god, that would be too much

Oh god I didn’t watch the episode but oh god oh god

But you know Daryl wouldn’t be communicating anything about himself. It would be troop numbers, ways to get in or out, defenses. Or telling Rick that he’s fine and safe even though it’s obvious he ISN’T but Rick needs to at least pretend to believe that so Negan doesn’t kill them all.

This is a literal pain in my chest. I don’t like this at all.

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this is why i'm dreading the introduction of clarice or any copy of her into nbc hannibal. by taking parts of the clannibal relationship and trying so hard to make it into hannigram, they have screwed themselves over in the process. they're setting us up with the likelihood that clarice won't be as important as will in the narrative, especially not in relation to hannibal, and any future interactions she will have with hannibal will most likely have the ghost of will hanging over them.

At this point I don’t think we’ll get a Clarice at all. There’s no point now, they’ve dismantled everything about her and just tossed it in the eye of a storm and watched the pieces land on other characters, no matter if it made narrative sense to do so or not.

One of the biggest confusions for me is that Miriam Lass is a combination of Clarice and Will, yes? We are all in agreement for that one. Why isn’t Hannibal obsessed with her? She’s a smart, intelligent, attractive woman, polite, doesn’t take people’s crap and she’s the very first person to find out who he is. Why is he not fascinated by her?

I think the writers wrote that without realizing that this makes Hannibal’s occupation with Will a bit unbelievable. What is so fascinating about Will after he meets a young dynamic trainee like Miriam Lass who is literally YEARS ahead of the best the FBI can offer?

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I see a survivor who loves passionately and knows how to write good smut. Your blog makes me happy because it is a reminder that it's important and good to nurture and be vulnerable and care but you can be all of that and be strong and enduring and tough. This is a ramble because I'm a bit drunk but yeah you have a great brickyl reputation and you're a lovely badass person xx


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Ash omg what were your thoughts on the walking dead premiere

I gotta be honest: I actually was pretty underwhelmed by it. I really enjoyed seeing Morgan, but otherwise felt like it just dragged on and I wasn’t a fan of the black-and-white juxtaposition. And given the show’s history of killing off black male characters I spent a large portion of the episode anxious for the new character with the glasses and dreads; I was just waiting for a zombie to jump out and chomp on him. D: 

I am really, really excited to see the next episode tho, it looks like it will be much more exciting! 

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okay I like you a lot ash and mads and the other actors you mentioned are excellent, like Gillian and Laurence, but don't you think you're being a little nasty about Hugh Dancy? I don't think he's the best actor on the show and I wish Mads had more time to shine too but I think dancy can be a great actor and I don't see how it helps anything to throw shade at him. it just feels rather mean and pointless.

In the first reblog in the notes I said “to be fair, Hugh has been in a lot of shitty roles” meaning, he hasn’t really picked the sorts of roles that would get him acclaim. Lots of romcoms and frivolous stuff. 

He’s not a bad actor and I’ve never said he was a bad actor. He just really isn’t on Mads or Laurence of Gillian’s level and the article that all of landas’s posts are in reference to was going on about how he deserves awards more than the rest because he’s the best most engaging part of the show, yadayada.

I do tag any and all even vaguely mean-spirited or negative posts as “wank” and “for the sensitive” so I don’t offend anyone. You could blacklist them. I have a few friends that choose to do that because we have differing opinions on certain things.

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Not so nsfw but forgot you were a virgin and i'm curious - do you know how you want to lose your virginity?

With someone I trust completely. That’s really all I got. 

The problem is that 90% of the time I don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction to real people (ie not celebrities), so I can barely imagine a scenario or a relationship that would become sexual. Which really blows cause I want sex a lot lmao